Rachel Dolezal Special Declared “White Privilege”

DolezalTodayWe previously discussed the bizarre case of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader who claimed to be African-American yet turned out to be white.  She later insisted that she chose to be black.  Now she has a Netflix special (doesn’t everyone?).  In the final irony, the company giving Dolezal a special has been denounced as promoting “white privilege.”

Dolezal was once he head of the NAACP’s chapter in Spokane before pictures revealed that she was white. Indeed, she once sued Howard University over discriminating against her for being white — before she claimed she was black.

As we discussed with regard to the controversy over Elizabeth Warren‘s claim of being a Native American, the Dolezal case was the first national controversy over self-designations of race.

Schools are grappling with this issue.   Various schools like Brown University are allowing graduate school applicants to “self-identify” as persons of color. The change was made after objections from international and Asian American students that they are not treated as historically underrepresented racial groups.  States like Delaware are moving in the same direction.  The Census officials have reported a sharp increase in people changing their racial or ethnic identification.

People have denounced the special on Netflix in ironic terms:.  Lizz Anya objected “At the end of the day, #RachelDolezal was able to secure a Netflix special because of her white privilege.” wrote one Twitter user Thursday.

“The Rachel Divide” will premiere at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival beginning April 18 and will be available for streaming April 27.


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  1. I love this. What a treat. As a 68 year old Caucasian, I herby identify as a black person. I worked with dozens of blacks in tobacco fields of NC back in the 50’s and 60’s, so I must be black, regardless I’ll go for the claim anyway. If it is that easy perhaps we should all identify as black, announce America as all black and that’s the end of racism.

  2. Watch the David Letterman series on Netflix. They just posted the interview with Malala Yousafzai. She is the 21st century’s first living saint.

  3. I hate identify politics. The most damaging identity politics is white supremacy. So let’s get rid of that first, then deal with the rest.

      1. Suze is using a classic leftist tactic. Remember, in leftism the only supremacists are white ones – they will excuse isms among other groups as legitimate byproducts of white privilege. Thus, Suze issued forth a post that begins with something I believe we can all agree with. Then she issues an ideological qualifier. It’s a rope-a-dope tactic designed to gain the support of useful idiots.

        1. Darlin’ , white supremacy is what this country was founded on. It’s the most toxic and deepest root.

      2. I imagine that feminism appears quite dangerous to a certain type of man But, no, I certainly don’t think it’s the most dangerous thing we face. White supremacy, racism, violence, and militarism are far more dangerous. .

    1. Nope. It’s quite clear. White supremacy and racism is the worst of identity politics. It’s part of the founding of our country. Get rid of that and the rest should fall into place.

  4. I thought it was all about science, science, science, and science. What chromosome combinations give you non-binary genders? What combination for example makes someone not a he or she but a ze? If one’s DNA traces their heritage back to the Baltic region then what thread of science determines his or her (or zes) African roots?

    Sad that in 2018 we’ve reverted back to a culture that believes a woman can be trapped in a man’s body or vice versa and etc.

    1. Well, the ancestors of those Balts at one time or other, thousands of years earlier, came out of Africa. All of our ancestors did. Did you see the story where DNA evidence indicated that as recently as about 10,000 years ago, there were Britons with dark skin (and blue eyes!) ? [The transformation from dark-skinned to light-skinned in northern Europe is actually a very interesting scientific topic]

  5. If people can change their sex, I suppose they can change their race. It raises some interesting questions about how, or whether, to compensate people for past discrimination.

    1. The problem is that the concept of “race” has very fuzzy substantiation in science. It is mostly in our minds.

      1. Jay S – Africa does not mean sub-Saharan by definition. Any group coming out of Africa would be closer to the Med, to begin with. And they probably walked into Europe, Asia, etc. We know that at one point the entire population of homo sapiens was probably down to 10,000 or less, spread over the world. We also know, DNA wise, there was probably one Adam and three Eves for our merry band of brothers and sisters. However, there is a lot we still do not know and you and I will be long dead before they discover it. 🙂

  6. This is victim profiteering. Rachel Dolezal has made a habit out of claiming discrimination, changing her self-identification based on the circumstances.

