Hillary Clinton Again Claims That She Lost Because White Women Are Controlled By Their Husbands

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziWe have previously discussed how Clinton has compiled  a long list of people responsible for her loss to Donald Trump with the notable exception of herself.  This includes her explanation (and her supporters) that it was not Clinton but self-hating, misogynistic women who could not vote for any woman for President.  Despite the criticism over her past statements and additional polls showing that she remains hugely unpopular with many voters (and would still lose to Trump), Clinton continues to blame others for her loss.  In a speech at the India Today Conclave, Clinton repeated her view that white women are under the thumb of their husbands and vote as they dictate.

Clinton told the Indian audience that white men and women were set against her:


“[Democrats] do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women. And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

She also repeated her claim that former FBI Director James Comey cost her the election by stopping her momentum and decreasing her vote.

Before the establishment all but anointed Clinton as their candidate in the primary, polls clearly showed that the voters did not want an establishment figure so the DNC worked to guarantee the nomination to the ultimate establishment figure. However, it clearly goes deeper than that.  Even against one of the most unpopular figures in history (Trump was even worse at 63 percent unfavorability), Clinton could not even maintain a majority of women with favorability ratings.  I believe that voters are willing to elect a woman and I do not believe that the last election was decided by self-hating women. There was ample reason to vote against Clinton who was not just the ultimate establishment figure but was dragging a long chain of controversies stretching back to her time as the First Lady of Arkansas.


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  1. The Dotard just fired Rex Tillerson, viaTwitter, no less, and security escorted a young man “advisor” out of the WH without even allowing him to get his coat,and you’re whining about HRC? Why not address much bigger and more relevant topics, such as the utter chaos in the White House?

    1. With Pompeo taking over State from Tillerson, we now have:1) CIA taking over State2) CIA/NSC/etc influx making 25% of 2018 Democratic candidates in competitive areas3) CIA former heads, officers influx to NBC, MSNBC4) CIA fake news journalist Ken Dilanian sheltered at NBC— Julian Assange ⌛ (@JulianAssange) March 13, 2018


      1. 5) CIA contractor Jeff Bezos ($600m in just one CIA contract) has already taken control of the Washington Post ($250m)— Julian Assange ⌛ (@JulianAssange) March 13, 2018


        We have a govt. run by the CIA. It’s fascist in that it’s a public/private roundabout ultimately controlled by the IC. If you aren’t concerned, you’re not paying attention!

        1. Oh, and the new CIA is a person who openly engaged in torture! What a great nation we have!!!!

    2. Turley doesn’t want to rock the boat.

      So interesting that after Tillerson spoke the truth about the Russian assassination attempts in Britain, Trump fired him in less than a day. He was an internationally well respected and highly successful CEO and this must have irritated Trump [who is neither] endlessly.

      And, also, the guy escorted out was Trump’s body man and it is just reported that he is under investigation by DHS for serious financial crimes. Of course, Trump immediately hired him for his campaign because he hires the best people – LOL.

      1. Julia re: “Tillerson spoke the truth about the Russian assassination attempts in Britain” what truth is that? Where is the evidence? Surely was a sloppy murder for the FSB to do.

        1. The FSB wants their murders to serve as warnings to others. So they have to be a bit sloppy.

  2. So Hillary,

    Now we know why you abuse Bill’s rape victims. You’re under his thumb and just doing what you’re told! You go white girl!

  3. Rex Tillerson is out. Yesterday, he had joined England in its criticism of Putin. Rex got his job because Putin had given him awards. Things change. But, the constant is Trump’s deference to Putin.

  4. CV, you can do your thing and I’ll do mine. You are starting to sound like a leftist autocrat ready to vote for another Obama who feels that he is the supreme one that everyone is looking towards. If you wish to act like a jerk, go ahead.

