I am in New Orleans this week to speak at the Academy of American Appellate Lawyers (on Saturday) and celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of this great city. I lived in this wonderful when I taught at Tulane Law School.  It is always a joy to be back but particularly fun on this historical anniversary with my son, Jack, with me to enjoy the food and culture.

The city was founded in 1718 by Canadian-born French explorer Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville on the swampy, bend in the lower Mississippi River.  Nouvelle-Orléans is a wonderful aggregation of different cultures from its time under the control of France, Spain and America with accents added from Caribbean, European and African immigrants.

IMG_3550We arrived Thursday night and went to my favorite place for char-broiled oysters, Felix’s.  Tourists swamp Acme across the street but I have always gone to Felix’s and Jack is now hooked as having a dozen oysters and red beans and rice.

We then walked down Bourdon Street before turning in.  I will be sharing some of the highlights in the next couple days. I am staying at Loew’s Hotel on the edge of the French Quarter and across the street from Mother’s — my favorite place for breakfast.

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  1. I went to New Orleans a year after Katrina and returned two years ago for another visit. A completely different city. The homeless population has exploded in the Quarter. Not going back.

  2. Looks fine if you keep the blinders on. Mind what you step on…

  3. For various reasons New Orleans is by far the nicest city and region in all of North America. As noted by JT, there is a consortion of cultures which came together to form this place. Somehow the people there are the best in America.
    So folks, when you have some visitors from Europe or anywhere around the world come visit, think about a trip with them to the City of New Orleans. (music) Stranger from the City of New Orleans… don’t ya know I’m a native son. etc

  4. Used to live there. It’s a great place to visit, and a city that really knows how to throw a party.

  5. Thanks Professor Turley, looking forward to more posts. I took my son, Jack, there a couple years ago (looking at Tulane for college). We stayed in the CBD and walked to the quarter on morning for Cafe du Monde. On the way, I told him about the classic Bourbon Street scam, “Betcha I can tell ya where ya got ya shoes.” He obviously wasn’t listening. A few hours later he told me, “Mom, I lost my bet to this guy, fair and square. I didn’t think he could tell where I got my shoes, but he said “you got ’em right here on Bourbon Street.” A parental face palm moment, for sure! LOL! Don’t forget Camellia Grill when you’re uptown! Cheers!

  6. JT – you and Jack have to get into a Second Line and send us pics. 🙂

  7. The statue photo that Prof. Turley posted has the following commemoration, “The Union Must and Shall be Preserved”.
    Recognizing the affront that confederate statues were to citizens of the U.S., the New Orleans Mayor had statues that honored a side that fought for slavery, removed.
    The people currently funding the Republican Party at the highest levels, are the Kochs. The website for UnKochMyCampus.org recently published a treatise with one of the 5 chapters devoted to the Kochs. The title of the research is, “Advancing White Supremacy Through Academic Strategy.” Anyone who values education should read it.

  8. I recommend a bike tour for you and Jack. NoLo is a very unique American city, and a national treasure.
    I just finished reading “Andrew Jackson” by Brian Kilmeade…..it gives a wonderful portrait of the city just after LA had joined the union and the great civic unity that thwarted the British attempt at re-colonization.

  9. NuAHWl’ns’ 4 seasons: December, January, February, and a steamy Summer.

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  11. My favorite city for food: Felix’s, Central Market, Café Du Monde, and barbeque shrimp at Pascal’s Manale with their French bread! Stop for boiled crayfish, a Dixie beer and pralines in the quarter. Wow! Great memories. A lot of Italian connections in the city. “Laissez les bon temps rouler” in Nawlins!

  12. I would like just 2 things. A hot & spicy Cajun meal & a New Orleans style Funeral.

  13. I miss the restaurants of New Orleans. I have visited twice the Crescent City. One of my college roommates was from New Orleans and we talked a lot about ‘Nawlins. My favourite restaurant is Arnauld’s. I also love Brennan’s. Have a great time Professor Turley!

  14. “This great city” is, courtesy the federal government, now testament to what happens when you don’t have the sense to respect the evaluations of insurance underwriters. It’s also horribly crime-ridden. That’s not a fact of nature, but a result of policy decisions by state and local officials alike.

    While we’re at it, the dense settlement in Orleans and adjacent Parishes has a population of about 740,000. It’s a low-end-of-second-tier city, not a ‘great city’. An interesting and colorful place, but no more ‘great’ than Winnepeg or Nottingham (except that the murder rates in Winnepeg and Nottingham are about 1/20th that in New Orleans).

  15. Could call on Felix’s. Raw oysters in April used to be ok as it is a month with an “R,” but now? Hmmmm…. What about Domilise’s? That was my favorite during my Tulane days. But their fish sandwich was fried speckled trout back in those days, now it’s farmed catfish, but the po-boys are still great. Enjoy!

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