New York Elementary School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance As Discriminatory Against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

Dad Daughter DancingThere is a controversy at a Staten Island elementary school over the cancellation of the annual father-daughter dance because it was viewed violative of the new Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines that went into effect in March 2017.  Jared Fox, the DOE’s LGBT community liaison, is quoted as saying “Father-daughter dances inherently leave people out. Not just because of transgender status, just life in general.”

The DOE has ordered schools to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices unless they serve a “clear” educational purpose. PS 65 said that the “Father-Daughter
dance is “gender-based” and without a clear educational purpose.

Of course, as schools struggle in build parental involvement and support in our schools, the cancellation of such events undermines such efforts.  The question is how to best incorporate and support the small number of transgender or gender nonconforming students.  While the dance does not stipulate who will be defined as a father or daughter, it obviously would not be compatible for some gender nonconforming individuals.  But is that sufficient reason to bar a dance enjoyed by the vast majority of families — an event that is not mandatory or compulsory.  The question is whether there should be accommodation on both sides to allow these events to continue while seeking to minimize exclusions for any students.  It seems like a cancellation only deepens the divisions and tensions over transgender issues.

What do you think?

58 thoughts on “New York Elementary School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance As Discriminatory Against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students”

  1. Why cancel it? Why not just make it a parent/child dance? I don’t think they need to get lost in the weeds of disparate issues.

    If they decide that they don’t like roughly half the kids not being invited to each event, or what to do about all the divorcees, then the simplest solution is to have parent/child events. Some of them themed for stuff that girls might like and some themed for activities that boys tend to like. Parent/child dance and parent/child laser tag.

    Just don’t get involved in all of the issues, as a school.

  2. For a really good analysis of the whole Tranny Movement, read this. It is a 3 part series, and long. But, a very informative and well written analysis. Part Une:

    Here is an excerpt:

    “There are so many complex forces, from many different realms, coming into play with this trans wave. Most people are completely unaware of these intersecting interests. Unfortunately the culture war has done a number on the concept of critical thinking. I have considered myself liberal my entire adult life, and I still am. But for a long time I couldn’t find anyone questioning this trans explosion who wasn’t on the far right. It made me feel like only conservatives were allowed to think, to consider this issue, but ultimately their thoughts were rendered meaningless due to their branding by the culture war. It’s essential that left-leaning people model critical thinking for the masses in this regard.

    “It’s important to link people like us together, who have been silenced, so we can resume contact with our critical thinking skills and reduce our growing sense of self doubt. Divide and conquer is best accomplished through silencing, through calling into question those who speak out. There is so much of this attached to the trans movement. Even just wondering about a profound concept such as transgender is labeled transphobic. What I think has happened is that people are now phobic about their own gut responses to life. We are being systematically separated from our own intuition. This is fatal for a civilization, I think. Not that our intuition always tells the truth with a capital T, but it is a critical piece of who we are. Without it, we remain profoundly directionless, and more susceptible to coercion of all types. [Emphasis added.]


    What frightens me most about the trans movement is that the establishment has gotten involved and is leading it. I think that’s really weird. Clearly they are benefiting from it financially. So sad. It disturbs me to see how giddy my former medical director is to be part of this growing craze. We used to treat kids with mental health problems, but now it’s all about validating their emergent and shifting identities. As professionals, if we don’t loudly prioritize their identities as being the most important thing about them (and identities do shift constantly in kids and teens), we risk coming across as unsupportive and even immoral. Identity development has always been a teen task, but in the past it wasn’t necessarily supposed to become a lifestyle, or colonize the entirety of your existence. . . . What saddens me the most is the way children are being trained to think their parents do not love them if mom and dad don’t jump aboard the trans train. To me, this is a brutal aspect of a near-dictatorship being foisted on everyone.”


    “One common trait I’ve noticed in nearly all the trans kids I’ve met has been their profound sense of being different, and too alone. They often have had little success with making friends, or what I would call contact with ‘the other.’ Because of their psychic isolation, they are prime targets for group think narratives. But in addition to looking for a way to belong, they are also craving protection and the stamp of legitimacy, perhaps because they feel a profound lack of it.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. These parents don’t need the school districts’ permission to have a Father/Daughter dance. They only need permission to have it at a school facility. Have it offsite.

  4. One of the most joyous affairs I experienced accompanying two daughters to h s father daughter dance. Let ” society correct ” find a way to accommodate the others.
    Next on their agenda is to challenge a good old fashion square dance.