  5. The part of Hillary’s comment that is true, should not be ignored. There are Republican men who dominate their wives, including telling them how to vote, with the wives, complying. A Republican poll worker described an incident in his assigned polling place. It was a husband berating his cowering wife. The poll worker felt compelled to demand the man not accompany his wife into the voting booth. In another situation, a husband
    and wife (he a neurologist, she a professor) described a conversation at a banquet they attended. A male guest, knowing the couple was Republican, told the neurologist in the wife’s presence that the husband tells the wife how to vote. He announced it matter-of-factly which shocked and offended the wife because she independently chooses to vote Republican to avoid taxation and to have the U.S. government bankroll Israel.

    1. I have worked the polls for years, and have heard the same thing over and over again of the man telling his wife how to vote.

    2. When I was living in NC I saw a man go into the booth with his wife after he had his turn alone. I voted on my own but the only reason my ex-husband voted, as he loudly and frequently proclaimed, was to cancel my vote. Being the dummy that I am, this worked precisely once. After that my vote choices were the opposite of my actual vote so that he voted as I did. No, I never told him. He could still boast about how he negated my vote while I had my inner smile knowing that I managed to vote twice.

      1. bettykath, if I understand you correctly, you would tell your ex-husband that you were going to vote for Tweedledum so that he would vote for Tweedledee and then you, too, would vote for Tweedledee but never tell your ex-husband the truth about who you voted for. Is that it? You wily devil, you.

          1. I saw it. I also went in when my dad was feeble. I was there to make sure he didn’t fall over, but I didn’t tell him how to vote. He was physically feeble but mentally ok. I knew how he voted and we agreed on only one vote.

            1. “I saw it.”

              What did you see Bettykath? You helped your feeble handicapped father in the voting booth just like Mickey said.

            2. While I was working at the polls, a Republican poll worker at the same table, who had been a public school superintendent, told a story about how he filled out his dad’s absentee ballot because his dad was mentally gone. I was surprised that he was so brazen in his admission. After that, a few of the superintendent’s disabled former students (probably on Medicaid) came in with their helper to vote. I told the superintendent that I hoped they got help in voting to protect the subsidy they desperately needed. He thought what he did was o.k. and the help the students got was wrong- that’s the thinking of Repubs.
              Then, shockingly, another poll worker said he just claimed to be a Dem. so that he could take a Dem’s spot working at the polls. He qualified as a Dem. because he had identified himself as one in the primaries. A talk radio host had told his audience (the pretend Dem was a listener) to vote Dem. to eliminate a candidate that might threaten the Repub. candidate’s win in November. Following that odd omission, the Superintendent’s friend came in outraged from listening to an A.M. talk host spewing unsubstantiated rumors about Dem. voter fraud. The irony went right over the superintendent’s head.

              1. Linda, The lies you are talking about are most often committed to benefit the Democrats. That is why the Democrats are so afraid of laws that make sure the person voting is actually qualified to vote and is the one doing the voting.

                At my polls, I have noted no cheating and noted that both the Democratic pollsters and Republican pollsters take their jobs seriously. I guess our different views are based on who we associate with.

        1. That’s it. I used the same technique on a “boss” who always said no to my suggestions about the project I was responsible for. It was such a time waster but it was the only way I could get his approval to do what needed to be done. Once I analyzed what needed to be done I had to find a way for him to say no to something but to also think the real solution was his idea. I usually presented it in an off-hand, can’t do it this way manner and presented the fake solution as what I advocated. He was such as ass, it worked every time.

    3. Linda re voting Republican “to have the U.S. government bankroll Israel” Check out AIPAC folks dear – this is NOT a Republican thang.

      1. My reference was to one Republican’s motive, the one referenced. But, I assume Trump supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Adelson, concur.

  6. So how did those hundreds of millions of Wall Street dollars end up in your family’s bank accounts, Madame Secretary? Why would Wall Street want to give you all sooo much money?

    … and about that charity…?

    There are plenty of reasons to distrust the Clintons. Hundreds of millions of them. Hillary is corrupt. Just because Trump says it doesn’t mean it’s automatically wrong.


  7. But what the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product. So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign, Make America Great Again, was looking backwards. You don’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women getting jobs, you don’t want to see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are, whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.

    I don’t know how she lost with such a winning and inclusive message. She’s a political version of CLL. You do the chemo to make her go away but she just keeps coming back.