    She is fair and blond, but tanned and changed her hair to pretend to be a minority, whereupon she claimed discrimination.

    African American women may use contacts, or buy good hair extensions from women being manipulated at Indian temples, but they are not pretending to be Caucasian. They are doing it because they like the style. If that’s all Rachel Dolezal had done, it would be simply fashion freedom. However, she pretended to be a minority, and then used it for career advancement. Those opportunities were designed to be given to those who may have suffered the effects of racism. A white woman pretending to be black may be engaging in an interesting experiment in walking in someone else’s shoes, but she is not downtrodden from racism.

    This would be similar to a slender woman putting on an overweight suit and then proceeding to sue one company after another for not accommodating her size.

    I do not find Rachel Dolezal interesting. She is a career climber through stolen victimhood.

    What I find more fascinating are the stories of mixed race men and women who posed as white long in the past, at great risk to themselves, in order to have a better life. One example is Anita Florence Hemmings, whom Vassar unwittingly admitted as the first black student. She really did live in a world of almost insurmountable racism.


    1. Netflix should not be financially compensating anyone for pretending to be a minority.

      She did not get this show because she is really white, and enjoys white privilege. She got this show because hers was a shameless con that is a tabloid’s dream. How much money did her ploy net the media? How many clicks did they get?

  7. Hmmm. I wonder if some male, who claims he is female, and starts wearing panties, bras, and dresses – – – I wonder if he is exercising Male Privilege???

    Frankly, if you accept self-identifying when it comes to sex, then you should have no problem accepting self-identifying when it comes to race.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Can one “self-identify” as Hispanic? What are the requirements? Does one need proof of proficiency in a Spanish-as-a-second-language test? Are there dress standards? Special shoes/boots? It looks to me as though Dolezal missed her opportunity for a “best match” at self-identification by declining to self-identify as porcine.

    1. What are the requirements, you ask? Do you like tamales? Have you ever owned a car with Coreeeeenthian leather?

      1. Jay S – I am an honorary Mexican. I do like tamales, but I like burritos, mucho better. I have owned a car with Corinthian leather. And I have been to Mexico and been stopped coming back across the border where my car was taken apart and searched.

  9. Do they still do lobotomies, I’ve never felt so many are in need of them.

  10. Race is a political creation with the purpose of dividing us. It allows one “race” to assume superiority and to denigrate those of another “race”. It allows those who consider themselves to be “elite” (wealthy whites, i.e. those of European descent) to impose more and more standards as to who may be consider one of “them”, thus ensuring that their relatively small group becomes more “elite” and smaller still. However, as more and more people look beyond skin color in choosing a mate, perhaps we will get to a point where the skin color and ancestral origination will matter less. Not in my lifetime, but maybe, some day.

    1. A political creation??? That’s idiotic. Completely stupid. How the Holy-fied Crap do you think DNA tests work??? They work because there are DNA differences.

      Now, if you want to maintain that race does not mean that any one human being is less of a human being because of their race, then I would tend to agree with you. But being a different race, often means you have a different culture. And not all cultures are equal. That is why Africa is a feces-ridden continent, and why they have to pay white people and Asian to come in and do the heavy technological and scientific work.

      As far as race being used to divide people, you should know! Remember when a black thug mugger got shot while banging someone’s head into the concrete sidewalk??? Remember how you were nearly a mental case over it??? How you were doing nano-second time lines trying to find some reason why the victim should not have popped a cap into the thug. Because the thug was black. I have never seen you do that for real white victims of blacks. Nope, you make race based excuses for them.

      And here you are above, still blaming white people when the subject group is popping out 77% of its kids out of wedlock, and while that group mostly considers education as useless, and acting white.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  11. Why is OJ doing a “lost confession” special on Fox? The answer in both cases is to be found in the audience’s thirst for self-affirmation, by viewing the foibles of others who they would not care to be. I won’t be watching Rachel, nor OJ.

  12. As a post-racial, I am fascinated by the Rachel sideshow, to the extent she challenges the notion that racial identity is immutable. She exposes intolerance and stereotyping among relics of the past who insist on strict racial identity boundaries.

