California DMV Surpasses One Million Driver’s Licenses For Undocumented Individuals

download-1California reached a milestone recently in its immigration laws: the state has now given over one million illegal or undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses.  Passed in 2013 by sponsor Luis Alejo, Assembly Bill 60  required the California Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants as long as they can prove their identity and residence within the state. As of March 31st, some 1,001,000 undocumented immigrants have received licenses.  The state has reached this goal at a time when it is on a collision course with the Trump Administration on immigration enforcement as well as some of its own cities.  The result is rising rhetoric on both sides and an inevitable court fight.

California is not alone.  Some twelve states and the Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.  One interesting fact from this article: “Undocumented immigrants were free to receive driver’s licenses anywhere in the U.S. until 1993, when California became the first state to restrict access and 45 others followed suit.”

By allowing these individuals to have driver’s licenses, they can obtain insurance and comply with other state regulations.


What do you think? Should there be a bar on driver’s licenses?

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  1. Anything that contrives to make life in America more comfortable for illegal aliens encourages them to stay and encourages more chain migration from among their relatives back home. So, no special permits or licenses of any kind should be accorded illegals. No official identity documents should be accorded illegals. No public welfare benefits should be accorded illegals bar the public defender’s office and trauma care. Keep in mind, schooling is a welfare benefit.

  2. There’s a simple solution to the problems California creates for the rest of the Union: kick. them. out. Build The Wall aaaallll the way around the California border.

  3. The licenses have coding in their mag strips that read “Undocumented”. And recipients are told they cannot be used for boarding planes. Recipients are also told the licenses may not be valid outside California.

    Since the passage of AB 60 in 2015, California has experienced a drop in Hit & Run Accidents. What’s more there has been no increase in overall traffic mishaps. Therefore, from a traffic safety standpoint, the law has been a success.

    From a security standpoint, the licenses make good sense. More than a million Undocumented Immigrants now have their fingerprints and photos on file with the state. This makes sense! California is making an attempt to document the undocumented.

    One must note that large ratios of Undocumented Immigrants are married to legal citizens and, or, have American-born children. They might also have parents, cousins, aunts and uncles who are legal citizens. They are often embedded in communities where they have lived quite openly for up to 30 years. Many are owners of homes and businesses.

    In granting these drivers’ licenses California is merely being pragmatic. The Undocumented Immigrants are going to be driving on public streets whether they have licenses or not. Many, if not most, are employed and need motor vehicles for getting to work. Women working night shifts may not be safe standing on bus stops long after dark.

    The recipients of these licenses know they are no guarantee of citizenship. The limitations of these licenses are made clear in Spanish language disclaimers. But again the process allows some degree of documentation. That makes more sense than keeping people underground.

    1. “In granting these drivers’ licenses California is merely being pragmatic.”

      In the usual, short-sighted liberal sense, I guess it is. Now, let’s play “Truth and Unintended Consequences….” a fun way to experience the knee-jerk, self-realizing, and basic low intelligence solutions offered by today’s leftists.

      1. slohrss,

        The progression of debating the root cause, which isillegal aliens, to debating the merits of the consequences of their existence in this country is not accidental. This will continue, and before long we’ll be debating voting rights and a requirement that undocumented residents have equal representation in government.

        1. Well, yes–indeed. A band-aid fix, and a nefarious one at that. Just as toads points out below. I was actually trying not to dig that far… thought maybe a statement that could had some potential for real argument was good; and would leave a better opening for the entire truth at a later point. Lots of poor arguments around here.

      2. “Today’s leftists..??” It sounds like you never left the Reagan era. But wait a minute– Reagan granted amnesty to several million immigrants!

        So I take that back. You never got to the Reagan era.

    2. In granting these drivers’ licenses California is merely being pragmatic.

      Yeah. It’s a conduit for sluicing other benefits to illegal aliens. The Democratic Party gotta patronage. They’re merely being pragmatic.

    3. Peter Hill:

      More pragmatic would be to line up several hundred buses to run south to Tijauna and upon license issuance shuffle these job grabbers back from whence they came. It will take a while but we got buses and drivers out the ying yang. At 72 passengers per bus and say 200 buses we could get a million out in less than 70 runs!