    1. She doesn’t need chemo. she needs heavy-duty psychiatric meds and if things keep going in this direction she will need a rubber room as well.

  8. Clinton should fade away, quietly. Trump ran and won on the platform of cleaning up the ‘swamp’ or dealing with the issues and not party policy. Trump has presented himself as a coward-wilting after one meeting with the Peter, an idiot, a liar extraordinaire, and an all around buffoon; not to mention heartless-sleeping with a porn star because his wife just had a baby. I could go on. Anyone with eyes to see and read the history could go on; however the mind of a dupe is shallow.

    Clinton is a part of that ‘swamp’ that everyone wants drained; she is a product of the ooze. The Democrats must win the Senate and then the Presidency. Congress will take longer. However, the damage done thus far to America will take a ‘new broom’ of reason and not one of the old, old, old, guard. Trump’s one weapon that he has shown will work in breaking log jams and opposing the morass of Capital Hill, are his business tactics. Unfortunately Trump is more a clever buffoon than someone with any intelligence. He is a grifter, a con man, someone who can read expressions at a poker table and then buy the pot. Trump is in way over his head and not Presidential material.

    America needs an outsider of sorts, but someone who is playing with a full deck, not Trump.

    1. “America needs . . ., someone who is playing with a full deck . . .” Right. Like the Community Organizer in Chief? Or his bumbling buffoon sidekick? Maybe Pocahontas the queen of the Comanche prairie? Kratz seem to think intellect is something they just anoint their chosen candidate with. It’s absurd.

  9. I agree with all the points outlined, and would like to add one more.

    I listened to excerpts of her speech this morning, and noted her claim that she won in the states where the economy is improving, while slamming the voters in the central part of the country. This just showed more of why a large part of the country was not willing to vote for her: They lived in the areas where the economy had been left behind by the Wall Street/Washington/Silicon Valley/Hollywood axes. These were the areas that were improving, because they are the ones that have first access to all the new money created by Washington. All the money was flowing from Washington to Wall Street, and then distributed to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, rather than being spread throughout the nation in a more equitable fashion.

    She gave validity to why most of middle America voted against her.

    1. That is damned right. Toward the end of his term, Barry had actually invited Silicon Valley into the White House proper. He spent an absurd amount of time and money entertaining the Hollywood elite. Trump may be, well, *Trump*, but we dodged a serious bullet, in my opinion. No one of sound mind is ever going to take the Clintons seriously again after two solid years of these public shenanigans.

    2. If Hillary had been willing to say what Trump said, “Neither Social Security nor Medicare will be cut”, she would have won. It remains to be seen whether Trump will be a man of his words. In his business dealings prior to the election, his word was no bond. His lies during and after the election have been documented.
      Americans know that once elected, Trump filled the swamp rather than draining it.

            1. “Allan is paid to dispense with the truth.”

              Am I Linda? I wish I knew where the check was. You can keep it. Consider it a donation to the mentally ill.

            2. Something isn’t right with him. He spouts a lot of what I like to call Allanonsense. And he lives here, which is a red flag, to be sure.

              1. That’s right anonymous. You are so bright you are blinding us and some of us will be blinded by your stupidity.

          1. What is the point you wish to make Rob that disputes the facts I presented about Koch? Snopes isn’t exactly nonpartisan. It spins so you have to be intelligent enough to recognize where the spin ends and where the truth begins.

            I’ll wait for your interpretation which likely won’t happen because like most people of your persuasion you are unable to understand what you read.

            1. Remember facts have a liberal bias. if Hannity or iNFOWARS state it, gullible like you lap it up.

              1. “Remember facts have a liberal bias. ”

                What can I say YNOT. Your own words prove you to be an idiot.

                1. Allan consistently spews Allanonsense, including insults. If only we could see a graph of all of the time that he spends here, day after day, month after month. There are at least two possibilities: 1) He’s paid — though not with JT’s blessing. 2) He has no life, or at least not what the average sane person would consider a life.

