Former Trump Doctor Assails “Raid” By Trump Lawyer and Aide


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Dr. Harold Bornstein has caused a firestorm of controversy after describing a “raid’ of his office by Trump’s longtime personal bodyguard, a top lawyer at the Trump Organization, and an unidentified third man.  Bornstein said that he felt “raped, frightened and sad” from the encounter.  Bornstein’s description however not only conflicts with the description of the Trump aides but stains credulity.  It is common for newly elected presidents to have such records collected.  Moreover, Bornstein in my view showed appalling judgment in disclosing a medication used by his former client.  In the meantime, Bornstein has struck back by disclosing that he did not write his controversial letter during the campaign declaring Trump’s health as “astonishingly excellent” and his “physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.”  He now says that Trump dictated the letter to him.

Bornstein’s attack over the letter, if true, damages both him and his patient.  If true, Bornstein lied in September 2016 when he expressly assured the media that he did write the letter and simply said “I was just rushed for time. I had people to see.”  In fact, Trump appears to have been more honest on the issue than Bornstein. At the time, he admitted that he suggested glowing language and Bornstein may have just written it down.

My greatest concern with Bornstein was his disclosure to the New York Times that Trump takes Propecia, a drug for enlarged prostates that is often prescribed to stimulate hair growth in men. He also said that Trump uses drugs for rosacea and cholesterol.  He later expressed disbelief that anyone would object to his casual discussion of a client’s prescriptions and treatment.  He asked “what’s the matter with that?”  The answer is “a lot.” It appears a clear violation of medical ethics and disclosure rules.  I find Bornstein’s conduct to be disgraceful if these disclosures were not made with his client’s consent.  It does not matter if Bornstein considers such prescriptions or conditions to be trivial.  It is not his choice to make.

In other words, I would have taken these files regardless of past practices because of Bornstein’s past disclosures.

Bornstein’s description of his role as a “slave” only further undermines his credibility.  Frankly, I remain astonished that Trump surrounds himself with such seemingly unhinged individuals but it is hard not to view Bornstein as an example of poor judgment in such associations.  That does not excuse Bornstein’s conduct, but it begs the question of why, in a city full of top doctors, Trump ended up with this one.

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  1. Professor,

    You’re a little light on the facts. No mention that Trump’s head of security (something more than an aide and at that time a federal government employee) was on the raid along with another unknown ‘big guy’. Also you don’t mention the rules for the turnover of records to the patient. Patient only gets copies – they took originals – and they didn’t have the required signed request form signed by Trump. It’s shocking that you just gloss over the entire story.

  2. THE LEAD STORY – A POSSIBLE PRESIDENTIAL SUBPOENA: Special counsel Robert Mueller told President Trump’s legal team that he could subpoena the president to appear before a grand jury if Trump refuses an interview with Mueller’s team, Trump’s former lead attorney told the Associated Press … John Dowd told the AP that Mueller raised the possibility of a subpoena during a meeting with Trump’s legal team in March.

    Another story, out of date , , accordingto Dowd, who supposedly told the AP etc. etec. etc. and then printed by WaPo. Since mooted by later and conflicting developments.

    In other words no basis in provable fact . Just like this Doctor story,

  3. “My greatest concern with Bornstein was his disclosure to the New York Times”

    and all you have as a source fis the NYT? How STUPID are you. They regularly print such trash in their yellow rag and then offer a belated page 17 apology. NYT then getas quoted by the rest of the Clinton No New Propaganda Networik.

    There is nothing here based on just those twelve words. But it sure flushes out the Stupid Party.

  4. So the Doctor says or claims he agreed to write such a letter and feels raped by it? Nice way to cover up trying to admit you falsified the medical records and are trying to elude responsibility. But then is self rape a crime?

  5. I think the Bornstein health assessment letter was actually written by John Barron….



    Bornstein strikes me as the eccentric doctor from a sit-com. Yet according to reports, Bornstein was Trump’s doctor of 30 years! So apparently Trump had faith in him!

    But the real issue here is deception by the Trump campaign. They made a concerted effort to raise questions about Hillary Clinton’s health while presenting a phony assessment of Trump’s health (written by Trump himself).