  4. I suppose the only benefit in issuing driver’s licenses to illegals is road safety – to ensure they can pass a basic test of driving skills. Otherwise, the driver’s license is just an entre into quasi-legal status, as it allows the illegal to open a bank account, rent an apartment, and so forth. Does the CA DMV issue a non-driving ID to illegals? If so, the intent is to create a semi-legal status for the bearer, since the ID has no relation to driving. And the benefit to the government is that databases of illegals will make it easier to locate and deport them, although with the porous border situation, anyone who is deported will eventually make his or her way back to the U.S. It should be noted that the IRS provides an identification number to illegals so they they can pay their federal taxes, but it is just a number – there is no card issued that could be used for general identification purposes, unlike a state driver’s license.

    1. The drivers license opens up a bank account and that opens up an utility bill and the utility bill or copy of is all you need to register to vote in California.

      Oregon suggests using the last four numbeers of your sociali security so let’s say 1,2,3 4,5, and four means up to 99,999 whoops forgot zero . make that 999,999 could have the same last four as your randomnly selected. last four. Oregon also mails voting ballots out to all addresses that were formerly receiving ballots in the mail or registration iinformation etc. They check nothing.

  5. Trump Administration should allow “all” illegal non-felons a “one time” national registration to gain a green card status to be here lawfully, first to know who these people are and their location, and once they are registered, if “any” of those names shows up on a voting roll it’s “automatic felony deportation!” If this were to happen, California would start deporting them.

    1. Can’t get a green card without a job with verifiable employer address. Maybe some other color or color combination . but if it doesn’t have that little embedded chip , a photo of the face and a finger print along with height, weight etc. it’s not Identification. The chip can have all the voting information and everything else about your background. DMV ID and vehicle operator license, bank cards, government and private employer ID Cards can all use that same one size fits all card. .

    1. It’ll just make this state a darker shade of blue; and cement California to the bottom for public education.

    2. “German prosecutors file for extradition of ex-Catalan leader Puigdemont Hans-Edzard Busemann.

      BERLIN (Reuters) – German prosecutors filed a request to a regional court on Tuesday for the extradition of former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to Spain, where he faces charges of rebellion over the region’s campaign for independence.”

      President Trump must extradite Jerry “Clown – Moonbeam” Brown to Gitmo.

      Civil War II is on.

      Let’s get this party started.

      1. Neither you, nor any other wackjob on this bedlam site will so much as say a word to another person in real life. In reality, you’re all merely scared, timid, frightened old gullible fogeys who think the world is just moving to fast. So fire away keyboard warrior, hoard your silver and order more cammo underwear.

        This is to “and I ordered a book on self-defense, too” georgie- paulie

        1. Marky Mark Mark – you ever find that preliminary hearing thingie in your Crim Law 101 textbook?

  6. If a person is in the country illegally and they can’t get a license then they will drive anyway without one or take public transportation, or not drive. They will have no connection with society. If they drive anyway they may be, without the licensing procedures, ie training, be more of a danger to others on the roads. They will not contribute to the insurance pool, into which everyone who drives legally pays. They will not contribute into the income from registration and other fees. They will not be connected to a specific car if that car is in an accident or otherwise is needed to be found, for violations or whatever. In short they will be invisible.

    Connecting an illegal immigrant to a driver’s license is far more beneficial to society than refusing to do so. Once an illegal immigrant receives a driver’s license, they can be found, incarcerated, deported, etc. Refusing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is a lose, lose situation with the society the bigger loser.

    1. Nothing builds our national character better than rewarding illegal activity with the privilege of voting. What a wonderful way to connect with society.

        1. Pennsylvania has a “motor voter” law. When you register for your driver’s license, they ask if you’d like to register to vote. They have solid evidence that over 100,000 non-citizens have registered to vote this way in PA.

          Philadelphia commissioner Al Schmidt does a great job explaining it in this video. He starts talking at the 56 minute mark. His mic is off until the 57 minute mark. He explains from about the 57 minute mark to the 63 minute mark how this happened and how they determined 100,000 people illegally registered to vote. So about 6 minutes. Worth watching.

        2. And being in this country illegally used to have no connection with rights and privileges. Nudge. Nudge. Nudge.

    2. “They will not contribute to the insurance pool, into which everyone who drives legally pays. ”

      There is no connection in CA with registration and insurance so people who are already breaking the law will most likely not follow having insurance.

      1. Jim 22

        Most illegal immigrants would register and insure their cars. They may be illegal but not that stupid. If they get pulled over and can’t produce the registration, proof of insurance, and license then it is more certain that they get bounced. The ones that are off the grid are out of this argument. The connection is common sense, something sorely wanting on the Republican/Turnip side of the equation.

        Regarding voting rights, this is another thing that is wrong with the American system. In order to vote a person should have to be registered with proof of eligibility to vote in the relevant election, ie federal elections means proof of citizenship. No one should be able to vote in an election without id specific to the act. If that can be attached to a drivers license at the DMV, ie when obtaining a drivers license, showing proof of citizenship, equals the voting specific id.

