Report: Michael Cohen Once Threatened Harvard Students With Expulsion For Prank Involving Trump

Harvard_lampoon_tpsPresident Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, yesterday sought to elicit a modicum of sympathy for his position after a raid upon his office, home, and hotel room.  However, Cohen is not known for such empathy in his treatment of others in his controversial career. Cohen is known as a bully who threatens to ruin anyone who he deems to be a threat or impediment to Trump.  A new example of such allegations surfaced this week where a Harvard student said that Cohen threatened to have him expelled from the university over a successful prank orchestrated by the Harvard Lampoon.


The prank began in the summer of 2015, when the Lampoon staffers stole the so-called “president’s chair” from the Harvard Crimson — a long tradition at the school.  They took the chair to Trump Tower and told Trump and his staff that the Harvard Crimson was going to endorse him.  Trump proceeded to sit for a picture in the chair with his signature thumbs up gesture.

Cohen reportedly was then unleashed on the students and allegedly threatened Tom Waddick, to have the humor magazine’s staff kicked out of school. He is quoted as saying “I’m gonna come up to Harvard. You’re all gonna get expelled.  If this photo gets out, you’ll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow.”

They published the picture anyway.  If true, it fits a pattern of Cohen who bullies and threatens people but rarely goes to court.  He has cultivated a reputation as a heavy for Donald Trump who specialized in intimidation tactics.

Cohen stated how he did not deserve to be the target of such an investigation, but (for those familiar with his career) the investigation is not a surprise. Cohen has long shown a reckless disregard for professional standards and practices. He has also reportedly displayed little consideration for those he was threatening with ruin like a group of college kids or some former porn actress.  They also could ask why they deserved to have Cohen in their lives.

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  1. And now for a REAL attorney with some integrity instead of the rubbish published by the wanna-be-attorney blogger:

      1. Yes, Dershowitz has always been consistent in his views and positions. The same can not be said for Turley. If the DOJ were doing this to the Clintons, Turley would be saying what Dershowitz is saying here, but since Trump is the target, he could care less about the egregious attack on attorney-client privilege. The difference is that Turley doesn’t stand for any values. He’s merely a partisan hack posing as a legal “scholar.”

  2. Trump said he is a stable genius, and he hires only the best people. Right there should show you his business model is really screwed up.

    1. Yeah, that multi-billionaire real estate mogul didn’t know anything about winning elections. Of course the economy sucks, N. Korea wants to meet and discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and China has blinked on tariffs. Oh, and Justice Gorsuch. Yeah, really screwed up.

  3. How far we’ve traveled in the past year: From Trump colluded with Russia to steal an election, to Trump has a bully for an attorney. In the meantime, 2 no-knock raids have been conducted by the FBI looking for the wrench Col. Mustard certainly used to kill Mrs. Peacock in the conservatory.. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI had gathered classified evidence on Clinton’s private email server and used it to indict….anyone in Trump’s orbit. Maybe they could strike an immunity deal with the Awan brothers to turn over evidence and testify against the Trump crime family. DWS could serve as a character witness for the Awan’s. Speaking of the Awans. Why didn’t the FBI just ask Cohen to forward photographs of his office filing cabinets and computer hard-drive and have him send it over to them; a la Xavier Becerra?

    By the way, did Cohen follow through on his threat against the characters in the Harvard Crimson saga to have them expelled?

    1. Olly,..
      There seems to be a near-blackout of any news/ coverage of the Awan issue.
      That must mean that it’s not important, right?😏

        1. Way to stay nimble Linda. Don’t you have a Koch-ALEC oligarchy breakfast report to submit this morning?

    2. Olly:

      Cohen should have just smashed his phones with a hammer and then Bleachbitted the hard drives. Worked for Lady MacBeth and looks to be DOJ policy judging from their kid glove treatment.

      1. That would have been reasonable given the precedent set by those you mentioned. However this isn’t about justice, this is lawfare and the DOJ is not a friendly force to Trump and his associates.

  4. JT is a lawyer. The police need to raid his home and ofriface and seize all documents about his clients.

    1. Liberty2nd – they need to raid his home at 4am, shoot Luna, seize all documents that look interesting on clients or students (some of his students are working for Trump) Then raid his office and classrooms on campus, search the backpacks and seize the laptops of all his students. Then raid the registrar’s office for student records of his.

  5. Odd how these allegations come out of the woodwork after several years.🧐 Sorry, I don’t believe anyone anymore.

    1. Shannon,
      Trying to get converts to the “There are no facts” cult, subsidized by wealthy conservatives?(Weyrich training manual at Theocracy Watch)

  6. Trump barely knew Cohen. Michael was the coffee boy alternating with Papadopolis.

    1. Cohen has been the top lawyer for the Trump Organization since 2011.
      I don’t know if you realize this, but it’s unlikely that anyone pays lawyers to fetch coffee.

        1. Chris Bacon,..
          – Based on her history, it seems more likely to be a blatant factual error.

      1. The defense, “Cohen was a low level employee”, is a washout and thereby explains why Trump threatened to fire Mueller and those who actually can serve the pink slip (pink tweet)? Cub reporter-Tom Nash.

