Arkansas Man Arrested After Giving Waitress Her Own Stolen Credit Card To Pay For Meal

c8028912-ec91-4240-8451-515910cde201-large16x9_shamonwest2Shamon West, 21, may want to look a bit more closely at the stolen ids of his victims.  West stole the purse of Flora Lunsford from her car while she was getting gas.  Two days later, he gave the card back to Lunsford after claiming to be her to pay for his meal.  She called the police instead.

West was caught on surveillance video taking the purse and then driving around the back of the gas station to pick up his friend who had just shoplifted from the store.

He is now charged with forgery, theft by receiving, and three outstanding warrants.

was booked into the Jefferson County jail for forgery, theft by receiving, and three outstanding warrants.

49 thoughts on “Arkansas Man Arrested After Giving Waitress Her Own Stolen Credit Card To Pay For Meal”

  1. Kharma.

    Plus he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer trying to pass himself off as a “Flora.”

    1. Depraved. A criminal like her should never walk free again. The public deserves protection from psychopaths.

      At some point, the question of environmental or internal causes becomes mute. She is a vicious thug.

  2. Wow! A dumb crime was committed, and just to toss some red meat to the likes of Squeeky, Jon includes his photo.

    Meanwhile, babies cry for their mothers. Mothers’ breasts ache with milk their babies will never get. Kids and parents may never be reunited. Millions of tax dollars paid to political supporters who set up and run prisons for children. And Jon, the law professor and proud father of four and a deeply religious man, according to him, throws red meat to racist ignoramuses but has nothing to say about this humanitarian crisis created by a fat, misogynist, racist, malignantly narcissistic rodeo clown who colluded with a hostile foreign government to steal the Presidency of the United States.

    1. For the record, Nutchacha, about 5% of the prison census in this country is contracted to private enterprise. There likely are people in that business who supported Trump. It’s a common characteristic of people whose like of work incorporates operational measures of competence.

      People who break the law are commonly separated from their children and from much else. That’s true no matter who is the President. That the lawbreakers in question are in the mascot-group-du-jour of the Democratic Party is a matter of no consequence whatsoever.

      1. “mascots”? You call infants and children “mascots”? You must have the same sociopathic personality of your exalted leader. He claims these people “infest” this country–a word used to describe rats and other vermin. People coming to this country seeking asylum are not breaking the law. These traumatized children did nothing wrong, but will suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter whether the facilities are clean, have toys, are free of vermin, whether there is medical care available and whether food is provided—these kids just want their parents. They’ve already suffered the trauma of leaving their home country and traveling in treacherous conditions. The infants reportedly cry inconsolably– that is, if they make any sounds at all. That is a very ominous sign for future mental health.

        Put this into perspective: the fat, racist, misogynist, lying, braggadocious genital grabber* promised the racist rubes who voted for him that Mexico would pay billions to build a wall. Mexico won’t pay for any wall, so in order to coerce Congress to appropriate the funds from us taxpayers, he’s holding these children hostage, hoping their suffering will force Congress to let him have his way. This is so he can look like a hero to people like you, Squeeky and the dipsticks who voted for him. Steve Bannon actually stole a phrase from JFK: he called this behavior a “profile in courage”.

        *I promised myself I’d stop referring to him using these kinds of words, but they fit. He’s much worse than people imagined, including me. This person actually has no soul at all and is truly evil. Who intentionally inflicts suffering on helpless and innocent infants and children to get their way so they can claim to be successful and a powerful negotiator? Not someone who deserves to be referred to by their proper name. Civility has no place in this discussion.

        1. Natcha why don’t you move to Honduras or El Salvador if you like it so much. I have a couple friends who live there and they have been living behind razor wire almost their entire lives. Lucky them they can afford it. The place has a lot of disorderly people and a lot of them are coming here.

        2. Womp womp.

          Did you cry at Rachel Madcow’s fake tears and ratings ploy last night, Natacha?

          1. Let’s talk about ‘civility’ Natacha.

            Natacha doesn’t transcend her disordered emotions. You might as well put it in Byzantine koine.

          2. That”s the entire point of the rules on separating children. If it is suspected that the child has been abused, or if they are not convinced the adult they are with are really their parent, they separate the children to give them medical care and sort it out. They are specifically trying to avoid housing children with pedophiles and rapists pretending to be their relatives.

            Every time anyone is arrested for illegal immigration, they can only have their kids with them for 20 days. After that, the Flores settlement requires them to be sent to an HHS center. You can find plenty of photos online of Obama-era separations, where all the men are in one holding center, and women and children are in another, and the separated children are in still another. During processing they are in huge chain-link enclosures in warehouses.

            Illegal immigration is a mess. Historically, the courts award asylum status to only around 7% of Latin American applicants. For the majority, their situation is not as dire as, say, a North Korean defector who will be killed on site, or a gay man in an extremist country. However, illegal immigrant, open border groups have advised illegal immigrant caravans that if they get caught, they should claim asylum. Having a kid with them will get them out of the detention center sooner. Historically, having a kid will allow catch-and-release, where you will be sprung and then never show up for a court date.

            The result of this is that there is years’ long backlog of asylum cases, which make true victims out there have to wait. This is due to people gaming the system. Asylum seekers are to present themselves at a port of entry, or in the closest country they can get to. They do not need to sneak across the border, and then only claim asylum when they are caught. Mixed in with those, are people who really did, say, witness a cartel murder and need to get out of town. Other than that, the majority of them actually paid a drug cartel to smuggle them, and often got pressed into doing their dirty work, like muling drugs or kidnapping other people. It’s illegal immigration itself that mixes people up with cartels. Considering that 80% of women and girls get raped on the journey, I can absolutely understand the concern about separating real families from predators.