                  1. I thought Allanonsense was made up by Diane and you expropriated that from her idea box. Maybe I’m wrong but since I don’t attribute much intelligence to you I think I am correct

                    Let me assure you I have a full life. I rest by doing a number of things simultaneously while responding to you. But you are right. If you were the only thing in my life I would rather be dead.

                    1. “I thought Allanonsense was made up by Diane and you expropriated that from her… Maybe I’m wrong,” says Allan.

                      Yep, you’re wrong. Just as you’re wrong about so much of what you post to this blog.

                      “Let me assure you I have a full life, ” claims Allan.

                      Saying it doesn’t make it so.

                    2. You actually made up the name. I’m proud of you. Wow! You are pretty proud of yourself as well. You actually accomplished something.

                    3. Allanonsense said, “I thought Allanonsense was made up by Diane.”

                      I can explain that. You see, first I congratulated anonymous for her most excellent pun. Second, I filched it from her because it was such an excellent pun. If only you’d pay more attention to anonymous and less attention to L4D, then . . . No. Wait. That’s a horrible thing to do to someone I respect and admire. And for selfish reasons, no less. Shame on me.

                      P. S. If only you could shed you aversion to punning, Allanonsense, you, too, could plagiarize anonymous by appending the word nonsense to the name . . . OMG. What am I saying?

                    4. “Second, I filched it from her”

                      Diane, the pun wasn’t very good, but for anonymous it was a teeny tiny step forward from the nothingness generally seen. Your use of it didn’t improve your overall quality.

                    5. “Allanonsense, thanks for not referring to me as Dianonsense.”

                      Honestly, Diane, it seemed too dumb to do so. A tiny step forward for anonymous can be a giant step backward for most people.

    3. Now T rump is making da people in areas that voted for her richer and richer while da wages in da places that did not vote for her are stagnant or rising slightly. Da Silicob Valley folks are getting richer by da second.

  10. Boy oh boy, JT is on a roll of deflecting on anything Trump. Today so far ya got two stories, both on Obama and HRC. With all the legal problems with Trump my guess is JT is feeding BS all he can to his base and Trump’s.

    1. In measuring faculty objectivity at George Washington University… how low is the threshold?
      I was stunned by a post about Warren’s DNA when I recall no post about Trump’s refusal to release tax returns- which actually have value in American governance issues.

      1. Linda, Warren claimed she was part Indian and that places her in a class that might provide some type of affirmative action. In essence that is being compensated for a lie should she not be part Indian. Can you show the same for Trump?

        1. Allen, I wish the republicans would show the same respect for Warren as they showed for Trump for tax evasion pu**y grabbing, russian controlled, culpable idiot, Flynnghazi, willfully ignorant fascists, kakistocracy, alternate universe, moronic virtually certifiable incompetent vulgarian pathological liar. Not to mention white supremacist, But don’t worry, you can always wear your red hat with pride.

          1. Not sure what you are trying to say FishWings, but that is generally the case. The Republicans have not backed up their President and certainly, the Democrats haven’t either. What we have is a relatively independent President who wields power based upon the public’s dissatisfaction of both parties.

            Elizabeth Warren might have started off trying to protect the American people at least where TARP was concerned, but as a politician, she practiced politics as usual (disgusting) especially for the Democrats. The Republicans are not as unified and represent more than one ideology. Call the Democrats leftists and the Republicans whatever is left.

            You focus on human behavior characteristic of most humans to a greater or lesser degree. Trump might have cheated on his wife, had some foul locker room talk, and engaged in puffery when involved in business. He is eccentric but is basically an honest and decent man who is shrewd and is demonstrating an ability to lead.

            If you find any flaws in what I say go ahead and make your argument. Just don’t be silly.

              1. You are a partisan hack, FishWings. You can’t see through the political fluff. Prove your points. You can’t and that proves you to be a partisan hack.

                1. Making deals with the Russians is NOT political fluff. When it’s all said and done please go out in public with your red hat on so people can see the village idiot.

                  1. It’s hard to pick the stupidest one on the list FishWings, but you are among the top. Take your brain and concentrate. What deals did Trump make with the Russian government?

