Reporter’s Reaction In Senate IG Hearing Captures The Public Shock At The Disclosure Of . . .

downloadWashington Examiner reporter Kelly Cohen’s reaction in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was exactly what many expected from the blockbuster report on the investigation of the FBI.  The problem is that Cohen was actually responding to something most DC citizens consider far, far more serious: the stepping down of the Washington Capitals head coach Barry Trotz.

Cohen’s reaction came to a friend’s text message around 3 pm when the announcement was made.  While Cohen, 27, was largely unfazed by hours of discussing the alleged deep state conspiracy to destroy American democracy, the Trotz announcement proved too much.  Sen. Leahy must have had a moment of relief that he had connected with one member of the media: Cohen video

The reaction may capture the view of millions of Americans.  Polls indicate that citizens are tuning out much of the controversies.  Trump’s polling numbers are up.  Diehard Democrats and Republicans on either end of the political spectrum are outraged but there appears a vast middle of waning interest.  That is not to say that Cohen is disinterested.  She is supposed to maintain her composure but few would expect a Caps fan to remain stoic in the face of such news.  In other words, politics is politics but this is hockey.

All I can say is “Go Hawks.”





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    1. Trump in Trump’s own words as excerpted from the article linked above:

      “They’re sending not their finest. Does that sound familiar? Remember I made that speech and I was so badly criticized?” Trump told the NFIB crowd. “Turned out I was 100 percent right. That’s why I got elected.”

      The president continued to allege that “child smugglers” were taking advantage of the system, using children to avoid prosecution at the border. He also claimed that Democrats “love open borders” because they view the people coming into the country as potential voters.

      1. L4D enables David Benson – You should read Ann Coulter’s Adios America. Everything Trump is saying is correct. When you live in a border state you live with those realities. Do you know what a rape tree is? Sadly, I do.

        1. Senor Bos says Trump is saving the girls from MS-13 gang rapists.

          Senor Bos says Whatever Trump says.

          1. L4D enables David Benson – so, you make light of rape? And ye of little knowledge, it is the coyotes who are doing the raping at the rape trees, not MS-13. MS-13 is coming over as unattached children.

            1. So when Trump said that MS-13 were rapists, Trump wasn’t talking about the human smugglers known as coyotes. Or when Trump said that the human smugglers known as coyotes were rapists, Trump wasn’t talking about MS-13. Or as the quiz puts it, “1–Whatever Trump says.”

              1. L4D enables David Benson – coyotes and MS-13 are not the same thing. You are getting the hang of this. Coyotes (some of them) are rapists. MS-13 are rapists. Does that help? You live in a border state and this stuff will roll right off your tongue.

    2. It’s binary pop-quiz time, blawg hounds.

      Q1) How many child smugglers has Trump apprehended at the US-Mexico border?

      0–I reject the premise of the question.

      1—Whatever Trump says.

      Q2) How many kidnapped immigrant children has Trump rescued from child smugglers at the US-Mexico border?

      0–I reject the premise of the question.

      1–Whatever Trump says.

      Q3) How many rescued immigrant children has Trump reunited with their “real” parents, who love them and who have been missing them so terribly?

      0–I reject the premise of the question.

      1–Whatever Trump says.

      Q4) How many child smugglers not apprehended at the US-Mexico border have Democrats thus far registered to vote in the US?

      0–I reject the premise of the question.

      1–Whatever Trump says.

      Q5) How much longer will Trump have to wait for his Nobel Peace Prize for rescuing kidnapped immigrant children from child smugglers at the US-Mexico border?

      0–I reject the premise of the question.

      1–Whatever Trump says.

      There is no correct answer key. You must score yourself.

      1. P. S. If you answer 1–Whatever Trump says to all five questions, then Whatever Trump says on all five of those question had damned well better be true.

        1. L4D enables David Benson – you do not get to set the criteria for scoring. Nobody died and made you God.

          1. L4D said, “There is no correct answer key. You must score yourself.”

            PCS said, “– you do not get to set the criteria for scoring.”

            Guess what, Senor Bos? You just scored yourself.

            1. L4D enables David Benson – I am not even taking the test. After I left graduate school, I took an oath to never take a test again. I have held to that oath. However, as someone who took courses in how to write and score tests, I can tell you that your questions are too pointed to have a legitimate answer. BTW, I have probably written tens of thousands of test questions in my lifetime. As a matter of fact, after I retired, I got hired by a couple of textbook publishers to write questions for them.

