Is Clinton’s Message To “Activist Bit**es” Part Of A Trend Among Politicians On The Use Of Crude Language?

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 2.10.56 PM 1For many, the recent video of Hillary Clinton thanking “activist bitches supporting bitches” was a cringe-worthy moment as Clinton continues to struggle to be accepted as a leader (or even a plausible member of) the “resistance.”  What is curious is that there seems to be a conscious decision in the Democratic ranks to become more profane.  DNC Chair Tom Perez has clearly used profanity as a way of connecting with the younger generation.  As people on this blog are aware, I am admittedly a bit old-fashioned about crude language used publicly by public figures and politicians.  I find it truly off-putting but I recognize that the rising generation does not share that inclination.  Indeed, there is a new book calling for the use of more profanity.

Clinton’s use of the crude language was clearly orchestrated.  Someone off screen reminds her to thank “bitches supporting bitches.”  It seemed really important for her to use the crude language and her supporters clearly thought that this painfully awkward videotape would make her more popular. I cannot imagine why.  Even if it is cool and edgy for Clinton to use bad words, it is decidedly less so when she recited trash talk or profanity being fed to her.  Putting aside the audible coaching, the videotape seems a bit pathetic and painfully awkward.


While widely viewed negatively as the personification of the establishment and the alleged rigging of the Democratic primary, Clinton has gone of a national speaking tour to rehabilitate her image despite polls that show her becoming more unpopular.  We have previously noted that polls have shown Trump would still beat Clinton in a head-to-head election (and here).  While Trump is also facing declining polls, he is at the same level or even higher than Clinton. Clinton posted the lowest polling numbers yet with only 36% popularity and an unfavorable rating of 61%. Polls are showing Trump at 38 percent.  While a new poll shows that half of people feel Trump should resign, it is clear that they want Clinton even less — the very same position held by many in the campaign.

Clinton’s comments were posted on Twitter by Huffington Post commentator Alex Mohajer.

Politicians like Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s have been openly using profanity as when she told a crowd at a conference on technology and democracy that “If we are not helping people, we should go the f— home.”
I am increasingly feeling like a bit of a dinosaur and I admit that am likely out of step.  This appears to be a generational thing though Clinton and others are adopting such language with a clear purpose to appeal to a younger generation.
What do you think?

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  1. HRC is determined to stay in the public arena and the MSM is happy to comply. As far as “The Resistance” – if she ran today those deluded morons would rally behind her. The use of curse words doesn’t bother me – I use the F and C word myself on occasion – however such language by political figures (Dims) is obviously a desperate attempt to be “cool” but it doesn’t work.

    1. Autumn the MSM has only one occupant since the rest openly became left or lame stream propagandists only one left standing is Fox/AP and they are struggling to I’ll admit to fill that immense space on their own.

        1. Russians made contact with more than 300,000 unsuspecting Facebook users in 2016. The interfaces promoted Trump, denigrated his opponent, and/or encouraged votes for Stein.

  2. Polls show that Trump only has a 38% popularity rating? Really? Does that mean something relevant to anything?

    According to Quinnipiac University, which Turley cites in his article as Leftist Propaganda to support his false and bogus premise, Clinton should have easily won the 2016 presidential election. Back then, even just before the election, Quinnipiac wrote that “Democrat Hillary Clinton takes a 47 – 40 percent likely voter lead.” Quinnipiac was obviously and pathetically wrong, wrong, and wrong. This is what happens when a poll is taken by Leftist liars (a redundant phrase, but necessary for duplicitous Leftist readers).

    So, if Turley should ever be stricken with a consciousness about his lies, he should precede his statements with the phrase, “according to BS Leftist polls that aren’t worth diddly . . .”

    The problem with starting with a false and bogus premise, as Turley has, is that EVERYTHING else he has to say necessarily is also false, bogus, fake, and, as a consequence, irrelevant, pointless, and useless.

    1. In my view, the only polls that deserve more than a passing glance are those that have a documented track record which places them at or near the top.

  3. There’s nothing more pathetic or sad than to hear an old, bloated, overweight, wrinkled, senior citizen, attempting to remain relevant and current, by using the word, b×××××es in public. Sure. I’ve read about the old b××××× and how she has a foul and dirty mouth in her private interactions. This is no longer private. Yeah. I said it. Now, all of you crybabies, time to criticize and bemoan the fact that I called Hickory an old, bloated, overweight, wrinkled, senior citizen. I call ’em as I see ’em. It’s what she is. . .deal with it.

