Warren: I Am Part Native American

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.48.08 AMSen. Elizabeth Warren made a surprising appearance at the National Congress of American Indians this week and made an even more surprising statement that she is indeed part Native American.  I have been critical of the use of this label (and name calling generally) by the President and others.  Yet, the sudden discussion of the controversy was unexpected by Warren.  The assumption for years is that Warren had backed off from this claim made during her academic career. She was counted by by two law schools as a Native American.  Indeed, we first discussed this issue when Warren was still an academic and her claim that claiming to a Native American offered no advantage to her career.  The speech comes at an interesting time for academia where more schools are allowing students to not simply choose their gender (or non-gender) but also their race.

In the videotape of the speech, Warren went after President Donald Trump for his name calling over her claim and argued that the use of “Pocahontas” was engaging in “disrespect of Native people.”

However, she then said this: “I get why some people think there’s hay to be made here. You won’t find my family members on any rolls, and I’m not enrolled in a tribe. … I respect that distinction . . . I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead. I never used it to advance my career. . . . my mother’s family was part Native American.”

The reference to her career was curious. She admitted to listing herself as a minority and the law school counted her as a minority hire.  She affirmatively added herself to that academic listing.  Frankly, the suggestion that being a minority hire is not an advantage for either Harvard or Warren is difficult to square.  Nevertheless, as I have said before, Warren had an accomplished career as an academic and remains a powerful intellect in the Senate. I do not believe that her hiring or tenure were significantly (or even marginally) influenced by the claim of minority status. She has a well earned national standing as an academic.

However, being a minority hire not only is a benefit to a faculty member and the school. Moreover, minority candidates might object that counting her as a minority impacts real minority candidates seeking positions with the school.  Native Americans have also objected to Warren claiming to be Native American.

Warren was listed as a minority faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania as well as Harvard  A review of her academic record however does not show references to this background.  This includes her record at George Washington University where she started in college.  At Rutgers where she went to law school, she affirmatively stated that she was not a minority.

Warren’s silence on the issue was taken by many as an admission that she did not have this family history. However, she is now again claiming to have Native American blood through her mother.  The easiest way to demonstrating such a claim would be any number of DNA tests and perhaps she has already confirmed her maternal roots as Native American. A prior search of her records showed that, at most, she could claim to being 1/32 Cherokee.

Schools are grappling with this issue.   Various schools like Brown University are allowing graduate school applicants to “self-identify” as persons of color. The change was made after objections from international and Asian American students that they are not treated historically underrepresented racial groups.  States like Delaware are moving in the same direction.  The Census officials have reported a sharp increase in people changing their racial or ethnic identification.

The self-identification controversy is reminiscent of the Rachel Dolezal story.  She self-identified as African-American and became a NAACP official.  The question is how schools will address diversity reporting if students and faculty are allowed to self-identify as persons of color or minorities.  As discussed in the Warren controversy, there is no real standard for faculty claiming minority status in most schools.  If Warren is 1/32 Native American, is that sufficient to claim to be Native American.  Likewise, there is little ability of a school to seriously question or test such a claim.

It is not clear where this leaves schools as more faculty and students self-identify and yet publish diversity statistics.  The Warren controversy is a microcosm of the growing controversy in academia.


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  1. So does 1/32 make a minority within her own body? Or, a minority, minority? Does this then make a super minority? Which in turn removes the minority in the the end?

    1. Squeeky – OH NOOES, Elizabeth Warren is going to become a porn star? That would be a niche market.

  2. This woman in my opinion is definitely a member of the very famous Wacko tribe, of which many Democrats are members.

  3. I have a prediction. In the final analysis, DNA testing will reveal much more racial and ethnic amalgamation than is presently recognized. Human history is the history of human migration. Other members of the same ethnic group who migrated eastward from Asia at the end of the last ice age and became Native Americans migrated westward into Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages and inbred with the locals. Kindly note that persons of Eastern European extraction often had dark straight hair, brown eyes, and high cheek bones. Guess where that came from? So, if Elizabeth Warren can claim Native American ethnicity so can hundreds of millions of others.

    1. Your understanding of the peopling of the world is highly deficient. The Beringians only came east to the Americas. Earlier ancestors also went west, across the north. Further south everybody in Europe was an Indo-European.

      It is possible to go study this and keep up with the latest advances. I recommend doing that so not as to appear ignorant.

