“It’s Not Going To Be OK”: Omarosa Dishes On Trump On Reality Show [Updated]

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 8.32.29 PMPresident Donald Trump’s successful career on reality television has been much discussed during his presidency.  The controversial inclusion of Omarosa Manigault Newman on his staff was a reminder of that history.  Newman was fired on The Apprentice but later became a supporter of Trump for president. She was then made the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Her rocky tenure in the White House came to an end when she was fired. She immediately went on the air to heavily imply that she had damaging information on the Administration.  Now she is back on reality television and dishing on how the Trump White House was a nightmare. As an example, Omarosa has declared, when asked if she would vote again for Trump, “God no. Never. Not in a million years, never.”


In an episode of the show “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition,” Omarosa is shown speaking to o-star Ross Matthews and says that she was “haunted” by President Trump’s daily tweets and that she want because she “felt like it was a call of duty. I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him.”

When asked by a breathless Matthews if the public should be worried Manigault Newman nodded ominously yes.

She finally adds “There’s a lot of people that want to stab me in the back, kind of similar to the White House, . . . The one thing I learned from politics is you have to watch your back, and sometimes you have to watch your front too.”

The scene is truly cringeworthy but so was her selection to serve on a White House staff with virtually no level of achievement.  Even supporters of Trump have noted the selection of unvetted or unimpressive people in the White House.  The embarrassment of a former staffer on this low-grade show could not occur at a worse time as the Trump White House struggles to explain its failure to act on allegations of spousal abuse by Rob Porter.

The White House is right to treat Manigault Newman with derision, but there remains the question of why she was ever given a job in the White House. It is not that she does not have an interesting history where she overcome great hardship.  She is the child of Nigerian immigrants and her father was murdered when she was seven. Nevertheless, she earned a B.A. in broadcast journalism at Central State University and later received a master’s degree from Howard University.  She never finished her doctorate in communications.  That is an impressive story, but she has also had her share of controversies including some debate over her title and role working in the Office of Vice President Al Gore.  She was later transferred to the Commerce Department.  Her primary fame came from repeated appearances on reality shows.
There is little that the White House can do legally. She obviously will never again see a government job, but her cheesy appearance on the show will continue to be a degrading moment for the entire White House staff.  Omarosa is the bill that came due for the White House after elevating this individual to the highest office of the land.

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  1. “I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people….We want top of the line professionals.” -Donald Trump

      1. can anyone point me to a time a woman leveled an accusation of hideous and abusive behavior against a man in the Clinton administration and the knee-jerk response was not to think she was lying?

        Hmmm? Good question ake!

        1. So Clinton faced impeachment hearings and many democrats wrongly made excuses for him. Does that not mean that men like Trump, Cosby, Porter and Weinstein should be let off the hook and not prosecuted twenty years later? I don’t think so. Quit making excuses for these abusers. The wrongs Bill Clinton did does not excuse your boys behavior with regards to women. Stop calling the victims liars.

          1. My boy? You dolt, I was answering Jake’s question…that you posted! And where in the hell did I call the victims liars? Take your meds and crawl back in whatever hole you crawled out of until you your delusions go away.

            1. You have spent the last year defending Trump. You also defended Roy Moore so the assumptions were not without merit. Take an anger management class.

              1. swm,
                I challenge you to find anything I’ve posted regarding President Trump or Roy Moore that defends anything other than rights, the rule of law and/or the separation of powers. If you happen to find something you believe meets your claim, I will either explain it or own the mistake.


                1. No thank you. You have already called me a “dolt” and told me to crawl into a hole so any form of civil discourse seems impossible. I have better uses for my time. 🙂

                  1. Do you need a hamster SWM?

                    You opened up this civil discourse between you and I by attacking me and now that I’ve civilly challenged you to prove your claim, you melt.

                    Challenge not accepted. Got it.

              2. By the way, this blog is my anger management class. I think I’m doing remarkably well considering the level of imbecility I see posted regularly on this blog from others.

      2. SWM:

        It’s the foundation of American law that he who asserts must prove. That’s why its innocent until proven guilty. Anybody with any level or morality or mental status (or lack thereof) can make a claim. Tapper is a know-nothing talking head.

        1. The Trump defenders automatically call the women liars when Trump or a member of his team is accused of violence or sexual assault. That is the point.

      3. @swarthmoremom: I don’t necessarily think that she’s lying. In fact, IMHO, it’s more likely than not that she isn’t. Having said this, I think it’s an unseemly mess — all wrapped up in this “reality show” craziness.

