Even Without Collusion, Serious Threats Remain For Trump In The Russian Investigation

440px-Director_Robert_S._Mueller-_III-1donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedBelow is my column in USA Today looking at the array of threats still present for the Trump White House even if collusion fades as part of the Russian investigation.  There still could be evidence discovered or disclosed on collusion. However, after multiple indictments, pleas, and a year of investigation, we have not yet seen any credible criminal allegations linked to collusion.  As many on the blog know, I have long been skeptical about the real likelihood of a criminal case based on collusion or obstruction against President Donald Trump. However, even if collusion does recede as a threat, there remain significant areas of risk for the President.

Here is the column:

The special counsel’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals was most notable for what it didn’t include — any allegations of knowing cooperation or collusion with Trump campaign officials. Despite the creative spins of President Trump’s critics, it is clearly a significant admission. After a year of investigation, multiple plea agreements and multiple indictments, there is still no direct evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian operation.

The Russian investigation will continue, including the investigation of any collusion or conspiracy by Trump officials. Yet, absent new evidence, there is a growing chance that collusion theories will not pan out. For the Trump White House, however, there remain a number of live torpedoes in the water — any one of which could present a serious if not existential threat for this administration.

Robert Mueller has not incorporated the infamous Trump Tower meeting as a form of collusion. The reason could be that it is not. Donald Trump Jr. was allegedly looking for evidence of illegal contributions to the Clinton Foundation. If that is collusion, so would be the information given to former British spy Christopher Steele in creating the dossier secretly funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Likewise, a host of information acquired by campaigns from foreign sources, including non-profit organizations, would be criminal acts.

Mueller has an exceptionally broad mandate and has already shown a willingness to use it to the fullest extent possible. He is allowed to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated” with the Trump campaign as well as “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” This includes the power to investigate “any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)” — including perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and intimidation of witnesses.

Three areas could still present problems for the White House, though the threat profile and known evidence differ significantly:


Mueller continues to investigate allegations that Trump sought to obstruct the Russian investigation. This threat remains relatively low based on the available evidence.

Many of us have criticized Trump’s obsession and lack of restraint with this investigation. The irony is that there has always been a paucity of evidence against Trump, but he is entirely responsible for creating this second front in the investigation by first firing FBI Director James Comey and then actively trying to manage the scandal in meetings with top figures and damaging public statements.

I still believe that the case for obstruction is unlikely to result in a criminal charge. However, Mueller continues to look into obstruction, and Trump continues to issue ill-considered tweets about the ongoing investigation.

Financial crimes

In Michael Wolff’s best-seller Fire and Fury, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is quoted as saying, “You realize where this is going. … This is all about money laundering.” Indeed, the greatest impact of the appointment of a special counsel could be the expansion of the investigation into financial dealings. The threat of such a charge is obvious for Trump.

The danger of financial criminal charges are twofold. First, as discovered by Paul Manafort in his indictment, these crimes are easy to make and easy to prove. Second, Trump’s extensive holdings and deals maximize the risk of irregularities and violations. Mueller seemed to realize that early. He stacked his team with financial fraud experts, including Andrew Weissmann, chief of the Justice Department’s criminal fraud section.

The Trump family has extensive dealings with Russian figures, including some with dubious records or associations. Eric Trump told a reporter in 2014 that Russians funded the family’s golf courses to the tune of $100 million. Trump Jr. has been quoted as saying that his family has significant investors and backing in Russia.

Mueller has reportedly served subpoenas to Deutsche Bank for records pertaining to Trump associates and deals. Deutsche Bank is notable because it has been found to be a central player in laundering Russian money worldwide. It was also the main credit line for Trump who previously declared bankruptcies on major businesses. Trump reportedly owed the bank $300 million at the time of his taking office. New York Department of Financial Services fined the bank $425 million just after Trump inauguration.

In addition to Russian investors and the use of Deutsche Bank, there have been questions raised about specific real estate sales to Russians. For example, Trump sold his estate in Palm Beach to Russian tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev. Trump bought the 6.3-acre property in Florida for $41 million in 2004, but just four years later sold that property to a company owned by Rybolovlev for $95 million — twice what he paid in 2004.

