Texas Man Receives 12 Year Sentence After Conviction For Stomping On Puppy and Throwing It Against A Wall

Andrew Lacy Callaway (Collin County Sheriff’s Office)

We have often discussed the relatively low sentences handed out for animal abuse in the United States.  A major exception to that pattern occurred this week in Plano, Texas where Judge Mark Rusch sentenced Andrew Callaway to 12 years in prison for animal cruelty and a probation violation.  Callaway stomped on a boxer puppy named Diesel and threw it against a wall.  The puppy later had to be put down due to the devastating injuries caused by Callaway, who told police he was upset at the time and regretted taking it out against the dog.  Most of the sentence was for the probation violation.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported on the story and the public outrage that followed the arrest.

Diesel (Wylie Police Department)

Workers with Wylie Animal Control brought brought Diesel’s ashes to court for the sentencing.

The sentencing for killing Diesel (specifically cruelty to non-livestock animals) was two years while his probation violation added a 10 year prison sentence. The probation was for a drug offense.

24 thoughts on “Texas Man Receives 12 Year Sentence After Conviction For Stomping On Puppy and Throwing It Against A Wall”

  1. “It’s not ok to hurt an animal,” says Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

    Unless it’s a mourning dove, starling, quail, rabbit, sheep, squirrel, pheasant, grouse, duck, pig, whitetail deer, goose, partridge, mule deer, turkey, coyote, pronghorn antelope, bison, elk, bear, caribou, cow, moose, chicken, javelina, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, mountain goat, lamb, wolf, wolverine, fish, musk ox, crow, sparrow, etc.

    It’s perfectly okay to hurt any of those animals (we do it to 60 billion+ annually), but hurt a dog and you’ll get 12 years in prison.

    Please, I beg of you, research cognitive dissonance.

    1. Wendy, I agree with what you wrote 100%, but you could go two ways with that: either that animals have rights equal to humans and we shouldn’t kill the animals you listed (e.g., PETA’s view), or that animals don’t have rights and that this guy was unfairly punished. As a matter of decency, I find this guy’s actions appalling, but as a matter of law, I don’t see what’s the basis for assuming that animals have rights in the first place, unless it’s someone else’ animal. And yes, I eat meat without apology.

  2. As a Texan, and sitting on many juries here, and seeing numerous other atrocities against humans, he would have likely received much less time, if the offense were committed against a person. What a screwed up world we live in. Not to mention, much less “outcry” if this had been a human. “CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported on the story and the public outrage that followed the arrest.” Dogs are more valuable than humans, after all. Thanks PETA!

    1. Ron, animal abuse leads to human abuse. He should be getting MORE time. No one’s saying dogs are more valuable than humans; the message being sent here is that dogs’ lives have value, and abusing one can (and often does) lead to human abuse. Would you rather wait and let him stay free until he kills a human?

  3. Andrew Callaway has that dead eye look of a psychopath. There’s nothing there, a hollow man.
    I wonder if he set fires or wet the bed also – that would make him 3 of 3 for the Macdonald Triad.

    He’s definitely a dangerous man who can’t be reformed, only confined. Not sure that even with age he will become less dangerous.

  4. After his 12 year sentence his probation should be another 10 years volunteering at an animal shelter. And never be allowed to own a pet again. Everyone should go through a license program to have children and animals.

    1. Why would you want this being to ever be in the presence of helpless animals, for an extended period of time, by requiring that he volunteer at an animal shelter? You.understand, don’t you, that you are suggesting, in essence, that the animals, housed at the shelter, need to be punished and placed in danger if this person is required to assist with their care? Are you attempting to punish the criminal or the animals with your idea? The animals do not deserve to have this mental case having unfettered access to them. He is, obviously, a danger. Placing him, once again, in contact with vulnerable and defenseless animals, as some sort of punishment, for the criminal, is just plain weird. Very weird.

  5. With enough “Prison Applied Comprehensive Attitude Adjustment Therapy” he may someday attain an acceptable personality level to become a serial killer however, there is no hope for him ever rising to the sociability level of even a junk yard dog…

  6. Funny. . .everyone seems to agree that this dirt bag finally received true justice, with a lengthy prison sentence for a violent act against an animal, but on the other thread, most comment that sexual offenders–who actually rape or sexually abuse another human being–are too inconvenienced by having to simply register their whereabouts with the authorities on a regular basis in an effort to protect the community. An odd dichotomy.

    1. It’s about beings we consider to be helpless.
      It’s the Left’s way of dealing with the guilt of abortion.
      The equivalency scale is way cheated to the helpless animal involved, but not somehow the helpless human.
      Hopefully we will get it.

  7. I think that’s fair. Now, how about the girl that drown her hamster in the toilet? She needs to feel some justice, too, and needs some mental help while we’re at it.

  8. Here is a clear and obvious person who should never have a gun. Anyone with a history of animal abuse is a clear risk if allowed to have a gun.

    1. Agreed, and there are an astonishing number of young people whose parents abdicated actual parenting that are just as confused and volatile. If we don’t begin to address this fact with something other than pharmeceuticals and change course, we very well may have a ‘Lord of The Flies’ situation on our hands.

  9. GOOD! Give this IDIOT time to think about hurting an innocent animal with no way to defend itself. Better he be behind bars b/4 he takes to smashing in the heads of a human!

  10. The big question is: Where will he do time? Camp Cupcake? Or the chain-gang? Not sure if Texas still has them. I do support bringing the ashes to the sentencing, that was the right thing to do.

    I do think the initial sentence was too low. It should be about 15 years to life.

  11. I don’t know what this is, but there is something in the photo of this individual that infuriates me, and I should know what it is. I have a biased hunch, but I won’t share. Maybe others can see something that is in plain sight that I am missing. Truly a horrible person. Maybe he is the poster child for the millennial generation, no self discipline and total narcissism.

  12. Drugs. The sentence is correct. He needs to be stomped on in prison. When he gets out he needs to be blinded and then denied a seeing eye dog for life.
    An additional sentence should have been an enema with the dogs ashes included therein.
    He is the worst jerk of the year.

    1. Excellent. Please continue to engage in what-aboutisms such as this. Such tomfoolery amuses me.

      this is to “I’m even gonna get the new Pravda Faux News pay channel” mikey

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