                    I expect a nonanswer because you seem to have an affinity for stupid comments.

  11. Thanks for that great insight Ken. Nice to know the scope of events you can assemble in your brain. You soak up your MSM arguments and regurgitate them well.

  12. Is it possible for this foul mouthed fraud to just disapear -say, rite there in jail ?

  13. Clinton lost because she stopped talking about the issues; Americans prefer the circus, and started mimicking Trump’s routine. Now Clinton is approaching the same level of blaming as Trump. She is still nowhere near the level of Trump when it comes to lies, exaggerations, and other non thought out statements; but she is getting close.

    1. “Clinton lost because she stopped talking about the issues; ”

      I used to think that, but in light of all the evidence, she clearly thought the fix was in. With the entirety of government behind her, she knew there was no way she could lose. Until she did.

      1. slohrss – spot on. She had so much contempt for ordinary folks she didn’t even bother pretending to campaign. It was HER turn – until, thankfully it wasn’t. Demeaned Bernie supporters and then got mad when they wouldn’t vote for her. Karma is a b!tch.

  14. Hillary is still flogging her book. She and Huma are in India for book signings. She just about did a header down some stone steps yesterday, there is a nice pic of her bodyguards catching her. Huma is about 5 steps up and watching.

    I am not sure why anyone in India would buy her book to find out how she outspent her opponent 2-1 and still lost. 😉

    1. I thought that most individuals in India didn’t eat cow. Poor Hummas. She must be the only one, in India, forced to a eat cow, on a regular basis, in order to keep her job with Hickory. 🙁

      1. bam bam – my understanding is that Huma is not forced, it is purely voluntary.

    2. Paul, maybe she’s doing some ground research to see if the Clinton Foundation can make some $$ off the poor in India.

  15. Clinton lost cause she ran a poor campaign.Comey and da Russians. She also lost cause da women do not know T rump had a porno king life cause Stormy was paid off. She ain’t da only one. No everybody knows. We will see what they do now. Most women ain’t into porno affairs like Stormy and T rump has. Matter of fact they don’t like men dat cheat with strippers.

    1. Wow! You sure packed a lot of misinformation into 1 paragraph. To begin with she won the popular vote decisively, nearly by 3 million votes. Horrible luck in the electoral college wiped that out. Nobody said she ran a poor campaign until after the election. And just about everyone knew Trump was a sleazebag even if they didn’t know the fine details. The Russians are also an X factor in her loss.

      BTW–if it weren’t for her husband she wouldn’t have been in an election she lost. We never would’ve heard of her.

      1. People in states that she was not visiting knew da campaign not to with Bill Clinton said as much. Stormy is about to tell the world what a nasty stinky kinky horny porny wife cheatin man slut T rump is. Plus da creep paid for da things.

      2. “Nobody said she ran a poor campaign until after the election. ”

        Really? Sounds like you’ve been listening to the usual very good news media MSM. Lots of laughing here about that crap-poor campaign effort. See above. It’s clear she thought the fix was in so there was no reason to bother with all that traveling and reaching out to deplorables and stuff.

        1. slohrss29 – Nate Silver gave Trump a 2% chance of winning and then started eating crow Election night. He was fun to watch chock on his predictions. They over-polled Democrats and they polled in the wrong places. Right now the Democratic Party is broke and does not have the money to back its candidates for the midterms. The Democrats are losing 5 of 6 must win Senate seats at this point.

          1. On election day Nate Silver said Trump couldn’t win the popular vote but had a 35% chance of winning the electoral vote. Most people–myself included–thought he was nuts.

          2. Paul C. Schulte…
            – Larry Sabato had an incredibly accurate record of forecasting the results of Presidential and Congressional elections.
            The day before the 2016 election, he predicted 322 Electoral College votes for Hillary v. 216 for Trump.
            I thought that Hillary would win by about 50 E.C. votes ( giving her c.320) going into the election, based on the state by state back-of-the-envelop estimates that I made.
            I saw Sabato in a recent interview and he was good-natured about the ribbing that he took.
            I think that Nate Silver, while predicting a Hillary win, left the door to a Trump upset victory wider open than Sabato.
            At least as the election neared, Silver seemed to view a Trump upset win as a real possibility.