This danger is evidence in Mueller’s all out assault on former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort. Mueller hit Manafort with a series of financial fraud charges unrelated to the campaign and recently told a federal court that Manafort also secured a mortgage by overstating the income from his consulting company by “millions of dollars.” With billions of dollars in prior Trump deals, this could be a target-rich environment for motivated investigators.

Ironically, Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner (who reportedly concurred with the disastrous Comey firing) has also been cited as a possible target for financial irregularities, including controversial foreign loans and investments.

False statement

As shown by former national security adviser Michael Flynn, any false statement to a federal investigator can be charged as a crime under 18 U.S.C. 1001. This is why Trump’s legal team is reportedly opposing any interview with the special counsel.

In addition to the areas above, there is a legal front opening for Trump that is tied not to his financial but his personal relationships.

The president is facing allegations of prior affairs with former porn star Stormy Danielsand former Playboy bunny Karen McDougal. Critics have pointed to financial arrangements that resulted in their stories being buried for years.

Daniels gave a detailed account in 2011 of an affair to In Touch magazine, but the article was spiked after a threatened lawsuit from Trump’s personal lawyer. That lawyer, Michael Cohen, arranged (through a shell company) in 2016 to pay Daniels$130,000 to stay quiet.

Cohen says the money was his own and not the campaign’s, but the public interest group Common Cause sued alleging possible campaign-finance violations.

McDougal received a $150,000 payment from a Trump friend, the owner of the National Enquirer, David Pecker. Pecker paid for exclusive ownership of her story and then buried it.

Mueller could investigate the payments as possible campaign-finance violations within his mandate. The only question is his intestinal fortitude.

The allegations are very similar to those that led to the criminal indictment of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. Third parties paid Edward’s mistress money to conceal his affair and their child. He was indicted in 2011 on six felony charges (the jury in 2012 acquitted on one and deadlocked on the remaining charges).

Trump has issued denials of any affair with either Daniels or McDougal. He could be asked to repeat those denials to investigators as a foundation for questions on the campaign-finance allegations. If he lies, he will be in the same position as President Clinton, who was impeached for lying about an affair, and those statements could also result in charges as false statements.

On the current evidence, none of these allegations presents a clear-and-present danger to the Trump presidency. However, it would be folly to view collusion as the only threat posed by the special counsel.

Jonathan Turley, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, where he teaches constitutional and tort law. Follow him on Twitter: @JonathanTurley.

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  1. I predict Mueller and his team will discover some illegal activity in Trump’s financial dealings committed sometime between his birth and his run for the Presidency; hell, perhaps even after the election. It really won’t matter. Congress will then have to decide whether to impeach or not. His record as President won’t matter either. No, Congress will weigh public sentiment (midterms) to determine what they do, not the rule of law.

    1. Uh, not so fast “counselor.” Once the day glo bozo is out of office, if he does have indictments issued against him he becomes just another fat, mouthy, ill-informed defendant.

      this is to “why doesn’t hannity tell me these things” olly

      1. I don’t know why Hannity doesn’t tell you these things. I don’t watch his show. Let me know when you get your what if’s answered by Hannity. Until then, President Trump is still in office and I’ll keep the watch on his performance. You know, oath of office, constitution, separation of powers. Or maybe you don’t.

        Your welcome.

  2. 3 legs of government. Not anymore, just Democrats and Repulicans. Lady justice does not wear a blindfold anymore. And the scales are definitely weighed in one direction or another.

        1. Squeeky, does adding “Uh”, at the beginning of a reply make the comment devestatingly smarmy? Or is that effect only in the minds of people adding “Uh”?

          1. Actually, I find the initial “uh” a way of patronizing and condescending to whoever I am replying to. A way of saying in a mere two letters, “are you frigging kidding me that you don’t know the answer to that, you absolute moron.”

            That’s how I use it!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Then the question comes back to how Trump won. 80,000 people, in three states, negated the votes of 2.8 million people. And one should note that Trump’s Voter Fraud commission quickly fell apart because the states said “F.U.”. And it wasn’t just blue states that said that. Mississippi, as a matter of fact, said “F.U.” to the commission. Therefor Trump’s voter fraud assertion became a fraud in itself! I wish Mueller could indict Trump on that. Never has a brand new President made such an audacious and unfounded claim.