  5. The last time I checked, everyone has a father. Why can’t they make the dance inclusive without a mandate? Oh, that’s right, there’s no progressive virtue signaling that way. Heaven forbid they do something ‘virtuous’ and the press isn’t invited.

  6. The idea of the event stinks not because of gender orientation, but because many little girls don’t have fathers in their lives.

    1. They could make it a parent/child dance without resorting to what they chose to do. It isn’t the values I question, it’s the manner in which they are pursued. Fairness is entirely possible without making others into villains or imposing ideology.

    2. This is exactly it. However, do we celebrate the majority and also address the minorities; or do we simply eliminate everything that is contentious? Little girls not having fathers setting the norm is not much different than being persecuted because you don’t believe in, or are a part of the majority. Just as with the statues of heroes who have represented the wrong side, the event, statue, celebration, whatever should be considered as a lesson. If it is eliminated then, as the wisest of the wise over the millennia have stated, that evil will repeat itself. Instead of whitewashing the situation, history, whatever, we should be continually presented with it until we evolve to the point where the problem(s) subside. Elimination is not the option as there will always be leftovers. The leftovers should be the fascist, nazi, etc holdouts, not fathers wanting to celebrate their relationships with their daughters.

      Education is the best way to address these issues. Many years ago, while growing up, TV shows used to explain the ideal morals of society. Some of these morals have been relaxed, eroded, discarded, and forgotten. However, some endure, as they should. The girl without a father at the father-daughter dance in a 50’s TV show would not result in the canceling of the dance but the coming forward of a sensitive male friend, uncle, older brother, etc to accompany the girl. The girl was portrayed as learning to accept compromise and the society was presented with a lesson in accommodation. All would applaud and then the commercial.

      The problem with those who simply want to eliminate that which does not apply to everyone is that too many of their brain cells are not functioning, they have no minerals, they are sorely wanting; yet put in charge of these situations.

      This is an example of the ‘taking sides’ facility of the polarization of our society. We now have leaders that are in office because of those who occupied the fringe. Civilization has always faired best when the center liberal and center conservative interacted.

      Sensitivity to issues demands solutions, not simply turning away.

    3. So we have to redefine society down to the lowest common denominator? Some kids have no living mother. Do away with Mothers Day?
      At some point we are going to have to defend societal norms. We have rules and customs that make us function as a group. I’m not saying they’re immutable but there has to be some order.
      Or we have no society.

      1. Some people think da married T rump chasing Stormy around naked is da image of human sexuality that is da norm. Move on. You are stuck in da fifties.

        1. This thread is not about Trump, Ken. You’re trying too hard, and embarrassing yourself.

  7. Then shouldn’t ‘Gay Pride’ parades be banned also? They discriminate against those that aren’t gay, or whatever. Christmas holidays are called something else but they originated as a celebration of a Christian event; so no holidays around that time. The same with ‘Spring’ break; it started as Easter Holiday. Inclusion becoming exclusion; pandering to farm kids gives us Summer Holidays; so that’s out.

    1. Analyze any cultural expectation and it becomes absurd. Cultures evolve. They slowly give up obsolete pointless behaviors in exchange for new pointless behaviors.

      1. “Analyze any cultural expectation and it becomes absurd. Cultures evolve. They slowly give up obsolete pointless behaviors in exchange for new pointless behaviors.”

        Or, behaviors are adopted in the short term that are responsible for the ultimate end of particular population. The left’s destruction of western civilization is nearing completion, as the family unit is the basis of a healthy population. Enjoy.

        1. T rump rips up his famiy units over and over again. You MAGAS think da sexual ASSaulter is a role model.

  8. Please activate the sensitivity chip that makes you human.. this is not a right/left, blue/pink, yes/no issue.. a Father/Daughter dance is exclusive to a Father/Daughter relationship, yes?? PLEASE consider for a moment the daughters that have lost their fathers through likely no fault of their own.. events such as these exacerbate the source of pain these young girls/women have no control over.. consider that sometimes doing the right thing means you may have been wrong..

    1. Please activate whatever chip it is that makes your brain work. There is probably no activity at all that does not cause pain to someone. I would imagine that the sight of a baby in a pram causes pain to someone who lost their child, or had a miscarriage. I imagine that Dancing With The Stars causes pain to people who have lost their legs and can not dance.

      But life goes.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Exactly Squeeky.

        I would surmise that the absolute worst life circumstance for any human is to get sucked into the misery vortex of the lefts victim ideology.

