McCabe Alleges Other DOJ Officials Leaked To Media And Questions Comey’s Value As Witness

McCabeFormer acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe responded angrily to the finding of the Inspector General report and notably attacked the recollection of former FBI Director James Comey as a witness.  As I discussed in an earlier column, McCabe raised over a half million dollars on GoFundMe before the release of the report showing that he repeatedly made false statements to investigators as well as Comey.  The report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, appointed by President Barack Obama is blistering and says that McCabe intentionally lied to protect his image and record.  McCabe lashed out at the career officials behind the report and said Comey’s countervailing memory should not be given much credence.

The report found McCabe was the source of the leak to The Wall Street Journal about an FBI probe of the Clinton Foundation. McCabe previously said that Comey was informed of the leak and that it was routine.  The report says it was not routine and was not in “the public interest.”  Rather it found it was in McCabe’s interest.

“[W]e concluded that McCabe’s decision to confirm the existence of the CF investigation through an anonymously sourced quote, recounting the content of a phone call with a senior department official in a manner designed to advance his personal interests at the expense of department leadership, was clearly not within the public interest exception.”

Unfortunately, Trump again tweeted himself off the high road with a breathless tweet declaring McCabe “LIED! LIED! LIED!” and that all of the Russia allegations were “all made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!”

However, it was the “den of thieves and lowlifes” that investigated and implicated McCabe.  Trump also said McCabe was under the control of Comey.  Yet, McCabe questions Comey’s value as witness in his statement through counsel.

McCabe’s counsel, Michael Bromwich, wrote Congress that

“It is undisputed that Mr. McCabe was one of three senior FBI officials authorized to share information with the media, including on sensitive investigative matters . . . He chose to exercise that authority in October 2016, during one of the most turbulent periods in the history of the bureau, with the knowledge of Director Comey and other senior members of FBI management . . .

Mr. McCabe’s recollection of discussions he had with Director Comey about this issue is extremely clear; Director Comey’s recollection is, by his own acknowledgment, not at all clear. And yet two of the lack of candor allegations are based on Director Comey’s admittedly vague and uncertain recollection of those discussions. “

Yet the Inspector General concluded “While the only direct evidence regarding this McCabe-Comey conversation were the recollections of the two participants, there is considerable circumstantial evidence and we concluded that the overwhelming weight of that evidence supported Comey’s version of the conversation.”

Bromwich also makes a Michael Cohen-like threat of defamation against Congress as well as lawsuit against “the president and senior members of the administration.”  for “wrongful termination, defamation, constitutional violations and more.”  He added in true Cohen-like style “Thank you for providing even more material for the defamation suit we are actively considering filing against you and your colleagues. Stay tuned.”

I would rather not.  The chances of successfully suing Congress for defamation is exceptionally low in this type of circumstance.  Moreover, arguing wrongful termination after a long investigation from career employees finding that you lied is a rather tall order.

The more intriguing question is who the other DOJ officials might be.  Comey himself has testified that he never leaked information to the media.

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  1. The “den of thieves” to whom President Trump refers are very clearly Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok, et al, and not the investigators in the DoJ’s Office of the Inspector General or the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, none of whom are involved in the Mueller investigation or the FBI’s Clinton email or initial Trump-Russia investigation.

    1. Correct Mr. Dave. I wonder how a smart guy like Mr. Turley missed that. And McCabe was under the control of Comey, who had no compunction against leaking when his feelings got hurt. Birds of a feather, aka “den of thieves”.

  2. Section 8 of the IG Report is most damning to McCabe. To draw suspicion away from himself for the Oct 30 WSJ leak, he accused the leaders of the NYC and DC Field Offices of presiding over the leaker.

      1. INlegaleagle – oh, shoot. Now I have to read it. I was going to wait for the Cliffnotes. 😉

  3. Mathew Dowd on @ThisWeekABC “Nobody trusts that anyone in the government has any integrity”. That was Trump’s strategy all along. It’s not a coincidence. It’s a tactic used by weak men to gain and maintain power. From abusive partners to dictators, trust only me.

    A very astute observation about Trump and his intentions. He follows the dictator’s handbook to a T.

    1. Pray tell, which dictator handbook allows for an Independent Counsel like Mueller’s staff, filled with about 80% staunch political enemies of the “dictator?” Me thinks thou would not know a dictator if it bit thou on thou’s rear side.

      1. Staunch political enemies of the dictator? Oh, please. What hyperbolic nonsense.

        He made his authoritarian tendencies perfectly clear on the campaign trail and continues to do so now.

