Turley To Give Keynote At Connect:ID Conference

TurleyI will have the pleasure today of serving as a keynote speaker at the Connect: ID 2018 conference in Washington. Connect:ID is an international conference on identity technologies including biometrics, mobile applications and secure credentials. I will be speaking on identity, privacy, and anonymity.  The speech will be at 8:30 am at the Washington Convention Center.

Privacy has long been in a race with technology — a race that it has often lost to the demise of legal doctrines like the trespass doctrine. The rate of technological advancement however is increasing to a point that privacy rights could easily be practically negated.  More than ever, privacy advocates and industry figures need to work closely to together to allow advancements while protecting the privacy values that define us.

4 thoughts on “Turley To Give Keynote At Connect:ID Conference”

  1. That’s not a distant future, that’s just a technology that’s under development.

    With massive information collection and nascent AI to sort it all, it probably won’t even be worth the trouble to develop a table-top thingee like they had in blade runner

  2. Creeping AI monstrosity will overtake us all within 5 years and these will seem like quaint discussions of yesteryear

  3. I worked for a company that had $1 billion dollar IT budget. A lot of money was spent on fancy security systems. Badge scanning, biometrics, video cameras, etc.

    But the theft of PC’s, laptops & other equipment were being stolen. Guess who did it?
    The security guys who had the pass words & could turn on/off or delete any security data base at will. I can’t tell you how they got caught. I was on the team that caught them.

  4. About 10 years ago I attended a conference @ Stanford on this topic. In 10 years technology changes exponentially. But much of what was predicted back then has become reality. The one Orwellian prediction for the more distant future was using brain scans to detect lying.

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