Urine A Lot Of Trouble: Chinese Teen Trapped in Elevator After He Pees On Buttons

YouTube / Crazy China Videos/screenshot

In Chongping, China, a CCTV camera caught a boy urinating on elevator buttons as a disgusting prank.  However, he ended up shorting out the controls and become trapped in the elevator in a case of poetic justice.


The kid had finished his prank when he went to get off on his floor only to have the door get stuck.  He tried pushing the urine soaked buttons which started to flicker and the elevator then went dark.

He was later rescued but his problems got worse when security reviewed the tape.


Despite the film, the boy denied that he urinated on the buttons and the Chinese Ministry of Security issued a warning to parents to better educate their children.

Beyond repair costs, what do you think the punishment should be for such a crime?

25 thoughts on “Urine A Lot Of Trouble: Chinese Teen Trapped in Elevator After He Pees On Buttons”

  1. This is a country where if you do jail time and you are rich, you pay other people to do it for you. So, the question is, what punishment should his paid surrogate get for the crime?

  2. What an excellent opportunity to teach cause and effect. Liquid shorts out electronics. Committing a crime on camera gets you caught.And disgusting pranks will publicly embarrass you, and your parents.

    He should be charged with vandalism and have to pay for the repairs. Instead of jail time, he should get community service.

    1. Community service? You must be kidding. This is China, not the US. Unless this kid has extremely wealthy parents, with lots and lots of money and juiced-up connections, he could very well end up in some sort of prison, for years, doing hard time. This kind of stuff isn’t tolerated in China, again, unless he is some multimillionaire’s idiot son, which, of course, means that he will escape the punishment reserved for everyone else. He could end up in some prison, required to perform hard labor, where his kidneys, or other vital organs, are sold on the black market to those in need of such lifesaving body parts and willing to pay the price. A friend of mine told me about his mother, who was in desperate need of a liver. One of his acquaintances, with whom he worked via his international business, assured him that for a price, his mother’s life could be saved if, in fact, he was willing too pay the money and fly her to China, where should could have a liver transplant without delay. Where do you think that those livers come from? They come from prisoners, locked away, in Chinese prisons, who act as a ready source to harvest such human organs.

      1. I said he “should” do community service. I wouldn’t want anyone to end up in a Chinese prison.

        1. The story takes place in China. Chinese law, rules and culture dictate what will happen to him. If he comes from a wealthy and connected family, he will skate; if not, and he is a no body, he will surely do time in prison. Hey, at least the officials know that he has viable and functioning kidneys!

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