        1. Why don’t you give some examples of Trump’s alleged authoritarian tendencies that are described in your “dictators handbook”, moey? Do you actually know what a dictator is? You are talking hyperbolic mindless BS. Seven more years. Get over it.

          1. I guess you forgot about Obama’s authoritarian pen from his last term in office. One that wrote in a huge sector of the economy without any Congressional vote. That’s some pretty big authority. I’m sure you were OK with it at the time; “it’s good, it helps people…” Well, here you go. …. goose, is good for the gander and all of that. Similarly to Warren’s “consumer watchdog group” or whatever it is that she helped create. Now she doesn’t like the Trump guy. Imagine that, some rocket science in action there. Your silly little arguments are tiny in the grand scope of the situation. No, it’s clear: wipe the surface clean and start over. Be nice if we had no republicrats we had to choose from.

    2. So.

      McCabe lied, Comey lied, McCabe and Comey are calling each other liars, Lynch and Comey are calling each other liars, 12 people have been fired/resigned/demoted, 4 others are lawyered up/silenced/cooperating witnesses in the DOJ/FBI criminal investigation, Brennan is having a public meltdown …… all because of their behavior during a Presidential election ….

      ….. and THAT is Trump’s fault ?

      You are going to need to brace yourself for a harsh reality. Trump’s only crime was winning an election.

      The only crimes about to be exposed are the corrupt institutional establishments attempt to stop him.

      1. Haha. Keep telling yourself that. Pravda/Infowars spin prattle doesn’t affect federal grand juries.

        this is to “but hannity swore it was all fake” inilegal

        1. It takes a lot of willful blindness to write a post about lying and NOT include Trump and his communications team!!!

  4. The rumor is that Mueller gave Comey blanket immunity. McCabe has every right to try to destroy Comey as a witness. He is going to be the star witness at his criminal trial.

    1. Fascinating to watch Comey’s public meltdown – he does not enjoy ‘immunity’ with Horowitz/Huber/Sessions.

      He already has a laundry list of inconsistencies on record. Where is his lawyer as he is creating even more?

      Sir, everything you say can and will be used against you ……..

      1. Meltdown? Watching the short video clips, I see no evidence of a meltdown. Looking forward to watching his interviews and reading the book which covers far more than just his interactions with Trump.

        1. I would bet a large amount of money that mo was screaming for Comey’s head, after he exposed Hillary as a dumb grossly negligent criminal hack. Then there was that Weiner e-mail thang.

          1. No, I couldn’t stand Clinton and can’t stand her today. My position is that Comey was put into terribly difficult circumstances both regarding closing the investigation [Lynch and Bill on the tarmac] and reopening it [the fact that both candidates were under investigation].

            You can wire me the money tomorrow.

            1. Mo,…
              – Comey put himself in that position; there were others who could have, and should have, made the call on whether Hillary should face criminal charges.
              I’ve commented on this before, but there was an article ( before Comey was fired) quoting people who knew Comey.
              The criticism of Comey by those who had known him for some time was that Comey viewed himself as THE moral arbitrator of all issues.
              As the head of a law enforcement agency, an investigative agency, Comey overstepped by making and announcing a decision that should have been made by a prosecutor.

              1. Mo,…
                – I’ll add that McCabe, Strzok, and almost certainly Comey knew about the Huma Abedin/Weiner laptop by late September, 2016.
                Why did he wait until late Octobed to announce the reopening of the case?
                Had he made a timely announcement a month earlier, the email issue would have been off the table by the Nov. 8th election.
                By waiting until 12 days before the election, he once again created and interjected himself into a situation that could have been avoided.

                1. Tom Nash – and Comey’s reason given for not interviewing Anthony Weiner is the worst in criminal justice.

            2. I won’t take your word for it, mo. And your sympathy for Comey is comical. He’s a big boy and nobody forced him to do anything.

          2. Don M.,..
            – Now that Comey is at odds with Trump, he’s been “adopted” by much of the left.
            Before he was fired, Comey was pretty much disliked and distrusted equally by Democrats and Republicans.
            That changed when he was fired; as far as “acceptance”, Comey seems to have more acceptance now then he could have had by continuing as FBI Director.

        2. The “book” IS the meltdown.

          Comey Book:

          Ch 1: Leaking Classified Memos to the NY Times

          Ch 2: Lying Under Oath

          Ch 3: Helping Your Deputy Lie Under Oath

          Ch 4: Letting The Clintons Skate

          Ch 5: What Was On Weiner’s Laptop (Redacted)

          Ch 6: Insurance Policies

          Ch 7: Using Fake Dossiers to Obtain Wiretaps

      1. mo – I do not remember where I read it, but it came out right after Comey (friend of Mueller) gave his memos to Mueller.