              1. Uh. . . it’s this little thingy called The Electoral College. Which was set up by the Founders to keep massive numbers of illegal voters in a few states from stealing elections from the rest of the country. DUH!

                Luckily for us, Trump and his evil Russian minions were able to keep the existence of The Electoral College secret from the Democrats!

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

              2. Peter:

                Hopefully your new country has a more direct democracy where all the illegals can vote, send home their money and take your job. Let us know when and where on the Bon Voyage party!

                1. Funny you should mention the Electoral College. California, with 12% of America’s population, has more people than the 20 smallest states combined. Yet those 20 smallest states have more Electoral votes than California and New York combined. This helps explain Trump’s ‘victory’. One block of small states, with no big cities, can negate the electoral votes of our 1st and 4th biggest states.

                  One should also note that Los Angeles County, with 10.1 million people, is home to 3% of America. Los Angeles County would rank as America’s 9th biggest state. So one can clearly see that the Electoral College is an archaic institution that gives disproportionate power to less populous states. This helps explains the urban / rural divide that’s been polarizing the country. Whites in small towns have a much bigger voice than residents of the biggest cities.

                  With regards to alleged voting by undocumented immigrants, the red flags would be Hispanic voting districts with unusually large turnouts. In the aftermath of the 2016 election, no such districts were identified for particular scrutiny. The truth is that most Hispanic voting districts had average to lower than average turnout. Trump’s operatives knew that. And they knew their sham Voter Fraud Commission would go nowhere fast. But they created it anyway for the consumption of right-wing media consumers.

                  1. Uh. . . because most “Hispanic” voting Districts are “Hispanic” because of large illegal populations of “Hispanics”, many of who do not wish to commit the crime of voting in an election???

                    Plus, WTF do you have against Whites??? I am white, and I want my country to stay white! If you want to live in a black or brown or yellow country, then move your goofy a$$ to one of them! Better yet, show us just how tolerant your are, and move yourself to a black inner city, and put your kids in a predominantly black school!

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. I live in the heart of Hollywood and ‘yes’ it’s very urban; with homeless people tramping by outside. What’s more, my building happens to have a high ratio of RUSSIAN immigrants!

                      But Squeaky you have said enough. You’re White and you want this country to stay White. That’s an overriding sentiment among Trump supporters. I needn’t comment further.

                    2. @Peter Hill

                      No, you do need to comment further! You imply that it is wrong for me to want my country to stay white. You need to explain if you feel the same way about brown countries. About black countries. About yellow countries, and about Muslim countries, and Buddhist countries.

                      You need to comment if you think Mexico needs “open borders and should do something to make itself less “brown.” Because if you don’t expect the same things from other races, then you should be able to explain why you think White people should commit cultural suicide, but not other races. Why America should do something that no other major non-white country does.

                      But you can’t give a good explanation, and I bet you won’t even try. Because you are a hypocrite. You like to virtue signal from a distance. You’ll preach about adultery, for example, and then we’ll find you in a sleezy motel with some hookers, some booze, and some blow. That is my bet.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    3. That’s right, Squeaky, you had questions. ‘Should White people in the U.S. relinquish their country to non-whites from Central America’? ..That was basically the question, right..? I was embarrassed to answer because I’m part of the problem. You see I’m one of those Baby Boomers who never had any children. But it wasn’t just me. White America has had low fertility rates since the 1970’s. Since women entered the workplace, in fact!

                      40 years of low birth rates have caused the percentage of White Americans to decline in relation to non-Whites. Yet vast migrations of undocumented immigrants have kept the medium age of U.S. residents about 6 years lower than it would otherwise be. A lower medium age than Europe, Israel or Japan.

                      Most advanced democracies have seen low birth rates for decades. And again the women’s movement factors everywhere. Educated women, in highly developed countries, haven’t had enough children to replace the population. That’s the reason non-whites have been on the rise throughout the Western world. It’s the reason Muslims suddenly matter. Their medium age is considerable younger than the White, western world.

