House Intelligence Committee Member Accuses Former CIA Director Clapper Of Leaking Classified Information

Jim_Jordan_official_photo,_114th_Congress220px-James_R._Clapper_official_portraitHouse Intelligence Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) leveled a serious allegation at former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  Jordan alleged that Jordan leaked classified information about the Trump-Russia investigation to CNN.  Clapper later became a CNN contributor.  I recently wrote a column about how Clapper ran out a statute of limitations for allegedly lying in testimony to Congress.

Here is the statement on Fox News:

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): We learned two key things from the Republicans on the intelligence committee — their report. The first is they told us something we already know, namely, there was no coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the election. The second thing they told us is something that we suspected, now they’ve confirmed, which is that Clapper actually was the guy leaking information.

Specifically leaking information I believe, from that January 6th meeting where they briefed President Trump, then President-elect Trump on the dossier. Someone at CNN got information. We think it was Mr. Clapper who gave it to them. And then a few days later Buzzfeed prints the entire dossier.

So those in my mind were the two key takeaways. No coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia and Mr. Clapper was leaking information. Here is one of the top intelligence people in the government at the time, leaking information to the press…

. . . hey took an opposition research document and dressed it all up, made it look like legit intelligence and took it to the FISA court to get a warrant to spy on a fellow American citizen. And the guy who leaked information about that dossier is James Clapper.

If the allegation is true, Clapper would have run out the clock on one alleged crime only to face a new allegation.  If it is not true, Clapper could have a defamation case.  The Speech and Debate Clause does not afford members immunity for statements made outside of Congress.  This is clearly a statement of fact and not simply opinion.

As previously discussed, former FBI Director James Comey has been alleged to have removed and disclosed classified information from the FBI.  Obviously, there is also an analogy to the current controversy surrounding Andrew McCabe.

The allegation could also put a spotlight on when Clapper was first approached about a contract with CNN. The allegation could not be more serious. However, Clapper appeared this morning on CNN was not asked a single question about the allegation from a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

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  1. On a personal level, I have absolutely zero trust in any statement made by James “Claptrap” Clapper.

    It is one thing to tell a lie about a useless detail. It is a level worse to lie about something directly related to your position within an organization, including within the government. But it is worse yet to tell such a lie under oath that is against your position and about a project within the government that affects the entire population of the country.

    Just because I don’t have any trust in any statement made by Clapper does not mean that I endorse or vouch for any statement made by an opponent of his who has been trying to expose his criminal behavior within the government. But Rep. Jordan’s statement is definitely made as a statement of fact, rather than a personal opinion. And we all know that one cannot be protected from slander if their statement is not truthful.

  2. Former DNI James Clapper looks suspiciously like former dog catcher turned BTK Dennis Rader.

  3. In your first paragraph you typed:

    ” Jordan alleged that Jordan leaked classified information…”

    When (in fact) I suspect that you intended to type:

    ” Jordan alleged that Clapper leaked classified information…”

    (Just a “heads up”).

    A Fan:

    Erik du Fresne




    Newly discovered text messages obtained by The Federalist reveal two key federal law enforcement officials conspired to meet with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) judge who presided over the federal case against Michael Flynn. The judge, Rudolph Contreras, was recused from handling the case just days after accepting the guilty plea of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser who was charged with making false statements to federal investigators.

    The text messages about Contreras between controversial Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lawyer Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the senior FBI counterintelligence official who was kicked off Robert Mueller’s special counsel team, were deliberately hidden from Congress, multiple congressional investigators told The Federalist. In the messages, Page and Strzok, who are rumored to have been engaged in an illicit romantic affair, discussed Strzok’s personal friendship with Contreras and how to leverage that relationship in ongoing counterintelligence matters.

    “Rudy is on the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court]!” Page excitedly texted Strzok on July 25, 2016. “Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.”

    “I did,” Strzok responded. “I need to get together with him.”

    “[He] said he’d gotten on a month or two ago at a graduation party we were both at.”

  5. This James Clapper story reminds me of a great classic Johnn Carson skit with Jack Webb: The Clapper Caper. Webb is great here, keeping a straight face throughout, while Johnny struggles to do so.

  6. Obviously, Rep. Jim Jordan is 100% correct that James Clapper is a serial leaker. That is fact. But Clapper won’t file a defamation lawsuit. He doesn’t want any further attention drawn to his nefarious deeds.

