Woman Stalks Man From Dating Site With 65,000 Texts, Including An Expressed Desire To Bathe In His Blood

1525958057065You might want to hold back before swiping right on Jacqueline Ades, 31, of Phoenix.  The Arizona woman is accused of not just stalking a man who she met through a dating site but proceeded to tell him that she longed to bathe in his blood.  That tends to be a turnoff for most available men.

Police say that Ades sent 65,000 texts — often hundreds each day to the man after they went on a single date together.  She clearly liked him. It was not mutual.

FOX10 Phoenix reported that the man reported Ames to the police repeatedly after he allegedly spotted her outside his residence. When police escorted her off his property, she allegedly became even more unhinged.  One text read “Oh what would I do with your blood! I’d wanna bathe in it.” Another stated ominously “You do whatever you have to do to get her . . . but don’t ever try to leave me . . . I’ll kill you . . . I don’t want to be a murderer.”

She also compared herself to Adolph Hitler, who she reportedly views as “a genius.”


18 thoughts on “Woman Stalks Man From Dating Site With 65,000 Texts, Including An Expressed Desire To Bathe In His Blood”

    1. Martha Nelson – maybe his carrier does not offer that feature. 😉

    2. Yes Martha, You are right , he could have blocked her . Second it seems confusing just with one date she could be so engaged . It is possible that that guy would have promised her or something else .

  1. Entitlement with a psychopathic overlay.

    Unless she goes to prison for 50 years, she will eventually get out.

    I wonder if he still has that dating app, or if he’s now open to the idea of a nice, safe, arranged marriage set up by the grandmothers at his local church, with the prerequisite of a background check, psychiatric evaluation, Rorschach Test, and maybe a lie detector test.

    1. I got the perfect match!

      Jacqueline Ades & former NY AG Eric Schneiderman…2 Kinky kooks in bed.

  2. “Police say that Ades sent 65,000 texts — often hundreds each day…”

    If only she were a high ranking FBI agent she could get paid by taxpayers to send hundreds of texts each day to the object of her desire.

    1. If she worked for the FBI, those texts would not be subpoenaed or requested. If she worked for Hillary Clinton, she could also smash her phone with a hammer.

  3. Forget it Jake, it’s Arizona, stomping ground of Jodi Arias. They’ll finish processing her case in 2025.

  4. If the guy was on a do not call registry list, then the FTC could fine Ades for illegal robocalling & text messaging. Example:

    A series of defendants will pay approximately $10 million to the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that they operated a massive scam that sent unwanted text messages to millions of consumers, many of whom later received illegal robocalls, phony “free” merchandise offers, and unauthorized charges crammed on their mobile phone bills.

    That’s besides stalking & death threats. Ades says its all about love in this interview.

  5. Maybe she thought the 65,536th would reset the counter to zero and hide her tracks.

    At some point you have to wonder when it is time to change one’s phone number just for the piece of mind. Well, perhaps giving her enough rope to hang herself in court by allowing the evidence to come in has its place.

    1. Darren Smith – popping on my pop psychology hat it appears she has erotomania. I have only seen this on TV, but if so, could be used for diminished capacity.

  6. She sounds like a typical leftist with an extreme case of TDS.

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