          1. mo – sorry I could not be more help. It was one of those unnamed sources tell us …. articles. Take for what it is worth. That is why I put it down to a rumor.

            However, the fact that Comey gave four classified memos to Mueller without repercussion means he might have gotten a deal. They were handing out immunity like candy for Hillary’s staff.

    1. I will admit that they are deserting the trainwreck that is the day glo bozo’s administration.

      this is to “but, but hannity said President’s can’t get indicted” laurie

      1. Thank you for your CNN informed opinion. We will take it for what it is worth..

  5. mccabe-alleges-other-doj-officials-leaked-to-media-and-questions-comeys-value-as-witness/

    Maybe arrest and prosecution will bring them all out. The “collusion” thing has been a great projection away from the criminals. Is there anyone out there with the courage to catch the witch and here henchmen.

  6. Here is what Glenn Greenwald has to say: “I started to re-tweet these one by one, then realized the whole thread captures the crux of DC culture, and why the monomaniacal focus on Trump as singular evil isn’t just misleading, but also a self-protective tactic by DC elites to ensure DC’s real pathologies aren’t addressed:”

    Please check out his twitter feed because if I put the whole tweet in here my comment goes into moderation.

    My point being that the entire system is in a state of pathology. None of this is one off, not McCabe, not Comey, not Clinton, not Trump.

    1. I don’t always agree with Greenwald but in this case I agree 100%. And I do think ‘den of thieves’ is an apt description of D.C. culture.

    2. I absolutely love Glenn Greenwald. IMO Glen’s quote in your post is the most pithy and accurate summary of our current political drama. Our entire political drama is simply the result of too much money circulating DC, and a constant (literally) back and forth pull among the money class to get more money, which equals power. The idea that anyone in DC gives a holy crap about anything other than money and power is certainly a pipe dream. Even if one starts out as the most perfect idealist, the very second you set foot in the swamp (sworn in), the fat lady has started singing. The search and need for more money and power replaces everything prior.

      Further note R. Glenn: I visited Glenn’s site several times. Almost every visit his site seems banal, especially it’s constant blue pill sympathy in almost every story.

  7. J. Edgar Hoover was the main conspirator for the killings of JFK, MLK and RFK. The FBI and CIA launder the websites all day long to take out references to who did what to whom and when. Hoover had a long time in office assistant who left the FBI and went to Memphis to be both Police Chief and Fire Chief. When MLK came to town the Chief removed two black cops and two black firemen from their duties in guarding MLK. The Chiefs name was Hollorman or somesuch spulling.

    1. Your tin foil beanie is too tight, it is cutting off the blood supply to your brain.

      Everyone knows that the Illuminati are behind all of those assasinations

      1. And here I thought it was the “Trilateral Commission.” Or was it a Kissinger, Queen of England and H.W. Bush conspiracy. I’m sure some of our resident wingnut wackjobs have some cut-and-paste materials on the matter.

    2. I thought we learned from history (J. Edgar Hoover) to not appeal to authority. A little before my time but my guess is that Dems did not like Hoover targeting Kennedys/MLK but now that guns turned against disruptor Trump we hear hear crickets from Dems/media. Quoting old Church Lady character from SNL: “Well how convenient!”.

    3. I hope you don’t think the following is a coincidence: Israel informed JFK their plan to acquire nuclear arms. JFK prohibited such, knowing (rightly) it would upset the balance of ME power and set off an arms race (hello Iran, Libya, etc.)

      Soon after, JFK is dead, LBJ is sworn in, and several months later Israel is a happy nuclear camper, spreading love and peace around the globe, just like the USA. (last qualifier: /sarc off)

      Another nail in JFK’s coffin was his considering (or he already decided) to completely dismantle the CIA, presuming it had become an unelected 4th branch/deep state autonomous operation, same as the FBI has since become in its attempt to insure HRC won in 2016 and then remove Trump after HRC lost even with the entire political and MSM machine in her favor.

      I tend to believe that the fact that the Deep State and 95% of MSM “rigged” HRC’s winning is exactly why the lazy witch lost: she literally believed Jeezis Soetoro Obama when he laughed into the camera and said “No way Trump shall ever be POTUS.” Why visit several swing states she later lost, when she wrongly believed MSNBC and Rachel Maddow who predicted 97% likelihood of her winning?

