MSNBC Host Joy Reid Claims Hackers “Fabricated” Her Alleged Homophobic Comments


500px-MSNBC_2015_logo.svgMSNBC host Joy Reid is reported on the Daily Beast (where she appears as a columnist) to have reaffirmed her earlier claim that hackers “fabricated” old blog posts to make her appear homophobic.  The claim is alarming whether true or false. It true, archiving website The Wayback Machine was either compromised or a party to the deception.  If false, Reid has lied to the media in a major story involving her own conduct.  The company has issued a denial that it was in any way compromised or responsible for the comments.

The denial is reminiscent of the controversy involving Donna Brazile.  We discussed earlier how Brazile, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee and CNN commentator, denied the legitimacy of emails that showed her leaking a question to Hillary Clinton that would be asked verbatim at the CNN downhill event. Brazile was ultimately let go by CNN.

In Reid’s case, she apologized last year for old blog posts in which she mocked then-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist by repeatedly referring to him as “Miss Charlie.” She acknowledged the posts were “insensitive, tone deaf and dumb.”

In the new posts, Reid allegedly wrote gay celebrities like Anderson Cooper and Clay Aiken; defended homophobia by saying “most straight people cringe at the sight of two men kissing… Does that make me homophobic? Probably.” She also said that she did not want to watch Brokeback Mountain because of the gay sex scenes and other similar comments. I have not read the original posts.  It is not the alleged homophobic content but the fact of the posts that is most intriguing.  As shown by Brazile, lying to the media about such material is lethal (even if the media seemed a tad reluctant to pursue the denials or to confront the other party to the email — Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri on her failure to come forward to contradict Brazile in her denial).

Reid’s is quoted as saying initially that “In December I learned that an unknown, external party accessed and manipulated material from my now-defunct blog… to include offensive and hateful references that are fabricated and run counter to my personal beliefs and ideology.” She also described her former blog as “compromised” by unspecified hackers.  She also said that she had retained a cyber-security expert.

Reid is now “all in” on the denial and fabrication claim — as is The WayBackMachine. The rest should be easy to confirm or refute.

Or course, there is one individual, Mr. Peabody, who not only has the education but original machine for this particular task:



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  1. And now for the REAL story on NBC and MSNBC that Mr. Turley WON’T tell you. Note how I don’t mention I’m providing the real story on Joy Reid. That is only the surface story. The REAL story is that NBC backs up Reid’s phony claim:

  2. TRUMP in September 2016: “The mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

    Yes, Mr. Trump, your consigliere took the fifth. You called it.

  3. No one should apologize, or even feel the need to apologize, for being straight, gay, or whatever sexually charged scenes in a movie or book they feel comfortable or uncomfortable with. Who cares if anyone feels a start to see two men kissing, as long as they support gay rights? Of course it’s unusual. Only about 2% of the population, at most, is gay. So unless you’re in Hollywood or San Francisco, you won’t see men kissing all that often. It can be a bit of a surprise. Again, who cares?

    I don’t expect gay men to really dig straight love scenes any more than I would expect a straight person to enjoy gay romantic scenes. I didn’t watch Brokeback Mountain because I didn’t feel like it. I am all for gay marriage, gay rights, gay people finding their soul mate, etc. It doesn’t make me a bad person if I don’t seek out movies with gay romantic scenes or gay romantic tension. I don’t need to enjoy gay romantic scenes to be an authentic supporter of gay rights. It’s just not my thing. I’ve been to gay bars, been to multiple Hollywood parades, seen the Crowning of the Queen, and was taught to tango by a tranny. I love both the Outlander series and Lord John Gray series. That was all awesome. But when I want to see a romantic movie, I’m straight, so I choose a straight movie. When I want to go all mushy over a romantic novel, I find a straight storyline. No apologies will be offered. We all like what we like, and we can all get along.

    1. That said, I have not read her blog posts, and have absolutely no idea if she wrote truly anti-gay remarks. I do not consider not wanting to watch Brokeback Mountain to be gay in any way, any more than I would consider a gay man’s disinterest in watching a straight love movie to be anti-straight.

  4. Sofia – I am glad you are in a happy marriage. Just one little stickler, I am agnostic. 😉

  5. Are those comments the only ones that are in question? I don’t see those as being horrific or hateful and I don’t even like Joy Reid. I think she’ll say anything they want her to say as long as the big checks keep rolling in. Nonetheless, I think the thought police going over everything anyone ever read and then finding something that shows a little bad judgment or insensitivity is not a terribly good habit for society to get into. Things need to be put in perspective sometimes and weighed against a more complete picture of the person. Otherwise, that means nobody can ever change their views or opinions because whatever you said once, however many years ago = you are a bad person forever for having had those thoughts. I wouldn’t want to be judged on that basis and I don’t think anyone else should be either. Having said that, those in the media live by the sword and die by the sword. Joy Reid may need to have a fork put in her.

  6. Sofia – Squeeky is going through a celibate stage which may last forever; 😉

    1. From your mouth to God’s ears!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      PS: I finished The Lives of a Bengal Lancer! Great book! I feel sooo much smarter now! Now, I have two City Lights Poetry anthologies to read. I have started reading outside when I take Snagglepuss out. PS, I know I read somewhere that Exra Pound said, “being a poet is learning how to starve with dignity.” BUT, it does not show up on the Internet. Have you ever heard that quote??? I don’t think anybody else here knows who he is.

      1. Squeeky – glad you enjoyed the book. How is the guitar coming? I do know who Ezra Pound is and have read some of his work, but am unfamiliar with the quote. Have you tried Ezra Pound quotes?

          1. Squeeky – someone has been “cleaning” the thread. 😉 A lot of things disappeared. Maybe JT only has so much disk space available for his blog.

            1. I doubt that the space is an issue. Probably, somebody thought it was off topic or something. But heck, IMO, about half the stuff in the comment section is technically off topic.

              Who knows? I presume that the people running the blog here have their reasons for doing what they do. The one thing I wish they would do is shut down the sock puppets, where one person appears here under multiple names. That is a waste of time and disk space. Just be who you are, whatever name you use, and stick to it, and say what you have to say.

              I think that maybe some people here will troll the comments, and after people learn to leave them alone and not respond to them, the troll changes their name and comes back as somebody else, which means people have to re-learn the fact that the person is a troll.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

      2. I like the quotation, but it does not sound anything like the words that Ezra Pound used.

        For a useless bit of trivia, I can tell you that Ezra Pound grew up in a home in Montgomery County, PA that is less than 3 miles from Bill Cosby’s home, where Cosby is accused of drugging and violating Andrea Constrand, the verdict of which is likely to come in today.

          1. Yeah, and it’s totally normal for a man on a date with a consenting partner to slip qualuudes into her drink or hand them to her claiming they’re harmless herbal confections. I imagine any normal lesbian wants to sleep with Cosby, amirite?

  7. After America re-implements the “manifest tenor” of its Constitution, the “untouchables” will be untouchable no more.

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