              1. So your answer is both 0–I reject the premise of the question and 1–Whatever Trump says. That figures.

                1. L4D enables David Benson – you are not reading what I am writing. I am not taking the test, so I reject the test questions and the answers. I am not playing your silly reindeer games.

                  1. PCS owes L4D five answers to five binary-code pop-quiz questions. No more cheating.

                    1. L4D enables David Benson – at what point in my life did you become the boss of me? I owe you nothing. I don’t take the tests in Cosmo or on FB, why would I take yours? Besides, it is both poorly written and constructed.

                    2. At what point in your life did you become the boss of Dr. David B. Benson? Since you awarded me the prize of enabling Dr. Benson, that would be the point at which you awarded me the prize of boss of Senor Bos.

                    3. L4D enables David Benson – if you think enabling David Benson is some kind of prize you really need to rethink your priorities. Still, it does not make you the boss of me. My wife is the boss of me and she is not going to give up that position. 😉

                    4. It’s amazing that a man who thinks he can demand action from others who comment here gets so riled when requests (jokingly) go the other way. PCS’ demands span more than a month now and are plainly unhinged.

                      And all this from a man that can’t distinguish between a penile sheath and an udder,

                      PCS is plainly a fool.

                    5. “… if you think enabling David Benson is some kind of prize …” — PCS

                      That’s not what L4D wrote, PCS; read it again, or have your self-proclaimed skills taken a tumble?

                      Or, you can always do your non-sequitur move, which you are obviously shifting to given the above response to L4D.

    1. Rand Paul, like many Americans, does not understand that the singular American failure has been and continues to be the judicial branch with emphasis on the SCOTUS. These judges and justices are criminals of high office who must have been impeached long ago for usurpation, abuse of power, dereliction, nullification, etc., etc., etc,. for not supporting and enforcing the MANIFEST TENOR of the Constitution or illegally modifying legislation by “legislating from the bench.”

      Justice Roberts committed treason by denying the Constitution when he told us that Obamacare could violate the “commerce clause” and that Obamacare, as an unconstitutional tax for “individual welfare” (the Constitution only allows Congress to tax for “general Welfare”) would be allowed.

      He went on to illicitly and arbitrarily commingle the definitions of the words “state” and “federal” to unconstitutionally allow the unconstitutional Obamacare “exchanges.”

      The judicial branch has no authority to legislate or modify legislation. It may decide cases within the parameters of the Constitution. For but one example, the entire American redistributionist welfare state is unconstitutional as Congress has merely the power to tax for “general Welfare” not individual welfare per Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1.

      80% +/- of judges and justices should have been impeached and convicted for treason as denial, destruction and nullification of the Constitution.

      “…courts…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

      “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing … To deny this would be to affirm … that men acting by virtue of powers may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

      – Alexander Hamilton

      1. These judges and justices are criminals of high office who must have been impeached long ago for usurpation, abuse of power, dereliction, nullification, etc., etc., etc,. for not supporting and enforcing the MANIFEST TENOR of the Constitution or illegally modifying legislation by “legislating from the bench.”

        Really? Is this the same George who said: Tattoos must be made temporary by law. You do realize unalienable means all the time, not just when you want it. That also means if you want anyone to take you seriously on posts like this, you have to be principled all the time.

        1. Ad hominen does not advance the debate.

          As but one example, Roberts took the Constitution into his own hands with impunity by allowing Obamacare as a “tax” (unconstitutional) and by changing the English language and commingling the definitions of the words “state” and “federal,” two unconstitutional, incredible and preposterous acts.

          Roberts and the judicial branch DO NOT have that power or authority.

          All the power is that of the sovereign.

          The sovereign in America is the People.

          The representative of the People is Congress/Senate.

          The People write the laws and run the country per the Constitution through Congress/Senate.

          The judicial branch has no authority and commits usurpation, insubordination, subversion and treason when it modifies legislation passed by Congress/Senate through its “interpretations” and “decisions.”

          When the judicial branch initiates or modifies legislation through “interpretations” and “decisions” it is committing a crime of high office.

          The control on the judicial branch is impeachment and is the immutable superior power of Congress/Senate.

