Victorian Felons: Top Hats And Cravats


We have been discussing the old West Midlands Police mugshots found in its archives, including what is believed to be the oldest mugshot in British history.  Some names and charges were lost to history, including these two dapper gents.


These could be cases of drunkenness in Birmingham.  Notably, if you were caught drunk in public three or more times in a 12 month period, your name was put on a black list that barred drinking alcohol for two years for habitual drunkenness.


6 thoughts on “Victorian Felons: Top Hats And Cravats”

  1. Love these windows in time. I agree with Autumn that it’s interesting to see the original mutton chop.

  2. With the exception of the Pacific historical/vacation posts (which were outstanding), this is my favorite topic of the blog. Thank you for your effort.

  3. Considering the costume, they are lower upper class to upper class. Drunkenness might be a good guess or maybe racing their gig.

  4. Mutton chops on Perp 1 so funny because they are back in style. Love seeing these archival photos posted even if they are mug shots.

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