Mount Holyoke Women’s College Orders Professors Not To Call Students “Women”

downloadWe have previously discussed the national trend in colleges and universities to require faculty to use an increasing number of different pronouns for students. Faculty questioning such alternative pronouns have been subject to discipline or condemnation. There is even a move in states like California to criminalize the failure to use alternative pronouns.  Now, the women’s college Mount Holyoke has ordered faculty to avoid calling its students “women” since some students may identify as non-genders or different genders.

Mount Holyoke College was created by Mary Lyon as an all-women educational institution.  However, the college now maintains that the use of the word “women” will result in “misgendering” students and even warns against such language as  “‘We’re all women here…’”

These new designations have led to an equally elastic list of pronouns.  So at the University of Vermont, students can choose “he,” “she,” “they,” and “ze,” as well as “name only.”  Other options are captures on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee card given to faculty and students:


What is interesting about Mount Holyoke is how it can maintain its gender-exclusive identity if it rejects gender identification.  If a student born a woman identifies as a male, why shouldn’t a male be allowed to enroll? The school still declares itself to be a “Women’s College” and states “We have remained a women’s college by choice — and, reflecting the College’s commitment to human rights and social justice, we welcome transgender students.”  If gender is now completely a matter of self-identification, why the exclusion of people born as opposed to identified as male?
The school may want in the very least to examine its long-standing slogan:
That our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace — Psalms 144:12

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  1. Repeal the 19th Amendment.

    Enough incoherence and hysteria.

    Repeal “Affirmative Action Privilege”.

    Enough bias, favoritism and false sense of security.

    Reimpose Merit.

    Breakthrough the “glass ceiling” by your own endeavor on nature’s actually level playing field.

  2. The link shows the administration purportedly trying to solve this problem:

    “Many students spend the first day of class braced against various types of disrespect—professors who mispronounce their names, call them by the wrong name entirely, misgender them, and so on. Students who are worried about not being treated with respect can’t concentrate on what we’re saying.”

    If a student at a women’s college is so tentative about her identity that mispronouncing her name or ‘misgendering’ her prevents her from concentrating on material, she’s not ready for college. She needs some time at the school of hard knocks before attempting ‘higher’ education.

    It irritates me that I fought for my college degree over 30 years ago and suffered plenty of hardship to earn it, for which I am proud. To think that college-degree-status is now bestowed on those too tender to listen once someone mispronounces their name is beyond my understanding.

    1. powerfulbeautifulwise – I used to apologize to my students in advance by saying that I was going to mispronounce some of their names, I was not doing it on purpose and if they would correct me, I would work on getting it right. Usually, by the end of the first week, I could pronounce all but one and that poor student was stuck for the rest of the year.

      1. Paul – Sounds like you had a good approach. Why are students so self-absorbed and fragile that they need endorsement from their professors? I’ve been away from the academic world for a long time, and the current environment just baffles me.

  3. Strike another one from the list of colleges my daughter will be allowed to consider. This whole college selection process gets easier and easier.

  4. Northampton mass., a beautiful city on the banks of the Connecticut River, known for It’s dikes.

  5. And if you disagree with this new policy you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic bigot who deserves to be doxxed, outed and fired from their job.

    Where is the glorious $PLC to facilitate these outings and firings when you need them???


  6. If you criminalize the choice of your own pronoun or other adjective for someone, then you will be forced to memorize 75 different pronouns, and climbing.

    I recall watching a Jordan Peterson video, in which he discussed that up until around 4 years of age, children do not understand that other people see them, and form opinions about them. By age 4, they grasp that fact, that how they view themselves can be different than how others view them. If they do not, then they have lifelong difficulties with socialization. This creates a feedback loop, for instance if you make a joke that’s not funny, and people respond by not laughing, you may adjust your approach to get positive feedback. Your actions may influence how others view you, but you cannot control their response.

    Criminalizing speech, especially in reference to pronouns, reverts back to that age less than 4 years. People view others, and describe them. The person described has no control over how they are viewed and interpreted by others. How one views oneself can change on a daily basis; therefore why must anyone else’s view of you be static or dependent upon you? That is reality.

    If you want to use whatever pronoun someone requests of you, for instance to be polite, or if the person is a friend, then you have the right and free will to do so. Legislating speech, however, is anathema to Free Speech, and one of the most basic human rights there is – the right of free expression.