      1. As you can see when you have nothing else four letters are about all that’s available.

      2. Is that a photo of a woman with very large hips?

        No wonder Putin chose Trump… Putin, a model for Playgirl centerfold (in his own mind) wanted to humiliate the USA , by installing a female look alike, Narcissistic, racist, sexist, exploitive con man- mission accomplished.

    1. bam bam, that was a low blow referring to Clinton as “overweight” and “wrinkled.” Clinton is still a heavyweight contender and there’s nothing a little botox can’t fix. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

      Clinton’s still a heavyweight contender like Oprah Winfrey is. Both have the same big qualities and both can boast that they were best buddies with lovable Harvey Weinstein, and have only attempted to distance themselves after Weinstein’s past became widely known, just like Obama “distanced” himself from Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakahn, when politically necessary to do so. They have the magical hypocritical qualities that are essential to any Democratic party candidate. These are JUST the kind of politicians we need back in office, not someone like Donald Trump, who just says what he feels and thinks (though he actually rarely uses profane language). I don’t know about you, but I LIKE being lied to repeatedly. It makes me feel important that some big-shot politicians actually feel it’s necessary to lie to me.

      As for Clinton’s weight, she can always trim down by going on “Weight Watchers,” the very company that Winfrey herself has heavily invested in, and which has increased 50% in value just by suggesting that she’s running for president. Does not Winfrey have that “mean and hungry look?” In fact, I can easily envision a Democrat presidential team of “Hillary-Oprah.” Does that not have a delicious sound, sure to inspire even the most dejected, forlorn, and deflated Leftist creature?

  4. They think they’re emulating Donald Trump or somehow getting back at him, but the amazing thing about Trump is that he actually very little profanity (at least, not in public). Instead he uses belittling language like “Low energy Jeb”. Far more effective, and it’s while not necessarily a great thing to do, I prefer it over profanity.

      1. I disagree. They use this language because they think it makes them appear cool and hip among younger voters. That’s why Hillary chose the words she used – the phrase she used is slang talk among younger people. (I want to say it originated with the Dave Chapelle Show back in the mid-2000s). Hillary thinks that by speaking the way focus groups tell her young people speak, that somehow she has an authenticity that will help her connect. I’ll bet you an adult beverage Hillary would kiss a woman in public or take a bong hit (think CNN) if she thought that would improve her “authenticity” among the leftist base.

        For the left, this is how your leaders view you – they’ve set the bar for you that low. Must make you feel great.

        1. Excellent I recall returning to the USA and have someone tell me ‘you suck’ whereupon I decked him cold. A bit later one of my friend explained the new slang and I said what does that have to do with Schmuck?

  5. JT, I have to admit my attitude towards crude vernacular being used in public changed as I grew in responsibility. When you have little or no responsibility for leadership, you don’t think about the caustic effect of swear words and epithets, but when you do, it becomes clear that gutter talk works very much against the dispassionate and articulate language needed to keep people unified while trying to solve complex problems.

    I remember back in the 1990s when we began hearing displeasure voiced in public, on-the-air, as “it sucks”.
    If I gave the etymological origin of this street trash-talk, I would have to discuss the the relative social status of giving fellatio against one’s will. I cringed at having to explain to children (I teach) what this expression means, and where it came from. It also surprised me that many picked up and used “X sucks” innocently, not really caring where it came from, just having a new punchy, abbreviated way to express dislike.

    This is not to say that swear words are incompatible with making group decisions….as the stress level goes up, many military, police and factory workgroups pepper their speech with spicy talk to give emphasis and convey urgency. I’m thinking more of a meeting of strangers, such as town hall, a jury, a focus group, a job interview, right up through a Court proceeding, legislative session, or Supreme Court oral argument….situations where the goal is to build consensus dealing with messy, complicated issues. The
    traditional taboo against use of the “urban dictionary” is justified in order to quell agitated thinking.

    I find Tom Perez’s and Hillary Clinton’s foul language a form of pandering to the uneducated and least responsible among us. It’s not a way to unite the polity….just the opposite.

    1. True enough. Add to that the cute way “pimp” has now entered our language. Such a nice origin to that one too.

    2. Speaking of Perez Castro my first spanish teacher taught us to use non foul words when the need arises for explitive deleteds Therefore she came up with Chuleta! Puerco! Chancho! Chihuaha!