      Again, “The Art of War” rule #1: “Never underestimate your opponent.”

      The main reason HRC can’t admit HER failure is because the Deep State and MSM mislead her.

      1. The Mob/CIA wanted Cuba back. The Mob was attacked in hearings on Hoffa. JFK withheld air support for the CIA troops allowing slaughter on the beach at the Bay of Pigs. JFK fired Allen Dulles promising to “…break the CIA into a thousand pieces.” The assassination scenario was taken off the shelf at the CIA having been proven in S. America and other venues. Hoover changed 302’s and the ex-CIA Director fired by JFK, Allen Dulles, was appointed to investigate the JFK assassination as part of the “deep state” Warren Commission with it’s “single-bullet” finding, which autopsy doctor Humes said must have “…made a U-turn in the President’s head.”

        The “Deep State” continuum.

  8. We are watching the same play over and over, written about generations ago, and we’re just watching different actors play their roles. What is truly sad is the audience (the People) continues to be surprised by the roles and plot, as if they somehow believe this time it will turn out differently. The movie Groundhog Day had Bill Murray experiencing the same failure of expectations until he changed. This will be the same for the American people. Our government and the actors elected or appointed to it, are going to continue with the same script and plot, until the people realize the only way to change it is to make the necessary changes with themselves.

    The framers gave us the script and it was written as a reflection of events that have happened throughout history. Below is a portion from The Federalist Papers and again from Bastiat, there is a lot of wisdom there.

    Second. It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part. Different interests necessarily exist in different classes of citizens. If a majority be united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure. There are but two methods of providing against this evil: the one by creating a will in the community independent of the majority that is, of the society itself; the other, by comprehending in the society so many separate descriptions of citizens as will render an unjust combination of a majority of the whole very improbable, if not impracticable. The first method prevails in all governments possessing an hereditary or self-appointed authority. This, at best, is but a precarious security; because a power independent of the society may as well espouse the unjust views of the major, as the rightful interests of the minor party, and may possibly be turned against both parties. The second method will be exemplified in the federal republic of the United States. Whilst all authority in it will be derived from and dependent on the society, the society itself will be broken into so many parts, interests, and classes of citizens, that the rights of individuals, or of the minority, will be in little danger from interested combinations of the majority. Federalist 51

    That last sentence will be defied by the people being corralled by the political class into majority parties, willing and capable of infringing the rights of the minority.

    And then, men seek to balance their conflicting interests by universal plunder. Instead of rooting out the injustices found in society, they make these injustices general. As soon as the plundered classes gain political power, they establish a system of reprisals against other classes. They do not abolish legal plunder. (This objective would demand more enlightenment than they possess.) Instead, they emulate their evil predecessors by participating in this legal plunder, even though it is against their own interests.
    It is as if it were necessary, before a reign of justice appears, for everyone to suffer a cruel retribution — some for their evilness, and some for their lack of understanding.
    Frederic Bastiat

    1. Olly. You da man.
      Thanks for sharing
      Goes great with a perfect cup of joe😎

    2. Where do you stand on Lt. Colonel Smedley Butler (then the all time most decorated US Marine), who repented of every battle in which he fought (likely multiples more than you), and swore that “all wars are banker’s wars?”

      1. Certainly more than me. I believe some wars may be just, but that case needs to be made before Congress. I also believe every war, just or not, will have people seeking to profit from it.

  9. This, too, shall go the way of the Nunes memo. All of Trump’s bluffs will be called the same way the Nunes memo bluff was called. Mueller doesn’t need McCabe any more than Comey needs McCabe. And Mueller doesn’t really need Comey any more than Comey needed a FISA warrant on Carter Page. Trump is grasping at straws. It makes for a rather fantastical commotion with lots of wind gusts kicking up lots of dust. But it’s all feckless bluster. Don’t take my word for it. Just wait and see for yourself. Mueller’s not in any hurry.

    1. take it easy on Müller he lost an uncle in the Holocaust…

      he fell off a guard tower.

      1. Which “holocaust?” The Soviet one in which the US traded Eastern Europe satellites to the USSR in exchange for helping conquer Hitler, after which the Soviets murdered 25 million, or Hitler’s killing of a paltry number (by comparison) of Judaics?

        If the latter, to which murder of “6 million innocent Jews” do you refer? Per the NYT and other MSM sources, their sacred little “holocaust” occurred several times between 1913 and 1938:

        By my math, there must have been a couple hundred million “Jews” prior to 1913! Very interesting. Also interesting that YouTube readers call reading the NYT and other MSM sources “RAY-cis” when it is evidence that the modern religion of holocausianity is a hoax!

