D.C. Council Member: Jewish Bankers Cause Snow Storms

Trayon_WhiteI previously criticized the city council for putting up a statute in front of city hall honoring Marion Barry, the scandal-plagued felon and former mayor.  Now Barry’s replacement at the Eighth Ward is filling the news vacuum with a controversy of his own: stating in a video that snow is a Jewish conspiracy by wealthy bankers.  Democrat Trayon White warned that the Rothschilds were manipulating the weather to cash in on the disasters.  The implications are staggering as you connect the dots with White from the Jewish conspiracy behind the movie “White Christmas” to that Rothschild agent Santa Claus.

White’s comments appeared on Facebook where he is shown saying:

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This might help, Mr. White, but please note that “Winter” is neither Jewish nor a Jewish agent:


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  1. What do you call a racist, bigot, anti-semitic, social commentator, college flunky who calls himself a religious minister?

    A Black Activist.

    If Members of the Congressional Black Caucus throw money at him he is considered a wise counselor.

    “Louis Farrakhan Sr. (born Louis Eugene Walcott; May 11, 1933), formerly known as Louis X, is an American religious leader, African-American activist, and social commentator.”

  2. What this reveals is what ALL intelligent political observers have known for some time: The Leftist Democratic Party’s private agenda includes anti-Semitism. I have spoken about the dangers of Leftism for years and the Jew-hatred of the Left is but one component of these dangers.

    Now, some fools may argue, “But don’t many wealthy Jews support the Left?” Many do, but most are JINOs and self-hating Jews that see the virtue in the destruction of Judaism. Soros is a classic example of this kind of “Jew.” And some Jews of the Left are merely stupid. Having money does not make one intelligent or even informed.


    1. I have long been at a loss as to why so many Jewish people so passionately support the Progressive movement in general, which rules by government fiat and espouses the weakening of individual rights and liberty. That would seem like a very dangerous path they would avoid at all cost. As well, why do they support a party who has thrown itself behind BDS and is pro-Palestinian? It’s never made any sense to me.

        1. Jews among the richest 0.1%, who fund the party that (1) likes strong leaders like Putin and (2) which is running interference for Russia in the Mueller and House investigations, do so at their own peril.

      1. Karen, one of the early Zionist leaders had it right about his own people:

        “It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not “meet halfway” those who do not want to meet you.”–Ze’ev Jabotinsky

      2. Why not call a rabbi in your community and ask him or her to set up a meeting with some of the members. I guarantee there would be some who be delighted to help you understand this.

  3. For a number of years, there have been idiots screaming about the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergs and the new world order, etc. so I bet this guy was watching these channels and websites that promote this crap. Did he mention chemtrails?

  4. It is possible that the statement was not anti-Semitic. Its very possible that Trayon White was unaware that conspiracies around the Rothschilds are often intertwined with conspiracies about Jews generally. But there is no avoiding the fact that this conspiracy is insane.

    If there were such a conspiracy, the Rothschilds would have to have weather machines that they can operate in secret at a low enough cost that they can profit from controlling the weather. It is unfortunate that someone who is in a position to make public policy simply does not understand how the real world works. That is the real scandal.

    1. So many uninformed and unaware people in the country are unwitting vectors for the worst kind of poison. And these Jewish conspiracies are one of many poisons, and certainly one of the worst. I agree with you.

  5. Much Ado About Nuthin.

    Hello Mudda, hello fadda…
    Here I am in Camp Granada…
    You remember Ernest Flemming?
    He got tomine poisoning after dinner.


  6. The Eight Ward has some ‘splaining’ to do.

    Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature … If the next centennial does not find us a great nation…it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces. James Garfield 1877

  7. When the general electorate is as dumb and gullible as the majority of voters in DC, this is the result. The scariest thing, besides his inability to communicate in standard English, is that he was a member of the Board of Education prior to his run for the city council. Is it any wonder the DC schools spend more per student than any other school district in the country and have the lowest overall performance to show for it?

    Here are some facts about Hizzoner, the former “community activist”:
    * Raised by his mother after his father abandoned the family
    * In his early teens, White began living with his grandmother [One wonders what happened to mama?]
    * [also in early teen years] He stole cars, and was arrested by the Metropolitan Police

    1. * In his early teens, White began living with his grandmother [One wonders what happened to mama?]

      Probably, nothing happened to mama. It is quite common for black kids to be on their own from about 13 or 14 years old, and sort of live all over the place. Their mommas only had them for the benefits, and teenagers can consume a lot of food stamp money, that can be better spent on drugs, booze, and hair weave.

      Sooo, teenagers are out the door, while momma keeps the benefits for another few years. That is my GUESS. I have seen it, and I have also heard others who say it. FYI:


      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  8. This is an interesting series of statements for many reasons. Those who don’t read very much, if at all,(Mr Trump and Mr W Bush, for example) are far less familiar with correct word usage, spelling, and grammar, than those who do read, and in that process, continuously see correct word usage, etc. Many have inherited learning disorders preventing them from learning to read, and others have rarely been anywhere near books or people who read.

    Those who don’t read tend to rely on fantasies, including religious fantasies, as truth. We shouldn’t be insulting and condemning those folks. We need to help them value literacy from a young age, and if they are unable to read, as many are, we need to find other ways for them to learn what others gain from reading. While Mr Bush and Mr Trump had many such opportunities, Mr White may, or may not have had such opportunities.