          Congress must learn to wield its immutable power with facility by enhancing and accelerating the impeachment process to keep pace with the rampant and burgeoning crime of high office in America.

          Did you read Hamilton above? Congress must declare all acts CONTRARY to the CLEAR AND OBVIOUS, MEANING AND INTENT of the Constitution void.

          “…courts…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

        2. Ad hominen does not advance the debate.

          Sure. Cite the ad hominem you’re referring to so that whoever wrote it could recognize it. In the meantime, you may want to refrain from posting in the wee hours of the mornings.

  1. From Newsweek:


    Donald Trump Approval Rating on Immigration Hits All-Time Low Amid Family Separation Policy Outrage

    Newsweek Jason Le Miere,Newsweek 23 hours ago .

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    Amid outrage over his administration’s policy of separating families at the southern border, President Donald Trump’s approval rating on immigration has hit an all-time low in CNN polling.

    Approval for Trump’s handling of immigration sits at just 35 percent, according to a CNN poll released Monday. That figure represents a 5-point drop from where Americans stood on the issue just one month ago.

    The high point for Trump came in March 2017, when the rating stood at 44 percent. Fifty-nine percent now disapprove of Trump’s handling of immigration, and only 28 percent voiced approval for the specific policy of separating families at the border.

    1. About 6 weeks before the 2016 election, a poll ( NBC, I think) had Trump down by c.12 points.
      It was way out of whack with the other major polls that had Trump down an average of 5-6 points.
      What was interesting was that major media outlets trumpeted that supposed 12% Clinton advantage from that one poll, and barely mentioned what their own polling results were.
      That CNN poll is likely an outlier result, just as Rassmussan is almost always an outlier on the high side.
      That’s why, to the degree that I follow polling, I go to the FiveThirtyEight sight.

      1. Tom Nash – FiveThirtyEight is the one who gave Trump a 15% chance of winning the day of the election. Rasmussen has him at 47% approval.

      2. Tom: Six weeks before the election, James Comey had not yet sent his letter to Congress. Hillary’s poll numbers declined substantially in the days following that letter. And just last week the I.G. Report concluded that Comey was totally out of line for sending that letter.

        No presidential candidate every had FBI warned tagged to them ‘before’ an election. Even the most loyal Democrats were unsettled by that letter. It sounded like Hillary faced an imminent indictment; which made Democrats wonder if there was any point in voting. No wonder turnout was low for Democrats!

        Yet Trump supporters keep forgetting that Comey sent that letter. Instead they keep chiding pollsters for being ‘so wrong’ about the election; even though Hillary still won the Popular Vote by a 2% margin. And that’s roughly where Hillary stood in the polls ‘after’ Comey’s letter.

        1. When will you progressives ever learn if you live by the sword, you may die by the sword? Her run for president was always a slow-motion train wreck. She didn’t get derailed by Comey; she was already running out of track.

        2. Peter,…
          The Access Hollywood tape “happened” to surface in mid-October, I think.
          That temporarily tanked Trump’s poll numbers….then, after the much-hyped, no-show press conference by the woman who alleged Trump raped her when she was 13 ( held in a press-crowded law office of Gloria Allred’s daughter) a few days before the election, I think most people discarded the rape allegation, and overlooked the Access Hollywood tape by that time.
          There were other factors as well…I’m just putting some dates and events out there as examples of the closing weeks and days of the campaign.
          Polling and “leads” often narrow as election day approaches, so that’s another factor.
          As I remember, there was a relatively high number of “undecideds” in the final days.
          In short, I think it’s very difficult to pinpoint one “turning point event” as THE cause, or a primary cause, of voter sentiment as it shifts in the closing days of the campaign.
          That said, Comey blew it twice; in his July 2016 “performances” announcing HIS decisions re the Hillary email investigation, and in waiting until late October to reopen that same investigation ( when the FBI had the Abiden-Weiner laptop emails in by late September).
          Some of the details of these “Comey calls” are still being investigated and debated.
          As an aside, Sen. Grassley ( R., Iowa) sent a letter blasting Comey’s timing of reopening the Hillary investigation.
          I think’s it’s just about impossible to isolate and to determine how much impact, if any, Comey’s reopening had on changing votes given multiple factors at play.
          I don’t follow the popular vote very closely, but the last-minute polls showed Hillary likely to top 300 Electoral Votes….. that’s what I DO follow… states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania ( which had not voted for a GOP president since the 1980s) were the key to the upset Trump victory, as well as sweeping both “swing states” of Ohio and Florida.