        The purpose of the Judaic religion of holocaustianity was to replace mankind’s all time worst crime, the crucifixion of Jesus.

    2. Late4crow watches CNN with the left eye, while watching MSNBC with his other jaundiced orb. Little fella is going to be very disappointed. Seven more years.

      1. Don Monfort – L4D claims to be female, but you never know on the interweb. 😉

        1. Thanks for the heads up, Paul. I hope I don’t get #metooed, for using the wrong pronoun.

  10. FBI officials and agents have a long history of violating their sworn duty. Anyone that has studied the JFK assassination and/or other notable events of the past 60 years knows what they’re willing to do. J.Edna Hoover denied the existence of the Mafia – out of fear they had photos of him engaging in sex with his live-in boyfriend and #2 official in the Bureau. Anyone familiar with the Whitey Bulgar saga knows about the totally corrupt/criminal goings-on in the Boston FBI office.

    1. Anyone that has studied the JFK assassination and/or other notable events of the past 60 years knows what they’re willing to do.

      You haven’t studied the Kennedy Assassination. You’ve studied the fantasies of Jim Garrison, David Lifton, Penn Jones, Mark Lane, Harold Weisberg, and innumerable others about the Kennedy assassination.

      1. Your preference for ad hominem nonsense indicates a glaring lack of cogent rebuttal.

  11. As I read the IG report the conflict between Comey and McCabe is only part of the case against McCabe.

    McCabe changed his story. It is not possible for both versions to be true.

    Separately McCabe has a history of abusing power.
    It was already found that he improperly retaliated against an employee that filed an EEOC claim against him, and he want after Flynn because Flynn provided that employee with a positive reference.

    Further if McCabe and Comey are going after each other, the wheels are likely to start coming off this entire mess.

    Does Comey ignore McCabes attack’s ? What do Strzok and Page and Ohr and other’s involved start doing and saying ?

    Each is likely to want to try to get out in front of this and paint themselves as innocent or uninvolved.

    Further the McCabe WSJ leak was not only self serving, but there is no reason to beleive it was true.

    We have increasing reasons to beleive that the Clinton investigations were deliberately botched and the Trump investigations are manufactured.

    1. Thanks for the update on Pravda Faux News talking points.

      this is to “I have hannity podcasts piped into my bedroom while I’m sleeping” dhlii

    1. InlegalEagle,..
      – This issue, and related issues, are likely to be the subjects of the Huber ( U.S. Attorney) /Sessions investigation.
      If I read it correctly, Huber has been working on the DOJ/FBI/FISA issues since mid-November, 2017.
      So there’s even more in the pipeline beyond the full IG Report due next month.

      1. Exactly right, Tom. Seems Huber’s criminal investigations have been working parallel to, with referrals from, the OIG.

        Where the grand jury is empaneled has made for interesting discussions. Some believe there are 2 – some believe possibly 3. Some believe Utah. Some believe NY. Some believe both. I’ll be interested to see how that unfolds but haven’t had time to really dig into the fact-gathering and evidence leading those discussions.

    1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

      The following segments identify the most egregious inaccuracies in the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) report as they pertain to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe:

      Claim: Mr. McCabe violated FBI policy by disclosing sensitive information, in this case implicitly acknowledging the existence of an ongoing investigation.

      Fact: This is false. Under FBI policy, as Deputy Director, Mr. McCabe had full authority to authorize sharing information with the media. It was an integral and significant part of his job–the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs (OPA) reported directly to him and he dealt with press issues on a daily basis. In this case, a reporter had been leaked false and defamatory information about the FBI’s handling of the Clinton Foundation investigation, including that Mr. McCabe had tried to shut it down. This was the opposite of the truth. As a result, Mr. McCabe authorized his Counsel and the head of FBI’s OPA to share information that showed that, in fact, the FBI continued to pursue that investigation. Their interaction with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) was not done in secret: it took place over the course of several days and others knew of it, including Director Comey. It was done to protect the institutional reputation of the FBI as a non-political and professional investigative agency, and therefore was squarely within the public interest exception to the FBI’s prohibition on sharing sensitive material. The information shared was not classified and involved a matter that had already been widely reported on in the media for several months. This finding’s reliance on Director Comey’s after-the-fact view of the matter ignores the fact that Mr. McCabe had the independent authority to make that judgment and did so to the best of his ability.