        1. There was no reference in this column to anyone making the claim that Cohen was “a low level employee”.
          I don’t know how you managed to tie that in with the possibility of Trump firing Mueller, but I’ll let soneone else try to figure that out.

  7. The pivotal question is, does this illustrate strategy or stupidity on Trump’s part. Cohen seems to be the typical a** licking type that Trump needs around him. Cohen is also brash and chaotic; Trump likes that. Strategically, screw ups by Cohen and his ilk can be, as recently stated by Trump, dismissed as being done out of Trump’s control or design. Trump has stated that he was not aware of Cohen giving the porn star money. This independent buying off of the porn star by Cohen, if accepted for the truth, sets the precedent for other arguments. His minions, like himself are out of control. He didn’t commit the crime; one of his out of control minions did.

    This position is a result of some degree of intelligence. Or, Trump could simply be sloppy, stupid, and chaotic. Whatever Trump states to the tune of him not knowing and his minions being disconnected from his design(s), will have to align with what Mueller finds. It is an undeniable fact that Trump is a pathological liar and buffoon. That pivotal question is whether or not Mueller can prove that by tying it to a crime. In other words, Trump could be chuckling as all goes according to plan or shi**ing his pants.

    1. The Kremlin when they realized that they had experienced the Trump “gotcha” moment …cultivating and funding leverage they can’t use…sad.

    2. Isaac-
      It would be quite a feat if Mr Trump, with his gross mental dysfunction, has been able to get through life as Mr Magoo, without committing quite a few serious crimes in the process.

      1. Chris

        It’s the size and power of the pond. Trump navigated the waters of ponds in which he was a big fish, well connected, and historically rooted; and ponds that ran on money, of which he had plenty, his and OPM.

        Now, Trump is in a vastly larger pond. It remains to be seen if the tactics of ‘papering’ one’s adversaries, out gunning in court, or simply put, bullying, will work in Washington. A Mr. Magoo with unlimited funds, historically established connections, can still make billions pandering to the mega wealthy. Trump had a combination of boosts when he started: He was educated both on the job and formally. He had his father’s momentum, connections, banks, etc. His first project was underwritten by his father to the tune of $70mil, which afforded Trump $20+/- administration fees with which to start. The rehab of that building/project came at a time when terrific potential was offered by the City of New York in the form of tax write-offs, grants, etc as NYC was gentrifying. Trump came along at the right time. Trump rode the wave, yet still managed to go bankrupt six times.

        I am not saying Trump is incompetent in the pond from which he came. He is a crook, legally protected by the highest paid lawyers. He pays fines; but admits nothing. The question is, is Trump competent enough to be President. So far, no. Any fool off of the street could have done a better job thus far. Thus far Trump is Trump’s biggest obstacle to doing the job. The wealthy do not need tax cuts. The military needs to be reduced by 20%. Education needs to be better funded. The health care insurance system needs to be overhauled, two tier single payer with optional private. These and other moves were championed by Trump when he was fishing for attention. Then he id’d his crowd and designed his positions thusly. It doesn’t seem as if Trump really has much of an idea of what he is doing. Not Presidential material but good entertainment only. The sleeping question is do Americans want a snake oil salesman who entertains for a President or a competent leader? So far we have seen little to no competence.

        1. Birds of a feather- Kushner knew how to advantage himself, promised rehabs which were limited to affordable housing, then quickly morphed the scheme into luxury apartments.

          1. Good example. Here’s another example of the ‘businessman’ allowed to govern, Bernie Madoff. Bernie was chairman of the SEC and a political mover and shaker. These sort are akin to the religious extreme. They live by a set of principles that are designed to foster whatever they want. These principles are elastic and can fit whatever scheme they come up with in order to make money. Their maxims are as deep as any religion. Both Trump and Kushner have taken advantage of taxpayer funded incentives focused on affordable housing, to fund housing for the mega wealthy. It doesn’t matter what pocket you put the funds into, in the end all the pockets are in the same suit. These crooks are the very ones that should be restrained by government, not in government. This is all a** backwards, an oligarchy, just like Russia. On top of that, Trump has no minerals, spoiled privileged brat that never grew up. Trump reminds one of those inbred European aristocrats of the 19th and 20th Centuries, the ones that started WW1. Trump reminds one of the North Korean leader and other dictators that seem to be able to say the most ridiculous things and yet still have millions kissing their toes, bone spurs, etc.

  8. Your thesis is what? That Michael Cohen was rude to a collection of low-grade juvenile delinquents (upper class division), ergo attorney-client privilege for his clients is null?

    1. “The attorney-client privilege protects most communications between clients and their lawyers. But, according to the crime-fraud exception to the privilege, a client’s communication to her attorney isn’t privileged if she made it with the intention of committing or covering up a crime or fraud.”

      For your edification.

      Have a great day.

      1. What’s the crime? Try using something other than google to explain the crime-fraud exception. The same information needed could and should have been sought via a supoena. Cohen was cooperating and giving Mueller whatever he asked for.