          1. In the election’s aftermath it was determined that Jill Stein picked up just enough votes to hurt Hillary. Which jibes with what you say about the undecideds. And I think voter suppression efforts in Wisconsin knocked off enough Blacks to hurt Hillary. Republicans certainly wanted to neutralize the votes of Milwaukee Blacks. And college students in Madison; Wisconsin’s second largest city, were another target. Ohio Republicans are currently suppressing Blacks and college students. What a cynical message, “We don’t want you voting!”

            1. I remember something of a debate about Milwaukie’s photo ID requirement.
              I don’t consider that requirement, by itself, to be unreasonable or de facto evidence of voter suppression.
              If there were unreasonably long lines and waiting times to register
              and/ or vote, especially targeted at certain demographic groups, that’s different.
              I haven’t really made a study of the “voter suppression/ voter fraud” debates.
              I have read that there are at least a couple of million of voters illegally registered in more than one place.
              There is only a voluntary cross-check interstate system to track this; last time I checked, only about 20 states were in that system.

      1. Autumn: See if you can find that same report in a mainstream media source.

        1. The Obama Administration held immigrant families together in Family Detention Centers from 2014 through 2016 when a court decision said that the detainees had to be released. The vast majority of those families were released from detention together and deported. A very small number of the parents in those families were prosecuted for various criminal offenses. As a result of those prosecutions, a very small number of immigrant children were separated from their family.

          What Trump is doing is nothing at all like what Obama did. Autumn knows that. But Autumn does not care about knowingly posting falsehoods on the Turley blawg. And neither does Schulte.

          1. L4D enables David Benson – any parent who brings their child across the Sonoran Desert this time of year should have their child taken away for child abuse.

    2. Natacha, says “according to a CNN poll” –as if that means something. They bombard viewers with wall to wall negative inflammatory coverage (Trump and the R’s are worse than Nazi’s) and then they take a CNN poll only to report that Trump’s approval numbers have hit “an all time low.” Gee, so CNN found out that its wall to wall negative coverage had the intended result.

      Or take a look at the CNN poll that shows first lady Melania’s popularity numbers are slipping. CNN ran nonstop negative coverage about Melania being off the radar and even wondered if perhaps she was beaten or abused by her horrible husband Donald and other total dirt, then CNN took a poll. And golly gee, Melania’s numbers are slipping. Yes, This is CNN. Crap News Network.

  2. Bill Clinton to Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport:

    If you prosecute Hillary,

    you will convict Obama.

  3. IMPEACH Rod Rosenstein for obstruction, insubordination,

    subversion, usurpation, perjury, dereliction, treason et al.

    What did Christopher Wray know

    and when did Christopher Wray know it?

    Prosecute the entire “7th Floor.”

    All roads lead to Obama.

  4. The Chicago Cubs of the National Hockey League have exorcised the ghosts.

    And Turley had to put up with both of them. Congratulations!

  5. Jon: MOST Americans by far still disapprove of Trump, and that’s via the Gallup Poll, considered by most who are knowledgeable about polling techniques to be pro-Trump biased. The teeny, tiny little bump was after the Liar in Chief claimed to have solved the issue of the divided Korea. He didn’t. N. Korea made no binding promises. There are no specific dates for any activities to occur. These promises have been made before and not kept. More Trump bull. Nothing will come of the Korean show. How about conducting a poll right now, after the still photos of traumatized babies and the audio of their screaming for their parents have been released? The poll you cite was before all of this.

    Meanwhile 2/3 of Americans disapprove of the Gestapo-like policy of ripping babies from their parents’ arms. That’s the real story today, and one which you are avoiding. You, like Ingraham, who like to wear your religion and your proud parenthood on your sleeve, like a badge of honor. You are nothing but a partisan hack.

    1. Natacha, Obama gave pallets of cash to a terrorist nation for non binding promises that were not intended to be kept. At least judge everyone by the same standard.

      I fully expect North Korea to try to go back to its bad ways, but diplomacy had to be tried. What matters is what are we going to do about it when it happens?