      Claim: Mr. McCabe lacked candor when he spoke to FBI Director Jim Comey about the WSJ article on or about October 31, 2016.

      Fact: This is false. Former Director Comey sent his letter to Congress reopening the Clinton email investigation on Friday, October 28. Amidst the tumult and upheaval following the public disclosure of the letter, it is not surprising that Director Comey has an imperfect and inaccurate recollection of the conversation he had with Mr. McCabe about the October 31 WSJ article on that day, which is the basis for this OIG investigation and report. In fact, the OIG report makes clear that Director Comey’s recollection is fragmentary and his statements are equivocal. By contrast, Mr. McCabe has a clear recollection that he did discuss aspects of the WSJ article with Director Comey. Again, by his own admission, Director Comey has no specific recollection of what Mr. McCabe told him. Mr. McCabe specifically remembers discussing the article generally and the portion of the article that indirectly acknowledged the existence of the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation. It is undisputed that Mr. McCabe had the independent authority to decide to share information with a reporter. Emails between the two clearly show that Mr. McCabe specifically advised Director Comey that he was working with colleagues at the FBI to correct inaccuracies in the story before it was published, and that they remained in contact through the weekend while the work was taking place. The fact that the OIG choses to credit Director Comey’s equivocal and speculative testimony rather than Mr. McCabe’s clear and
      unequivocal testimony, supported by documentary evidence, is inexplicable.

      Claim: Mr. McCabe lacked candor when he discussed the WSJ article with the FBI Inspection Division investigators on May 9, 2017.

      Fact:This is false. Mr. McCabe never deliberately misled Inspection Division (INSD) investigators. The meeting focused almost exclusively on a separate matter, and only very briefly on the WSJ article. That is reflected in the fact that in a 12-page draft statement prepared by INSD, the WSJ article occupied a single paragraph. The meeting was held shortly before Mr. McCabe learned that Director Comey was fired and that he would become the Acting Director. In the hours and days that followed the meeting, Mr. McCabe led and inspired a global workforce of 37,000 people, met with the Attorney General and the President several times, testified before the Senate Intelligence committee, advanced the Russian interference investigation, and advocated for the appointment of a Special Counsel. It is completely understandable that he does not have a clear recollection of what INSD asked him in the moments before this chaos. However, when Mr. McCabe turned back to the draft statement they prepared for him several months later, he declined to sign it and instead contacted INSD to correct the inaccurate facts about his relationship to the WSJ article. If Mr. McCabe had wanted to hide his knowledge of the WSJ article, he could have simply signed the statement. He did not. He corrected the record. The OIG’s account of Mr. McCabe’s interactions with the INSD investigators is incomplete and misleading.

      Claim: Mr. McCabe lacked candor when he was interviewed by the OIG in July 28, 2017.

      Fact: This is false. In a break from procedure, OIG investigators requested that Mr. McCabe, then the FBI’s Acting Director, appear immediately to address matters related to the OIG’s review of the Clinton email investigation. Mr. McCabe knew he was a subject of aspects of that inquiry, and although his then-counsel was unavailable, he responded in an effort to comply with the OIG’s request. The OIG investigators assured him they would not ask questions about matters that could involve him. Despite that assurance, after sharing with him for the first time the volume and nature of thousands of highly sensitive and inflammatory text messages between two FBI employees, they specifically asked him questions about the WSJ article, much to his confusion and contrary to his understanding of the ground rules of the discussion. He attempted multiple times to end the discussion as quickly as possible, with statements intended to delay discussion until counsel was present. Following the meeting, Mr. McCabe’s main focus was on the urgent management and personnel decisions he had to take to deal with the text messages he was shown, and what he was told about those text messages by the OIG. After those matters had been addressed, Mr. McCabe thought further about his discussion with the OIG investigators and realized that he needed to correct the record. As a result, two business days after the meeting, he contacted the OIG and corrected his prior statements.

      Claim: Mr. McCabe lacked candor in his interview with the OIG in November 29, 2017.

      Fact: This is false. Mr. McCabe has given truthful and complete answers to the best of his recollection every time he has been asked questions about an interaction with a reporter that was quite clearly within his discretion to conduct. At all times, he told the truth to the best of his ability. This allegation is built on the shaky foundation of the allegations that he lacked candor in his dealings with Director Comey, INSD, and the OIG. What is entirely missing from the OIG’s report is any evidence of a motive for Mr. McCabe to do anything but tell the truth about this matter. He didn’t leak information to the WSJ reporter; he was authorized to provide it. He explicitly told Director Comey on multiple occasions, and documented in multiple emails, that he was working with other FBI personnel to correct inaccuracies in the story the reporter was working on. There was no significant blowback in the aftermath of the article’s publication that might have created a motive to conceal his involvement. And Mr. McCabe worked closely with two other FBI employees on correcting the record, but never expressed any concern to them about the matter, nor made any suggestion that they should conceal what they had done. The OIG’s conclusion is based on a deeply flawed assessment of the evidence against Mr. McCabe and fails to take into account evidence produced to him in the last two weeks that supports his position.

