Pennsylvania Lawyer Arrested In Bizarre Crime Spree

Nichole-Collins-620x620Attorney Nichole Collins has been suspended by the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania after she was accused of breaking into her firm, stealing credit cards from fellow employees, and vandalizing equipment.  She is facing charges that include burglary, forgery, access device fraud and theft by unlawful taking.  It is remarkable that the Board views this as a suspension case as opposed to a disbarment case, but it could seek a more permanent action against Collins.  Making this all the more awkward: she is married to Deputy District Attorney Joel Hogentogler.

In Harrisburg, Collins worked for the Shaffer & Engle Law Firm.  Her situation began to unravel at the 2017 when the firm accountant noticed that there were a number of checks made out to “Cash” and signed by Collins.  When confronted, Collins admitted to stealing the money and was fired on August 14, 2017.  She was also barred from the premises.

However, in September 2017, police were notified about theft from its “cost account” which had been set up so that attorneys employed by the firm could pay for items such as filing fees and court reporters for cases.

On December 7, Engle contacted police saying that files from his office went missing, including the file he had put together on Collins and her criminal acts. Additionally, computer equipment and areas of the office were doused with a sticky substance.  The damage to the property exceeded $3000. Finally, an employee reported that her bag was stolen with credit cards.

Police received a rather bizarre lead when the victim of the theft received an email on December 27 at 10:07 p.m. with a notification of a purchase for a $250 Seducer luxury rabbit vibrator and other sex toys using the stolen credit cards. The victim contacted her bank about the theft.  The cards were used again at a Wendy’s the next day but rejected.  Fortunately, the Wendy’s employee was quick enough to note details of the suspect’s appearance for police to look for a white female with blonde hair in her mid-thirties.

Collins graduated from Widener University Commonwealth Law School in 2009.


23 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Lawyer Arrested In Bizarre Crime Spree”

  1. Q: How does it feel, as a Deputy District Attorney, to have your wife charged with burglary, theft, and credit card fraud?

    A: Almost as bad as the fact she was stealing to feed an expensive sex toy habit.

  2. Kind of hard to believe her DDA husband didn’t see what’s going on with his wife and intervene. When I worked the streets I saw many regular good people go down a dead end street with coke and booze. Hope someone can help the lady out if it’s drugs.

    1. That didn’t take long, dragging Hillary into this. I suppose you could claim that the sex toys were actually for Hillary’s use and benefit.

  3. Not guilty by reason of mental disease and defect. She has no G spot and she is psychotic.

  4. The fact that she was suspended and not disbarred, suggests to me that she may be getting help thru a Lawyer Assistance type program that tries to help get lawyers with substance abuse problems, depression, and other mental health problems, get clean without ruining the rest of their lives.

    But my guess is she has a problem with downers.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. It looks like it is a temporary emergency suspension pending further actions. Typically those are issued when the disciplinary authority can show a likelihood of harm if the person is not suspended during the pendency of the disciplinary proceedings. The formal proceedings to determine what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken can take a fairly long time.

  5. It sounds like a mental health issue to me. Risking jail for a vibrator? With her education? That’s emotional issues. Just a guess.

  6. At least she got an upgraded vibrator out of the deal. That will be worth the community service.

  7. If lawyers stopped protecting their own and actually prosecuted other lawyers for their crimes, there’d be no Congress.

    1. Well Samuel Clemens time again. “Congress is the countries only true home grown criminal class.” he also said, “If i was a member of congress and I was stupid….excuse me I repeated myself.”

    1. the drug theory looks better and better or else some one else trying for the sole partner slot set her up.

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