    And strangely Ronny Jackson, the ex-White House physician, presented an assessment of Trump’s health using language very similar to the assessment Bornstein signed. Did Trump write Jackson’s report?? Here we have the makings of a genuine scandal completely unrelated to the Russia Probe. The president is strong-arming doctors to write phony health reports!

    1. They made a concerted effort to raise questions about Hillary Clinton’s health

      The one who raised the question is an anaesthesiologist in Florida who laid out his case quite lucidly. No, he doesn’t work for the Trump campaign.

      1. Google “Trump questions Clinton’s health”. Numerous entries pop up from August of 2016.

        1. Peter Hill – Trump is not the only one to question her health, I still question her health. She is too fragile.

          1. Spot on Paul. And any sane person questioned her health during the primaries when she collapsed and then disappeared for months – no press conferences, etc. The recent tumble in India sure doesn’t help. One thing that remains intact – even if her physical body is deteriorating – is her ego and sense of entitlement. Totally grotesque.

      2. As I recall, they were making the case that she had a neurological disorder. Anesthesiologists aren’t qualified to make that diagnosis.

        1. He’s not making a diagnosis of a patient. He’s assembling a set of indicators and pointing out with what they’re consistent. Every element of his case is built on accessible public information.

    2. Peter Hill – we know that the WH doctor under Clinton did not give an accurate physical report on Clinton’s health because we know from Miss Lewinski’s testimony that he had genital herpes. That was never reported. Did Clinton strong-arm his doctor? Hmmmmmmmm?????

      1. Paul, Miss Lewinsky had no medical credentials to give an accurate assessment of Clinton’s health. It’s strictly hearsay from any legal standpoint.

        Secondly Clinton left office 18 years ago! How does that have any bearing on this matter?

        Again and again commenters on this blog resort to “What about Clinton?” to almost ever piece of bad news concerning Donald Trump. If that’s your only excuse for Trump, it doesn’t say much for him. Nor does it say much for you.

        1. Peter Hill – Lewinski reported that they could not have sex because of ‘outbreaks’ that Clinton had to his penis. One does not have to be a doctor to figure out which STD Clinton had.

          1. Paul, Clinton may have told her that because all he wanted was oral sex.

            Or perhaps Clinton didn’t really want to get undressed with Lewinsky because that may have required a bedroom. And he wasn’t about to take her to the White House living quarters. Nor could he take her to a cheap motel.

            1. Peter Hill – when Clinton was having the outbreaks they could not have oral sex or sexual intercourse. She may have given him a hand job. I cannot remember that part of the testimony.

          2. Was Lewinsky stupid enough not to know that STDs are transmited orally. It’s all body fluids. Did she tell her subsequent victims which is the term for them after she knowingly contracted one or more STDs.

        2. They pivot to Clinton because they really don’t have any solid ground on which to defend Trump. And Trump’s cult has been trained like Pavlov’s dogs to respond to the word Clinton [the bell].

          1. Explain to me what is your ‘solid ground’ for contending Trump is ill?

          2. Still looking for excuses but failing to answer the bell when Clinton makes public confessions? Right. Uh Huh. Now who’s salivating?

        3. Doesn’t say much for you PH at all to attack the Donald and then people who quite rightly point out the Clinton games. Wake the f up. People are done done double done with the attacks on Trump somehow obscuring the fact that the DIMS have not only NO platform but are siphoning off what few idiot contributors they have in the fold to their Queen

    3. “Doctor for 30 years” — Probably because his fee was relatively cheap.

      1. He’s board certified twice-over and practices in Manhattan. He’s on the attending list at Lenox Hill Hospital.

    4. Trump refuses to release tax returns because he doesn’t want us to see what’s in them.

      He dictates his own medical report and his doc [shamefully] signs it because he doesn’t want us to find out the truth about his health.

      He has his thugs unlawfully steal his medical records from this doctor [records belong to the physician and patients can request a copy] because he wanted to make sure we wouldn’t find out the truth about his health.