        Never fear, whatever presidence this sets will come back and bite Democrats as well as cause Americans to be fearful of confiding in their attorney. You are so tainted by hate that you don’t look at the big picture, which is sickening.

        1. Shannon,
          You are so tainted by the “the means justify” oligarch wealth, that it is sickening.

  9. Seems like a missed opportunity. Too bad Trump wasn’t able to make a deal with the Harvard president to have the students expelled as a prank back. It would have been interesting to see how thick their skin would be. Or would the students turn into snowflakes and sue Trump and the school for hurting their feelings.

  10. this is not big news that Cohen is a blowhard lawyer; where has the NY Bar association been for all these years ?

    1. You want a New York lawyer suspended from the bar for threatening someone over the phone?

      That aside, professional discipline is not in New York enforced by the Bar Associations, but by affiliates of the Appellate Division of the state courts. IIRC, there is a disciplinary committee in each of the four judicial Departments. Cohen’s practice is located in the 1st Department.

  11. I would be more impressed if he got them expelled, but talk is talk and that is what attorneys do for their clients, especially in NYC. I will file this under Idle Threats.

  12. “They published the picture anyway.”
    My kind of students.

    When faced with a government associated bully, know that they eventually suffer their own comeuppance. Then the glory is yours.

  13. Hey Turley, why don’t you produce a new TV series, with each new episode about a different threat Made by Cohen. I’m sure it would be just as meaningful and popular as your post here …….

  14. While Turley does the rounds on the leftist media channels to promote the Deep State agenda to remove Trump at whatever cost and by any means necessary, mostly illegal, there are some REAL attorneys with some integrity discussing the DOJ, FBI, and Mueller scams and discussing the violation of our civil liberties. Turley pretends to care about civil liberties–but as I’ve said here a long, long time, he’s a phony, and always has been a phony.

    Now for some REAL attorneys, Alan Dershowitz and Joe DiGenova:

    1. “Deep State”

      How about the Illuminati, Ralph, where do they fit in?

      Have a great day, Bill

  15. Jonathan, good job tonight on Tucker. That was a pretty funny response you gave about Stormy. They should have had the split screen to show Tucker’ s response! Thanks for posting this story about Cohen. I’m a big Trump supporter, but I don’t feel so bad for Cohen anymore after reading this. I distrust the FBI, and hate these 5 AM no knock raids. Seems like it’s about intimidation. Maybe in this case though it’s one bully bullying another bully.

  16. Hey, phony Turley! Was Michael Cohen involved in covering up 911 failures in the US Government? Was Michael Cohen involved in the knowingly false prosecutions of certain individuals to protect criminals within the FBI who were working with murderer Whitey Bulger? Was Michael Cohen involved in the knowingly false prosecution of not just one innocent person but another innocent person in the anthrax crimes?

    No, he wasn’t. All those things were committed by the scumbag criminal Robert Mueller. But, of course, as a scumbag criminal, he’s just your kind of guy, right?

      1. Check in with Infowars for some new material, the whackier the better.

        Cordially, Bill

    1. Ralph,

      there were 3 big buildings in NYC on 911/2001 that fell down, it was a Crime Scene, What the Phkin Hell happened to the Evidence Mueller/RosenStein/Turley????

      Murdering Scum, Obstruction Of Just-US much?

      I think Turley may be tone deaf but what I think I’m hearing is normal American’s are thinking voting is rigged & their last resort is voting using other means?

      1. A Truther!

        Birther too?

        That’s whacky but it’s stale. Maybe a conspiracy involving aliens? Do your best.

  17. Prof Turley I’ve far more important issues to me the Trump& the Commie/Nazis Mueller & I’m just unwinding from the day.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it you that claimed Commie/Nazi Mueller, the guy that it’s easily provable involved in covering up god knows how many Murders of Americans & Foreigners, that Robert Mueller that you’ve on multiple times was a nice guy? (Roger Wheeler, more)

    Speak Up Please Mr Turley, the Owners aka the Citizens of the USA want hear your clearly defend this Human Piece of Filth, Bob Mueller.

    You wish to get into the crap, well please clarify as it seems to me, an owner what you are saying to the jury. It’s your Rep!

    FYI I don’t support firing Mueller , Rosentien, etc., I support Arresting these Phk’in Tratiors, etc. , & shipping then to Gitmo until such time we can call them in front of a JAG court.

    1. “Prof Turley I’ve far more important issues to me the Trump”

      You’re Trump?

      Now it’s starting to make sense…

      Have a Great Day.

    2. Of course oky1 wants dungeons for those who oppose authoritarian leaders. He’s all in for destruction of democracy.

  18. And this has to do about Russian collusion….oh that’s right it doesn’t. Wasn’t that was this whole thing was about, because I don’t hear that much anymore. It’s quite sad and real dangerous what’s going in our nation today.

  19. I very much doubt tha5 the Harvard students felt all that threatened, given that they went ahead and published the photo. It seems they correctly sized up Cohen as some big mouth attorney who was more bark than bite. And as for the poor little delicate flower of a porn star; give me a break! Attila the Hun couldn’t intimidate that shake down artist!

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