Chinese Sperm Bank Limits Donors To Those Who “Love The Socialist Motherland”

Sperm-egg300px-National_Emblem_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China_(2).svgA Beijing sperm bank is looking for millions of fellow travelers in possible donor sperm.  Peking University Third Hospital has insisted that donors must “love the socialist motherland.”  You must also pass medical testing.

Communist donors will receive 5,500 yuan (£622; $872) but must be found to have “favorable political qualities.”

The pressure is obvious on this rare film:

Kudos: Professor Donald Clarke


12 thoughts on “Chinese Sperm Bank Limits Donors To Those Who “Love The Socialist Motherland””

  1. In China, you now get a score on your social credit. Your transactions, friendships, public statements, private interactions, and anything else that Big Brother in China can track, gets a score. A low score means you may not travel or…apparently, breed via sperm bank.

    This is what an all powerful government and few individual rights look like. This is what Communism and Socialism really looks like, and yet such paradigms are espoused by academics who should know better.

    We should be wiser than to romanticize giving away individual rights and liberty.

  2. I thought communists maintained the sharing, peace-loving ideology. Why do they steal other nation’s intellectual property and technology? Why are they so dogmatic and strident, and why do they have such a lethal and rapidly growing military?

    I think I’d rather have freedom and be self-reliant.

  3. Wouldn’t it be something if this process produced a bunch of gay conservatives!

  4. Every donor receives his own Little Red Porno Mag to increase production
  5. Do the Chinese really need sperm banks? I thought they bred like rabbits……

  6. At last the progressives have a homeland again something they have long needed since 1992 and the fall of the USSR. This should be a win win win for everyone. .National, International and Progressives but mostly for the USA. Do you think they will take the offer? Problem is the officer seemed to be sexist or did I read it wrong? Men only?

  7. We had a sperm bank in Missoura. You went in, made a deposit of money, and went to the rear room with a female clerk. There she would work some things out on your body. When you were done, or she was done, you came out a happy person. The money and the sperm were in the bank. This bank was The Bank of Ferguson.

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