    But, as I’ve pointed out many times, James Clapper is a respected member of the Deep State– and the ironclad rule always applies: The Deep State always takes care of their own. Immunity from prosecution is always a constant for Deep State members because, as a devoted Deep State member, Clapper is called upon from time to time to commit illegal acts. The Deep State’s power emanates from its ability to grant immunity to its members, so their protection is assured, as long as they don’t name names and remain silent on all Deep State matters on which they have knowledge.

    Consequently, much as I’d wish it were otherwise, Jordan’s claim, while true, is tantamount to a Nothingburger.

  7. “I’m Afraid We Can’t Take That Risk”

    Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Rosenstein, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Mueller, Steele, Simpson, Hillary, Huma, Lynch, Power, Farkas, Rice, Obama, associates, co-conspirators, et al. are the leakers, “wiretappers” and perpetrators of the most prodigious scandal in American political history.

    On a potential Trump 2016 election victory:

    “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

    – Peter Strzok to his paramour Lisa Page in the office of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

  8. Presumably, Jordan has access to classified information but not commonly known information (unless you’re in an information bubble and only get your news from Fox and the like. Several media outlets had the Dossier weeks before Buzzfeed published it. They were uncomfortable publishing it and Buzzfeed was the one that finally took the plunge. New outlets had the information before the January 6th meeting where Jordan says Clapper heard it. These are the desperate throes of House Intelligence Committee members (Nunes was too discredited to make any new statements) in an attempt to protect the President.

    1. Gee, why do you keep going on about people who watch FOXNews being in a bubble! You are as bad as Peter Strzok stereotyping WalMart shoppers as stinky Conservatives, where as anybody who shops at Walmart knows the place is overrun with the Democratic Base, i.e. black folks. Particularly the days around Food Stamp day.

      Sooo, here you are Enigma, in a world where Jill Abramson keeps an Obama Mojo Doll in her purse, where 90+ pf the news coming out of the MSM is bonkers anti-Trump, and untrue a good part of the time, and you think we are in a “bubble”??? Dude, it is the Left that is in a bubble. Why do you think the people attacking Conservative speakers with baseball bats and riots are doing it??? To keep their bubble intact! Those are Democrats doing that, and most of the other anti-free speech crap.

      That is the REALITY of things. Take your blinders off. You are projecting again.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I watch Fox News (a little) watching it does not put you in a bubble, watching only Fox and limiting yourself to right-wing media will keep you in a bubble in the same way that watching only left-wing media would do the same.
        While you overstate the attacks on Conservatives, might as well throw in Christmas and Christianity, I can give you some reasons why it happens infrequently because they are always trying to impose their alleged morals on others.

        1. Barbs can be traded forever. There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

          But at this moment in time it is the left that is taking the cake.

          It is the left trying to impose their “morality” on others.

          Do you think that religion requires a divine archetype ? The modern progressive left is as fanatically religious as Jerry Falwell devotees from the 80’s.

          It is the left that is telling us how we must live – and using government to apply that by force.
          It is the left that is dictating what we are allowed to think, say and even hear.
          It is the left that wants one set of rules for itself and another for the rest of us.

          Maybe in the past or the future the greater threat will be from the right.
          But right now the deepest hypocracy, the most rigid religion, the most brutal moral harpies are from the left.

          1. You must not be paying attention to the right trying to eliminate a woman’s right to choose although an abortion is still Constitutional. Mississipi with its one location left in the state just made it even harder. Texas would have eliminated all their clinics except for the courts.
            The right is imposing hyper gerrymandering in several states (just struck down in Pennsylvania) so they can maintain control without the votes to back it up.
            They tell us corporations are people too and allow for unlimited, anonymous donations from corporations.
            In Florida, legislators are subject to penalties and expulsion by law if they attempt to introduce local gun restrictions.
            I’m waiting for all the examples of how the left is controlling your life, no smoking in restaurants?

  9. Where were guys like Jim Jordan when Republicans exposed national secrets in telling media who Valerie Plaime worked for?

  10. Of all the congressional GOP Trump toadies, Jim Jordan is by leaps and bounds the nuttiest conspiracy theorist of them all. And that is in the face of some stiff competition.