    There is an interesting paradox at work. On the one hand, there were a surprising number of people who actually believed that the election of Donald Trump would bring fascism, and NeoNazism, and the KKK would walk down the street murdering minorities. Obviously, that was insane, and didn’t happen, but people were sincerely afraid. However, these same people still fight to strengthen the government’s hold over them. Have they never stopped to think that perhaps it would be a mistake to let Donald Trump’s administration have control over what they are allowed to say? Do they believe this will be the last person with whom they fundamentally disagree who will hold the highest office? And Congress routinely switches sides from left to right like a tennis match. Do they want a Congress they oppose passing laws on speech?

    This shows a severe lack of foresight in the architects of their own doom.

  7. Donald Trump says, “there’s nothing better than making fakers squirm”. Vince tried to hide his shaven bald head under the skirt of woman.

  8. That our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace — Psalms 144:12

    Is that Bible talk for “as thick as a brick”??? Because if it is, these Democrats have certainly done their job!

    BTW, Why does anybody with any sense keep voting for Democrats??? Because that only encourages this sort of stuff.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. I vote for calling them twits. This is something they could paint on their school bus. Mount Holyoke Twits. It rolls right off the tongue. “If you young twits would move on to your next class, etc.” It covers everyone regardless of gender identification. I think calling them twits is very workable and apt.

  10. Most of the faculty have tenure. They should tell the administration to bugger off. What are the chances the college president is going to get an affirmative vote of the trustees to revoke the tenure of a professor who calls women ‘women’?

  11. How about “Broads”, could be a woman, wo-man with broad shoulders.

  12. They miss the main point. The words they are searching for are ‘students,’ ‘professors,’ or ‘custodians.’ and the rest of it can be jettisoned as sexist. Which means they have not progressed but regressed. But to make it easier borrow from the Russian language and drop all Articles The Students becomes Students etc. Might be able to hack school’s requirement and turn attention to academics. .

    1. They aren’t all ‘women. Remember the alphabet stuff. and Mt. Holy oke That’s got to change LGBQTRFJ etc. University. Or here’s one R I D E C U L O S.

      How can they teach that chart and cannot teach English or a foriegn language? too much time on their hands worrying about …being an Unholy Yokel

    2. Perfectly proper according to principles of freedom of contract and association.

      Ordinary men do not seek to insert themselves into predominantly female environments and ordinary (non-homosexual) men are not inclined to spit in someone else’s cookie dough. Homosexual men interact with women as pets and gal pals, and that’s inconsistent with contentious actions like serving papers.

      Men’s colleges are destroyed because the social ideology adhered to by faculty, especially women faculty, adheres to the notion that associations of men are pathological by definition. When the faculty don’t ruin them, the lawfare artists on and off the bench are willing to with the assistance of straw plaitiffs. Recall the controversy 20 years ago over Virginia Military Institute. The actual rule is that men’s associations are permissible – when the girls give their permission.

      1. You’re right, DSS, and it’s a damn shame. Men and women both lose something when they can’t have sex-specific groupings.

  13. An all women’s college? Does this mean they must identify as a woman to get into the school? Or does it mean that they will identify as a woman by the time they graduate? How many students on their campus are afflicted with this mental disorder that an entire college has to go on mental lockdown to accommodate them?

  14. Crazy times in Academia where the lunatics long ago took over the asylum.

    Have a Great Day.

    1. Everyone with a functioning cerebral cortex is anyway. I vote we make college administrators take a real work job for six months like farming or working an oil rig. These priests and priestesses of academe need a reality check.

      1. Now, that is reality TV I would watch.

        Could we get a drill sergeant type to yell at them in traditional pronouns?

      2. Very good point Mespo. I have long advocated that education be an add on to a real degree in a real subject area. and those who wished to teach would have to show experience before becoming educators.

        Like wise a degree in …Entertainment with a business minor set up for the various sports. and if they wished to become teachers then in some academic disciplinen and then education.

        Instread we get the bottom fifth percentile of those applying for university level education as teachers and sociologists.

        And precious little can function in American Standard English much less have second language except for immigrants, hispanics and asians.

  15. Call em twatsordongs. If you are Catholic you have a yoke around your neck. The school is mounted on a cemetery of babtists and the Catolics think that they are holier than thou.

    Ducks and geese and chicks better scurry…
    When I take you out in the surrey with..
    The fringe …
    On top.

    Dongs and twats and queers better hurry..
    When the priest comes out in a hurry…
    He he is…
    A cop.

    1. True but on the other hand when you add up all the religions it usually comes out around sixty percent of the nation and thus the left can never hold a majority since they have not onloy banned religion but the study of philosophy as well and made it a political felony to think or reason. much less have morals, values,ethics and standards other than those approved on a daily changing basis by The Party.

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