Report: Sessions Considering IG Recommendation For The Firing Of McCabe

McCabeI recently wrote a column about the expected finding of the Inspector General that former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe misled investigators about a leak to the media. The finding raises the question of consistency in criminally charging Michael Flynn for the same alleged act.  There is now a report that the IG is recommending not a criminal referral but that McCabe be terminated, even though he is literally days from retirement.

The question is whether a termination could occur in the remaining time given the process for such termination decisions.  McCabe is a career officer and entitled to a process in which he may respond and contest such allegations.

The recommendation however will further raise the question of why others face prison stints while people like McCabe face employment consequences.  Nevertheless, a termination would put McCabe’s pension at risk.

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  1. Sessions considering engaging in fraud and attempting to cover up the DOJ/FBI, intel and “deep state”,

    swamp corruption by using McCabe as the scapegoat.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “…a dupe which will live in infamy.”

  2. Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador. That’s a guilty plea from Flynn–for lying to the FBI about discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador.

    The IG report (which still has not been released to the public) purportedly finds that McGabe misled the IG investigators about an authorized leak to the Wall Street Journal to correct the record regarding a previous unauthorized leak to the WSJ (most likely from the New York Office of the FBI) which failed to note that McGabe had had a heated argument with DOJ lawyers about the FBI’s jurisdictional authority to investigate the Clinton Foundation and that McGabe had properly asserted the FBI’s jurisdictional authority to investigate the Clinton Foundation. McGabe’s authorized leak to the WSJ was legally correct. The previous unauthorized leak to the WSJ (again, most likely from the FBI’s New York Office) was NOT legally correct.

    Thus, once again, Turley practices false equivalency in defense of a client who hasn’t even hired Turley yet. Moreover, Turley does so by means of a leak about a leak from a report about a report involving an investigation into an investigation. Would you like me go back over that one more time more slowly till you catch on??? Naw. I didn’t think so. Yous guys will never catch on.

    1. There must be a school for oligarch defenders/conservatives that includes a course,
      False Equivalencies 101. The content totally lacks rigor so it’s an easy “A”. The only prerequisite is shady morals.

      1. Linda – you would only have to show them the comments you post on here and they would be eager to have you in a class like that.

    2. And people should believe one syllable of what you typed above, exactly why? Because you typed it? Are you just another shill bot working for McCabe, the DNC, or are you actually Andrew McCabe, intentionally misspelling your own name, to toss readers off the scent.

      Certainly my last posit above makes more sense than you constantly misspelling McCabe’s name, allegedly by accident, especially considering the sheer volume of your alleged knowledge about McCabe.

      I don’t willy nilly wish bad on anyone, but it’s difficult to resist schadenfreude Re. Andrew McCabe. Sesssions and the FBI have 2 more days (till Sunday McCabe’s official retirement date) to fire McCabe, which reportedly costs him “hundreds of thousands” in retirement funds. We can only hope.

      There is a story that allegedly explains/defends McCabe’s hiding that the Clinton’s absolutely life time closest living business and personal friend ex-Gov. and ex-DNC Chief Terry McCaulife (deceased Web Hubbel was likely similarly close…some allege Web biologically fathered Chelsea) gave McCabe’s SPOUSE THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION USD for her (still failed) election campaign. (As if Andrew never personally benefited from that money.) The alleged “defense is so twisted and deranged that it PROVES rather than disproves McCabes guilt.

    3. I wonder why your post omits the following report: Sara Carter reported that McCabe wrongly and illegally requested and/or ordered FBI agents to edit or modify their 302 reports of investigative interviews: who, what, when, where, etc.

      If Carter’s reports are false, why has McCabe not sued her for slander?

      McCabe deserves a long hard prison sentence or worse.

  3. It is not enough.

    This only reinforces the conclusion that the law is applied unequally depending on politics.

    If he did the same crime as Gen Flynn, then charge him the same.

  4. Enough government employees can’t be fired fast enough. The trouble is, for the very few that DO get fired, three new positions are created and filled faster than rabbits procreate.

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