Florida Judge Removed After Posting Of Video Berating Sick Woman In Wheelchair

screen-shot-2018-04-22-at-10-17-03-pm.pngBroward County Circuit Judge Merrilee Ehrlich is facing a torrent of criticism over her berating a defendant who is obviously experiencing serious physical discomfort in the courtroom.  Defendant Sandra Faye Twiggs, 59, complained about her trouble breathing but Ehrlich abused her and her counsel in a tirade on April 15th that has resulted in Judge Ehrlich being relieved of her duties.  It will not be of much relief to Twiggs, who died three days later.  Update: Ehrlich will now be forced into retirement.

Twiggs was only facing a misdemeanor charge related to a family dispute but that did not deter Ehrlich.   During the video below the judge shouts down Twiggs and says “I’m not here to talk about your breathing treatments.”

Twiggs suffered from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She died two days later in her sleep.

Her family said that she returned upset from court and said that she was prevented from talking.

It is a deeply disturbing video to watch, but it reflects how judges and lawyers can sometimes become desensitized to the human beings around them in the criminal justice system.  The total lack of empathy by the court shows more than a lack of patience. It is an utter lack of compassion and humanity.


42 thoughts on “Florida Judge Removed After Posting Of Video Berating Sick Woman In Wheelchair”

  1. Judges will normally recognize when they are dealing with a person with diminished mental capabilities, severe medical problems, etc. and moderate their behavior and questioning accordingly. This judge was simply a bully, in fact, the attorney seemed shaken at her treatment of HIM! We do not know if the poor woman would have died 2 days later because of this case, BUT the judge will always know that the last case she had before dismissal was this one, and the defendant succumbed shortly thereafter. Appalling!

  2. That abusive, disgusting judge gets to just retire?! Seriously?! She may very well have contributed to the poor lady’s death! My God. I hope Mrs Twiggs’ family sues.

  3. This judge deserves a flogging! Most disgraceful behavior of a person in her position absolutely no consideration of poor womans condition and the poor lady was very sweet in her responses.I hope she recognizes her hideous behavior. Hope she stays out of the court room permanently.She has serious issues!

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