Wisconsin Candidate For Congress Arrested For Allegedly Attempting To Sell Stolen Ring

5a835210b0045.imageJuliet Germanotta is running for Congress in Wisconsin on the Democratic ticket and a pledge to advance a“fiscally responsible” approach to government.  That promise seemed less than compelling after she was arrested for trying to sell a $4,800 ring allegedly stolen from Mikaelians Jewelry in New York.  Her Facebook page says that she is an ordained minister fighting for equal rights as a transgender woman.

Police alleged that she ordered the ring and then claimed that she did not like. However, she allegedly sent back a knockoff ring while trying to sell the original.  A prospective buyer had the ring appraised and the appraiser learned that it was stolen.

She is now facing a grand larceny charge.

What is bizarre though is that she may have thought that she could get away with such a crime despite using her real name and having a public campaign running on the Internet.

She is now facing extradition to New York.


23 thoughts on “Wisconsin Candidate For Congress Arrested For Allegedly Attempting To Sell Stolen Ring”

  1. It’s terribly unseemly for a prospective member of Congress to steal from a retail shop. That’s so proletarian. The way it’s done is that you set up a “campaign services” company that gets the lion’s share of the money you raise for campaigning. This company is owned by an offshore holding company, which is owned by another holding company, incorporated in Delaware without listing any officers by name, which is owned by you.

    Other acceptable forms of graft include exaggerated “speaker’s fees” from large companies which you’re totally not greasing the regulatory skids for, or awarding large contracts for things like welfare drug testing to companies in which you hold a financial interest.

  2. Perfect illustration of the wandering situational ethics and morality of the Democrats these days. Reminds me of the classic Star Trek with Frank Gorshin. Loci stole the shuttlecraft, and his defense was, “my need gave me the right!” Isn’t that the heart of the Democratic philosophy these days? Isn’t that all we hear? “My needs as a _______________ (insert bizarre identity adjective of the week)….

    I would have put the link here, but since it was a frank discussion of race, YouTube has it sensored. Yes, a 60s Star Trek episode. I guess it didn’t reflect YouTube’s values enough.

    1. “Well I am a crook. I’ve stolen everything I’ve got.”
      — Juliet Milhous Germanotta

  3. I am not sure what this “transgender” word means. Does she have a weenie? Did she have one and cut it off?

      1. Just yesterday my wife and I were trying to remember the name of this song, as we drove by a vomitropolis of McDonalds-KFC-Burger-King and Taco-bells.

  4. Now let’s be fair. It’s Reverend Juliet Germanotta, DD. Apparently the collection baskets have been a tad lean lately.

    1. I’ll have to remind myself to avoid confessing my sins of greed and my offshore bank account to her.

  5. Fortunately, the authorities arrested her before she joined Congress and could evade the law.

    Fool. The fact that she couldn’t wait until after the election before she began her thievery proves that she was unfit to be a true politician.

  6. It’s defense is that TV’s are not capable of stealing….you know, like there’s no such thang as a black RAYcis.

  7. “Wisconsin Candidate From Congress Arrested For Allegedly Attempting To Sale Stolen Ring”

    What a well written title — kudos.

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