GoFundMe: McCabe launches Online Drive For Donations For A Legal Defense

screen-shot-2018-03-29-at-9-15-07-pm.pngFormer FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has launched an online fundraiser on GoFundMe to raise $150,000 to cover the legal costs for McCabe.  Money has poured in with adjustment of the “goal” upward to $250,000.  It has now surpassed that goal.  What is interesting is that McCabe is moving to tap into the contributions before the public learns what caused career Justice officials to seek the unprecedented termination of the former acting FBI Director.

We are still awaiting the release of the IG report but McCabe’s misconduct was sufficient to not only lead career FBI staff to call for his termination but FBI Director Andrew Wray to force him into a terminal leave upon reading the summary.  People are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars without any information on what led to McCabe’s forced retirement and later termination.

Whatever is in that report led Wray, the OPR, the IG, and Sessions to move against McCabe.  It is not surprising that, with the report subject to be released any day, McCabe is raising money now.  He has been further assisted by the false narrative that he lost his pension after being fired a day before his retirement — a claim that I earlier disputed.  He will receive roughly $2 million in a pension.

As with James Comey selling tickets for his publicity tour, these pitches are coming before the release of the actual findings. Indeed, both Comey and McCabe are currently being investigated by United States Attorney John Huber in conjunction with the Inspector General of the Justice Department.  That investigation could result in a criminal referral for the same violation that led to the indictment of Michael Flynn.  However, he now has over a quarter million dollars to use on any charges that may develop.

McCabe’s team unveiled the legal defense fund, hosted on the website GoFundMe, about 2 p.m. By 7 p.m., it had raised more than the new $250,000 goal (which was earlier set at $150,000).  At this rate, it could easily reach half a million dollars in 48 hours . . . based solely on McCabe’s word that he was wrongly treated by career staff in the OPR and IG as well as Director Wray and Sessions.


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  1. People are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars without any information on what led to McCabe’s forced retirement and later termination.

    It will double once they get informed about his shenanigans. It may triple if they learn he would do anything to take down President Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn several people on this blog donated already. And yet they’ll scream President Trump is abusing power. Damn that is some kind of twisted logic.

  2. When the Cave family hit Ellis Island the clerks there told them that their name was not good in America. Since they were Irish the clerks rewrote their name on their entry papers to McCabe. There are no Cabes in Ireland. Or McCabes.

  3. Turley wrote, “People are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars without any information on what led to McCabe’s forced retirement and later termination.”

    So now Turley is complaining that people should wait for the public release of the Inspector General’s report before they donate money to McCabe’s legal defense. Why couldn’t Turley wait for the public release of the IG’s report before insinuating that McCabe may have nominally committed the same crime to which Flynn pled guilty? Pettiness? Vindictiveness? Vendetta? Whose money is it, anyhow, Turley? Not yours, one presumes. So why are you posting sniveling complaints about people other than you donating to the legal defense fund of the man whose credibility as a witness you’re so keen on impeaching? Spite? Is spite a civic virtue, Turley? Wipe your chin. You drooling hound, you!

    1. People who object to Mr. McCabe’s GoFundMe site are free to start the same for Manafort and Flynn.

      Can donations be sent from the Kremlin?

      1. I’m guessing that all Kremlin donations to Manafort and Flynn’s GoFundMe site must be funneled through the NRA or Cambridge Analytica. Especially if the contributor is on a sanctions list. I could be wrong.

  4. (1) “What is interesting is that McCabe is moving to tap into the contributions before the public learns what caused career Justice officials to seek the unprecedented termination of the former acting FBI Director.”

    Maybe this is a clue:

    “Four times he lied. He lied to James Comey. He lied to the [FBI’s] Office of Professional Responsibility, and he lied twice under oath to the inspector general.”

    (2) McCabe is worth $11 million. There should be a law requiring him to post that information in relation to his go-fund-me scam.

    1. Interesting information about G-man McCabe net worth about $11 million.

      So what is G-man Robert Mueller’s net worth? Bobby is hiding it. Somewhere between $4.2 million & $15.2 million.

      Mueller also may have interest in the direct-messaging features available on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Gmail accounts the campaigns used via Google. Mueller’s legal work for Facebook is notable because that company could potentially hold valuable data for his investigation. Mueller’s services aren’t for free. They are billable.

      1. That smells like a conflict of interest, or worse. If I understand your meaning, Mueller holds a financial and/or other-than-prosecutorial interest in relation to potential evidence associated with his investigation. Hmmm.

        For some reason, I think Mueller is in the process of becoming aware of what it feels like to be the investigated, not the investigator, for a number of reasons. I don’t personally see any other reasonable way of interpreting many of is actions, and in general, his entire ongoing investigation, as anything other than a knowing and willful furtherance of what appears more and more each day as a criminal conspiracy — beginning with his acceptance of appointment as special counsel, taking over what Comey had described under oath as a “counterintelligence investigation” — a designation which does not fit the requirements for appointing a special counsel:

        28 CFR § 600.1 Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.

        “The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted ***”

        The people directly conducting the investigation before Comey got fired were Peter Strzok, working under his boss, Bill Priestap — both of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, which is a separate division from the Criminal Division. If it had been a criminal investigation — which is the only kind of investigation a special counsel can be appointed to conduct — one would think that Comey would have testified that it was a criminal investigation (which he did not) and that people from the FBI’s criminal division would have been the ones conducting the investigation (which they were not).

        And that all relates to the nonsense arguments that Trump may have obstructed justice by firing Comey.