  13. She most likely got a Netflix special because she acts like a freak. People for whatever reason are intrigued by such characters. Her story is actually amusing IMO. Woman pretends to be black and becomes head of the NAACP.

    1. Sounds more like a comedy skit. . .a gag bit. . .but, you know what they say–truth is stranger than fiction. It’s delicious, however, to watch as the Left devours its own. Turns, on its own. Blackballs, its own. Ironic, however, while the Left fervently supports and backs those, with mental illness pertaining to gender identification–and, yes, it IS a mental illness to believe that one is a man, trapped in a female body, or, a female, trapped in a male body–there appears to be a line drawn at mental illness when it pertains to racial identity. A line over which those mentally ill folks had better not cross, and that, of course, is the line of victim hood and its connection to and nexus with race. Obviously, that is, finally, the point at which the mentally ill, viewing themselves as another race–more specifically, belonging to the black race and housed in white bodies–had better get a grip. Funny, how the Left embraces the lopping off of weenies and the ingestion of massive amounts of toxic hormones to grow the one you ain’t got, and leads fights, along the way, regardless of the expressed, general discomfort, to get people peeing, pooping and showering, in the same contained room, but let one of those same mentally ill folks, with the delusion of being another race, want in on the shenanigans, and she is, unapologetically, condemned to remain out in the cold. No protection. No demonstrations, for her. White girl better not get it twisted. She ain’t black. She’s some honky cracker, sporting her hair in cornrows and faking a black accent. Cultural appropriation! If she thinks that she is gonna muscle in on any of the perks and benefits, granted by merely being black, she’s got another thing coming. Race–the final frontier.

  14. What sense does it make to say that she has an African American son? He obviously is of mixed race. Perhaps his mother covertly denigrates him for being partially white.

    1. It is commonly accepted that a person of “mixed race” is “entitled” to call him/herself “Black” or “African-American” – or “White,” if s/he can get away with it. Obviously, a mixed race person who is light skinned might get away with calling him/herself Caucasian; while such a person who is dark-skinned would probably consider him/herself to be Black. But there are so many gradations of skin color.

      There are no – or hardly any – “pure” Whites or Blacks in the U.S.

        1. Stay out of the sun. But you may be surprised at your ancestry if you get your DNA checked. There might be some unexpected genes lurking. It happened to my wife who thought she was of pure German stock.

          1. RDKAY – One of the DNA sites has been fudging the data especially on people who would be Aryan. You might have a 2nd site check your wife’s DNA. If you get a result that doesn’t seem right, then check with someone else. 😉

  15. This woman is certifiably CRAZY! Sick of her getting news / tv coverage. Just ignore anything she has to say. Maybe she’ll go away.

  16. Passing as white (for light-colored Blacks) is an historical fact. Obviously, there are benefits resulting from doing that due to the avoidance of societal prejudice.

    So why not passing as Black? Again, benefits accrue – due to affirmative action. And Dolezal sued because she said she was discriminated against as a Caucasian – before she switched race.

    I am not sure why Dolezal is so maligned. I know little about her, but Turley says she has an African-American son. So she also may have wanted to have them identify with one another.

    Affirmative Action and White Privilege b*o*t*h have caused these situations. People have just attempted to make the best of their lives. Isn’t that ok?

    1. RDKAY, It sounds like you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid as to what Affirmative Action ever has been or is. It has never been an advantage, but an attempt to establish some minimum level of inclusion, always less than whatever the percentage of the population might suggest, to right real exclusion that has and does occur. It would be wonderful if it had never been required. It would be wonderful if employers, contractors, colleges and universities, governments and others in power would just do the right thing on their own. Unfortunately, that never happened and was never going to.

      Iy you wan;t to equate Affirmative Action with White Privilege, you have an even lesser understanding of what White Privilege is, although I might disagree with its usage in the Turley article. I suspect he’s confused as well.

      1. To Enigma guy: Are you related to the eminent Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

      2. Who says that hiring a black person is necessarily “doing the right thing”??? Remember that article here about the ridiculously low graduation rates at HBCUs. The college HBCUs, not the Historically Black Correctional Units one.