    1. The playbook of the Heritage Foundation’s founder is available at Theocracy Watch. It includes, falsehoods are not only acceptable, they are necessary. Under the circumstances, why would anyone expect Republican honesty?
      The goal of the right wing matches the Putin goal, to destabilize.

      1. Linda – we all have a copy of Rules for Radicals on our bedsides. Know your enemy.

                  1. I didn’t know that this was/is an actual book.

                    You are either lying through your teeth now, or everything you purport to know as fact on anything else is a manifestation of your imagination.

              1. David Benson – your local library might have a copy if you do not want to own it. Or you might try Barnes and Noble. I think it is still in print. If not, maybe a used bookstore?

                1. Radicals don’t have rules. Free radicals that is.

                  Hint: look in your chemistry text.

                  And no, its not in Weart.

                  1. David Benson – I took chemistry in h.s., but I don’t remember discussing freeing radicals. 😉 Did not take it in college. School owned the books, so we didn’t get to keep them. I am sure that Weart discusses somewhere though.

                    1. Not that I recall, but he keeps adding more. Maybe now in the sections on atmospheric physics and chemistry.

        1. The Kochtopus is spending $400,000,000 on midterm elections. What’s the total amount that highest contributing, two people on the left, are spending? For obvious reasons, the tech tyrants and corporations behind CAP can’t be included since their motivation for funding is to make the Dem. Party into the concubine party of the richest 0.1%.

          1. Linda – I am sure Soros and his son are willing to drop a bundle. The problem for the Democrats is that they are starting at zero. Both the national and state parties are broke. They have been able to raise enough for these special elections, but they are going to have problems going nationwide. And for better or worse Hillary is the face of the Democratic Party and right now she is not a pretty face. She is doing the party a lot of damage. Until 2020 Hillary speaks for all Democrats.

          2. The largest individual donor in the US is Tom Steyer.
            Koch Industries is the 10th largest corporate donor.
            The Koch’s btw give more to fight cancer every year than to politics.

            Further the Koch’s contributions are strongly targeted at limited government, fiscal conservatives and libertarian republicans. NOT TRUMP.

            1. Don’t confuse Linda with “facts.” She doesn’t do “facts.” You need to invent an emotional meme for her to latch on to. Something like, “But the Kochs are nice oligarchs!” Or, “But the Kochs are pro illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities!”

              Whatever. it doesn’t even have to be true, because Linda believes all sorts of things that are not true.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

  11. This is very possible. The CIA has a secure DropBox they are using with WaPo to give them info, no reason the DNI does not have the same thing with CNN. You never have to leave your desk and there are no tracks. Just pop it into the Cloud server and it is picked up on the other end.

  12. Perhaps the people should be allowed to offer up, one for one, a candidate for full investigation and the appropriate punishment if found guilty. We have the great entertainer as President so he would be exempt from this routine.

    One Republican could be picked, most likely by Democrats, and one Democrat, most likely by Republicans. Then a full and exhaustive investigation of the allegations attached would be done. If found guilty the ‘candidate’ would be sentenced to the maximum.

    This would be somewhat like pillorying the liar, leaker, whatever and allowing the population to splatter his or her face with rotten vegetables and rotten fruit. But, we don’t do that anymore, what with food shortages and all. So, make an example of one after another of both parties, up to and including past Presidents. This would be on top of the ongoing investigations of the Turnip and others.

    We are, without admitting it, in it primarily for the entertainment.

  13. Obama administration not a good one in the bunch, all pathological liars Koskinen, Lerner, Holder, Jarrett, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Rosenstein, Johnson, Power’s, Sebelius, Giethner and the Deceiver-in-Chief
    BHO they all lied over and over again.

  14. We are starting to get confirmation of what we all suspected – our “leaders” are pretty scummy.

    We all cheer or boo these reports according to our partisan views, but the fact is that the top people in Washington routinely commit crimes that would get you or I put in jail.

      1. The Koch’s finance the Heritage Foundation which was founded by Paul Weyrich. The Weyrich manual of training was written by Eric Huebeck. The document is summarized by Theocracy Watch and is available on-line. The summary includes the following lessons
        (a) create the appearance of overwhelming brutality to destroy the “will” of the opponent (note to Allan- sound like Stalin?) (b) falsehoods are not only acceptable, they are necessary (c) make the opponent scared to
        act and speak (d) use unrelenting personal attacks. It is a must for destroying the enemy.

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