Iraqi Couple Arrested in Texas For Allegedly Pouring Hot Oil On 16-Year-Old Daughter For Refusing Arranged Marriage

texasAbdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi, 34, and Hamdiyah Saha Al Hishmawi, 33, have been arrested in another appalling case involving an attempted arranged marriage of a young Muslim girl.  This case however did not occur in Pakistan or Afghanistan but Texas.  They are accused of beating their daughter with a broomstick and the pouring hot cooking oil on her after refusing agree to the the arranged marriage.

Maarib Al Hishmawi, 16,  was pledged in the arranged marriage in return for $20,000.  The high school student  ran away after the alleged abuse by her parents who were irate at her refusal to relent to the arranged marriage.  The girl and her five siblings, between the ages 5 and 15, were placed under Child Protective Services custody.

Police are leaving open the possibility of charging the would-be husband — hopefully they will follow through in arresting the man.

The Iraqi couple has been in the United States for two years on visas.

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  1. Abuse is abuse. Maarib al-Hishmawi had every right to refuse the arranged marriage. Her parents, Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi and Hamdiyah Sabah Al Hishmawi, had no right to beat her for refusing the arranged marriage and they had no right to burn her for refusing the arranged marriage either.

    Maarib is lucky she didn’t end up becoming another victim of ‘honor’ killing for standing up for herself. There’s nothing ‘honorable’ about murdering a daughter who doesn’t want to marry somebody she doesn’t like. I hope Maarib’s parents are locked up for a long time.

  2. Do you know that in Sweden they would not Prosecute these demons!

    They would cite cultural differences!

    The world is becoming more and more Sharia compliant!

  3. I am glad for the kids’ sakes that their parents came here on visas. If they were still in Iraq the girl would likely have nowhere to turn.

  4. Oh my God, was it boiling oil? Was she burned? Is she OK?

    This happened because there is no miraculous shedding of current beliefs the moment you set foot on American soil. Our dirt does not transform people’s belief systems into Western values. If you are a jerk when you arrive, then you remain a jerk.

    We need to be careful about our immigration system. I’d rather keep the kids and not the abusive parents.

    This also brings to mind the open borders argument. There are so many who claim that fighting illegal immigration is racist. If all illegal immigrants should be welcomed, regardless of merit, then why not pull down the borders altogether? There are around 325 million people here in the US and I think 7. 4 billion people globally. If you allow anyone to come here who wants to, then billions of people might show up. That would overwhelm Western values, and we would become a place where such savage abuse, especially of women and gays, is normal, accepted, and encouraged.

    I really do believe in a meritocracy for immigration, such as the Kennedy airlifts. One of the requirements should be a desire to acclimate to Western values. Who cares what color everyone is. There are differences in temperament, religion, and politics. At the very least, we should on average have a recognizably Western outlook. For instance, in general, the abuse of women, gays, and animals is rejected by the majority of people in the US. We must retain that profile of values.

    1. Really? Hot oil means boiling. (Rolling eyes). It’s one thing to accept a multitude of religious beliefs but at the cost of committing a crime against humanity should be unacceptable in our society.

      If they want to behave like soul less demons, then they need to go back to whatever country they are from where that mindless behavior is accepted.

      1. There is no reason to eye roll at Karen’s comment.

        Hot oil does not mean boiling. The boiling point of olive oil is 570F, the smoke point is about 375F and the minimum temperature to cause skin damage in less than a second is 160F.

  5. New post on Refugee Resettlement Watch

    Parents arrested in teen abuse case; father was an Iraqi interpreter for US
    by Ann Corcoran
    There are dozens of reports in publications around the world about the case of a missing San Antonio teen, Maarib al-Hishmawi, now found alive and well in the care of an unnamed organization that protected her.

    She went into hiding because she didn’t want to go through with an arranged marriage (this is the United States!) and she reported she suffered physical abuse by her parents because of her refusal to essentially be sold to a man she didn’t know for $20,000. (Did I mention that this is the United States!).

    Maarib screenshot
    Photo from:

    I read several stories on the case and note that some, including the Washington Post, skirted the subject of just how this family came to live in the US in the first place.

    At other reports, including here at the Daily Caller, we learn that Maarib’s father was an interpreter and thus is likely to have been admitted on a Special Immigrant Visa.

    Faithful reader know that I have been writing about the huge number of Afghans and Iraqis (with extended families) which have been arriving in the US for the last ten years and the pace has actually been increasing, especially from Afghanistan, during the Trump Administration. (This family obviously arrived during the Obama Admin.)