    2. PLEASE….I am aghast with this faux oversensitivity. So, someone might feel left out. That’s life, get over it. I am sick and tired of all this tail-wagging-the-dog. If you feel upset, don’t go. Or take another parent. But why should a possibly uber-minority impact upon the majority? Make no sense. It is time the majority stood up and pushed back against all this over-entitled rubbish.

      On the other hand, all the girls could wear strap-ons to make their transgender contemporaries feel accepted

  9. Transgender rules is nonsense. People have lost their minds. We scream about facts then turn aroind and ignore biology as an inconvenient truth.

  10. Fathers dancing with their daughters is educational. I could write the lesson plan for it right now.

  11. Organized sports are always tilted towards those who fit the profile. In the military we learned to equalize that by leveling the playing field… by using whatever means, tactics, and technical devices necessary. The only two exceptions was the big guys got to carry the radio or the M60 Machinegun. The shorter guys carried the extra radio batteries and a bandoleer of linked, belt.

  12. It does solve the problem of being accused of certain behaviour true or not. We thought of it as we had the opposite mother son as being readied for entering adult polite society. Toda. It’s risk management.

  13. I agree. I support our NJ LGBTQ community and organization and they work so hard to drum up support for and against legislation regarding equality, and then someone (who?) makes a circus of it. Our father daughter dance states that it can be the father or anyone else. I guess the idea is uncle or family friend, but it doesn’t exclude women or transgender specifically, doesn’t say male. And, quite frankly, after a few more formal dances it ends up being the girls hopping around on the gym floor together to the latest hits on the radio.

    I think the educational part could be that fathers exist. And secondary, that maybe the traditional definition of father is starting to change slightly and include people who used to be at the margins of society.

    1. That bunch of freaks ain’t going to be happy just being tolerated. The pro-gay organizations will have to keep creating new outrages to stay in business, and keep the money rolling in. Look for more silliness, not less. I think a lot of homos are longing for the good old days when they could just meet strangers and screw in the public bathrooms, interstate rest stops, and city parks. That was a lot less mental upkeep than having to pretend you want kids, pretending you want a house with a white picket fence, and pretending that you are going to “forsake all others til death do us part.”

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  14. ..because third graders are greatly conflicted about sexuality and gender non-conformity.

    This is again the result of having useless academics and bureaucrats with too much time on their hands working in gender studies roles. Remove these departments, problems go away.

  15. And one wouldn’t be able to say father-child dance. The biological father may identify as something different and the step dad could be insulted.

  16. I think the question is why are we accommodating and hence enabling a mental disorder suffered by transgenders. Schizophrenics don’t get the same lavish treatment. They can’t come as their own dates. There will come a time when the vast majority feels they’ve catered enough to the outliers. That days seems not long in coming.

    1. How would you feel if one day you woke up in a female body, but still having the male mind? How would you feel if you were born that way? Gender and identity follows a distribution and isn’t all black and white. Just because the vast majority fall on one or the other end of the spectrum doesn’t mean the inbetweens don’t exist. They do.

      1. Mental retards exist too, but nobody pretends that it is normal, or insists that everybody who isn’t retarded act as if they are. Trannies are freaks, and we should not throw rocks at them. But they should butt the heck out of normal people’s life. But they won’t, because scratch a tranny, and get a narcissistic borderline with OCD. Which is psych talk for being a drama queen. Not to mention that about half the male trannies are just gay men who want to make themselves more sexually attractive to men.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      2. “How would you feel if one day you woke up in a female body, but still having the male mind?”
        I suppose I’d either realize I needed psychological help or I’d not have that self-awareness and try to convince others that I’m a a member of an oppressed group and seek special rights vis a vi the rest of society which would of course be consistent with my mental illness. Just s guess.

    2. Mespo,
      You read my mind.
      “The question is how to best incorporate and support the small number of transgender or gender nonconforming students.” from JT
      No, the question is how do we help these kids (or parents) with this mental disorder.
      And not to sound insensitive…. But what’s wrong with celebrating dads being around? This is a good thing and should be acknowledged. Again, this is another example of the America dying because we are no allowed to pass judgement.

    1. William Bayer – I think basketball teams should be made up like society in general. If 19% of society is black then 19% of the basketball team is black, etc.

      1. 13% of the U.S. population is black, and black men are 6%. There are way more Asians and Hispanics in CA than blacks. It would be interesting to see how a truly diverse basketball team plays. Maybe lack of size could be offset by smarts? Or perhaps basketball isn’t complex enough for brains to be much of an advantage.

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