        The purpose of drivers licenses is not to monitor people but to maintain control over who operates a vehicle in public. Anyone who drives should have a license, be trained, pay into the system, etc. It has next to nothing to do with illegal immigration. As a matter of fact it serves as a vehicle to identify and perhaps deport illegal immigrants. So, the argument specific to the subject has little if anything to do with the argument(s) on illegal immigrants and their rights or lack thereof.

        1. “Most illegal immigrants would register and insure their cars.”

          You do not know this. You are purely speculating. You are taking the side of someone who has already broken the law and now feel compelled to say that they would follow a law that isn’t linked to registering a vehicle? In CA you can cancel your insurance anytime after registering a car saving you money. In NY if you cancel you insurance, they notify the DMV and they come after you pretty quickly to turn in your plates.

          ” If they get pulled over and can’t produce the registration, proof of insurance, and license then it is more certain that they get bounced. ”

          So you are admitting that giving them a license is just another way for them to hide among the LEGAL citizens of this country.

          “As a matter of fact it serves as a vehicle to identify and perhaps deport illegal immigrants.”

          You know damn well that this would never be used as a deportation method. The libs would scream their lungs out.

          Jesus issac, are you even thinking about what you are writing?

          1. Isaac: Calif won’t even allow its POLICE to report criminal illegals to ICE. Do you seriously think the state will nevertheless allow its DMV to report illegals without proper licenses, insurance and car registration? C’mon guy; get real!

            1. Jim22 Tin

              The two of you, among too many others, view life with blinders. The basis of your argument is ludicrous. The last thing an illegal immigrant wants is to be noticed, regardless of whether or not it is in California or Texas. You imagine they are laughing at the system and taking advantage by not paying insurance and other costs. I had the experience of going to court to reverse a speeding ticket-was successful-and I had to wait from two in the afternoon until five o’clock. There were dozens of people up for driving without a license, registration, insurance, etc. They were all ‘natural born citizens who could give a sh*&. There was not one immigrant, naturalized or not. These were typical people who flaunted the law and if they were illegal would have been deported, even in California; six, seven, + times offenders. This was a dozen years ago before the fear of being deported was as it is now. Where were all those illegal, non licensed, non insured, immigrants?

              You weigh your argument with the typical mean spirited perspective of the alt right. Firstly, of the eleven million illegal immigrants in the US, the vast majority-statistics prove-do not break the law on the same scale as the locals. They have so much more to lose, especially now. Secondly, most of your perspective seems to be coming from listening to that lying sack of horse apples, the turnip, the President. Illegal immigration is at its lowest since 1971 and was before the turnip. The turnip would have you believe that it was never worse before he came along and the low statistics are due to him. If you believe that, you are the dupes he needs. Thirdly, Bush sent 6,000 national guard to the borders, resulting in a tightening and lowering of entries. Obama sent over 1,200 national guard to the borders, resulting in the lowest levels. Yet, the turnip will state that he and he alone thought of it and was the first to do it and only he can fix it. Our vaunted President is all BS and is primarily in office because his dupes actually believe him. Obama’s record for deportations has still to be surpassed. The big difference between Obama’s deportation procedures is that he was focusing on the garbage and being successful in getting rid of them. He made arrangements for those who deserved a chance. The turnip does not have the ability to think that carefully. The twit can only tweet.

              So, boys, step back out of your mean spirited perspective and imagine a third of the illegals getting the boot, a third becoming naturalized over a long period, and a third-those who have been here for decades on a fast track. That was what was happening but without the tweeting lying sack of horse apples we have now for a President.

              Your reality is precisely what the turnip ordered.

  7. I did hear that one of the candidates for governor of Arizona is proposing a wall between Arizona and Califonia. We have sent our National Guard to protect our water rights from California.

    1. Good idea. The labor can be performed by prisoners and the construction materials (cinder blocks, etc.) can be paid for by donations and fines.

  8. Insurance industry lobbyists most likely who promoted this . LEO also wins. Ditto used car dealers, auto inspection stations, landlords, and many other special interests.

    1. Insurance is not linked to registration in CA. All you have to do is show proof of insurance and you can cancel it the next day.

      1. jim22

        I assume that you just wanted to make that particular point. Surely, you know it doesn’t refute my point.