                      These demographic trends are too complex for consumers of right wing media. And don’t expect Donald Trump to understand. It’s easier to say White Americans are terribly put upon. That message resonates with angry Whites in small towns. As I noted earlier, small town Whites are favored by the Electoral College system.

                    4. @Peter Hill

                      Actually, I do understand it. I made a comment just the other day about after American’s started reading the NYTs and getting their Morality from Lesbian Manhating Harvard Professors (a straw woman, I admit!), the birth rates declined. Even for black women! Plus, being a Christian, and being fruitful and multiplying, began to be discouraged by TPTB. Sooo, provincial, you know! Add in Abortion, and Birth Control Pills, and Gender Confusion, and preaching that Sodomy is right up there on a par with the kind of sex that makes babies, and now, – – – and I think this is morbidly hilarious- – – we supposedly have to import millions of conservative religious people from overseas to do our breeding for us! People who have never read the NYTs, or paid any attention at all to Lesbian Manhating Harvard Professors. The same kind of conservative religious people the Left has involuntary bladder leakage over.

                      Nope, these conservative Catholic types, and Muslims, they just screw the old fashioned way and make babies. Which, as I have long said, both the Right Wing and the Left Wing are chugging full of idiots, and stupid ideas. But the Left Wing’s stupid ideas are the kind that tend to end civilization.

                      But the bigger question is why do we need to maintain a certain population level? America was a strong and vibrant nation when there was 250 million of us. Why bring in low skilled populations from low-energy countries, to a high energy consumption country?

                      My GUESS is, to keep Democrats in power. And to pay the National Debt. They need broke and barefoot folks to buy votes from. If you really want to have some fun, figure up the average social security payment to old folks, and then figure up how many low wage Mexicans it will take at their annual, lets say $18,000 per year to fund the system, less the welfare and Medicaid and prison and food stamp payments to the low wage people!

                      What a hoot! I am only 33, and I do not plan to reproduce, either. Not because of all this political stuff, but just because I enjoy things that do not require partners. Like reading, and playing music, One day, and Japan will probably lead the way, abortion will again be made illegal, homosexuality will be discouraged, and playing with yourself to boot! Gee! back to the 1950’s that you guys hate so much!

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    5. You can always trust the squeeKKK to self-identify to her core belief system. Luckily for her ilk, the First Amendment protects that type of filth, also.

                      this is to “down to the klavern hall we working on crosses that light faster and burn longer” squeeKKK

                  2. One block of small states, with no big cities, can negate the electoral votes of our 1st and 4th biggest states.

                    “And we would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling states.

                    There, fixed it for you.

                    Your welcome!

                    1. 75% of America lives in the 20 most populous states. Meaning only 25% lives in the 30 smallest states. That’s a good example of the urban / rural divide.

              3. Peter,

                Yes many of the Commie/Nazi run states like Commiefornia rejected Trump checking their state for voter/vote fraud.

                You may recall Trump’s statement when he shut down the fraud commission he was turning it over to DNI/DHS/IG.

                Insiders, if the truly are, say sometime soon, few weeks or month?, will be releasing the report/s showing where the voter/vote frauds were committed.

                We’ll see

                    1. Peter Hill, you’ve got pair of sea legs on you. You should stretch them more often. If you can find the time.

                1. This “voter fraud” malfeasance which you’ve so cleverly uncovered merits further action. It seem that through your dogged sleuthing, you’ve uncovered a nationwide conspiracy, hell-bent on diluting the pure blood and votes of “real Mericans” and /or those who cherish the time when “those people” weren’t so “uppity.” Please elaborate on the identities of the members of this nefarious cabal of ne’er-do-wells so that all “real Mericans” can be on guard for the (no doubt) communist assault on their cherished right to vote for buffoons.

                  this is to “Inspector Clouseau” okie

          1. Did you used to be a Birther??? Because they had a lot of silly fantasies about Obama being frog-marched out of the White House in an orange jumpsuit, too.

            If not, then my apologies. But you just seem to think like one.


