IG Report: Clinton’s Use Of A Personal Email System Led To The Interception Of Classified Information By Foreign Powers

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziI ran a column yesterday on the release of the report of the Inspector General’s report and its implications. Much of the report was anticipated.  However, among the most notable elements, was the final confirmation that the Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal server for State Department business not only contained classified information but was successfully intercepted by at least one foreign intelligence agency. That finding directly contradicts Clinton’s repeated denials through the campaign.  The media however has barely noted the finding despite widely repeating Clinton’s prior denials of both classified content and any interception by foreign powers.


The report refers to the plural “Foreign actors” as obtaining access to Clinton’s emails — including at least one email classified as “secret.”  The line is buried in the report but states unambiguously: “Documents provided to the Committees show foreign actors obtained access to some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails — including at least one email classified ‘Secret.'”

There is also a May 2016 email from FBI investigator Peter Strzok that says “we know foreign actors obtained access” to some Clinton emails, including at least one “secret” message “via compromises of the private email accounts” of Clinton staffers.

In the face of a clear refutation of her prior position, Clinton only responded with three words “but my emails” to mock the use of a personal gmail account by Comey.

In response to the story, Clinton supporters have dismissed the finding by saying that Republicans are simply obsessed and the election is over.  However, that does not apply to the Russian investigation.  This is all an inquiry into what occurred during the campaign and Clinton owes it to the public to finally deal honestly and directly with this issue.

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  1. This is a very good article by Victor Davis Hanson at NR:

    Review the Clinton email scandal, the Steele dossier, the insertion of at least one FBI informant into the Trump campaign, the misleading of the FISA court by FBI and DOJ officials intent on monitoring U.S. citizens, and, now, the inspector general’s report.There emerges a common denominator: the surety by all involved that Hillary Clinton would be president, and the need to prepare for that fact.

  2. it is striking and very revealing that the name of Hillary Clinton provokes such visceral sentiment against her by the majority of people even almost 2 years since she lost, for the second time, a presidential election.

    I can’t recall anyone in US history who has been such a toxic personality for so many decades.

    Hillary is bad for the USA and bad for any civilization.

    1. The left is finally starting to recognize this after years of praying to her as if she were some type of goddess. In a few years the left will start blaming Hillary on the right.

    2. We need to daily give thanks to God for not allowing her to win the office of President of the United States. Thank you, Lord!

      I don’t know if anything more will ever be thrown at her but at least she’s not POTUS.

    3. “Congressional lawmakers made a criminal referral Wednesday to the Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions against former senior-level Obama administration officials, including employees of the FBI connected with the unverified dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as those involved in the warrants used to spy on a former Trump campaign volunteer, this reporter has learned. The lawmakers also made a criminal referral on former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and threats made by her DOJ against the FBI informant, who provided the bureau with information on the Russian nuclear industry and the approval in 2010 to sell roughly 20 percent of American uranium mining assets to Russia.”


      They will have to turn towards a prison then. The above first surfaced 10pm eastern., I have included more than in the other posts but not all of it so use the URL.

      Also there is a move in the Congress to remove by impeachment Rod Rosenstein, His only hope is to move swiftly on the referrals Those referred are Comey, Lynch, Strzok, Page And Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  3. I don’t think Hillary Clinton can deal honestly with the issues discussed in the article. She still thinks she lost the election because of…whatever her reason is today; she has given over 25 reasons for her loss already.

    The one word that I have for how the “investigation” into her illegal activities while Secretary of State is sloppy. There is enough blame to go around among the various parties involved. In the end, I believe the Department of Justice (sic) made the wrong decision about prosecuting her, based upon the fact that she was a candidate for President, and the inherent bias among the team investigating her actions.

    One question I have is: Will the team of Robert Muller be equally as sloppy in their investigation of President Trump and his non-crime of Russian collusion?

    1. kevinbeck2015 – the Mueller team would have to decide that Trump was the likely President in 2020 and decide to handle him with kid gloves.

    2. It won’t much matter as it will between her lawyers and a government prosecutorial team atthis point. Referred for criminal action is the equivalent of brought before a Grand Jury. “Her time,” to quote bubba “is up.” The list will rapidly lengthen and widen both in space and in time.

