A Nation United? Only 16 Percent Of Americans Support The Patriots In Super Bowl LII

100px-New_England_Patriots_logo.svgdownload-1It wasn’t the Russian interference in the election or the presidential election itself. It was not the tax cuts or Hurricanes Maria or Harvey.  However, with today’s Super Bowl fans appear united in rooting against the New England Patriots.   A combination of past scandals and, let’s face it, dominion in the league, most fans appear to be tuning in to root against the Patriots as opposed to for the Eagles. For my part, I am in it for the good football despite the terrible omission of the greatest football legacy on Earth . . . the Chicago Bears.  The good thing is that I can watch Alshon Jeffery catch balls and cheer for the appearance of at least on Bear in the Super Bowl this year.


According to a survey from Monmouth University, only  16 percent of fans are rooting for the Patriots while 39 percent are actively rooting against the Patriots.

I am making a new slow-cooked chili this year. I prepared guajillo, ancho, and  pasilla chiles and pureed them for a beef chili made with a beer and prayer.  This will either be a collossal flop or my greatest moment.

As for the game, I have had serious doubts about watching this year.  I find the NFL to be one of the truly more repugnant organizations in the country and the reappointment of Roger Goodell was the ultimate one-finger salute to fans who despise him with an unprecedented passion.

This is a case of fans trying hard to forget the conduct of the owners, the commissioner, and many players to just watch the game.  I will admit that I also love to watch the commercials.


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  1. I watched the last half of the fourth quarter and enjoyed it. Both teams are great.

  2. The outcome of the Super Bowl has already been determined: It’s New England for the win, covering the 4.5 point spread, and under 47.5 points, in a relatively low scoring game.

    1. Ralph Adamo – it is so low scoring that when I checked the score the Pats were down 15-3. 😉 I don’t think they will make the over.

  3. Oh is there a game today? I’ve been at the river getting up early, flying the flag and enjoying some passing ducks and geese. Let me know if something important happens, like Goodell grows a spine.

    1. mespo – Goodell grew a spine at contract time when he demanded more money and a private plane for life.

      1. Naw, that’s just the selfish gene ascendant as Professor Dawkins might say. Vertebra optional. All you need for that is “a high degree of permanence and a low rate of endogenous change, relative to the degree of bias.” Pretty much Goodell in a nutshell.

    2. My day was nearly the same here: Shrimp and swordfish on the BBQ; kayaking during high tide in the estuary (with a sea lion nearby); and dungeness crab for lunch (boiled of course, the way God intended)

      Pro football. Bah

      1. Darren Smith – are you sure God intended those crab to be boiled? How about steam-fried? Or roasted? Or raw? 😉

              1. If you accept that the real purpose of eating food is to provide your body with energy, it might be helpful to know that the process of digesting shell fish and pork requires more energy than those foods provide. It’s a negative in terms of energy for your body. Another one of those feel-good foods, like doughnuts, that just work against you.

    3. I had a sad day. I was getting the house ready to foster a 14 year old cat, whose mommy had to go to assisted living. My friend at the nursing home went to get her today, and she died at the emergency vet. The family cleaned the furniture out of the house yesterday, and we surmise that she had a stress induced stroke. The other two cats were fine, and they are being fostered by someone else. But, they are younger.

      Some assisted living homes and nursing homes will allow a pet, but restrict the number. The old lady was able to keep one of her cats with her. I need another cat like I need a Democratic President, but I had talked Penelope into letting her stay in the big house. Because I have 3 1 year old-ish cats who would run her ragged. Not to mention Snagglepuss and Sasquatch.

      Like I said, a sad day. I did sit outside and smoke some French tobacco I bought. My uncle brought me one of his old pipes that he bought as a backup, and never smoked. And another pipe that he said was very appropriate for a girl. Sooo, now I have three pipes!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  4. Enigma, supposedly Putin gave the ring back. Your right though, Putin is a thug.

    1. I Bob,…
      Did Putin give back the red “reset button”, too?
      I wonder if that button now resides in a Moscow museum, Putin’s office, or elsewhere.
      A Weekly World News article claimed that Hillary told the Russians that if they tapped the red button three times, she’d send them classified
      That WW News account has never been confirmed, so I don’t think Mueller is looking into that.😉

  5. “It wasn’t the Russian interference in the election or the presidential election itself.”