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

              1. And what is that! I pose to you the same challenge I issued to Peter Hill, to wit:

                No, you do need to comment further! You imply that it is wrong for me to want my country to stay white. You need to explain if you feel the same way about brown countries. About black countries. About yellow countries, and about Muslim countries, and Buddhist countries.

                You need to comment if you think Mexico needs “open borders and should do something to make itself less “brown.” Because if you don’t expect the same things from other races, then you should be able to explain why you think White people should commit cultural suicide, but not other races. Why America should do something that no other major non-white country does.

                But you can’t give a good explanation, and I bet you won’t even try. Because you are a hypocrite. You like to virtue signal from a distance. You’ll preach about adultery, for example, and then we’ll find you in a sleezy motel with some hookers, some booze, and some blow. That is my bet.

                Because all you are doing is calling names, sticking your nose in the air, and hightailing it away as fast as you can. If I am sooo wrong about keeping America white, then you need to explain that. And it should be easy, right?

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Also, I wonder if FishWings and Peter Hill are aware that Mexico built a wall on their southern border, to keep the illegal aliens out. Must have been considered a good idea, I guess.

                  1. Of course they know it. They know it the same way an adulterizing preacher knows that he is a hypocrite. But he’s are not going to let that stand in the way of getting up there on that pulpit on Sunday Morning and raining fire and brimstone down on the sinners in the congregation.

                    No, the urge to virtue signal, and intelligence signal, and class signal is strong in the Peter Hill’s and Fishwings and others. And they have had an easy run of it in the past. Just whisper “racissst!”, and the offending white person runs off shrieking to high heaven.

                    But when you call them on it, it’s mostly crickets. Because well, we just ought to know how smart they are and take their word for it.

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                2. False equivalence. Don’t squeal when you’re identified as klan-lite wannabee when you advertise that you wannabee klan-lite.

                  this is to “let’s pivot from discussing the U.S. to talking about other random countries” squeeKKK

              2. Ooohhh Squeeky! He got you! I’m thinking FishWings must be some sort of priest, or near-Saint maybe. Peter Hill, also.

                  1. Da virtual signaler is what da right wing call virtuous people that don’tassaolt Women and have threesome with pornstars. They used to call us SwJ’s

  3. If Mueller decided to honor his oath as an attorney and Justice Department employee, the narrative would be different. This article does not state any allegation of a quid pro quo between Trump and or his Administration and the Russians. Trump has extensive holdings in Russia, he paid off a porn star with hush money-so what! Those are not evidence of collusion or any impeachable or other federal offense. However, while Hillary was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation received money from Russia for the Uranium One deal, and also received money from foreign countries that amounted to a clear conflict of interest for then Secretary of State Hillary. The Clinton’s are criminals who used their Foundation as a personal piggy bank. Furthermore, Obama, Hillary and literally dozens of active and former Obama appointees and unelected bureaucrats from FBI, Justice, etc., illegally tried to undermine a duly elected President with a coordinated campaign of felonious leaks of classified information, misinformation and disinformation campaign, including, but not limited to, the phony Steele dossier, paid for by Hillary via the DNC. Hillary should be in federal prison at this time.

    1. Egads! There should be investigations! Hearings! Evidence should be examined! Oh, uh, wait … Nevermind..

      this is to “let’s reopen this whitewater thingy, while we’re at it” froggy

  4. This is a dangerous game for the nation. Many, if not most, Americans have lost total faith in our government institutions especially our Justice System. Restoring the constitutional “rule of law” would be the best path – that’s not what’s happening here.

    Way before Trump and post-9/11 war crimes, Americans ridiculed the Justice System as having the integrity “to indict a ham sandwich”. Meaning this corrupt system could be contorted and exploited to punish anyone for anything – regardless of a crime being committed. These abuses only got worse in the 21st Century. Selectively punishing unpopular leakers, while agency heads leaked like a sieve and not prosecuted by the DOJ. Using the Espionage Act against “non-spies” to silence journalists and legal whistkeblowers.

    Not a Trump voter, but the majority of voters chose him and roughly 1/3 of the entire population still supports him. Removing Trump from office doesn’t change this fact. Trump voters, some racists but many others were Americans in high-unemployment zipcodes ignored by the two major parties.

