Christians Flogged For Not Being Good Muslims In Indonesia

PelourinhoTwo Indonesians have reason to be a tad confused this week after they were publicly whipped according to strict Sharia law. The problem is that they are Christian. However, pursuant to Islamic law in Aceh province, gamblers are to be flogged.  They were found to be gambling on Sumatra island and whipped six times each by a robed and masked man.

Indonesia continues to impose medieval Islamic rules on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is not willing to allow citizens to choose or reject the values of their religion on things like gambling.  Rather, they will flog Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

There is growing pressure by Islamic groups to further push country toward even harsher Islamic rules and courts.  There is a move targeting homosexuals and cohabiting adults by these extreme elements.  Indonesia and Turkey were once viewed as a tolerant nations — relatively rare secular systems among Muslim-majority nations.  Islamic groups have changed that.

If is not enough to argue that Muslims are the majority and thus have a right to the laws of their choosing. This are not Indonesian rights but human rights.  Muslims are a small minority in the United States, but their right to faith and association is strictly protected.  Indonesia is slipping into Islamic orthodoxy — a move that will likely arrest and reverse its progress as a modern and free society.

By the way, as this photo reminds us, flogging (as well as pillories) was a common practice in this country into the 20th Century.  While not based on religious edicts, it was a barbaric practice that was eventually found to be unconstitutional.


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  1. as a Jew myself and having many friends in Indonesia, where I share the truth of Isaiah 52:13-53 chapters that their Messiah Essah (Yeshua in Hebrew/ Jesus) will be despised and lay down his life as an innocent lamb for our sins. Indonesia it like Iran are losing their Muslim young people seeing the affect of Islam,, viewing things like this will add to the haze to yesteryear and of Islam today.

    1. at present. on a youtube video Islam is saying 2 million Muslims a year are converting to Christianity a year in Indonesia…in Iran basically up to 30 years old are departing from Islam. not defending those that did inquisitions killing my people if they would not convert to a horror that claims to be the final voice of Jesus…yet He is alive and my best personal friend…sorry for past religious leaders that are dead in a place of weeping in Hell forever Matthew 24:51…Messiah the prince of peace God the mighty =sar shalom El gibor. Isaiah 9:6

  2. Obama spent his formative years in Indonesia. That’s where he fell in love with Islam.

  3. Indonesia violates the freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, press and every other conceivable natural and God-given right and freedom under the U.S. 9th Amendment, which, as God-given, are national, global and universal.

    Americans have the right to keep and bear arms sufficient to oppose the arms of a tyrannical and oppressive government – AR-15’s.

    2nd Amendment

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Too bad Indonesians don’t have AR-15’s.

    1. And if they did, who who you think they’d be used on?
      (Hint: think Syria and Yazidis.)

  4. Sharia Law is contradictory to equality and basic human rights, and is oppressive. The jizya is not religious tolerance.

  5. ” publicly whipped according to strict Sharia law. ” “There is growing pressure by Islamic groups to further push country toward even harsher Islamic rules and courts.”

    That is what happens with a theocracy or even an autocracy. It should, therefore, be a bit amazing that women with pussy hats marched behind Linda Sarsour who believes in Sharia Law and would have no problem implementing it in this country making all women second-class citizens.

    1. I have a gay friend who takes up the same line. I joke with him, “OK, you want to let them in… they hate homosexuals…. I am of Jewish descent… who are they throwing off a building first, you or me??”

      1. slohrss29, there are gays that have recognized that Liberalism (not classical liberalism) only leads to death and destruction. You are right the gay takes preference over the Jew in being thrown off the roof, but that is not a consolation prize because you would have to watch your friend go first.

        I wonder how they would react to Milo, a conservative and a partially Jewish gay who is married to a black man.

  6. Humans are perfectly fine with attacking and terrorizing other people (and animals), in different ways, in all countries. (See 1974 Milgram study).

  7. My understanding is that in Indonesia one can choose civil law or Sharia law. Choosing the latter can avoid fines and prison terms.

    But I may have it wrong.

    1. My understanding is that in Indonesia one can choose civil law or Sharia law.

      And your point being to avoid being convicted in an unjust trial, paying a fine an imprisonment, you get to choose being unjustly flogged?

      Well that is so much better. Thanks for that enlightenment.

      1. It is also against the law to gamble here in the state of Washington outside of the Indian casinos.

        1. Does the state of Washington consider it an offense to God? How many are prosecuted, convicted, fined and imprisoned for this crime? How many opt for getting flogged instead?

      1. Thank you, although the article does not directly answer the question.

    2. David, it depends upon the ability of the country to control those that will never stop pushing for Sharia Law. Indonesia is slipping. You would be considered a Dhimmi at best and your reliance on Weart might be considered a capital crime.

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