        “In her effort to secure the $250,000 grand prize, Omarosa is clearly prepared to dish on Trump.” -JT

        If she wants to be taken seriously, a reality show isn’t the right forum.

        1. I agree. Selling her story in a bid to win a quarter of a million dollars reflects badly on her, and casts doubt on her motives as a whistleblower.

          It would have been better to be interviewed for an article by a respected journalist, done for free. That would have done more justice to the actual story she had to tell.

    1. @swarthmoremom: I don’t necessarily think that she’s lying. In fact, IMHO, it’s more likely than not that she isn’t. Having said this, I think it’s an unseemly mess — all wrapped up in this “reality show” craziness.

      “In her effort to secure the $250,000 grand prize, Omarosa is clearly prepared to dish on Trump.” -JT

      If she wants to be taken seriously, a reality show isn’t the right forum.

  2. Didn’t someone say things like that, and didn’t a group of people produce media like that, saying the same things about the Jewish people? This is getting really old. Too many of us are too old to fall for this nonsense, and our progeny will listen to *us* before them. Such BS.

  3. She is nothing but a professional con-artist who learned her craft from someone who will go down in the history books as the greatest con-artist of all time. And like all cons, they know how to make money from it.

    1. from someone who will go down in the history books as the greatest con-artist of all time. And like all cons, they know how to make money from it.

      If you and your ilk EVER, for even a nanosecond, manage to acknowledge that politics IS a con and the MARKS are the voters that fall for the their party is bad, our party is good horseshit, we might begin to find some common ground. Until that epiphany happens for you, your comments like the one I copied from you are gruberage (gruber/garbage).

          1. So, on both sides? Because if you say both sides crawl out from under the rock…..I agree. They do, but some are under heavier rocks than most. And they are the ones that dig deeper.

  4. “says that she was “haunted” by President Trump’s daily tweets and that she want because she “felt like it was a call of duty. I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him.”

    Stupid woman was lucky to have a job – “serving my country”??? Please – if she hadn’t been fired she’d still be there happily collecting a salary.

  5. Does it make the delusional cult follower of trump think that with the mass resignations, firings and withdrawals from consideration that it may be the trump who is the problem? Nah, The cult leader is all powerful, wise and is without fault. It’s his sad and pathetic choices for high office that are the problem. Or maybe that trump extreme-vetting process wasn’t handled well by some subordinate or another. SAD!

    1. There is at least a 50/50 chance she asked for it. I do a lot of Domestic Relations work with Penelope, and a large number of these “abused” women are bat poop crazy. Quite often they initiate the violence, and when responded to with violence, they switch over to “victim” mode. What is really sick, is that a lot of them truly like being slapped around some. It is a sexual turn on for some. A pity tool for others so they can run back to mommy and daddy and their girl friends to get sympathy. That is why I always view these stories with several boxes of Morton Salt.

      From my brief stay on Planet Earth, I believe that most American women are truly, clinically, mentally ill creatures. More so than women of other cultures. My guess is that it is the hormones and all that cycle stuff combined with an easier life style where they don’t have to behave rationally to survive. And let me tell you, these domestic violence petitions are usually a joke, and just a tool to steal property from the husband/boyfriend.

      There is a reason why ancient cultures associated the feminine with the irrational.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I agree Squeeky.

        Why do these women, via drama obsessed media, insist the entire country MUST participate in their circus?

        1. Attention! They are craving attention. I don’t know the guy. Maybe he is somebody who likes to slap women around. But we have only heard one side of the story, and frankly, a black eye is pretty slim evidence when you don’t know what caused it, or what proceeded it.

          I notice his second wife only claimed verbal and emotional abuse, and not physical abuse. Which “verbal and emotional abuse” could consist of him simply telling her to quit b*tching all the time. Frankly, I don’t think it is even possible to be in a romantic/sexual relationship over time without both committing and enduring verbal and emotional abuse. On some level. It just comes with the territory.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        1. I have company.

          One in three Americans struggles with a mental illness, but the rate is much higher in women. Research suggests that women are about 40% more likely than men to develop depression. They’re twice as likely to develop PTSD, with about 10% of women developing the condition after a traumatic event, compared to just 4% of men. It’s easy to write off this epidemic of mental illness among women as the result of hormonal issues and genetic gender differences, or even to argue that women are simply more “emotional” than men. The truth, though, is that psychiatrists aren’t really sure why mental illness is more common among women, and teasing out the specific factors that play a role in this challenge isn’t easy.