      1. Stop the pivoting. There is no equivalence between Trump and anyone, except maybe serial killers. Trump is a malignant narcissist, and unfit to be President of this fine country. The Korean show was for attention only. It will go nowhere. Nothing Barak Obama did was for personal aggrandizement, unlike Trump, for whom everything is for personal aggrandizement.

        1. There is no equivalence between Trump and anyone, except maybe serial killers.

          I cannot think of a single redeeming feature you’ve ever displayed in this forum. Every once in a while, though, we can almost taste The Crazy.

          1. Spot on, Nii. She is insane.

            Nothing Barak Obama did was for personal aggrandizement…


          2. Wow, just wow! President Trump has clearly taken up residence in her head and he’s got a MAGA party running night and day.

        2. Nutchacha re “Trump is a malignant narcissist, and unfit to be President of this fine country.” I would agree with narcissist, but all prez’s have a touch of that. Look at Obama’s arrogance and disdain for the common folk while in office including the military!

          As far as “malignant” NO one I”m aware of can match HRC – millions dead, Haitians cheated, pay for play, endangering national security

        3. Nothing Barak Obama did was for personal aggrandizement,

          Yeah, this man who hasn’t worked for a commercial employer since he was 24 years old has an 8-digit net worth just because.

          1. North Korea need money. The US pays for them. Used to be in the neighborhood of a $million. But with Trump negotiating it may be more now.

            1. North Korea need money.

              Shocker, North Korea needs money. And the purpose of economic sanctions was to do what? Of course they need money. If the United States negotiated a deal with Iran that gave them $1.7 billion and $400 million in actual pallets of cash for 4 hostages and a delay in Iran’s nuclear weapons program, what price is justifiable for the release of American hostages, getting the remains of Korean War veterans back and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula?

              1. She has no source for that, TBob. Or for anything else she posts, for that matter.

        4. Natacha got something right when she said: “There is no equivalence between Trump and anyone…”


    2. Jon: MOST Americans by far still disapprove of Trump, and that’s via the Gallup Poll, considered by most who are knowledgeable about polling techniques to be pro-Trump biased.

      No, it’s considered by Natacha to have a pro-Trump bias because she needs that to be true. The president has been making incremental improvements in his position for about six months now. Rothenberg / Gonzalez have all House and Senate races coded as we speak. Your single best guess is a gain of 11 seats in the House and a loss of 1 or 2 in the Senate.

      1. No, actually, people who are knowledgeable about scientific polling techniques criticize Gallup. No, Trump hasn’t made “incremental improvements” for 6 months. His low polling is not only consistent, but historically-low. Again, I invite Quinniapiac or any other valid polling organization to poll him today, now that the pictures of innocent children and their screams have been recorded for posterity. Regardless of whether their parents did the wrong thing in bringing them here, THE KIDS did nothing wrong, but they will suffer for the rest of their lives.

        One consistent feature of serial killers is their inability to feel empathy. Trump has this quality, if that’s what you want to call it. He couldn’t care less that these children, who had no choice in whether to come here or not, don’t understand why they are being imprisoned and separated from their opposite-gender siblings. Remarkably, when you look at the females in Trump’s family, they are all bleached. Melania has very dark black hair, which she colors to a lighter shade of brown. Ivanka tries to play blonde, but she has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, which she tries to conceal with green contact lenses. Can’t look Hispanic, now, can we?

        1. I look at the polling data from FiveThirtyEight from time to time.
          It gives the results of a number of different pollsters, and presents an aggregate number of all major polls.
          Haven’t checked it recently….Trump’s numbers ( average of all polls) has range from c. high 30s to low 40s.
          I think it’s been holding at low 40s in recent weeks.

          1. Autumn,…
            – The polls that really matter will be taken in Nov. 2018 and Nov. 2020.
            If we learned anything from the 2016 election, it’s that anything can happen, there’s a wide range of potential outcomes.
            I’m not sure in today’s polarized/ Balkanized political climate that any candidate or President is capable of getting and maintaining high approval numbers.

            1. Very accurate assessment TN. The country is divided but actually IMO the indies are not turning out for the Demoncrat Establishment.

        2. No, actually, people who are knowledgeable about scientific polling techniques criticize Gallup. N

          You just can’t remember who they are or what their specific critiques are.

