Lindsey Graham Demands Explanation Of Rosenstein’s Failure To Recuse

Graham-080106-18270- 0035Rod_Rosenstein_Official_DAG_PortraitThe recent disclosure of a memo from former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on a conversation with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on an alleged “cover story” demanded by President Donald Trump for his memo on the firing of McCabe’s boss James Comey:  I have already said that the memo may shed more light on the mindset of McCabe than Trump.  It is most likely that Trump was asking (as he did with everyone of these individuals) for a statement that he was not a target of the Russian investigation. That is not a cover story.  However, the memo does raise the question of why Rosenstein has not recused himself.  In August 2017 , I wrote a column calling for Rosenstein to recuse himself.    This memo only highlights that obvious need.

Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is demanding to know why Rosenstein is not in an obvious conflict of interest.

My earlier call in 2017 for Rosenstein’s recusal was based on his involvement in the deliberations leading up to and following the firing of Comey.  Any obstruction investigation would by necessity have to interview Rosenstein as a witness.  Moreover, his actions could be scrutinized or criticized in any final report. This memo is evidence of that very conflict.

What do you think?

184 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Demands Explanation Of Rosenstein’s Failure To Recuse”

  1. Shame on #LindseyGraham for taking so long to call for #Rosenstein’s recusal.

    Rosenstein wanted #Mueller to keep the pressure on Pres @RealDonaldTrump while they ran the clock out by stonewalling & investigating.

    If Dems get back in power Rosenstein will never be held accountable for his role in #FISA abuses, etc.

    Call @SpeakerRyan & urge a Contempt of Congress charges for the #DOJ stonewalling. Demand a #SecondSpecialCounsel & that subpoenas immediately be issued for every #FBI employee who wants to testify about the corrupt actions taken by Comey, McCabe, etc.

    The clock is running!

      1. Schiff. Rational? Why did you not throw in unbiased as well? I jean since you are fantasizing. I didn’t read the PJ media lnk as I can imagine that point of view but the counter to a partisan analysis is not a hper partisan analysis.

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