      He gets his WH doctor to lie about his health and the doctor admits he never reviewed Trump’s prior medical records [the ones that were stolen] which is a huge red flag about the doctor AND about Trump

      He and his thugs are trying to do everything they can to stop the Mueller investigation because he doesn’t want the public to find out the truth about it.

      He makes a big show out of being a tough guy, etc., But the truth is he is terrified of the public finding out the truth about every single one of his scams.

      1. You’ve stolen several bases there. I’d tell you to work on integrity, but you’ve either got it or you don’t.

      2. And you of course can prove all of this in your mad frenzy to keep the pending Clinton trial from happening or delayed or something . Two wrongs do not make a right and two false premises to not make a usable posit Nor does one bad choice and one conpromise add up to anything except two wrong conclusion and one right answer. What II see from the non aligned Cosntitutional Center is we made the correct choice in a. voting against Clinton, b voting against the progessive socialist party aka DNC and bring in an outsider to blow up the system, expose everything and f’n destroy you.

        And he’s doing a fine job. Exposing the illegal deals of Trans Pacific Trade, Iran nuclear, the DACA offer, the ACA, the Clinton Collection of criminal activities is well worth the effort. The rest is immaterial. What’s important.

        In the end it hastens a return to our Representative Constitutional Republic form of Government and a rejection of your foreign ideology and socialist autocracy. Just like any war there will be casualties. But as they are RINO, DINO and Progressively Regressive the number is also immaterial compared to ..

        The 810,000 deaths of US Service personnel, deaths caused by the progressives since Roosevelt, Truman, FDRoosevelt, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and Obama as the undisputed War Mongers is worth any amount of casualties for thier crimes.

        And that’s just the first charge against them. Not an allegation the numbers can be verified in any annual issue of the World Almanac which amazingly enough used be the TIMES World Almanac – a leftist media.

        1. What? WW2 was a mistake? We should have cozied up to Hitler and Hirohito??

          1. Jay S – Hitler had no intention of invading and if we had stopped meddling over China, Japan would not have attacked Pearl Harbor. They might have struck at the Philippines, though.

      3. ChuckG – I have had more than one professor ask me to write my own recommendation and they would sign it. You make this sound like he raped the Pope’s daughter on the main altar of St. Peter’s in Rome in front of the entire College of Cardinals.

        Under Obamacare, doctors have less time to see you now. They can only see you for one thing at a time. Doctors are busy, busy, busy. He does not have time to do it. And there is no billing code for Presidential fitness report.

  7. He felt “raped, frightened, and sad” because a patient retrieved his medical records? He may have violated HIPPA laws by disclosing that he had prescribed Propecia for hair loss. Our medical records and health information belong to us.

    In addition, if he signed his name to a letter of health that did not match his opinion, then the doctor committed fraud. I believe that account that Trump suggested effusive language. However, the doctor signed it. Is the doctor implying that Trump is not healthy, compared with your average man in his 70s? Or is it merely that he would have used more subdued language, such as “above average” health instead of something along the lines of the bestest of the best ever?

    If this doctor has allowed personal politics to color how he treated a patient, and violated HIPPA laws, then he should be investigated by the Board.

  8. It could be that this is not his real doctor to prevent the media from knowing his real doctor……….

    1. “I’m not a real doctor, but I play one on TV..” Or maybe it’s Brent Spiner in a wig and fake beard.

    2. Because God forbid if the people knew any truth regarding Trump.

      1. When do we get to see BO’s college transcripts and medical records? (John McCain’s were shown raw to reporters).

    3. Not only thin it’s a very long reach and I do believe we just read the death post of the progressive socialists on the ropes asking for 30 seconds more between rounds. Pathetic.

  9. People seem to have an affinity for others like themselves. There is apparently comfort in sharing the agony of ignorance and incompetence.

    1. He’s been practicing for over 30 years. He’s board certified in two specialties. He completed his residency at a venerable teaching hospital in Manhattan. He received his medical degree from Tufts University, whose medical school is, per U.S. News, at the 70th percentile of the medical schools they assess.

      Do you ever get tired of being an arrogant Dunning-Kruger exemplar?