      1. DNA evidence has established that Native Americans are genetically linked to the peoples in Mongolia and in the Amur region of China and Siberia, that is, the very same people who invaded Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages. I have two suggestions for you: (1) keep your facts straight and (2) knock off the gratuitous and ad hominem remarks.

        1. Yes, over 25,000 years ago, give or take. That’s a thousand and more generations; rather remote cousins I say.

          I stand by my earlier comment.

          1. More like 15,000 years ago. While that is a goodly amount of time, it is not enough time to erase genetic or cosmetic similarities. Getting back to the point, Elizabeth Warren has about as much right to be claiming Native American heritage as a dude in Warsaw. The dude in Warsaw probably looks the part more so than Elizabeth Warren.

  4. So what bills or legislation did Elizabeth Warren support for Indian Country & how many reservations did she visit? I Googled this & can’t find anything.

  5. “At Rutgers where she went to law school, she affirmatively stated that she was not a minority.”
    Were you lying then for advantage, Lieawatha, or are you lying now for advantage?

    1. If she is 1/32nd Amerindian then she is not a “minority”. She doesn’t claim more.

      Learn to read with comprehension.

      1. DBB:

        “If she is 1/32nd Amerindian then she is not a “minority”. She doesn’t claim more.

        Learn to read with comprehension.”


        I took you sage advice and look what I found in paragraph 6, Line 1 of the article:
        “Warren was listed as a minority faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania.”
        Maybe they did it against her will or it’s a typo or perhaps “minority” means “majority” in Philadelphia? Btw, how’s the Thorazine working?

        1. Maybe women are considered to be a minority there?

          Do your research more thoroughly. So far you have a failing grade.

                  1. I am sorry. But, I think DBB is somewhere on the autism spectrum, and he would have worried himself silly over the incompleteness of it. Think, tweaking+OCD+head rocking+mumbling for like days and maybe weeks! That is too cruel, even for him,

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

  6. It is a part of her heritage of which she is proud. Considering how our indigenous people are treated, and judging by some of the comments here, she is brave for doing so.

    1. She needs to get a DNA test. Which, I suspect she has already anonymously had, and it came up negative for Injun blood. Because if it came up positive, she would have released it, Until she frees the DNA test, I call bullsh*t!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. You are again just Making Stuff Up.

        I know because my mother told me about her ancestors that I am a small fraction Amerindian. No testing required.


        1. C’mon David, use your pointy little head for once. The b*tch is worth millions, and DNA test cost less than $100. Do you really think that she didn’t pay for a test on the sly when the whole Cherokee maiden thing first came up??? Do you think she was that stupid??? Sooo stupid that she wouldn’t resort to a less-than-$100-solution to this blight on her record??? Sooo stupid that it never even occurred to her???Heck, she could have had a family member take the test in secret.

          No, she has had a test, and the results are either not supportive of her claims, or the test is supportive and she is holding it back for release at a more strategic time. Frankly, I would be surprised if the average American with roots here back to the 1700s/1800s (like me) didn’t have a little Injun blood in them, just not nearly enough to qualify as a Native-American as she claimed.

          Release the DNA test!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          PS: Speaking of Cherokee Maiden!

            1. Good song! Wiki has the history of it!


              Which I recognize the Marvin Rainwater because he does Half Breed on one of the records I stole from my dad. Anyway, I see your Paul Revere, and raise you a Johnny Horton!


              Which there are other good versions out there, like the BR549 take on it, For history, the song was written in part by Chief William Redbird, and the lyrics are actual Cherokee words. I did a short paper on it in high school, but I can not find the stuff on web that I used. I will keep looking. I like to look up song histories because sometimes there is a lot more to it.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

            1. I know your question was tongue in cheek, but I’ll respond anyway. No minimum blood percentage required, but you have to have paperwork proving you have an ancestor listed on the Dawes Rolls. I’m sorry to be late to this party, I enjoy any blog post harshing on Lyin’ Liz. #DeclareYourIndependence

    2. Bettykath:

      She’s lying about being a victim because it’s to her advantage to do so. That cheapens the plight of true victims and displaces them from real set aside programs. What about that is so hard to fathom? Why do you make excuses for fraud?

      1. Nobody, but you, stated anything about victumhood.

        Go get some mental health counseling.

    3. Bettykath:

      Actually, her ancestor, Jonathan Crawford, rounded up Cherokee to put them into holding pens to begin the Trail of Tears. Later, he fought in the Seminole Wars, I think it was.

      Genealogists have shows that the father of her ancestor. O.C. Sarah Smith, who was claimed to be full Cherokee was actually the child of two Swedish immigrants.