    To add fuel to this dangerous fire, we appoint a former FBI Director to investigate a case involving another former FBI Director. None of the investigators seem overly converned about torture, warrantless spying or following the U.S. Constitution – which they took an Oath of Office to uphold.

    Maybe, just maybe, the top priority should be restoring our Justice System to a rule of law system that can’t indict a ham sandwhich.

    This is dangerous stuff that could have really bad blowback!

    1. Or maybe, just maybe, rational, ethical, evidence-based Americans recognize the gravest threat to our great experiment now resides in the white house. All the issues you reference are serious, but fall to a distant second when contrasted with the code-red situation we now confront on a daily basis put in place by the gullible rubes and dupes.

      this is to “just rearrange these deck chairs, nevermind that iceberg” ashy

  5. Has a column already been written to inform and comfort Trump supporters that no one has yet been convicted of any criminal charges, and that the chances are slim that any will be.

    Any good lawyer should be able to win over at least one juror.

    Jury. n, a panel of 12 ignorant people.

    1. billmcwilliams, as of yesterday, Mueller has obtained four guilty pleas. Rick Gates is expected to change his plea to guilty, soon. That will make five guilty pleas. The 13 Russians are unlikely to be arrested unless they leave Russia and Russia will not extradite them. That leaves Manafort pleading not guilty and going to trial with Gates and van der Zwaan testifying against Manafort. I doubt that Manafort will stick with his plea of not guilty for very much longer.

  6. Given Mr. Mueller’s interesting interpretation of the Federal Election Campaign Act, how are we to view illegal aliens and possibly the dreamers under DACA along with their “American sympathizers” when they hold campaign rallies and try to influence election results?

    1. Steve Robinson, can you show that the intelligence agencies of a foreign state pays its intelligence operatives to wage information warfare against The United States by spreading propaganda and disinformation produced by those paid, foreign, intelligence agents amongst the illegal immigrant communities of The United States?

      1. Well I don’t have to — not under the way Mueller is interpreting the Federal Election Campaign Act. If you want to bring in FARA and the VISA application process fine. But then you’ve got a problem. Illegal aliens don’t bother with the VISA process.

  7. It should be concerning that there is not a single investigator that actually supports the constutional “rule of law” or that is free from past conflicts-of-interest. All of the players involved subscribe to an “authoritarian” view NOT a rule of law view.

    Maybe the greatest damage to America is that now the FBI, DOJ and other agencies have successfully annointed themselves as “gate-keepers” at Facebook and other social media sites. They now can “police” legal First Amendment exercises and track down the speakers (or posters). Historically there has been no agency able to “police” the FBI, DOJ and other like agencies.

    So now these agencies will be actively investigating and punishing legal First Amendment exercises. Sites like Facebook now seem to be totally compliant with this non-rule of law system.

    In American history there has been no greater enemy to the First Amendment and Bill of Rights than the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice. If Mueller had integrity, he would start by indicting the Bush torture attorneys at DOJ that escaped justice and other non-rule of law violations like warrantless spying.

    This investigation is being conducted by “authoritarians”, there are no rule of law investigators involved.

  8. It has been a well know fact for more than two millennia already that the argumentum ad ignorantiam presupposes a false dichotomy that illicitly excludes the incompleteness of the disjunctive statements in the principle of non-contradiction. Either a given statement has not yet been proven true or that given statement has not yet been proven false. Or there has not yet been sufficient investigation of the prospective truth or falsity of that statement. Or the truth or falsity of the given statement is formally indeterminate (unknowable).

    It will no doubt be quickly objected that the presumption of innocence remains a necessary exception to the fallacy ad ignorantiam in cases where criminal defendants standing trial in a court of law must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and to the satisfaction of a jury of their peers. However, no one can seriously maintain that the presumption of innocence somehow entails that a given person cannot even be investigated before that person is charged with any crime until it first be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and to the satisfaction of a jury of one’s peers that said person is guilty of the crime for which he or she has not yet even been charged. But then, and only then, there is probable cause to begin an investigation?