        Plus, you have to admit that most Blacks have some pretty rotten attitudes. Do you really think that some black kid who has been raised to blame whitey for everything wrong in the black community, is going to make a wonderful employee for some white employer? That the black kid is going to bust his balls trying to do a good job? For someone he thinks is responsible for all sorts of bad things..

        Yeah, like a Nazi is going to make a great employee for a Jew.

        Sooo, if you want to do your part in changing this dynamic, then quit blaming whites and stop excusing blacks.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. I’ll start very slowly with you because you have so many preconceived notions to work around. Can we agree that refusing to hire black people based solely on their color is a bad thing? The black kid you described would likely be happy for the opportunity to be treated equally. You are actually blaming black people for resenting discrimination, unless of course, you think that fake news as well.

          1. You asked, “Can we agree that refusing to hire black people based solely on their color is a bad thing?”

            My answer again is, not necessarily. It should be. The answer should be a slam dunk “YES, it is wrong to refuse to hire a person based solely on their color.” But I can’t honestly give that question an unqualified YES answer. In 1965, I would probably have said YES. Maybe even in 1980. But this is 2018, and I have to live in this world. The world of 2018.

            I have a relatively low skilled job to be filled. The job requires being around elderly people. But, the job holds the potential of further advancement in this field, with but a small bit of subsequent education. Before me stands 2 two twenty three year olds, both born in 1995, Trevarius and Pedro. One is Black, and the other is Mexican. I have to make a decision in a REALITY where there is 70% chance that Trevarius had a ratchet single mother who gave him a hood name and has probably raised him in an environment of lawlessness, violence, cursing, and craziness. To the extent that she raised him at all, and not his grandmother, or basically expected him to raise himself since he was about 13-14. There is a pretty good chance that Trevarius was raised to believe that stealing is OK, and that stealing from White People is double plus good OK. He was probably raised to believe that White People of which I am one, (except for that Creole lady forebearer back in the 1840 or 1850s somewhere who was of somewhat Mediterranean complexion) are responsible for all the poverty and despair faced by blacks.

            There is a more than even chance that Trevarius screwed around in school, and did not graduate high school, or if he did, it was probably because he passed the age requirement, not any sort of educational achievements. There is a 50% chance that Trevarius has already been arrested,(and candidly, a 45% chance that Pedro has been arrested.) There is a 70% chance that Trevarius has never had a good relationship with his father, and might not even know for sure who he is, And that Trevarius has never been socialized by a strong male figure, who taught him how to not react like his crazy mother and fly off the handle. Most likely, Trevarius was subjected to a series of shack up boy friends his mother brought into the home, and slept with to help pay the rent, or the utility bill. Now, all this is BEFORE I have met, or even interviewed either of the young man.

            Sooo, do you see why I am already leaning against Trevarius? Now it might be that when I interview Trevarius he is a standout kid, who as Joe Biden puts it, is articulate. It might be that Trevarius had good grades, and good job references, and is very personable. But let’s be honest, Trevarius is already at a disadvantage. The second he walks in the door and speaks English like a retard, or has gang tatoos on him, it is over.

            That is the REALITY of 2018, I will assure you that there are many people simply shred the job application the second they see the name Trevarius. This is not to mention that my past experience has been that Mexicans have better attitudes in general, have a better work ethic, and are better suited and motivated to learn the necessary job skills,

            Sit back and ask yourself, how come 10 million illegal Mexicans and Central Americans were able to come to America over the last few decades, and get hired, where there has been a massive amount of Black unemployment? Ask yourself how it was that this bakery in Chicago had sooo many illegals working there as opposed to Blacks?


            Sooo, no, in all honesty, I am pretty well disposed to not hiring the Black candidate. And it is not because of the pigmentation, or hair quality, or any other racial DNA component, It is because of the culture of the majority of Black Americans, and their self-imposed trajectory toward the low side of things, the trashy side of things, and all that entails. There is a much, much better than even chance that is the group of blacks the job candidate is from.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Just imagine if the “self-imposed trajectory” were really contributed to by a multitude of outside factors, and all you did was blame them and perpetuate it.