      1. OMG Late! Nobody is going to take the time to read your response regarding liar McCabe. Too long-winded. Pithy better.

          1. Late: McCabe is bad FBI agent, dishonest/manipulative legal aid fundraiser, conflict-laden (wife $$), and horrible witness for Muler. He got weeded out by his own. Why bother trying to defend him? It happens – bad apples on both sides fall to the wayside and move on. Big picture: sour grapes/lingering shock on the part of HRC supporters and deep state that Trump won. Analagy: Trump is Rodney Danderfield character in Caddyshack movie and Barrack Obama/HRC/establishment is the Ted Knight character.

            1. Why bother trying to defend him? It happens – bad apples on both sides fall to the wayside and move on.

              It happens because the American people ignorantly trust their side is serving the best interests of all sides. They’ll overlook obvious abuses of power as long as their interests are not in the cross hairs.

              This blog is a reflection of that ignorance. Professor Turley feeds that ignorance. It doesn’t matter if you are on the front end of the discussion or come in late. The discussions are always the same with the same people making the same arguments. I believe we have some truly intelligent people posting here, but they are all acting out their roles within the script. We need to change the script. The ending of this story is well known if continue to play our part in it. We need to stop being participants of this play. We need to come together to say enough is enough and get our government back to its original purpose.

                1. You may be correct about macros. Why is what I wrote riddle to you? Ask a legitimate question about what I wrote and I’ll clarify. Merely claiming it a riddle does nothing to solve it. I know you’re better than that, maybe that was DSS.

                  1. It’s not my job to make sense of your stream of consciousness. If you wish to say something coherent, say it.

                    1. It’s not my job to make sense of your stream of consciousness.

                      Of course not. You couldn’t be bothered to seek clarity while pummeling the contributors of this blog with your wit and wisdom. Your lack of humility needs no further clarity, regardless of your chosen sock-puppet.

              1. Olly said, “It [bad apples on both sides] happens because the American people ignorantly trust their side is serving the best interests of all sides. They’ll overlook obvious abuses of power as long as their interests are not in the cross hairs.”

                Nii said, “You’re talking in riddles.”

                The Chief is not talking in riddles. Instead, The Chief neglected to assert which side of the bad-apple divide he’s on, most likely because The Chief thinks that the very habit of taking sides on the bad-apple divide is the root of the problem. If I’m not mistaken, that’s almost literally what The Chief wrote. As such, the idea that The Chief is talking in riddles could be the result of “experimentally induced psychosis” (Ivan Pavlov’s greatest claim to fame).

                A dog trained to salivate when shown a picture of an ellipse and to stop salivating when shown a picture of a perfect circle, will attack and maul a picture of an ellipse that is sufficiently close to a perfect circle as to trigger both the salivate and stop salivating conditioned reflexes at the same time.

                IOW, dogs can’t handle indeterminacy. And people are dogs, too, you know.

          2. Your use of the word “facts” as an argumentative bludgeon is as wrong, pathetic, immature and unsuccessful as the rest of your posting. Are you Andrew McCabe, one of his paid internet trolls, or just a DNC Progressive/sycophant?

            1. JoJo, that was not L4D’s use of the words “facts.” Those comments were copied and pasted from the article linked immediately above those comments. They were also clearly attributed to that article. Consequently, your objection is irrelevant–as usual.

              1. Diane – however, was the article factual (real news) or factual (fake news)? Or was it an opinion piece?

      2. We will see how McCabe’s BS defense holds up in court, when he is prosecuted for lying to the FBI, under oath. Did you generously contribute to his Gofundme slush fund?

      3. The proof is in the pudding as GoFundMe is a mea culpa.

        McCabe closed his GoFundMe page at $568,496.00.

        McCabe, however, may need to re-open it.

        After GoFundMe’s 10%,

        McCabe has at most about 1280 hours of legal representation.

        Much has already been spent on PR.

  12. “You’re still avoiding the issue, which Trump is not doing: the bureaucracy is in business for itself, and if it wasn’t an arm of the Democratic Party to begin with, Eric Holder et al used the promotion process to make sure it would be henceforth.”