      Research showed how stories of a Native American heritage suddenly popped up in only one branch, where only one son claimed such lineage.

      I do believe that she heard these family stories. It has also been proven without a doubt that she plagiarized, verbatim, a published recipe from a French Chef in a cookbook Pow Wow Chow, so there must have been some cognizant at some point that the stories were false. Otherwise, why would she lie and pretend that a cold crab salad created by a French Chef was traditional Native American food?

      She has been presented with proof that her story is false.

      This is actual cultural appropriation and stolen valor.

      To have an ancestor participate in the Trail of Tears, and then turn around and claim that she was a Native American herself is just beyond the pale.

      1. Karen S – I don’t know how many of you noticed she made this announcement in the state with the largest number of Indians in the United States?

      1. Yet it exists. That precedent has been used for ill for decades, yet now there are those arguing that people aren’t black enough (Obama) or Native-American enough (Warren) to reference their heritage. Trump is on the record in a deposition regarding Casino’s that his competitors weren’t really Indians and that he “Knows them when he see’s them.”
        Warren’s claim to Indian heritage sounds similar to mine although I only have family stories to say so.
        I only point out what has been historically true in America.

        1. The “not black enough” argument is a clumsy way that some objected to Obama claiming he faced discrimination and hardship, just like people growing up in the gang infested inner city of Chicago, when the reality was he grew up rich in Hawaii, with his banking grandmother. Well, after a detour to Indonesia where he ate dog. (I know that’s just the cultural norm in places where dogs are not loved, but it’s difficult for me.)

          I don’t think anyone cared about this skin tone, who is not from the AN or KKK. It was that he kept changing his history depending on what would be the most politically expedient. And political expediency is a problem on both sides of the aisle. His mother was white, and yet he supported the blatantly racist Rev Wright and Louis Farrakhan. He had a cush life on Hawaii, but claimed to be part of the struggle.

          As you know, the struggle is real. People shouldn’t lie or mislead others about it. Perhaps that is why he did nothing to help the bombed out wreck called Chicago’s inner city or Detroit, and why he made jobs harder to find.

          1. If you don’t think anyone cared about his skin tone. You weren’t paying attention. He was either too black aka Kenyan or not black enough in many right-wing circles. Some on the left had issues as well.

            1. The Kenyan argument was whether he was a natural born citizen or not, not a race argument in mainstream circles. He was promoted at one point as being a Kenyan foreign exchange student.

              When I looked into the issue, I believe that anyone with a single American parent is born a citizen, regardless of the intervening step of getting his passport. That is why the kids of ambassadors and military personnel are native citizens regardless of whether they were born overseas on base. This has never been exhaustively litigated, however, and I’m no legal professional.

              1. You know the vast majority of the people making the Kenyan argument didn’t actually believe it. Still making it long after it was proven untrue. That argument was all about race!

                1. “You know the vast majority of the people making the Kenyan argument didn’t actually believe it.”

                  How would you know what anyone believed?

                  For what it’s worth, I think Obama was born in Hawaii. I also think he took advantage of the foreign exchange student story when it suited him. Any why is it that when a father abandons the family (or is found to have a polygamous marriage) that the child writes a book about the dreams of the father rather than of the mother who raised him?

              2. Let me also add my experience in criticizing Obama’s policy over 8 years:

                ME: I hate Obamacare. It was passed on a lie, took my insurance policy away from me that covered everything, was accepted everywhere, and was affordable, and replaced it with an unaffordable plan that didn’t cover what I needed and was accepted nowhere.

                LIBERALS: You are so racist. And if you in particular deny you are racist, then you are white privileged and using a Republican racist argument.

                ME: Obama’s policies are detrimental to small business owners, and tax-and-spend is unaffordable at the state and federal level.

                LIBERALS: You are so racist. And if you in particular deny you are racist, then you are white privileged and using a Republican racist argument.

                ME: Obama should not have given Iran all that money and relaxed sanctions when they openly declare death to the US and Israel.

                LIBERALS: You are so racist. And if you in particular deny you are racist, then you are white privileged and using a Republican racist argument.

                You are not the first one to declare they know what people believe or think. The race card was trotted out tiresomely in place of simply disagreeing with someone’s criticism and stating why. Now calling someone a racist is meaningless because it was so overused.

