Report: Michael Cohen Once Threatened Harvard Students With Expulsion For Prank Involving Trump

Harvard_lampoon_tpsPresident Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, yesterday sought to elicit a modicum of sympathy for his position after a raid upon his office, home, and hotel room.  However, Cohen is not known for such empathy in his treatment of others in his controversial career. Cohen is known as a bully who threatens to ruin anyone who he deems to be a threat or impediment to Trump.  A new example of such allegations surfaced this week where a Harvard student said that Cohen threatened to have him expelled from the university over a successful prank orchestrated by the Harvard Lampoon.


The prank began in the summer of 2015, when the Lampoon staffers stole the so-called “president’s chair” from the Harvard Crimson — a long tradition at the school.  They took the chair to Trump Tower and told Trump and his staff that the Harvard Crimson was going to endorse him.  Trump proceeded to sit for a picture in the chair with his signature thumbs up gesture.

Cohen reportedly was then unleashed on the students and allegedly threatened Tom Waddick, to have the humor magazine’s staff kicked out of school. He is quoted as saying “I’m gonna come up to Harvard. You’re all gonna get expelled.  If this photo gets out, you’ll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow.”

They published the picture anyway.  If true, it fits a pattern of Cohen who bullies and threatens people but rarely goes to court.  He has cultivated a reputation as a heavy for Donald Trump who specialized in intimidation tactics.

Cohen stated how he did not deserve to be the target of such an investigation, but (for those familiar with his career) the investigation is not a surprise. Cohen has long shown a reckless disregard for professional standards and practices. He has also reportedly displayed little consideration for those he was threatening with ruin like a group of college kids or some former porn actress.  They also could ask why they deserved to have Cohen in their lives.

66 thoughts on “Report: Michael Cohen Once Threatened Harvard Students With Expulsion For Prank Involving Trump”

  1. Here Professor Turley tells us that Michael Cohen has long been known as Trump’s pit bull. The heavy-handed bullying tactics Turley attributes to Cohen reflect the business practices of Donald Trump himself.

    That’s Trump’s ‘business genius’; intimidating people with endless threats. And Michael Cohen was all too happy to deliver and execute those threats. Trump has, of course, brought this style to the White House; threatening anyone in his way. James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosentein, Robert Mueller are the best-known recipients of Trump’s bullying tactics.

    Therefore it is comical that porn star Stormy Daniels stood up to Trump’s threats with assistance from a lawyer ornary as Cohen. Invariably the bully unwittingly confronts another, more aggressive bully. That’s poetic justice.

  2. It seems pretty clear that Michael Cohen is a high-powered weapon that’s been fired in multiple directions. The raid will probably turn up other “eyebrow raisers”. But isn’t it time that the American people were given an honest perspective on the putative purpose of the raid; namely the Stormy Daniels affair. The only legal reason for an investigation cited so far is the charge that the $130,ooo.oo payoff was a secret campaign expense, and that failing to list it as that violated election laws.

    Think about that. Campaign expense? Does that mean that the law intended to force a candidate to declare payoffs to blackmailers? I’m sure that extortionists would avail themselves of that opportunity if they knew how much protection the law gave them. While Stormy Daniels is no blackmailer, there is no perspective on the law that withstands any kind of scrutiny that the payoff was a campaign expense. It’s not in the law, it didn’t work against John Edwards and it won’t work against Trump. The law is being used in such a perverse, nakedly political way that stinks to high heaven.

    Let’s just cut the crap. It’s a “shitload” charge, and deserves to be rejected outright.

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