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the idea I require anyone accept before I will even have a conversation about it. They’re all in business for themselves. If you are not part of this “system,” you are merely on the outside looking in. You either pretend you’re actually a part of this and being served by this ever-expanding and mutating monster, or you come to grips with the fact they are running a scam.

    As we are seeing now–and what I have been waiting for–being the opportunists-criminals they are, you start getting some heat on them, and they start to sing. Hopefully a lot of songs to come. Clean out the DOJ, defund the FBI, scrap all the intelligence agencies, and take new applications. The world will be better off for it.

  13. Bromwich using gofundme contributions to threaten frivolous lawsuits against congress/prez; McCabe insinuates he is Comey’s patsy and Comey testimony unreliable; key witness Comey selling mean girls type book during special counsel investigation; Comey publically disclosed he is leaker; Comey confirmed he did not convey to Trump that Steele dossier financed by HRC. Oy vey! This is why Muler taking aim at fringes i.e. Flynn, Manafort, and Cohen as prudent prosecutors don’t pursue charges where they are destined to fail in front of jury. Trump defense team would have field day in court with discovery regarding FBI political hacks and Comey, McCabe, Strock (sp?) and mistress, etc called as witnesses. No way Muler can hope for conviction of Trump in front of jury so instead Muler goes for lay-up nit-picky convictions at fringes. Muler will be forced to pass on Trump and Trump will sit patiently and wait for Muler to complete his persecutions of Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, et al and then Trump will pardon all of them. Trump will be winner of this chess game.

  14. Comey also testified that he orchestrated a leak to the press through his college professor friend. Justice demands that he be treated at least as harshly as General Flynn. Flynn was ruined financially and faces jail time. Comey is about to become wealthy.
    The irony of Comey’s situation is that he compared Trump to Sammy Gravano and yet the unraveling of the web of les, deceit, and leakng that he and his cohorts in the upper echelon of the FBI, and the consequent blame shifting, is more reminiscent of the unraveling of the Gotti crime family. It seems Saint James was projecting.

  15. Autophagy among this crew is, at this point, amusing.

    You’re still avoiding the issue, which Trump is not doing: the bureaucracy is in business for itself, and if it wasn’t an arm of the Democratic Party to begin with, Eric Holder et al used the promotion process to make sure it would be henceforth.

    The priorities of Wray, Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey are without a doubt to protect the prerogatives of the bureaucracy.

    The FEC database on the distribution of political contributions among self-identified Justice Department employees is damning.

    If you don’t wish to be part of the problem, you might at least advocate ways of correcting it, rather than pretending the President’s twitter account is the problem.

    1. “the bureaucracy is in business for itself”

      Prof. Paul Gottfried and ex-blogger Mencius Moldbug would both make that point repeatedly. I’m sure many others have done the same, but those are the names that come to mind right now.

      1. Is the Inspector General something other than a bureaucrat? If not, then is the OIG in business for itself?

        1. The Inspector-General is an Obama appointee. He’s been there about 5 years. Previously, he was a partner in an NYC law firm. He’s a compliance maven.

          1. Nii said, “The bureaucracy is in business for itself, and if it wasn’t an arm of the Democratic Party to begin with, Eric Holder et al used the promotion process to make sure it would be henceforth.”

            L4D asked, “Is the Inspector General something other than a bureaucrat? If not, then is the OIG in business for itself?”

            Nii answered, “The Inspector-General is an Obama appointee. He’s been there about 5 years. Previously, he was a partner in an NYC law firm. He’s a compliance maven.”

            So the OIG is an arm of the Democratic party because Eric Holder used the promotion process to make sure that Obama’s appointee for Inspector-General would enforce compliance even on bureaucrats in the employ of the Democratic party.

            Nii is no longer up to DSS’s snuff.

      2. The first rule for any bureaucracy is self-preservation. It’s why, by the time the 3rd C rolled around the Catholic Pope jumped in bed with Emperor Constantine. At that moment the Pope officially declared primary allegiance to Rome and Constantine over Christ. (“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”)

        1. JoJo, are you conceding that Inspector-General Horowitz is now serving his new master Trump? If so, then would you also concede that the IG report found McCabe to be lying because McCabe refused to serve his new master Trump? Also, does this mean that The President of the United States is now an Emperor? And Pence The Pope?

    2. To whom does the “bureaucracy” report?

      All roads lead to Obama

      in the “Deep State” Headquarters.

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