                If you thought the Kenyan argument was all about race, then why was the crux of the argument whether he was a natural born citizen, and therefore eligible to be President? Do you believe that all criticism of Obama is racist? Because that was my consistent experience. Just about every time I complained about the damage caused by Obama’s policies, I was called racist or that I didn’t care about the poor. People are getting brainwashed and unable to use logic or reason today.

    1. Well, I have heard from people in my family that there was a half Negro, half Apache Indian, half Mexican, half French Creolish person ( a woman) in our family woodpile somewhere in the early 1800s, sooo guess what Enigma? I am part African American! Maybe that is why I like grits, and turnip greens, and watermelon, and fried chicken! Oh, where is my reparations check??? Momma needs some new shoes!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Soul Sister

            1. Well, the black girl part of me wants some Jordans and some red velvet cake hair with purple highlights! Plus, is always wanting me to shoplift stuff and have a few baby daddies. But like I tell her, Jordans will just get you knocked in the head! And only idiots wear red velvet cake hair! And, I don’t need a housing voucher and food stamps. Darn good thing I keep her in line!

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl reporter

              1. Squeeky,

                You have a rapier wit, and your talent at Limericks is unmatched.

                You are not looking to change, and unsolicited advice is usually as unwelcome as termites, but what I find lacking in your insight is kindness. It may be meant out of tough love or frustration, but without kindness or compassion, the discussion does not become one of change or enlightenment, but rather two people insulting each other, one gleefully and joyfully so. You do have such joie de vivre in your cutting observations.

                There are indeed self-destructive behaviors at work eroding our society. It is true that the African-American nuclear family was strong and intact mere decades ago until Progressive Reform left it, and children’s futures, in ash. But inter-generational obstacles do not dissolve when someone insults those in the thick of it. “Humiliation is a poor teacher.” There is keen observation, and empowerment to get out of your own way. Protect kids and their future.

                If I understood his interview from my safe spot outside of his life, Tupac Shakur said he was not glorifying the thug life. He said that anyone who thought it was glamorous had no idea what they were talking about. He spoke from a place where he remembered having no future, no hope, no reason not to fight and break the law. He was speaking to those people out there that he understood their struggle, and there is hope.

                When you use the N word, the door slams down on any openness to dialogue. When you blow off millions of people, the effect isn’t the catharsis that they have the power to change their lives and not live like that anymore. The comments are blown off as racist.

                So, my question is, do you want to affect change, or do you want to complain about the state of affairs?

                1. Thank you for saying nice things! And you are right, that I am not a kind person in so many ways, which is why I don’t want any romantic interests in my life. I am just much happier alone. I do love my cats and all my outdoor critters, but when it comes to people, outside of family and friends, I would much rather read a book, work, listen to music, or play guitar. I would do very well on house arrest, or on a deserted isle.

                  As far as the “N” word, I seldom use it online, just as a matter of politeness. I am rough on blacks, as a group, because I do not see any realistic chance of positive change in the foreseeable future. It is only going to get worse. For example, the illegitimate birth rate has now increased to 77%. Which only leaves complaining.

                  There are a lot of good sensible Black conservatives who make their points in positive and polite ways. Like Larry Elder, who is routinely castigated. Impolite sensible Blacks like Tommy Sotomayor get death threats and are constantly castigated. If they get nowhere, what I am going to accomplish??? Nothing. Sooo, I might as well bug the beejesus out of the white folks who help enable the behavior, or make political hay out of it. Plus I have found that once one white person starts saying the unsayable things, there are other white people who have a little more courage to say those same obvious things. So, maybe that is the only good thing I will ever accomplish. Which is honestly, not much.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

      1. Creole, now that’s a term that you cannot explain to people from the North, as it means two completely different things (or as many as 4 if you include cuisine) in the same state. They even referred to Creole horses long ago.

    2. Enigma – please let me explain this to you.

      It is like if the son of a slave trader lied and claimed that he was African American.

      Her ancestor actually rounded up Native Americans and killed them in the Indian Wars.

      1. Maybe you missed this part of American History but almost all black people in this country for more than a few generations have a family tree that includes white slave-owners, rapists, and murderers. What is your point?

        1. Enigma – that is not my point.

          The point was if the son of a slave trader lied and claimed he was an African American. Note the lied part, because that was critical.

          Her ancestor was not Native American, at all.

          The point was not that someone who herded up Cherokee and put them on the Trail of Tears to die, as well as fought in the Seminole wars, had descendants who had Native blood. The point is that the family lied about this. The lie went so far that they claimed that a French Chef’s cold crag salad, published in the NYT, was an old Indian family recipe.