            1. Tom Nash – someone had an election meter that was going up for Trump and down for Hillary as the night was going on. Hurray for YouTube. 🙂

        2. I think she ran a good campaign, top notch, what a billion dollars can buy.
          Said all the right things most of the time, had a good staid presentation, rational reasonable, and politically qualified.
          That, as well as the full backing of the media, all of Hollywood and music industry.
          The president, as well as numerous spy agencies working feverishly in the background.
          She was up against a person who was never in politics, bellicose and seemingly unhinged, and full of newbies running a haphazard campaign.
          That is why there was no way she could have lost.

          But she did, not because of a bad campaign, but because of a bad candidate.

          So go the liberals’ fears of the Citizen’s United decision.
          The fear was that if a candidate had enough money, s/he would always win against and underdog candidate.
          There have been many examples of the popular vote going to the underfunded candidate, simply because they didn’t like the better funded one.
          This is the most perfect example of it.

        3. Pure hindsight bias. If she won you wouldn’t be saying these (at best half-true) things.

      3. “Horrible luck”?! She did run a terrible campaign – the more she spoke the more her numbers dropped. There was ZERO enthusiasm for her

      4. Rex Frost-
        You are wrong. During the campaign, Michael Moore, in well-reported, highly visible forums described part of the problem with the campaign. Adding- when Hillary limited her campaign leadership to the tech tyrant/Walton/corporate- funded Center for American Progress and to Podesto (the PR firm he built with his brother had the former deputy campaign manager for Jeb Bush as its CEO during the campaign), she was doomed to lose. The icing on the cake was denying convention speaking time to Black Ohio legislator, Nina Turner, and giving egomaniacal billionaire Michael Bloomberg time to speak. When a Party nomination is handed to a person on a silver platter, that person is obligated to do what it takes to win.

        1. There are always a lot of excuses for a loss of an election, but one thing is certain her own personality along with her history was most definitely one of the big causes. Based on all her dealings one has to consider we might be dealing with a sociopath. Being a sociopath explains her thievery, her comments such as “deplorable”, her actions and dealings with misogynistic regimes, her management of Bill’s sexual problems that included accusations of rape, her blaming one group after another, her attitude towards the Haitians, how she handled the DNC, what she did to Bernie and a lot of people that surrounded her.

        2. I’m not saying there wasn’t a single person in the world who criticized Hillary’s campagn tactics or said she was a weak candidate. I’m saying after the election the number of people saying those things exploded.

          1. The campaign disparagements expressed after the election were simmering before the election.
            Just one as example- the endorsement of the disliked AFT leader, who gets elected to her job through the un-democratic Unity Caucus… Hillary must have erroneously assumed that Randi brought the votes of the rank and file with her. Randi’s personal loyalty to Hillary led her to start a fight with the Nurses’ union which supported Bernie. The argument was exposed in the leaked DNC e-mails.
            Hillary lived in a cocoon. I don’t blame her for that. Repubs were the worst breed of attack dogs, singling her out for abuse. Never-the-less, she had the obligation to win the general election, given the DNC’s primary process.

          2. A competent campaign manager would have known that teachers needed to be courted with more than Tim Kaine. CAP’s V.P. of Education was a former TFA executive and, AFT’s leader, Randi, supported Gates’ contractor schools (privatization referred to as charter schools).

  16. OMG….and she’s not controlled by her husband. ?????

    She should have long left him….she had no guts. !!!

    She didn’t even use him, to help her get the Election……and that’s why she held on….

    1. Hills and Melanie enable da men. Hills did cause she wanted to run. Melanie can’t run so gues she dates da porno man for da $$$$. Stormy has got some nasty tapes they say but are they worse than Putin’s? Inquirer says yes.

    2. Some of T rump’s wives left him. Melanie no doubt will when she can get out of da White House. Trapped and pretending to smile while Stormy and da 30 others make da headlines.

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