Report: Sessions Considering IG Recommendation For The Firing Of McCabe

McCabeI recently wrote a column about the expected finding of the Inspector General that former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe misled investigators about a leak to the media. The finding raises the question of consistency in criminally charging Michael Flynn for the same alleged act.  There is now a report that the IG is recommending not a criminal referral but that McCabe be terminated, even though he is literally days from retirement.

The question is whether a termination could occur in the remaining time given the process for such termination decisions.  McCabe is a career officer and entitled to a process in which he may respond and contest such allegations.

The recommendation however will further raise the question of why others face prison stints while people like McCabe face employment consequences.  Nevertheless, a termination would put McCabe’s pension at risk.

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  1. I want to see the name of the military doctors that had to stand down when this woman waived any universally accepted humanitarian rights this torture subject possibly might have had when they were witnesssing these events.
    That harvested nothing fruitful.

  2. Plan the Nikki Haley going away party. She said Russia committed a crime in the recent poisoning in London.

  3. If the Government allowed a convicted spy for the Russians,then convicted ex FBI agent Robert Hanssen’s wife his full retirements benefits while he was sentenced to multiple life sentences, then the proposed firing of McCabe and his retirement benefits loss is ludicrous.

    1. Turley thinks the following situation is unprecedented conduct for a prosecutor?
      Mueller thinks he can make a hefty case stick (like a crime worth 5-years in prison), but he wants a bigger fish so he gets Flynn to plead to a lesser crime.

      Is it similar to a mobster’s driver charged with destruction of public property when he speeds his boss away from a murder and knocks over a trash can? The driver testifies against his mobster boss in exchange for a guilty plea in the trash can’s destruction. Whereas, another driver who inadvertently knocks over a trash can, isn’t charged.

  4. I am less worried about McCabe losing his pension than I am about American taxpayers having to pay it for the next forty years!

  5. Is this the general quality of comments here? I look at this blog to get a respectable legal point of view, one that is often at odds with my own notions. On this issue, whether McCabe is to be fired, one interesting issue raised is whether he should face the same legal thicket as anyone who can be demonstrated to have knowingly lied to a federal investigator. There are no other issues raised, and the comments are a grotesque collection of alex jones type junk.

    Now Mccabe has been in the FBI for many years, presumably with an overall respectable record. He has earned his retirement benefits. Is there nobody who is going to address the notion that a deeply political vendetta by the president and his minions are threatening that set of retirement benefits? I’m a retiree, I’d sooner go through a criminal referral and retain my benefits than have my retirement rely on the mercy of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.

    1. Comments here are often rants, rumor, hearsay, tin foil and and based solely on emotional upset when ones ideology lost the last election…… yours is no exception.

      1. Or, the comments are from the Kosovo town of Podujevo, where, reportedly, a network operates Trump Supporters 2020, MAGA, Sean Hannity Fans, Hannity Fans and, additional forums for the cyber propagandizing of “conservatism”. A network like that would be evidence that Putin wants Trump as President and that oligarchs and conservatives think alike.

    2. “Rely on the mercy of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions”?
      Trump constantly brings to light the notion of political patronage and bureaucratic largess.
      The Democrats are the party of rewards.
      Unfortunately everyone becomes a prostitute.

  6. Sam Stone, came home, to his wife and family. After serving in the conflict in DC. And Sammy took to stealing, when he got that empty feeling. A hundred dollar habit, without overtime! etc

    –John Prine

  7. Sessions is going to be fired one way or the other. Trump is terrified of Mueller’s investigation.

  8. Mueller is already managing the most prodigious scandal in our history but thanks for playing.

    1. Hey since you are so good at predicting the future can you give me the winning numbers for tonight’s Powerball?

      1. Just playing with the person who suggested a second SC for the most prodigious scandal in history.

        1. That’s entirely true. At least once a day, someone seems to know everything that the Mueller team knows!!

  9. Sessions is the tag team partner who stays in his corner while both of the wrestlers on the other side are out in the middle of the ring clobbering his partner, Trump, with a metal folding chair, because it is against the rules for more that one wrestler on a team from being in the ring at the same time.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. @TomFitton

    .@JudicialWatch caught FBI #2 Andrew McCabe red-handed in conflict of interest scandal involving Clinton crony $ for his wife’s campaign. Now Sessions must decide whether to fire him for allegedly lying about leaks. @RealDonaldTrump should demand action.

    Sessions needs to go – useless.

    1. Funniest part is that he leaked something that was harmful to Clinton! That’s how stupid Trump is. If he really understood what was happening, he’d want to double his pension.

      1. nope, the issue is conflict of interest – wife getting almost 700K from Gov. McAcluff and the VA Dems to run for office while he was in charge of the Clinton email investigation. Should have removed himself.

  11. I think the idea is for the Clinton and Obama people to try to run out the clock.

    1. Because the DOJ/FBI, intel, the “deep state”, etc. (i.e. the government) are totally corrupt.

      Did you support the Warren Report? Allen Dulles was appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy immediately subsequent to Allen Dulles ordering the assassination of John F. Kennedy in conjunction with J. Edgar Hoover, Carlos Marcelo, the Texas Oilmen et al. Not surprisingly, Allen Dulles did not find himself and his cohorts guilty of assassinating JFK.


      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      FBI/DOJ, intel, “deep state” – Coups “R” Us!

      1. George – I was pretty sure the fix was in for the Warren Report long before we found out the fix was in. The FBI was not giving up any of their information.

  12. Government employees have built in rules that circumvent the laws that the nonpriviaged tax paying are compelled to live by. Protection for the lawless.

    1. Public worker strikes are illegal.

      Public worker unions are unconstitutional usurpation of the power of the People and the elected representatives of the People.

      Most governmental programs and departments must be eliminated and their purview privatized.

      Congress has only the power to tax for “general Welfare” not individual welfare – Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1.

  13. The IG knows that McGabe’s “due process” rights will prevent him from being fired before he retires with a full pension. That’s why the report was completed so late.

    The Deep State wins again.

  14. Professor Turley, it is long past time for you to call for a second special investigation – one that will reveal the most prodigious scandal in American political history.

    For God and Country.

    1. That would be about as effective as YOU calling for a second special counsel, George. You may hold JT in high regard, but he is simply a law professor who writes a blog about “stuff” ……………

        1. I have no issue with scrolling through JT’s ramblings occasionally. But they are just that, ramblings and opinions of a law professor whose opinions matter not even a little in the real world ……

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