    1. Chris P.,

      Mr. White very likely did not have bedtime stories, trips to the library or great books given to him as gifts as a child. He probably went to a lousy school filled with apathy. But, he can string together mostly coherent sentences by choice, so he is not illiterate.

      Is he then alliterate? A much worse thing in many ways, than being illiterate. What will light the fire to gain knowledge and a desire to be consistently articulate in an alliterate adult?

    2. others have rarely been anywhere near books or people who read.

      Yeah, because they had single black mothers, who had them for the attention, and the welfare benefits. Not because they love children, and wanted to provide them a good life.

      And can you believe this—some White people encourage that and try to pretend that it is not harmful to blacks, and has basically destroyed the very concept of a black family. I guess those white people like their Negroes bare foot and pregnant, so they can buy their votes easier. Or, so they will have something to virtue signal about. Go figure.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    1. ‘This is what happened to the Dumocrat party.’

      This is an example of the other extreme, the right wing idiot. Idiots exist throughout society. They get represented in government when they find themselves the majority in specific regions. This is how a Jim Inhofe gets to be a Senator and the Republican head of their group dealing with climate change. Inhofe is an idiot and he was elected by idiots. Idiots, however, make up a substantial part of this country’s population. White was elected by idiots of the left. White panders to those who seek a conspiracy to explain their lower status, while negative social momentum and their own inability to overcome is what they should be understanding. It’s easy to tag a small but influential group with one’s woes.

      Idiots are found in the Democrat Party as well as the Republican Party. They use the same formulas, but for different reasons, save the common denominator, appealing to idiots of their ilk to get elected. This guy White is an idiot. Inhofe is an idiot. Trump is an idiot. They all have been elected by idiots. Not everyone who voted for them are idiots but without the idiots these mutts would never make it. For the record, an idiot, for the purposes of this argument, is someone who adheres to positions so extreme so as to gain attention, fill a void with unbelievable-therefore attractive concepts, and provide community for those unable to think on their own. For an ongoing illustration of idiocy, pay attention to Trump and the nonsense, exaggerations, and lies that he spews on a regular basis. He even laughs at how he can make stuff up and get away with it. Who is he laughing at?

      1. Defect, deflect,deflect.

        “He even laughs at how he can make stuff up and get away with it. Who is he laughing at?”

        I would say the system. One could say I would rather have Trumps honesty than a politician who keeps all the shades drawn. Your idiot talk sounds like you are ready to join Hillary for the next election run.

        1. Hillary is an idiot, as she illustrated, keeps illustrating, and unfortunately will continue to illustrate. Like I wrote, on both sides. ‘Trump’s honesty’, the oxymoron of the century. That puts you in a select group…..

  9. Of all of the conspiracy theories, it’s somewhat refreshing to see that talk radio and Fox haven’t cornered the market.
    Regular commenter, Autumn, will be adding the Rothschilds’ name to her Seth Rich commemorative wall because the right wing and Putin have no consciences.

    The right wing plot- impoverish Americans, creating instability so that a repressive government like Putin’s can shore up American oligarchy. Ask the Mercer’s about it.

    1. Good point. Autumn is admittedly a pro Putin guy or gal. No stories about the bombs that are killing black People in Austin. They caught da white nationalist that tried to blow up that mosque somewhere in Minnesota. Black lives do matter.

      1. OK – Pro Putin as he’s managed not to be provoked into war – who knows what a different ruler might have brought. Yet another reason why sane folks did not vote for HRC – Iraq, Syria, Libya…

    2. Glad you brought up Seth Rich Linda! He will not be forgotten. Ty Clevenger filed a FOIA so hopefully we will know more soon.

      1. The right wing files politically motivated frivolous lawsuits because the training manual says to be unrelenting. They have the money to make the 99% miserable. And, they lack consciences like the ruler they admire- Putin.

          1. Americans live in an oligarchy and clearly they wanted the alternative. It’s how a populist fraud got elected to be President (with the help of Putin).

  10. Isn’t snow another name for cocaine? Could that be what he is referring? And if they put up a statue of Marion Barry, why would they be complaining about snow? Does he think it did not snow in the D.C. area before whites and blacks settled there? What has happened to our education system?

  11. “…DC keep talking about ‘we a resilient city’…

    Yes we is. Because we have city ‘leaders’ like you, we gots to be.

  12. I seem to recall that some eastern religions believe that, when a person dies, his or her essence is transferred to a newborn. I am fairly certain that Trayon White was not born on the same day that Barry died. So, there must be some other explanation for White’s idiotic comments.

    1. VJ

      Frisbeeterians believe that when you die, your soul goes uP on the roof – and you can’t get it down.

      1. So, maybe a good explanation for White’s actions is that he climbed up on a roof to retrieve his frisbee, fell off, and hit his head.

  13. Man, can you believe my last name is White, man! Man, what up with that, man.
    Good grief, an idiot like this can actually hold a position? Man!

    1. Based on what we’ve seen in Congress, this really should not be a surprise that local government officials are ignorant and anti-Semitic. People like those who unapologetically support the likes of “Rev.” Farrakhan and “Rev.” Wright have to get their start somewhere.

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