Chicagoans Need Not Apply: Brewers Move To Block Cubs Fans In Early Ticket Sales

100px-Chicago_Cubs_Logo_svg349px-Milwaukee_Brewers_Logo.svgThere could be a ticket war starting after the Milwaukee Brewers moved to reduce the number of Cubs fans at Miller Park. In recent years, the park has sounded like Wrigley with large numbers of people driving the two hours to Milwaukee.  Not only do Cubs fans want to cheer for their team but the tickets are generally cheaper.  However, that could be a thing of the past after the team opened early tickets to Wisconsin residents only.  Of course, entrepreneurial Brewers fans could easily circumvent the plans and resell the tickets to Cubbie fans.  The question is whether this will spark a ticket war.   As the person responsible for the Cubs winning the World Series, I protest.

Last week, the Brewers announced a special presale for 2018 games against the Cubs that’s limited to Wisconsin residents only.

It’s not that we dislike Cubs fans, per se. We just really prefer Brewers fans.

This special presale begins tomorrow. Details: 

Really, it is not as if you dislike Cubs fans?  You just don’t want to watch a game with them.
It may be my UChicago bias, but I say let the hidden hand of the market handle the question of who values games more in Milwaukee. If you have to employ cartel-like rules, you have a serious problem with your fan base.  What if every team starts to limit sales in this fashion? Would that be good for the game?  Many baseball fans travel throughout the year to be able to watch games in every stadium.  Moreover, the team is basically just forcing a transfer of wealth since these tickets often end up being resold and the rule does not appear to have geographic limitations on resales.
My only advice is not to mess with Cubs fans. We spent years under a curse and it did not break us.  The Brewers have been tasting too much of their signature beverage if they think market barriers will be enough to stop the blue wave at Miller Park.

10 thoughts on “Chicagoans Need Not Apply: Brewers Move To Block Cubs Fans In Early Ticket Sales”

  1. And the Mob fixed the Super Bowl. Did anyone notice the point-shaving by the award-winning kicker early in the game? Where’s Jessica Savitch when you need her? Oh yeah. She died by drowning in a “car wreck” in a canal only months after reporting that former San Diego Chargers owner, Gene Klein, met with mobsters in Acapulco.

  2. The Cubs allow ticket brokers dibs at buying tix making it almost impossible to get a Cub ticket w/o paying the vig to brokers. But, what the Brewers are doing is horsesh!t and it won’t work. I see the Cubs flushed $100 million down the toilet on Yu Darvish. The Brewers quietly have built the best outfield in the majors w/ Cain, Yelich and that lying juicer, Braun. But baseball is about pitching. I don’t think the Brewers have the arms.

  3. If the brewers do not sellout every game, then they are going to have even more empty seats.

  4. Seems like it violates some interstate trade law. Blacks can only buy tickets here after 10:30.

  5. Go Cubbies. Let the Brewers into Wrigley Field en mass. Go the Milwaukee and watch Cub games there.
    We need to have a TV station re-play all the Cub World Series games. A Cub is a baby bear. Real bears will bear witness. Bear with me if I ever criticize the Cubs for any reason.

  6. I declare myself the winner. Since I don’t watch games that are 90% statistics, 9% slow with a dash of dull for good measure.

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