          One consistent feature of serial killers is their inability to feel empathy. T

          You’re in a hole, stupid. Quit digging.

    3. Natacha, of course you believe that Chuck and Nancy, or Elijah Cummings, or Rachel Maddow, or any other grandstanding Democrat gives a dam about the children coming over the border? Please. At least Trump is trying to actually solve the problem. Watch…Chuck will say no to anything and everything Trump or the Republicans try to do. Chuck Schumer and the Dems and the media all want to keep the issue hanging out there to beat Trump over the head with those children until the midterms are over.

      1. Do your research Natacha. Even worse photos of children at the border were circulating under Obama, but the media had little to no interest in blowing it up like they are doing now to Trump. Why? Because the media protected Obama. If Obama ever had to endure the onslaught of scrutiny and negative press that Trump gets slammed with, he would never have won a second term. No way in hell.

      2. TBob,
        My wife and I have been licensed foster care providers for about 10 years. Children are removed from their parents home every day for a multitude of reasons. Often times that reason is they have violated the law. Those children will end up being taking in by extended family or family friends after qualifying to do so. If there none available, then they end up being placed in a foster home. We’ve had children in our home for months trying to provide as little disruption to their routines as possible while their parents work to resolve the issues that have their children out of their home. Every case is heart-breaking. We’ve done visits with the birth parents on Thanksgiving and Christmas, including one time where we invited the birth parents into our home for the holiday.

        The fact is these children are being separated because their parents, or whoever is acting as their guardian have violated the law. We cannot have one set of laws for parents/guardians of people in this country legally, and a completely different (more lenient) set of laws for those trying to enter our country illegally.

        1. Bless you and your wife for giving those children the experience of a loving and stable home – no matter how temporary.

          1. Thank you. While the Left plays politics with the lives of children (never let a crisis go to waste), we need principled lawmakers to work on a permanent solution.

      3. TBob, Schumer has already said exactly that. He will not let any GOP legislation that deals with the border problems to pass. He says he wants “to keep the focus on Trump”. The illegal immigrant children are nothing more than a political tool.

        1. Yup, Schumer and the Dems (and the media) will bash Trump with this issue as long as they can. It is also being used to distract from MSM reporting on the even bigger story of the Horowitz IG Report and all the corruption that is being revealed from inside the FBI leadership and the DOJ.

  6. I am watching the hearing live and the Democrats are playing whataboutism. It is hysterical.

    1. Et al:

      For those with free time to research the OIG report further, that I do not at this time, here are a few starting points:

      1. The FBI’s 302 report, a after action report, as a joke?, page 302 of the OIG report, something about the Piss NYP/NYFBI guys that DCFBI is doing nothing with the criminal evidence of HrottenC’s emails & their Pedo connections.

      2. Around 292-294, more detail related stuff to the Clinton’s ongoing child trafficking.

      3. p 153, something about the 600000 emails & child trafficking.

      4. Not sure what I wrote a few nights back but p. 96 is noted.

      5. I don’t recall, but p. 89, exhibit 71 was very interesting.

      6. p. 420-421

      If one digs the OIG report isn’t just a whitewash it’s part of a road map to criminal indictments of some leadership in the FBI,DOJ, Mueller & company, etc……


  7. THIS is what JT posts? Talk about deflecting. Nothing in the news today professor?

    1. Oh lighten up, for God’s sake. It was humor. Why don’t leftists have any sense of humor? What a way to go through life. 🙁

  8. Question. Professor Turley. I just listened to your comments on another live channel. The printed matter underneath listed you as a Democrat. I seem to remember the world Libertarian being used to describe y our preference. Also I notice the extremists seem to attack your fairly balanced and moderate positions (except on global warming) fairly often.

    then I remembered a college professor who was Faculty Adviser to both YAF and Young Pioneers or whatever the left called themselves. and did those jobs at the same time with no one knowing what he really was either way. He also advised different campaigns for different sides in the local area from time to time.

    Could that be the case here in ye olde blog?

  9. wonder how they will react when the announcement of the nomination of Trey Gowdy for Supreme Court Justice is announced?

  10. I watched the entire Senate hearing and could not help noticing the woman in the white dress sitting directly behind Horowitz and Wray and wondering about her role in the proceeeding. Now I know. Thanks, Mr. Turley.

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