      1. And apparently he lets patients write their own assessments. A great doctor.

      2. So why don’t you ignore what’s relevant? Ignorance in action. Trump wrote his own health assessment. Speaking of exemplars…

        1. Because I was commenting on what Chris P. Bacon said, not on what you fancy ‘is relevant’. I commented on the original post elsewhere in the thread.

        2. Proof? Facts, Sources, Cites? As usual …….. zippo.

      3. None of those things automatically makes the “good doctor” a good doctor.

        1. Well, Chris P. Bacon professes to know that he’s an incompetent doctor because…reasons. If you’re concerned about unwarranted opinions, you’d have addressed that. You didn’t, because phony.

  10. The doctor should be sanctioned by the N.Y. medical licensing board. Disclosing a patient’s prescriptions without permission is certainly a violation of the patient’s rights warranting a suspension, fine and/or public reprimand. As for violating the federal medical privacy law (HIPAA), we’ll leave it to Mueller to convene a Grand Jury. 😉

    1. Dave137 – well, Trump does know the Clintons so he does know the best people. He just doesn’t seem to know enough with the right credentials. This has been the problem of all Presidents.

      1. Ah yes, Clinton
        derangement syndrome.

        I didn’t realize that Trumpy gave the Clintons positions in government.

        Nice pivot, though.

  11. Trump’s doctor looks like Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

    Jerry didn’t like playing under the influence of LSD. But he ate some frosting of a birthday cake that was dosed with 800 hits of LSD. Jerry had a paranoid trip thinking everyone was out trying to kill him. So Jerry played for his life.

  12. Gee, I wish my doctor would let me dictate the results of my tests. And that is all he is taking? Good God, man, he is in good shape. 🙂 My drug regime is like a little old lady’s. (:

    However, this doctor seems to have violated HIPAA.

    1. pcs

      He’s in better shape than most professional athletes. That I can tell you.

  13. SMDH. It seems the President hires people who have similar personalities to his own. Erratic in curious ways (which includes an inclination to say anything which pops into the head).

    Trump actually does have extraordinary vigor.

    The Kennedy camarilla was able to get away with careful concealment of quite serious ailments (e.g. Addison’s disease), and well as his relationship with Max Jacobsen (a.k.a “Dr. Feelgood”). What’s disconcerting about Trump is that he seems like the kind of guy who might have his own Dr. Feelgood (and this chap looks the part), bar that his brother’s history has inducted him to avoid anything psychoactive.

    Obama was the only president in the last 50 years who got away with concealing his medical history, presumably to avoid disclosing psychiatric treatment.

  14. President Trump should be ashamed of himself. He criticizes Mueller for ordering raids on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, and then he turns around and orders the same sort of raid on Harold Bornstein. Such hypocrisy!

    1. Except that he was taking his medical records, not someone else’s. The doctor had already disclosed information about his health to the NYT, which sees to be a violation of HIPAA.

      Other than that, totally the same things.

      1. ti317, Mr. Adamo has a well-known hankering for sarcasm. If Ralph ever posts a sarcasm alert, it’ll be a pretty safe bet that the sarcasm alert will, itself, be a sarcasm.

      2. Medical records are the property of the physician or hospital.

        1. Aye. In New York you have rights to copies, however. That’s been true since 1986.

  15. My recollection was that Trump was under pressure to release some medical records or a medical report (while at the same time claiming Clinton did not have the physical ability to be POTUS). Bornstein has now said Trump dictated the letter to him in five minutes in his office. Bornstein says he added the closing sentence as a sort of black humor.
    This certainly raises questions about the bill of health Jackson gave Trump and his mental status test results.
    But, hey, Trump only hires the best people. Then, he jettisons them like garbage.

    1. Another reason to impeach? Please, do run with this…..

  16. This is just another pointless story. Does anyone really care?

    1. Evidently, Turley cares. Don’t ask me why. ‘Cause I don’t know. Wait. I could guess at it. Poor Trump. Everybody’s out to get him. Even his own doctor. It’s so unfair.

      1. Do you even know what and where that phrase originated in it’s full quote.

        “We don’t need NO education.
        “We don’t need no thought control

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