    It should be readily admitted that the prospective guilt of Trump on any crime for which he has not yet been charged is NOT formally indeterminate and, therefore, prospectively knowable. It should also be readily admitted that the investigation into the Russian information warfare operation has not yet been sufficient in depth and length of time to determine the truth or falsity of Trump’s prospective guilt on any crime for which Trump has not yet even been charged. Whence the current absence of evidence to prove Trump’s guilt is not yet sufficient proof for the evidence of absence of Trump’s prospective guilt given sufficient investigation.

    Therefore, the constant call to end the special counsel’s investigation of Russian information warfare against The United States is tantamount to ceding to The POTUS, Trump, a presumption of innocence that precludes further investigation of Russian information warfare against The United States. What patriotic American in his or her right mind would stake out such a position?

  9. Re financial irregularities with foreign powers: Trump has a long history of sleazy deals with Russia and other foreign states. If his and his family’s actions in 2016 – 2017 were no worse than their prior dealings, I believe that there will be no indictments for that.

    1. The FBI counter-intelligence division is known, on occasion, to overlook criminal conduct for the sake of protecting from disclosure the sources and methods necessary to pursue ongoing investigations into threats facing our national security at least until such time as the cost to our national security from further concealment of a given informant’s criminal conduct outweighs the benefits to our national security from keeping the investigation going forward. Consequently, RDKAY’s inference that Trump will not be indicted for financial crimes because Trump has a long history of not having been indicted for financial crimes may very well turn out to be an invalid inference. Or not. It’s still too soon to say. Mull, Mueller, mull.

  10. 16 lawyers are working for Mueller. None are registered Republicans. 3 do not have no party affiliations. 9 made $ donations to the democrats.

    1. Mueller is a Republican who was chosen for the job by another Republican, who himself was hired by … wait for it … a Republican. Next.

      this is to “but it sounded so meaningful when hannity screamed it” bobbie

    1. That is a piss poor excuse for not letting the investigation run its course. Hillary does not become President if Trump goes down. Have you seen the evidence? What do you know that the rest of us do not know?

      1. Oliver Jagoff-The “rest of us” would include only you. How about Hillary, Strozck, Page, the Ohrs and God knows how many others are the ones who should be facing the law.

  11. To the Hague, the ICC is coming.

    International Criminal Court & Interpol; Arrest Trump, Obama, Bush, Netanyahu, Mainstream Media, Congress, et al. for Wars of Aggression, War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity in many countries.

    America needs the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial, media and other economic leadership of the U.S. Government & Israel, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in U.S / Israeli international crimes.


  12. Not good enough for the Daily Tatler, Jonathan Turley. Sorry, this story is spiked. Do more luridly next time…

  13. “Yet, absent new evidence, there is a growing chance that collusion theories will not pan out.”

    What an absolutely brilliant statement Professor Turley! Absent “new evidence,” no Russians would have been indicted. Absent “new evidence,” Alex van der Zwaan would not have been indicted. Absent “new evidence,” no one in the United States will ever be indicted for anything.

    Have you seen the evidence Professor Turley? Does your magic Eight Ball tell you about all the goodies being passed along to Mueller’s office by those who have pleaded guilty? Do you get phone calls in the middle of the night from Roger Stone telling you what is going to happen next week?

    It’s not difficult to smell the putrid odors wafting from the White House, whether or not a crime can be proven. But you haven’t the foggiest idea what “new evidence” is going to pop up tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or months from now. Nor does anyone else who posts here, including me.

  14. Professor Turley:

    President Trump obviously should not submit to an ambush interview with the super aggressive lawyers on Mueller’s team who undoubtedly want our President impeached.

    This is not an impartial investigation. Andrew Weissman, Mueller’s pitbull has a horrible history of prosecutorial misconduct. See Sidney Powell’s book: “License to Lie”.

    Most, if not all, of Mueller’s team also are Democrats who supported Hillary. This is NOT an impartial investigation.

    1. I don’t suppose it might be possible, just maybe, that there are people looking for Trump’s scalp (or what’s left of it) AND that Trump committed a crime. There is no mutual exclusivity there. Life is not fair. Trump has sewn, and so shall he reap.