    – Professor Turley

    “NGO connected to Obama’s 2008 campaign used U.S. tax dollars trying to oust Netanyahu”

    “Under the auspices of Chairman Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI) has released a report today confirming allegations that an NGO with connections to President Obama’s 2008 campaign used U.S. taxpayer dollars attempting to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. President Obama has had the worst relationship of any U.S. president with the elected prime minister of the Jewish State.”

    – WaPo

    “In February 2015, I reported in my Washington Post column on the revelation that Obama’s 2012 national field director, Jeremy Bird, was headed to Tel Aviv to manage a grass-roots campaign to oust Prime Minsiter Netanyahu. I noted at the time that Bird would not be working to defeat Netanyahu if he thought Obama opposed it (can you imagine Karl Rove going to London while George W. Bush was in office to help conservatives oust Prime Minister Tony Blair?) and that the group behind Bird’s anti-Netanyahu effort – OneVoice – had received State Department funding and listed the State Department as a “partner” on its Web site.”

    “Now, a new bipartisan Congressional report from Senators Rob Portman (R) and Claire McCaskill (D), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI) examining the US State Department’s grants to OneVoice, has concluded that the group in fact used federal money to build a campaign organization later used to try and defeat Netanyahu.”

    – Marc A. Thiessen

  6. The Right To Arm Bears. This topic needs to be discussed on the blog. The Framers were dyslectic when they wrote up the 2nd Amendment and truly meant the words to say…”the Right To Arm Bears” and not the right to bear arms.

    The Chicago Bears do bear arms. And legs. They need to be in the Super Bowl.

    As for tonights game: I do not like the city of Philly. I am for the Patriots.

  7. I will not be watching the Super Bowl, I only follow college football, starting with my beloved Sun Devils.

    1. Really? How phooking narcissistic does you have to be to “think” that anyone gives a “healthy dump” what you watch or don’t watch!

      1. SHAFAR NULLIFIDIAN – JT gets to pimp out his Bears, I can pimp out my Sun Devils. You do not have to read my posts. I will not be hurt.

      2. Shafar, I care. Paul is demonstrating his distaste for those that cannot appropriately act when the national anthem is played and the American flag displayed. Any problem with that?

  8. The results of the poll are unsurprising. With 32 NFL teams and with most fans rooting for only one team and with New England being a medium sized market, probably only 5-10% of NFL fans root for the Pats on a regular basis. Some fans will root for the AFC regardless of its representative. Most people don’t care about the Patriots one way or the other. So, the 16% figure sounds about right and no indication of abnormal hatred of the Pats let alone the United States.

    The 39% opposition figure is also unsurprising. It includes fans of New England’s divisional rivals one of which is in the largest market, fans who root for whatever NFC team makes the Super Bowl, fans who disapprove of Tom Brady’s social life, as well as fans who believe that rules should be obeyed.

  9. Thanks, Jonathan Turley!
    Whatever you think of the surrounding issues it is a great day for fellowship and chili.
    Good luck!

  10. ” I find the NFL to be one of the truly more repugnant organizations in the country and the reappointment of Roger Goodell was the ultimate one-finger salute to fans who despise him with an unprecedented passion.”

    JT says it all.

  11. Nothing against the Patriots but I’m rooting for the Eagles this year because a) it’d be nice for someone other than the Patriots to win and b) they are the more local of the team not to mention c) my team didn’t make it.

  12. Keep one camera on the cheerleaders I’ll watch their knees otherwise Come on World Cup!

  13. Turley leaves out another reason some people dislike the Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft’s close ties to and support of Donald Trump. He may well need another ring to replace the one Putin snatched from him.

        1. enigma – I am watching a 2 part Frontline called Putin’s Revenge. Basically, it is his revenge on the US. I finished the first part, we just finished with him blowing off baby Jesus Obama. It is worth the viewing.

        2. EBC, just when you have completed writing the stupidest things I’ve read, you somehow manage to make a comment even dumber than your last. If you keep this up, even the most ultrasubcretinesque Leftists won’t admit you to their club because they want to keep the hoi polloi out.

          1. Tell me what you disagree with? You think there aren’t people who dislike Kraft’s friendship with Trump? Do you think Putin didn’t take one of Kraft’s Super Bowl rings? Do you think the Russian Mob isn’t de facto one with the government? Or do you think Trump hasn’t dealt with the New York/New Jersey/Las Vegas mobs half his life?

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