Utah Student Accused Of Cultural Appropriation After Posting Prom Pictures In Chinese Dress

View image on TwitterUtah senior Keziah Daum, 18, thought that she was sharing a pictures from a wonderful prom from Woods Cross High School.  The pictures show Daum in a beautiful Chinese Choengsam (also known as a qipao) dress, a creative and striking choice for this important event.  The posting however unleashed a torrent of criticism of Daum for “cultural appropriation” because she is not Chinese.  I have been a long critic of the “cultural appropriation” protests on campuses, but this case is particularly maddening and absurd.We have seen an ever-widening array of “microaggressions”  and cultural appropriations.  We discussed a basketball game where a player was attacked due to wearing braids that 20-year-old Hispanic student, Carmen Figueroa, claimed to be cultural misappropriation.  Then there was the controversy at Pitzer College where white female students were warned to take off big hoop earrings as cultural appropriation.  Then there were the students at Oberlin declared the serving of sushi as cultural appropriation while  a white student was assaulted at San Francisco State University for wearing dreadlocks by an African American student.

Daum’s prom pictures were posted on April 22 with the simple caption, “PROM.” It is telling that people seeing these lovely pictures of young people enjoying a special event would instead see a cultural or racist slight.

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  1. I am getting bored with the absurdity of people playing the Cultural Appropriation card from the bottom of the deck. And I support the concepts that our nation was founded upon: We are who we are, a product of the circumstances that brought us to these United States of America. With emphasis on “United.”

    One other issue that I read about this case from another source was that Ms. Daum purchased this beautiful dress in a second-hand store. So to those opposing her wearing this dress, I ask: Was it appropriate for the previous owner to set in action a chain of events that allowed this dress to be available for sale in a second-hand store? Was it appropriate for the original owner to decide they didn’t want it anymore, and that someone else should be entitled to wear it? And what right does anyone who is not a party to the transaction have to insert their opinion into the purchase transaction that allowed Ms. Daum to wear this dress?

    To those who oppose her right to wear the dress as she sees fit: Why didn’t you buy the dress before she did, so that she wouldn’t offend your narrow-minded sensibilities?

  2. What people choose to wear is no one’s bleeping business provided it meets the school’s dress code. Keziah, don’t play their silly political correctness game. They presume upon themselves the audacity to impose their silly liberal culture warrior nonsense on others. Tell the wardrobe czars to take a flying leap.

    By the way, you rocked that dress.

    What’s really rich about all this is that the Chinese are the world’s most egregious intellectual property pirates. They appropriate and copy everything that isn’t nailed down.

    1. Blaine McAvoy – the mainland Chinese think the girl rocks the dress and they are very proud of her. 🙂

  3. This is stupid, but what if all non Chinese stopped going to Chinese restaurants. We’ve made it to the Lunasphere.

  4. And not one comment on the dudes overly long tie which I liked as opposed to the dudettes perfectly long ……

  5. CV Brown – because of the way the Valley of the Sun is laid out, there is no Chinatown. However, there are two excellent Chinese markets and the Chinese Cultural Center (a wing of the Chinese govt). There are lots of Chinese restaurants from banquet sized to luncheon size. Two, which are very good, are within 2 miles of me.

      1. Prairie Rose – only been to Lee-Lee’s once. Wrong side of the Valley.

  6. I like Chinese food and the occasional enchilada. I’d better watch my back !

  7. How do people get their teeth to be so incredibly white, that’s what I want to know.

    1. It’s called bleach. You can get mild versions at the drug store, or strong versions from a dentist.

  8. “Cultural appropriation” is a form of flattery and respect.

    This entire line reflects the intellectual idiocy of the left

  9. I still can’t believe the madness and that it persists. Just how do these fools define ‘cultural appropriation?’ Also, how is it ‘racism?’ Be careful in what Holloween costume you wear. If you go as a werewolf, you might be hunted down by the pack (tongue-in-cheek).

  10. Good for her that she could even fit into one of those outfits!

  11. I’m confused be this SJW logic. I thought kids today could could self identify as male, female, black, white, dog, cat etc… Why are we assuming that she isn’t Chinese inside? Well at least for the prom that is.

    1. You beat me to it Jim. Aren’t the people complaining about cultural appropriation the same group demanding the right to identify as anything they want? My guess would be the complainers are miserable for any number of reasons and want company.

      BTW, the young lady rocks that dress!

  12. Cultural appropriation is a a stupid charge as most folks with a working cerebral cortex know. Even more curious is why anyone would react to the displayed stupidity of some social media poster. Who cares what “Jeremy Lam” thinks or says and why would anyone go to the press with it. This is hypersensitivity about a comment of a stranger. Let it go and move on. As to the dress, it’s okay if a bit too revealing IMHO. The girl is cute but I suspect getting a moment of false fame outweighed the natural human reaction to stupid which is to simply ignore it. America — land of hype and glory.

  13. Real Asian people sell dresses like that at our local flea market or you can just order it from Amazon. Jerry needs to tell the real Asian people to stop feeding their families by selling Asian theme goods to the evil round eyed people

  14. All but one of those girls is over-exposed.

    1. “All but one of those girls is over-exposed.”

      It is a beautiful dress, and she is a beautiful child. I’m so glad I didn’t have a female child.

      Why don’t they just cut to the chase and slather chum over her and throw her out to the sharks?

  15. That young lady would look great in a General Mills flour sack! I guess I better stop eating Gen Tsao Chicken because I’m not Asian.

    1. The Great Zambini – my wife is Chinese and I am required to eat Chinese at least every other week. 🙂

      1. Paul-I wish I knew which week, you would have an uninvited guess each time👍

        1. The Great Zambini – we eat out, she doesn’t cook it. 😉

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