              1. One would have to “imagine” it, because it isn’t true. When two black people hop in bed and irresponsibly make a baby out of wedlock, there isn’t any outside force working on them. In fact, the “outside” forces are trying to make them stop it.

                The only “outside” forces I recognize are

                1)the very black people around them who are doing the trashy and stupid stuff. And yes, if your momma is a whore, who had you for the check and the benefits, and some attention, then as a little black kid, that is outside of you. Black kids don’t get to pick their parents. I will give you that!

                2) Other blacks who make excuses for the crap, and the trashy behavior, and blame white people for what is is the control of blacks to change. and

                3) Cynical white people who refuse to tell the truth, and who financially enable the trashy behavior so that stupid blacks will vote for them.

                See! I recognize outside forces! Unfortunately, you are in the second group.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. You have just eliminated the entire fields of Sociology and Economics and replaced them with Squeeky 101. They have a place for you in the White House. I hear they are always hiring due to openings. Of course, if they ever discover your anonymous ramblings (and there’s a good chance they’ll never look). You’ll never get a security clearance. Then again, depending on who reviews it, you might be a shoo-in. Try the Justice Department for the best results. Take care Squeeky. I’m only allowed small doses of you at one time.

                  1. Thank you! I am glad to have eliminated the field of sociology! Although I am not quite sure what part of that discipline decided that loose women in 2018 get knocked up by various outside forces other than the dude they are having sex with, and events of 200 years ago!

                    But, if that is in there somewhere, then I am happy to have done my part in dumping it!

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

            2. @Squeeky – close your eyes and listen to that young man in the video embedded in the article. I bet you’d hire him in a heartbeat. He’s got 10x more sense than his confused mammy. Oh, the irony she’s raising the whitest black dude in America.

  17. I am a Notapotapean. Chances are, so are you. It’s a Notapotapean world. It always has been. It probably always will be. The Notapotapean peoples of planet Earth have prebiblical origins on every continent besides Antarctica and Australia. When Adam and Eve fell from grace and were evicted from paradise, their decendants referred to all of the world’s Notapotapean peoples as people from the Land of Nod, East of Eden. That biblical misnomer was, of course, a consequence of the knowledge and good and evil that Adam and Eve had acquired from eating the fruit of that eponymous tree. And so it came to pass that the true knowledge of our common origin in Notapotapoeia was gradually overwritten–but not entirely erased. Now the time has come to reclaim our lost heritage as Notapotapean peoples one and all. The lost stories of Notapotapoeia and Her peoples will have to be reinvented. I am too old to remember. The young shall lead the way. The story of Notapotapoeia shall be theirs to tell.

    1. Diane – you are a twit. And you will be better when your meds kick in.

      1. Reinvention is the way of the fiture. (See: Tom Nash on the “Report: McGahn Refused To Issue . . .” thread)

        1. Diane – being silly isn’t going to save you. It just makes it worse.

          1. Paul, I hear Squeeky has added a new piece to her antique coffee-percolator collection. But she hasn’t announced it on the blawg yet because Squeeky’s been too busy trying to explain to Enigma’s satisfaction that White supremacy is neither racist nor racism whenever Whites truly are superior to African Americans. Superior at what? Superior at proclaiming and insisting upon their own superiority. Obviously.

            But then, perhaps the very concept of silliness is lost on Schulteacher. Let’s see. If Squeeky collects enough antique coffee percolators, then, in a pinch, she’ll always have a pot to pee in, thereby proving the supposed superiority of Whites at any given piss-percolation contest. Your coffee’s ready, Paul.

            1. Diane – I have a Keurig so I am always 2 minutes away from a cup of coffee.

                1. Diane – taste is personal. I have a low-end Keurig so I suppose people with the higher end ones are superior to me and those hooked up to the water supply are superior to everyone. 😉 However, we also have a French-press my wife likes to use from time to time (too much work for me). And I have a drip percolator somewhere if the Keurig breaks.

                  What about you? Where do you rank?

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