          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

      2. Absolute, unmitigated nonsense. It looks good on you, though.

        This is to “the bitch had it coming” squeeKKK

  6. Is it possible to refrain from giving her more exposure ? Hint-maybe use her real first name instead of the “roll- off from the mouth ” sound O… ? !!!

  7. She was given an opportunity that not everyone gets in life

    Rumor has it…

    That she came to the White House with an entourage to take wedding pictures of herself in her wedding gown without permission

    Instead of holding her head up high she chose to take the low road

    My GrandFather told me when I was a little girl that…

    The truth will always surface

    …and yes it most definitely has with Omarosa!

  8. As a guy who has done surveillance for decades, it’s only reality when they DON’T know the camera is there.

  9. I suspect that this particular “bill that became due” for this administration is one of the least problematic bills that come due this year.

  10. “…but there remains the question of why such a person was ever given a job in the White House.”

    Ask the stable genius, who should never have been given a job in the White House.

  11. “Omarosa is the bill that came due for the White House after elevating a clearly unworthy individual to the highest office of the land.”

    Well, Omarosa’s office was “director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison” — which I’m reasonably certain isn’t “the highest office of the land.” So it sounds like Turley’s referring to Trump, not Omarosa, when he’s talking about a “clearly unworthy individual.”

    Either Turley’s last sentence was very poorly worded or it was a dig a Trump calling him “clearly unworthy.”

    I think it either requires a re-write or an explanation. If it’s a joke, it’s too subtle.

    1. Agreed, WB.

      Besides, “unworthy?” Unworthy? What an elitist and snobbish thing to say.

      1. Yeah — it has a judgmental tone that doesn’t fit. Perhaps “unqualified” might apply, but even then I’d have to know what the heck a “director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison” is supposed to do and what those qualifications might be. I’ve no clue, and somehow I don’t Turley knows, either.

        Lawyers are supposed to have a reasonable command of language that seems to be missing here.

        Not one of Turley’s best efforts. And it’s even worse, considering that he could have addressed the news about Chairman Warner having attempted to contact Christopher Steele, without going through his attorneys and without leaving a paper trail — conduct that, to me, sounds a lot like attempted witness tampering. That would’a made for a more-interesting article and a much-more lively debate here in the comment section.

          1. Thanks for that info. It’s gotta be in the goofiest format ever devised, so it’s gonna take at least one re-read. The title could be “How not to communicate” — 95% back-and-forth about not being able to get in touch. Some interesting key phrases. Nothing in my first read alters my impression of what Warner is involved in, and it still smells like witness tampering to me. But I need to re-read.

  12. She’s savvy enough to know that the paychecks will keep rolling in so long as she keeps the controversy going. Trump should respect what she’s doing; he’s a grandiose self-marketer himself!

  13. Trump believes the White House is an extension of the reality show he had. At least Omarosa can distinguish a ‘real’ reality show from the one in Trump’s head.

  14. She is selling her soul to the Devil. Happens all the time. Leading questions and she plays the heroine.

    1. Paul:
      I like all the dramatic whispering and ready tears. Oh, woe is me! We’re all going to die. I need you to tell me things will be okay.

      You know, we use to be a much stronger people. Give me a “savage” ancient Roman, Mongol or Zulu over this blubbering gang of quaking church mice.

      1. mespo – the longer she stays on the show, the more she gets paid. The more she dishes on the Pres, the longer she will stay. Personally, she is the first one I would vote off the island. 😉

  15. She’s a clown that was never qualified for her position in the first place. Unfortunately, the same can be said about several others in the Administration (Hope Hicks) and Cabinet. Trump also gives nepotism a bad name.

    1. Neither was trump qualified for his position yet he is admired by his cult followers. Think trump, think unqualified.

      1. Neither was the community organizer. But he sure looked and talked good, didn’t he?

        1. FFS – baby Jesus Obama only talked more better when he was using the teleprompter. Remember when he used it in a 3rd-grade classroom?

          1. President Barack HUSSEIN Obama was the greatest President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces since Harry Truman. Moreover, prior to his marriage, he unquestionably had “access” to the white women.

            This is to “and three makes it a quorum at the klavern hall” Paulie and foxie

            1. Marky Marky Mark – you are not yet old enough to decide who the greatest President since Truman was. I am. And it is not baby Jesus Obama, regardless of how many white women he had. BTW, Truman wasn’t either a great President or a great C-in-C.

    1. That would be a great show: “White House Baby Daddy” could keep everyone guessing for nine months. Is it Mike Pense? Rob Porter? The Donald? Little Jared? OMG, the disgusting possibilities!

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