“Captain Jack Sparrow” Arrested In Tennessee

1525716790045Brian Zielinski, 29, does not exactly cut the image of Johnny Depp, but he is known in Knoxville as “Captain Jack Sparrow.”  His rather unnerving appearance may be due to his alleged habit of huffing glue.  He was charged of possessing intoxicants for unlawful purposes, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, evading arrest and disorderly conduct.

His nickname comes from a prior arrest last year when he was found wandering around town dressed as a pirate like “Captain Jack Sparrow” from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  He had crawled through the window of a friend’s house after being kicked out of another house by a friend for “acting crazy.”

In the latest incident, witnesses called police to report that Zielinski, was “talking incoherently and appeared to be under the influence of some type of inhalant,” according to a police report.

Police found two bottles of super glue in a sunglasses case with little light bulbs and a straw attached at the end.

The resisting charge was added when Zielinski attempted to escape after being placed in handcuffs.  He also tried to kick officers and was banging his own head on the sidewalk.

7 thoughts on ““Captain Jack Sparrow” Arrested In Tennessee”

  1. Only 29, and he looks like hell. His demeanor is really creepy. One wonders what the pivotal moment growing up when he decided to start drugs and chuck his health, intelligence, and life away.

  2. Curiously he appears to share a hairdresser with Don King.

  3. “talking incoherently and appeared to be under the influence of some type of inhalant,”
    This could fit the description of the MSM and some Dums. Maybe the Tenn authorities could make Capt. Jack walk the plank.

  4. The disorderly conduct was probably for trying to brain himself on the sidewalk. 😉 Kids, do not do this anywhere!!!

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