    See my recent posts on SIVs here and here.

    Here is the Daily Caller, but if you simply search for ‘Maarib al-Hishmawi’ you will see the story has gone viral.

    Authorities arrested a Muslim couple from Iraq March 23 in San Antonio, Texas, for beating and torturing their daughter after she refused a forced marriage.

    Sixteen-year-old Maarib Al Hishmawi ran away from Taft High School at the end of January and remained missing until authorities announced they found her as of March 24, according to the San Antonio Express-News. When authorities finally located Maarib, she told them she fled because her parents beat her with broomsticks, poured hot cooking oil on her, and choked her “almost to the point of unconsciousness.” These actions were due to Maarib’s refusal of consent to a forced marriage with an older man.

    Iraqi girl parents
    Parents arrested last Friday
    “This young lady … was subjected to some pretty bad abuse because she didn’t want to be married to this person,” Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar told The Washington Post.

    Maarib’s parents, Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi and Hamdiyah Sabah Al Hishmawi, arranged in mid-2017 to marry their daughter to an older man once he agreed to pay the family $20,000, investigators said.


    Abdulah became increasingly agitated during the investigation, blaming a lack of police effort for his daughter’s continued disappearance and even suggested she was kidnapped and taken back to the Middle East. Authorities found Maarib, however, in mid-March in another city. They declined to name the group who sheltered her during that time.


    Abdulah immigrated to the U.S. in 2016 from Iraq with his six children after having worked for the U.S. forces as an interpreter, he said. Maarib’s family held two year visas for the U.S. but did not go into detail about what kind of visas they were, Officials told San Antonio Express-News. [I don’t know what the reference to two years is, perhaps they have to renew it at that time. I’ll see if I can find out.—ed]

    More here.

    I should mention that SIV families come under the care of the usual gang of US State Department resettlement contractors and are treated as refugees. So, assuming they were resettled in San Antonio, resettlement agencies headquartered there would know them. I guess these parents missed the cultural orientation sessions they were supposedly given.

    I expect to see women’s rights activists and the NOW gang out in force condemning arranged marriages!

    Find resettlement agencies working where you live by clicking here. They can place refugees within a hundred miles of those offices.

  6. Speaking of weird mating rituals, Nxivm:

    Keith Raniere: Nxivm leader charged with sex trafficking

    The complaint says that once recruited as “slaves”, women were allegedly expected to perform menial chores for “masters” and have sex with Mr Raniere, who was known as “The Vanguard”.

    Investigators say Mr Raniere had a rotating group of 15 to 20 sexual partners, who were not allowed to discuss their relationship with him or have one with anyone else.

    They allege that “slaves” in the group had to eat extremely low-calorie diets because of Mr Raniere’s preference for thin women.

    According to the complaint, members of the group were branded with Mr Raniere’s initials using a cauterising pen, often on their pelvic areas, in ceremonies that were filmed by members.

    Investigators say members were expected to provide “collateral” as a pre-condition to joining in the form of sexually explicit or other compromising material.

    Court documents say investigators have found electronic communication that suggested Mr Raniere was behind the sorority “slave” internal group, something he has denied.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky – well, he is going to have fond memories to fall back on in prison. 😉

  7. Mespo, you’re right. I made the mistake of putting my values on people who in no way shape or form share the beliefs and values that matter to people like me.

  8. These two should not see the light of day ever again… but only AFTER they get a dose of what they did to an innocent person – their daughter. First a broomstick, then hot oil… then behind bars till their natural death… AN EYE FOR AN EYE! ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!!

    1. Not sure how normal this is there. And it depends on your value scales.

      The problem is that human beings are damaged goods, every society gets sex wrong, and every society features a mode of family life which is damaged in one way or another. In our own, 20% of all pregnancies end in surgical abortions, about 55% of all first born children are so out of wedlock (though many are legitimzed post partum), and people rut on each other and have train-wreck ‘relationships’ for a decade ‘ere marrying. About 40% of all marriages end in divorce, in spite of the choice accorded young couples. Most divorces are discretionary, and the plaintiff has no grounds. Not a terribly edifying spectacle, all that.

        1. I have been wondering where he’s been. The writing style is a dead giveaway.

          1. Maybe he found Susan after Stepping on a Toad. Is Stepping on a Toad the same as kissing a frog? If so I welcome him back. If not I like the attention paid to detail and statistics. Either way I welcome nutchacha is insufferable. That is far better than a duplicate Linda.

    1. Well, you’re stupid…. did you READ what he did???? Really???? Grow up!

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