Who Needs Elon Musk? Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer That Shoots Flames


For those disappointed in Elon Musk selling out of his 50,000 flamethrowers, Amazon may have the answer.  The company pulled the Salon Grade Hair Dryer after it was shown shooting flames. While it may make for a bad hair day, it is cheaper and smaller than Musk’s Boring Company Flamethrower.

You can see the video here.

Erika Augthun Shoolbred sounded quite surprised on January 29th when the dryer became a flame thrower.

The hair dyer is made and marketed by OraCorp with other “beauty products.”  I cannot wait to see its toothbrushes in action.

The quick action for Amazon is not simply a protection of its customers but also required under tort and federal law.

Most states have passed “sealed container” laws that shield retailers of defective products from liability when a produce is sold in sealed containers. The liability is then contained to the manufacturer. The laws generally required that product was sold in a sealed container or in an unaltered form and the seller had no knowledge of the defect. Moreover, the seller must be shown to have had no knowledge of the defect but also could not have discovered the defect while exercising reasonable care. Moreover, the product cannot be the retailer’s own product or the result of its own design or specifications.  Finally, the seller can not alter, modify, assemble, or mishandle the product.

All of that fits well with Amazon so long as it promptly responded to such stories as hair dryers functioning a flame throwers.

As to Musk’s product, they are indeed legal.  Actually, his product is a bit wimpy given what is on the market:


The view of retailers appear to be that flame throwers don’t burn people, people burn people.

We previously discussed this issue, including flame throwing criminals.

However, these devices are illegal in Maryland and California says that flame throwers  require a permit issued by the State Fire Marshal

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  1. Elon Musk is a flim flam man built on counterproductive, liberal rebate programs involving nonviable, unsustainable, “green” “technologies”, governmental subsidies, biased contracts and taxpayer dollars.

    Elon Musk, the “entitlement” entrepreneur.

  2. That’s weird. What’s the fuel? Are the internal components of the hairdryer flammable plastics? When I saw the photo, I thought someone had sprayed hairspray or some other fuel inside. It’s possible someone cut some major corners in the plastics they chose to manufacture this. Or I wonder if it’s the wiring burning. The photo is concerning because the flame looks right next to the wall and towel.

    This is always a concern, when manufacturing shifts overseas, where they do not have similar safety regulations. I clicked on the link, and it all looks like cheap trinkets made in China, although I don’t know the country of origin of this death dryer.

    I particularly liked the brow stamper in the OraCorp link. It’s reviews are a mixture of this is the most awesome ever, to who the heck is reviewing this piece of garbage – it looks like caterpillars are on my face! Sometimes companies review their own products. I always wonder if that’s the case when reviews are only 1 and 5 stars and nothing in between. Hmmmm, I wonder what the powder is made of.

    1. You forgot eyelash curler. That’ll frighten a man right out of the house. Although, I do have a wonderful honey chocolate moisture mask that freaks everyone out. It’s organic.

  3. Toilets don’t flush. People flush toilets.

    Who is this woman: Elon Musk? Does she stink?

  4. Sooo, I clicked on the Ora Corp link, and found this!


    Which comes in red or green! Is unisex. And will fit any size head up to 25 inches. I presume that is a circumference measurement, and not a diameter. . . Which to get the diameter you divide 25 inches by pi, 3.1416, and get 7.9577 inches.

    Too bad I ordered another brand, which already came in. But I may order a red one just for the fashion aspects of it.

    Which, maybe their hairdryer was developed by their Cold Weather R & D Department, who also made the floppy eared hats??? And the hairdryer is really an outdoor survive-in-the-frozen-tundra device??? Because how else would you get a sustained flame out of this thing??? You would have to have a butane reservoir or fuel source or something. Because you don’t get that kind of flame from just electricity such that you could do it more than once.

    Maybe this was a hoax???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Innovative folks in the SF area could apply their skills to assist the overworked public works and SFPD to deal with a pressing issue:


      Singeing folks would provide immediate feedback, an effective nudge you might say, but the punishment might be a bit over the top. Designing a technology that would mark the individual, to allow for easy tracking for apprehension, on the other hand might be ok.

        1. Great prank! Speaking of risk-trust-and…: cleanup crews:


          “The “Cleanup Crew” allows you to explore the complex world of waste management and toxic cleanups, whether collecting garbage off the streets of Trinidad & Tobago, or doing asbestos remediation in a Soviet-era factory in Belarus. We also have miscellaneous, stand-alone offerings that are the beginnings of new packages. For our non-US resident customers only, we offer “The Streets of San Francisco” where you can help collect syringes from curb sides in San Francisco.”

  5. California first to ban pepper spray first to ban stun guns now another good self defense tool needs a license but it’s ok to burn up whatever if you have a license. BLM and Antifada must be hysterical with their new toys for this seasons rioting … I’m sure Pelosi has them booked.

  6. This is not a burning issue. But these hair dryers will ensure that everyone has a bad hair day.

  7. Flamethrowers are used here all the time to burn weeds. CA can ban what it wants.

    1. Is there any aspect of life in this world that politicians don’t want to control?

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