          How would you feel if slavers lied about African American heritage, who had none at all besides that of 30,000 years ago, in order to benefit from Affirmative Action? That would be a rather bold benefit snatch.

          1. You start with the premise that she has no Native American ancestors. You seem to be speaking of one, in particular, what of the others? I no doubt have ancestors who were slavers, that doesn’t eradicate the African ones.

            1. I speak of the particular person that was referenced as the Native American ancestor.

              If there was someone completely unknown to her or the family, that could only be determined by a DNA test, which would not gain entry to any Tribal rolls.

              1. And it wasn’t a premise, but a conclusion, based on the work of genealogists and Cherokee historians.

  7. The cherokee tribal elders said no she was not. Apparently there may have been a DNA but not released or she refused to take one. So she’s just riding the alphabet gender benders wave but her ability to do a clinton and just ignore the people she has wronged says all you need to know about Comrade Pokeahauntus.

  8. Warren maybe many things, but not of any Indian ethnicity. Nonetheless, she continues to regurgitate this falsehood for fear of being found out for who she really is. Namely, a progressive, strategist with limitless audacity designed to snooker her constituents. In short, for Warren it’s all about $$$$$, publicity & political, power!

  9. I tried a felony assault case in SW Missouri. My client had an Indian name and so did the alleged victim. So I started out the voir dire with stating: I am part Osage. My client here is Cherokee. The so called victim of the so called assault is a Crete. Now. Do any of you folks have Indian heritage? Lets see a show of hands. Oh. Almost all of you. Ok…\
    It went from there. My guy’s case was dismissed after the jury was picked, The judge told the other side that there was no way Jose.

  10. Hold the b#!$ch down, swab the inside of her cheek and find out from what corner of the planet this mutant emanates. Once and for all, just do it. Her ancestors were most likely those who were busy, swinging from tree to tree, in the jungles of Africa, rather than those who were running around, naked and scalping white settlers. Just a hunch.

    1. Far enough back, ALL of our ancestors were swinging from tree to tree in the African jungles. Not only that, but as recently as 10,000 years ago, dark-skinned peoples were living in England.

      1. Well, looks like Merry Ole England has come full circle. Harry, the Royal, who is widely known for missing a chromosome or two, is marrying one of those “dark-skinned” people. Hip hip, hooray and Cheerio.

  11. She is NOT a powerful intellect in the Senate, she is famous for sound bites and not allowing her opponents to answer her attacks. That is not an intellect, it is a demagogue. However, the Democrats are running on wedge issues and identity politics and she needs to tick a box to run for President in 2020. She has now done that.

    She is not in the top tier of possible Presidential candidates for the Democrats.

    1. “You didn’t build that” is offensive to small business owners who stood to lose everything if their venture failed. They put their livelihoods on the line when they start a business, without a steady paycheck to pay the mortgage. And yes, they did build the business, and the infrastructure of the state and country. They pay taxes.

      Those who “didn’t build that” are the poor who have never paid taxes. Even then, they still pay sales tax and gas tax if they drive.

      No one howls at them that they should be ashamed of taking credit for digging themselves out of any hole, because they didn’t build that, nor should anyone.

      We business owners have helped build this country, a fact that Elizabeth Warren should acquaint herself with. However, she is too busy engaging in class warfare and hate mongering to get ahead in politics.

      I also do not consider Pocahontas a racial slur. When someone steals valor and pretends to be military, they can be mocked with being called Rambo or hero. However, I think the correct term is “Fauxcohontas”

  12. When does the charade stop. She gets teaching position at Harvard. Gets paid something like $400,000.00 to teach one course. And on top of that she out politicking because she is running against Scott Brown. That means while she’s out stumping for votes some grad student is most likely doing the actual teaching.

  13. Well, everyone born in the USA is a native American. Just the definition.

    Some of us are partly of indigenous heritage. I am 1/16th Amerindian. Not Athabaskan, Alut or Inuit.

    So what?

  14. I have no problem with Elizabeth Warren or anyone else claiming to be a minority, whether a minority or not, because there should not be any racial preferences in education or employment. If everyone in America started claiming to be a minority, then the whole bogus practice of minority preferences would be turned on its head.

  15. >>>>As I have said before, Warren had an accomplished career as an academic and remains a powerful intellect in the Senate. .<<<<

    Turley: You are losing your mind! Nothing but emotional crud comes from her demagogic mouth! Powerful intellect? Please stop the kissing the ass of the LEFTIST filth.

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