South Carolina Man’s Tattoo Is More Admission Than Art After Arrest

michael-vines-1529426178One of the funnier Farside cartoons featured a deer with a target on its chest and the other deer saying “Bummer birthmark Hal.”  The same sentiment could be expressed about Michael Vines and his forehead tattoo after he was arrested for . . .  you guess it . . .  unlawfully carrying of a firearm in Greenville, South Carolina.


Greenville firefighters at a car crash told police that they saw Vines toss a fully loaded Smith and Wesson .38-caliber revolver into the grass.  Vines however is not allowed to possess a firearm.

Vines is charged with driving under a suspended license, driving too fast for conditions and unlawful carrying of a firearm.



25 thoughts on “South Carolina Man’s Tattoo Is More Admission Than Art After Arrest”

  1. Here in L.A. I knew a young actor who was booking national commercials and making real money. Yet he had self-destructive tendencies; which is not uncommon among actors. Like an idiot this actor had “Sexual Pervert” tattooed to his chest. And apparently he ‘was’!

    No idea what became of him.

      1. L4D enables David Benson – cute. I actually got an F++ on a paper, once.

  2. It looks to me like he is trying to eject the clip/magazine from the pistol on the tattoo. Artistically, it sucks, dude. He should go to jail for that alone. 😉

    1. Or, it could be one or those extended magazines; you know the ones that carry twenty or thirty rounds, so you can fight off a mob of home invaders, government agents, or Martians. Thank goodness for the NRA.

    2. I thought that was the manufacturer’s “exploded view” technical drawing.

  3. Tattoos must be made temporary by law. Tattoos are out of control with young people. What do the poor fools do when they turn 30?

    1. Tattoos must be made temporary by law.

      All of a sudden the 1st amendment doesn’t suit your interests? See how easy it is to join progressives in abandoning protection of natural rights? Perhaps you could share some quote from a founding father supporting your position.

      1. I meant “made temporary by the law” of etiquette and social ostracism. I apologize. I should have clarified my statement. I offer the defense that I posted at 12:38 AM. I place myself at your mercy.

        What mercy will tattooed young people obtain after they mature?

        1. LOL! It’s not my mercy to grant.

          Anyway, 20 years in the Navy and I don’t have a tattoo. My 79 year old mother-in-law has 2 that she’s gotten within the last 5 years.

          1. 20 years Navy and no tattoos; that seems impossible. God Bless your mother.

            As always, the resolution lies in free markets. An industrious company should create removable “morning after” tattoos.

    2. Tattoos used to means something: prison, a drunken night in Hong Kong while in the navy, membership in some group, etc. One was stepping over the line when one sported a tattoo. The best tattoos were a heart and ribbon that said Mom on the bicep of a bruiser, or most recently a bar code below the shoulder. However, now the whole value system is diluted with cheap ‘tramp stamps’ and one or two legs smothered in meaningless doodling. The same has happened with the shaved head and the five o’clock shadow. If you’re going to grow a beard then grow a beard. A Kojak or a Lex Luther can sport a bald dome but on some it simply looks silly.

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