        Lots of people, Turley included, have offered opinions about why Trump did or didn’t obstruct justice, but none of the opinions I’ve heard mention that obstruction of justice doesn’t apply to interference with a counterintelligence investigation (assuming that such interference might have occurred), because the point of a counterintelligence investigation is not justice. The purpose of a counterintelligence investigation is NOT prosecution or “justice.” That only applies to crimes, and when Comey was fired, there were no indications that anything BUT a counterintelligence investigation was under way, therefore no legal basis to appoint a special counsel to take over the investigation. And Mueller KNOWS it.

        And then when Mueller took over the investigation, the first thing he did was hire on the same counterintelligence people that had been working on Comey’s counterintelligence investigation.

        Again, there is no lawful basis I’m aware of for a special counsel to conduct a counterintelligence investigation.

        Rosenstein might have appointed Mueller as special counsel, but Rosenstein’s conduct cannot override the written law — and Mueller knows it.

        From the perspective of being in potential legal jeopardy, I’d feel much more comfortable being almost any person Mueller is investigating than I’d feel being Mueller. But that assumes the rule of law still applies, and that’s a pretty big assumption these days.

  5. I’m pretty good with math. So Andrew’s wife Jill, blew through the $700,000 that the Clintons gave her? Usually the GoFundMe cash scam gets cherry picked for other projects like kitchen or bathroom remodeling & a new car & motorcycle. Throw in a new boat for fishing trips while in retirement.

  6. Interesting that four whores seems to be occupying the media lately: Stephanie Clifford, Michael Avenatti, James Comey, and Andy McCabe. That figures. Presstitutes love writing about political prostitutes.

    1. And let’s not forget to mention their many pimps including Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Morning Joe adulterers, CNN executives, NBC executives, CBS executives, ABC executives, print media (goes without saying), etc.

    2. Supporters of our depraved President would be well advised to avoid using the words whore, slut, or trollop.

      Have a Great Day.

      1. So much fun to watch Morning Whores Joe & Mika talk about Stormy Daniels case with such zeal. Can you imagine if their exes violated their settlement agreements/NDAs to talk about the charming couple’s sleazy affair that ensnared innocent former spouses and children from two families? And what about the glee in confirmed liar Brian Williams’ eyes every evening as he tries to nitpick and undermine the president with his self-absorbed, smarmy and sarcastic style. People in glass houses……?

          1. Nope. Direct response to character (and motives) of major Trump antagonists. Trump is horn dog – we all get that and baked into cake long time ago. Three cases now given much attention by leftist/vindictive media is about money grab$ by “victim$” and contingency fee$ for attorney$ $eeking $ettlement$.

            Have a wonderful day in sun wearing rose colored glasses.

            1. Trump is depraved, incompetent and a disgrace to his office.

              I have other objections but those are the most salient.

              Have a fine Easter holiday, You and Yours

  7. I don’t suppose there was Any pressure at all from Trump, and then that stalwart man Sessions? Nah… Probably not. Thus the theatrics. And the insane hypocrisy of straining at this gnat while letting camels of corrosive behavior pass through unnoticed. Sure. That’s what happened.

    1. Wait a second, are you attacking the FBI? I thought that criticizing our law enforcement agencies was an attack on our way of life?
      You seem to be implying that this time, and this time only, the career FBI professionals caved to pressure and came out with a phony report. I guess it’s a step because you can now acknowledge that a few higher ups at the FBI may have been politically influenced to file false claims with the FISC.

  8. What happened? Distancing. He’s out they are still in. He’s jobless with no early pension they see the handwriting on the wall. Raw deal. Should have thought of that sooner instead of thinking of themselves as the annointed of God in the heavens I hope though some of those are publicly distanced remember how easy it is to go from sinecure to no paycheck. However McCabe is blazing new trails and many are taking notes for when it’s their turn. It only takes one unsecured piece of paper or one vidtape segment. Especially when the public smells blood and has something to say about it ….this time.

  9. He didn’t lose his pension so why is he begging for handouts? The people who donated to his “gofundme” plea are fools, or democrats. Same-same……….

    1. You are allowed your own opinion–no matter that it’s probably hannity’s–but not your own facts. The facts are that any and all who contributed to this patriot’s defense fund are doing so because they realize the danger all patriots are in who dare investigate or challenge the day glo bozo and the lackey’s who have sold their souls to curry favor with the day glo bozo. On the bright side, once even people like you catch on to the big con you fell for, you can just disappear into the anonymity of reddit, or wherever it is you people get your “facts.”

      this is to “how’d they know he was a fraud this whole time, but hannity didn’t?” beakette

      1. This patriot lied repeatedly ti the IG and the Office of Professional Responsibility. Not to mention being implicated in using Democratic Party oppo research to get a FISA warrant. Oppo research produced by the firm for which Bruce Ohr’s wife works. Not to mention supervising Peter Sztrok, the busiest man in the Deep State. It used to be ‘Dissent is Patriotic’. Now it’s scamming around and gross abuse of power is patriotic. Cue Nelson Rockefeller: “I luuuuuuv it”.

  10. Ah, so Mr. McCabe needs money for a legal defense. Sure sounds like he knows criminal charges are forthcoming. It’s time for all his ‘supporters’ to step up to the plate and donate so he won’t tell what he knows.

    Just a bit ironic that Gen. Flynn reportedly had to sell his house to pay for his legal bills while Mr. McCabe is already reaching out to his ‘friends’.

    Sure sounds like July 4th won’t be the only day we’ll be seeing fireworks this year.

    1. Mike Peterman,..
      – Another possible use of McCabe’s “legal defense fund” might be for civil suits if McCabe and his lawyers see an opening to sue anyone over his firing.
      Then another legal defense fund could be set up for the targets/defendants McCabe sues.

      1. I wonder if he would actually attempt to sue his employer for wrongful termination. That would be something. There’s already significant proof of his deeds that he should have been fired months ago.

        1. mike peterman – I read that there is a procedure for wrongful termination. He would have to start the paperwork.

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