Wisconsin Police Praise Pranksters in Staged Accident


Cumberland (Wis.) police posted an interesting message for the Cumberland High School students responsible for this year’s prank.  Using a black tarp, the students made it look like a car had crashed into Cumberland High School.

The police posted the image above with the message “Hats off to the Cumberland High School Class of 2018 on your senior prank. Congratulations Class of 2018 on one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.”


That is high praise from your local police station.


13 thoughts on “Wisconsin Police Praise Pranksters in Staged Accident”

  1. Nice idea and execution. The seniors also demonstrated the value of their education; the poster reminding parents to not host alcohol parties provides additional and politically-correct cover for the entire hullabaloo. Americans luvs them some cops, which the seniors adroitly took into consideration in their poster choice to get the local cop shop to sign on.

  2. I suppose this passes for creative scholastic achievement in Wisconsin. I can imagine the shock parents felt seeing this scene as they drove by wondering if their teenager was in the vicinity at the time of the fake crash. And the cops hopping on the bandwagon is equally pathetic. I’d suggest the kids shock us even more by achieving proficiency in math and English.

    1. mespo – I have seen worse by Yoko Ono. This takes a lot of planning, art, creativity, etc. and exactly the right lighting. 🙂 If they were my students they would get an A+. Everyone should be proud of them.

      Our senior prank was to take apart a VW bug and put it together inside the stairwell of the school. 😉 We didn’t have to get it out again. These kids did not damage to anything and they took credit for it. We were anonymous.

      1. I don’t like pranks. Their purpose is shock or mischief. Neither commodity are in short supply in our frenzied society.

        1. mespo – when you are 17 or 18 you tend to like pranks more than you do when you get to be my age. Pranks at my age can seriously hurt people. 😉

          1. Agreed. I think most folks with underdeveloped cerebral cortices like pranks. Those of us with brains to understand the unintended consequences of pranks usually don’t. As my favorite TV character, JR Ewing, once told his long suffering wife on a particularity edifying episode of Dallas, when she professed no fear of him: ” I don’t expect you to be scared of me, Sue Ellen. It takes brains to be scared.”

        2. Can’t blame mespo for disliking this. As a guy who roots for school bus accidents, this must have been a real tease!

          1. Timbo:

            Only if you’re the sole occupant would compel me to “root for a school bus accident.” And then, I’d only want a little shake-up for you.

  3. Much less gruesome than what we had at our high school.

    They placed the wreckage of a DWI fatality in front of the main entrance to the school. The crash involved a larger sedan travelling in excess of 100 mph when it failed to negotiate a left turn and instead bounded over a guard rail, went airborne, and landed on its top–killing five men inside. A friend of mine took photos of the wreckage at the crash scene. Of the victims who’s faces were not too damaged, they had a look of terror on their faces, probably frozen in time the moment they left this Earth.

    Later, some local agency–I forget which–arranged for the car to visit the high school as a deterrent to DWI driving. Inside the car were several beer cans along with a few streaks of blood and tufts of hair in the glass. Many students peered into the car with almost a macabre sense of morbid curiosity. I’m sure it got the message across.

    1. Those displays are grim, but I hope they work. Teenagers have so little experience. It is amazing how quickly things can go wrong.

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