Bring Out Your Dead: Bronx Woman Charged With Burglarizing Homes Of Grieving Families During Funerals

download-3Latonia Shelecia Stewart, 26, is charged in the Bronx with a particularly despicable crime.  Stewart allegedly followed obituaries in order to break into homes when grieving families were burying their loved ones.

The Journal News reported that police noticed a string of burglaries of families during funerals.  They decided to stake out the family of a recently deceased individual and like the grim reaper himself, Stewart allegedly showed up in a car that matched witness descriptions from earlier crimes.

Police say that they found items in the search.  Stewart is now charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, a felony, and criminal possession of stolen property, a misdemeanor.

The cruelty of the act is breathtaking to add to the pain of a family grieving the death of a loved one.  Presumably, that aggravating element will drive any potential sentence higher with the court if Stewart is found guilty.


16 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead: Bronx Woman Charged With Burglarizing Homes Of Grieving Families During Funerals”

  1. What I wonder about the thief is, what did she steal the stuff for??? It can’t be for food because poor folks have food stamps, and it can’t be to pay the rent, because there are housing vouchers, and shelters.

    Sooo, I wonder what she did it for??? Drugs? Hair weave?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. It is sad how many young, healthy people have no morals, empathy, or common sense. They are in such a hurry to put themselves in a cage to cool their heels when they should be doing something with their lives.

    My condolences to the bereaved families she robbed.

  3. Your comment is out of line. You can fairly criticize an individual’s actions, or the subculture of a particular group, whether it be ghetto blacks or white trash, but racial name calling and insults have no place on a supposedly civilized legal blog. I quite often disagree with Enigma, but I respect him as an individual whose life experiences are much different than mine, and in the end, is one of God’s children.

    1. This was addressed to CV Brown. It appears that his comment was deleted.

    2. Looks like I missed it. If Enigma was called any racist names, then I am sorry that happened. I agree that one can sincerely criticize the erosion of values, culture that admires criminal acts, and other concerns without succumbing to racism and personal attacks.

      1. I agree with you on the racism stuff, but no personal attacks??? Heck, that is half the fun of commenting! Plus, instead of calling it “personal attacks”, I prefer it if we call it, “correctly characterizing commenters.” As such, calling IsaacB an “idiot” isn’t personal, it is just an ad hoc form of psychoanalysis. IMHO. FWIW.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  4. Public housing. Until blacks address their bankrupt culture they will be a hemorrhoid to society

    ““We have stagnation,” Mr. Carson said. “We have people in public housing not for a few years but for a few generations, with no incentive to come out.” In New York City, which has the nation’s largest public-housing system, the average tenant has been there for almost 20 years. “We’re trying to get people out of chronic poverty.”

  5. This isn’t new. I remember it happening in March, 1973, in Eau Claire Wisconsin. A guy was arrested burglarizing a house, and on his person was a bunch of obits showing funerals that day (one of the funerals was my uncle’s funeral, which is how this came to my attention).

  6. What some people do is when they are all going to be gone to a funeral, they will get a trusted family friend to just stay in the house while they are away, to discourage anything like this. They can also call the cops if necessary. This type of thing is nothing new.

    1. I didn’t know that. How awful. I cannot imagine going through grief and funeral planning, while also having to decide who has to guard the house from vulturine next-of-kin robbers.

  7. Assuming she is guilty, I hope they throw the book at her. This is a horrible crime. BTW, the Grim Reaper just take your soul before you die so you have a peaceful death. I refer you to the great TV series Dead Like Me.

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