  9. California and the Southwest were stolen from Mexico. It’s their promised land. They have a biblical right of return.

    1. We fought for California and the Southwest. Mexico hardly had a fingernail here. They have no Biblical right of return, plus we paid them for it and the Gadsen Purchase. Learn some history.

    2. Actually, you need to study history. There was no Mexico prior to the colonization of the Aztec Empire by Spain. It was Spanish explorers that claimed what is now the Southwest USA for the King of Spain. Prior to 1848. land holdings in the Southwest USA were granted by Spain. Last time I checked, Spain is in Europe.

      After a struggle for independence from Spain, the Republic of Mexico was established in 1824. That government acquired control of the Spanish land claims. The U.S. and Mexico went to war in 1846 and in 1848, under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ceded what is now the Southwest USA to to the United States just as the French ceded to Great Britain some of its territories claimed in mainland North America at the Treaty of Paris following the French and Indian War.

      Mexico technically controlled the lands in what is now the Southwest USA for a very brief period (24 years). However, those that owned land there considered themselves Spanish, not Mexicans.

    3. Wrong. Mexico only controlled that territory for a period of decades, there are no Mayan or Aztec ruins in U.S. territory. Prior to that, it was controlled by Spain for centuries, and prior to that, by the Native Americans for tens of thousands of years. That is an historical fact, very easy to verify. We have all been alive longer than Mexico could lay claim to our Southern states.

      1. James – there is a Mayan/Aztec ballcourt north of Flagstaff, Arizona at Wupatki.

      2. James – there are parrot feathers and seashells at Chaco Canyon. There are trading routes from the Mexico City area to southern South Dakota.

    4. The population of Mexican peninsulares, criollos, mestizos and mission Indians was numbered in five digits. The land was occupied by aboriginals who had no particular connection to Mexico. In Texas, Anglophone settlers outnumbered Mexicans 3-1 by 1836. There was little or nothing in the way of a Mexican society in the southwest. It was ‘Mexican’ only according to diplomatic convention. And, of course, there wasn’t any infrastructure there, either.

    5. California from San Francisco south belonged to Spain (and Mexico for 24 years).

      California from the Golden Gate Bridge north belonged to Russia (as did Alaska). In fairness, California should admit 11 million illegal Russians and provide them with drivers’ licenses and free public education.

  10. ICE holds pregnant moms in bad conditions. Thought Turkeys carred about things like that. Defense of da Trumpocracy is his thing now.

    1. ICE holds pregnant moms in bad conditions.

      Don’t stop there Ken. If you’re going to go the ignorant and impassioned bleeding heart route, then include the starving children laboring in the fields and the disabled. Oh, and the elderly escaping torture in their home country. ICE hates dogs too.

    2. If ICE is holding pregnant women in “bad conditions,” then they should all be deported immediately to the lovely conditions they left in Mexico and Central America. Put them on a plane today!

  11. They aren’t just undocumented immigrants, with their shiny new licenses they are also guest voters.

  12. What wasn’t mentioned in this blurb, was the original ‘intent’ was to make the roads safer (okay, you can stop choking now), and the statistics have shown that so far, no changes in traffic incidences have occurred.

    So no safer, but not a stretch to think that probably a few hundred thousand have been voting.

      1. I suppose it depends on which state you live in. In my state, we have to show a driver’s license to vote.

  13. It is time to remove the State of CA from the United States union. Build up a Wall. Do not let any Californian out unless they can prove citizenship. Drivers license is not good enough–for anything.
    Ducks and geese and spics better scurry…
    When I take you out in the surrey…
    When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!

  14. ICE’s Latest Stop for Deportations: The DMV

    A Freedom of Information Act Request reveals that immigration agents were instructed to search DMV records to target immigrants.

    The Obama administration—which deported a record 1.5 million people in its first term—enthusiastically promoted the deportation of criminals. Still, many immigrants facing deportation point out that they were picked up after being racially profiled while driving. That was Obama, not Trump.

    1. Your favorite team isn’t the issue. The issue is drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.

  15. “… as long as they can prove their identity and residence within the state.”

    One benefit would also be that ICE would be able to locate them from the address provided to obtain a drivers license. And if the address is fake, it’s one more strike against them toward deportation.

    No mention in this article about the drivers license allowing them to vote? ? ? ?

  16. “By allowing these individuals to have driver’s licenses, they can obtain insurance and comply with other state regulations.”

    This says everything you need to know about this insanity. How about they comply with a federal regulation about being here illegally?

    Oh, and just so Mr. Turley knows, you do not have to have insurance to have a registered car in CA.

    1. You know, with all that blather and bluster, the 11 million aren’t leaving. Bet that.

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