      Meuller may not have time to do much of anything. His hands are far from clean and it wouldn’t take much at this point to see his name ‘referred’

      Now let the real investigation begin!

  4. forget who made the quote- “When we lie to the Government,it’s a felony.When they lie to us, it’s politics” 🙂
    and to all who favor either, when they come for you, don’t be surprised 🙂

  5. I had hopes this IG would be the first to have some balls but apparently not.

    So? What is to be done? That’s up to one and one only The President and he has one last recourse that he and only he can take. ” Insert names I can no longer trust your judgement and am pulling your security clearances and removing you from employment for the the federal government.

    Second, I am appointing (insert names) as AGI, IG, etc etc. etc. and appointing the (Insert name) agency to re-investigate aand recommend except where action has already been recommended and have directed those recommended actions be implemented.

    See how long Huma Abedin the main fly on the wall takes to cut a deal.

    And there is nothing, absolutely nothing to be done especially for those who are in the Executive Branch or outside of government .

    The government has absolutely no credibility until the perpetrators are brought to justice and that includes their supporters.

    1. Back on the subject the military exercises not being carried out … once … is not big deal. They are carried out through a continuous series of Command Staff Exercises and actual exercises at smaller unit levels as part of the annual routine. Thus he gave up nothing.

    2. Michael, et al:

      Ck youtube, Jerome Corsi 6-14-2018, good stuff peppered threw out.


      6-14th & 15th, 2018 audios

      Note Trump, House/Senate intel have the unredacted copies of the OIG reports we don’t have, Plus there-in they have Clinton’s, Obama’s, Comey’s FBI, etc & their ties to some more of the sick Pedo Crap!

      Mueller anyone?

    1. TBob – but will Rocket Man return the USS Pueblo? =)

      Seriously, Jimmy Dore tore up Maddow’s insane propaganda on NK summit

      1. Few individuals reveal the absurdity of the current propagandists on the left as well as Jimmy Dore.

        1. Agree Darren FWIW Tim Black (who just returned after being in YouTube “time out”) and increasingly Jamarl Thomas are good too.

  6. Obama lied when he said he’d found out about her bootleg email server at the same time the rest of us did. He was emailing her on it, using a different handle. Which implied guilt and knowledge of risk. Otherwise, he would have used his regular WH email.

    Hillary lied repetitively. Her case was handled unfairly. There are people in gulags around the country for doing a fraction of what she did. Again, her exculpatory lies implies guilt. She literally should be in prison right now. It is inconceivable that anyone at the level of her clearance would get her own servers in order to circumvent records keeping and classified information laws, put it in her bathroom, have staff with zero clearance whatsoever dust it and service it, back it up to the Cloud, again by personnel with no clearance, and basically broadcast it at the top of her voice. I guess “inconceivable” does not mean what I think it means. She got away with her crimes with the help of the DOJ and FBI, proving yet again that the wealthy, politically well-connected don’t face the same justice as the rest of the peasants.

    1. Karen S – one of the constant refrains in the OIG report is FBI agents saying “I would be in prison if I did what she did.”

  7. Executive Order 13526 prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information. When I hear members of the media requesting declassifying reports, I get the impression they forget the reason the information was classified in the first place. Then again, having senior official officials as former Sec Clinton being and James Comey accused of having classified information on their personal computer leads me to believe many people are over-classifying information for reasons other than “protecting national security”. My computer-based, annual security training has become so banal that clicking through the slides is all that is necessary to ‘complete’ the training.

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires Federal agencies to release any information NOT falling under 9 exemptions. FOIA is NOT classified information, but one of the exemptions to FOIA release IS classified information. It may be that the information may need to be protected from public release according to a FOIA exemption, but Americans don’t want to be denied “Freedom’ so the it creates a bad sound bite.

    1. Good point and seriously a large part of the media, The Acost-ers are NOT to be trusted with those who are afflicted with Madcow Disease heading the list.

    1. Mad Cow one of the most dangerous woman in media – #1 “news” host reaching millions of brain washed sheeple

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