      1. And that Trump wants his political opponents to be investigated for unspecified crimes lacking substantial and credible warrant for investigation beyond the mere fact of being politically opposed to Trump is what the poker players call “a tell.” And a rather scary tell, at that.

  15. Prof Turley,

    Forget Trump,

    Word is McCabe & many others of the insider traitors have been rolled & are now helping Team Trump to clean this mess up.

    Mueller, a blind man he must be he even knows he’s been completely compromised, exposed as a traitor & other crimes against the USA.

    Example: What happened to that debris from 911, 2001? Evidence in a crime much? Much more.

    It’s sadly easy for people like you in the DC area to get out of touch with the real world. I suggest you find someone outside of DC to help refind your bearings.

    Note please, Trump produced on or about 10/26/2017 the govt docs that on or about 11/21/1963 the US govt Lied to us citizens, The Phkin Owners of USA,, that there was More then one shooter & a Govt Coverup.

    That Era Is Over Turley, wake up & smell the coffee of a New Day in the USA!

    Anyway, hey as a friend, I’m just suggesting.

    If you ever get the chance take every one you can to Dallas & the Plaza!!

    1. “It’s sadly easy for people like you in the DC area to get out of touch with the real world. I suggest you find someone outside of DC to help refind your bearings. ”

      Turley, I suggest you talk to Greg Hunter, good man, to re find yourself.

      Fear not, God & his son Jesus Christ are firmly in control.


      1. LOL,


        How long have we citizens had to suffer this Hillary/DNC/FBI pissgate crap about Trump/Russia Lie?

        I don’t know if it’s you or who but someone Owes us locker room boys pictures of good looking Russian Hookers in those USSR oversized Military hats!!!! LOL

      2. Perhaps some hillbilly rubes from BFE nowhere. That’s the type of educated, erudite, informed, well-spoken ‘Merican I’d like to hear from. Or maybe we could just visit the nearest trailer park on the outskirts of some god-forsaken military base in nowheresville, Oklahoma, and get oky’s informed (but clearly unschooled) opinion about things of import in the US of A. Or not.

        this is to “I once saw a crowd of 62 people overrun a Piggly Wiggly having a black Friday sale on pig’s feet” oky1

        1. Marky Mark – trashing people who you consider beneath you is typical for your unenlightened ilk. Your contempt for fellow citizens who reside in trailer parks demonstrates why Trump won. Dem cultists are so holier-than-thou. Give me an honest redneck any day over an “educated” SJW!

          1. Excellent again. Why stop there? Let the guy who works the cash register at Buccee’s pilot your next flight. Or, better yet, perform your next “simple” medical procedure. Egalitarianism! Just because they’re educated and experienced means nothing!

            this is to “huh, we don’t need no smarmy book-learnin round here” autumn

  16. The real danger to Trump is none of those. The real danger is simply Mueller keeps this going until the mid-terms and if the Dems take over, impeachment will proceed hastily. No need for anything to ground the impeachment other than the thin spectre conjured up by almost two years of being ‘investigated’ by a ‘special’ counsel.

    1. That does appear to be the current strategy. After all, if he’s being investigated, and I didn’t vote for him, well then he MUST be guilty, says Marky, L4D, Natacha, Marco, SWM, etc.

  17. “First, as discovered by Paul Manafort in his indictment, these crimes are easy to make and easy to prove.” — JT

    Crimes are committed, not made, and they might be easy to prove, or not.

    JT loves both sides of his bread buttered.

    1. Surely Manafort and Gates knew that they were supposed to be registered as foreign agents. Flynn–maybe not. But why would anyone who knows better refrain from registering as a foreign agent? FARA pretty much entails that, so long as you register, it’s legal to be a foreign agent. However, FARA registration is not a license to launder money, nor commit tax fraud, bank fraud etc.. Oops! I just answered my own question. Didn’t I? Manafort and Gates most likely neglected to register as foreign agents for the express purpose of furthering their ongoing criminal enterprise. Once you’re registered as a foreign agent, Treasury agents start checking your books. Don’t they?

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