      Pork chops, Pork, Pig, and phonetically shiwawa a state of Mexico. The tone of voice when you are holding the thumb you just hit with a hammer explains the rest of it.

      Perez Castro is unfortunately just a chancho

  6. Da dems are a cussin more and da rethuglicans are assaultin more. Words ain’t a big deal but tell Rethug official Wynn to quit assaultin.

    1. Ken- Stay on aol, your responses really suck. Da, da, rethug, T rump come up with something original, sure your not Issac.

  7. I’ve written before that the decline of the country is based on the right to discriminate and the right to pass judgement. This is the judgement part showing. We are no longer allowed to pass judgement on things such as dress or language which lead to a loss of standards eventually breeding a generation of youth who only are concerned with “me”.

  8. Why does it matter what Hillary says on any topic??? Because only the very slow of thought haven’t figured out that she will say whatever helps her at the moment, without regard to the truth. For example, “it’s a vast right wing conspiracy” bullsh*t when Bill was leaving traces of himself on a blue dress, and presumably on the rug in the Oval Office.

    Hillary had the option to spill the beans and tell the truth. Hillary had the option to keep quiet and say it was a family matter. But, she choice to politicize the moment, and we all learned that blow jobs don’t count as sex! That is unless Stormy Daniels blew Trump, in which case blow jobs are back to being sex again.

    Is that a crude thing to say???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Ok. This answers my question about Bill’s alleged lie about having sex with Monica. A blow job is not sex. Got it. Might get it. Going to the bar at five today.

      1. Oh yes, that was the Clinton Apologists’s story line! Here is a blow by blow analysis from back in the day, 1998:

        Clinton’s three lies, according to Starr
        By Brooks Jackson/CNN

        (Editor’s Note: This story contains explicit language.)

        WASHINGTON (September 21) — Independent Counsel Ken Starr says President Bill Clinton’s videotaped testimony contains three lies — three instances of perjury to the federal grand jury.

        Lie number one, according to Starr: Oral sex is not sex.

        “Is oral sex performed on you within that definition as you understood it?” Clinton was asked during his August 17 testimony, viewed by the public for the first time Monday.

        “As I understood it, it was not, no,” the president answered.

        Lawyers in the Paula Jones sexual harrassment case defined “sexual relations” as engaging in or causing “contact with the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh or buttocks of any person…”

        But the president said,”If the deponent is the person who has oral sex performed on him, then the contact is with — not with anything on that list — but with the lips of another person.”

        Starr didn’t buy that explanation.

        “That testimony is not credible. At the Jones deposition, the president could not have believed he was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” the independent counsel wrote to Congress.

        The president’s lawyers said in rebuttal that oral sex “plainly” falls outside the Jones definition.

        There is more hilarity at the link!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporte

  9. I agree with you. There is a time and a place, perhaps for a few we’ll chosen cuss words, but I think we should have standards for public discourse.

  10. No, but I think this type of lame, obviously rehearsed theater is, that pretty much sums up her whole campaign! It’s insult after insult to our intelligence with her, she’s more pathetic than threatening at this point. Yawn.

  11. Hastening the Democrat Party death-spiral…keep her in front of the camera!

    1. Carlin could carry that off. For example his phrase ‘left wing fascist’ was a classic Carlinism.

  12. People complain about language while da sexual assaulter continues to occupy da presidency. His friend Wynn just got busted. Give da women a hearing.

    1. As you can see it’s a struggle for some who are used to four letter words and not used to English.

  13. Sadly Clinton has chosen this path. As well as Get that Son of a Bitch of the field by the ever more crude rude Trump

    1. That’s a three, two, one and five letter word. followed by five and four . See you can do it if you try.

  14. Notice how Hillary – like Kirsten G – will receive zero criticism for this while just a few weeks ago allegations that Trump said ****hole dominated media attention.

    1. But … only what’s his face repeated that as if it were true …. everyone else just quoted what’s his face.

  15. I am a strong believer in using pig latin when making my comments on this blog. Hillary is an itchBay from the getgo. Bill uckFayed Monica and then lied about it on national TV. Maybe he confused sex with Yoga when he said that “I did Not have sex with that woman.”
    The women of the world do not need to start cussing in order to get attention. Pig Latin will work fine.

      1. Why first why not put ONE of them under oath. The last four took Allreds money and skipped town.

      1. I see you speak French but ‘Trump is a shower’ doesn’t quite resonate.

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