            This is an easy fix. Legislate so that families can stay together for longer than 20 days. Above all, close the border up tight, so that parents no longer pay a cartel to ship their unaccompanied child over the border, packing along One Step for the inevitable rape. Which leads me to question why does everyone seem to assume that all of these are good parents fleeing certain death? How do they know? I expect there to be the full range of humanity, from great parents who would fight grizzly bears, to really bad parents who would rather their daughter get raped as long as it gets them into a better economy. Why would anyone assume that all of the thousands of illegal immigrants are all great people? What non selective cross section of any society is so? WHY are the majority of minors unaccompanied teens? Because their parents realized they have the best chance of getting in, and felt the terrible danger was worth it to them. It’s insanity, and unacceptably dangerous to these kids. Stop the border up tight and stop tempting parents to send their children into the desert.

            We are responsible for all of the traumas these children face when their parents force them to break the law, as well as the scary situation of getting picked up and processed by Border Patrol. This is all caused by our open border.

            Add some spots for an additional legal immigration category, the “I just want to be an American” category, for those who don’t qualify for an H1B Visa, agricultural guest worker, joining family already here chain migration, or asylum. And then close the border up.

        3. Very few people are coming to this country are actually seeking ‘asylum’ (rather than applying for it because some lawfare artist told them that’s what you do).. Almost everyone who has arrived here (especially those from Latin America) are seeking better wages and better living conditions Lots of people would like that. It’s not a qualification for entry, Natacha. When you’ve entered the country unlawfully, you’ve broken the law. The longest separations are to be had when people apply for asylum, btw.

          Again, a country is not a welfare program nor is it a jobs program. The only justification for settler immigration is raison d’etat, and there are few people who arrive here illegally who can meet that criterion. As for caring for refugees, that can be done in the customary manner: in camps proximate to the trouble in question with an eye to eventual repatriation.

          1. We have around 325 million people here in the US. There are more than 7 billion people in the world. The vast majority of those are worse off than we are, including living in corrupt societies under dictators.

            We literally do not have the land, resources, or food to take in 7 billion people, and if we did, our Western values would be quickly overwhelmed.

            In fact, if we ever did bow to the Liberal agenda, and have open borders, every time we quarreled with other countries, like Russia or North Korea, all they would have to do is send vast amounts of immigrants across our border and vote our policy to change.

            Worked in the UN Human Rights Council, which is run by the likes of China and Venezuela.

    2. You mean the human misery caused by Obama’s foolish and unconstitutional DACA program that induced many poor migrants to try and dash for the border with their kids a few years back, which caused the gov to have to build detention facilities, under President Obama’s authority, which are now being called Trump’s cages by the lying deceitful Democrats and their quislings in the scyophant media?

      Yes I rue that misery too but it is part of the system which also sees children of accused persons put into foster care on a daily basis worldwide

      Lots of suffering and some of it avoidable. The migrants will avoid the suffering if they don’t try and sneak into the US

      1. Well, let’s look a little further back, shall we? There have always seasonal migrations, to pick crops, for instance, but sometimes the migrators didn’t leave. The huge migrations began in earnest when good ol’ Ronnie Reagan gave amnesty to illegals back in 1984. That encouraged migration on a much larger scale than ever before. Then President Obama was confronted with what to do about innocent children who were brought here by their parents without any choice in the matter, and who established successful lives here, went to school, started businesses, and so forth. Is it equitable to deport them from the only country they’ve ever known when they did nothing wrong? DACA didn’t induce large-scale migration, Ronald Regan did.

        Children of persons arrested or imprisoned are put into foster care in the US only when there are no relatives or trusted friends able or willing to care for them.

        Trump is the one who unilaterally expanded the childrens’ prisons, including constructing a tent city in the Texas desert literally overnight. In any event, the only reason to separate children from parents is to use the emotional distress of the children to coerce Congress to give Fatso what he wants.

          1. Excerpts from a piece written in 2014:

            Ronald Reagan amnesty haunts immigration action

            08/03/14 09:45 AM—Updated 08/03/14 04:34 PM

            By Amanda Sakuma

            Tensions over President Barack Obama’s next course of executive action on immigration have reached a boiling point for many on the right, who fear – incorrectly – that the president will soon offer blanket amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants.

            Some conservatives forget, however, that despite the anti-amnesty fervor on the right, the grandfather of amnesty happens to be one of the Republican Party’s most beloved heroes: President Ronald Reagan.

            Much as many Republicans might like to forget it, the last major comprehensive immigration reform bill to make it through Congress was signed into law by then-President Reagan in 1986. The Immigration Reform and Control Act, Americans were told, was an immigration crackdown that simultaneously “preserves and enhances the nation’s heritage of legal immigration.”

            The law lifted more than 2.7 million immigrants out of the shadows and into the U.S. workforce. For the first time, millions of undocumented immigrants could apply for a job, open a bank account, start building credit and even buy their own homes. Undocumented immigrants who had lived in the U.S. continuously before 1982 and were able to pay a $185 fee became eligible for a green card in an expedited process that in many cases took just months to complete.

            The economic impact from granting amnesty to millions of people who were already living in the U.S. was “extremely positive, right off the bat,” said Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, professor at the Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicano Studies at UCLA. “It drove up wages because people were empowered to operate in the market with greater right.”

            But not everything worked out as planned. Reagan’s initial intent was to tighten border security to stem the flow of immigrants coming in the future and to place sanctions on employers continuing to hire undocumented immigrants. Instead, the undocumented immigrant population in the U.S. exploded from 5 million in 1986 to more than 11 million today.

            A rise in identity fraud became a major issue as fake documents and applications became a cornerstone of the undocumented labor market. The sanctions against employers did little to block illicit hiring. And poor foresight failed to anticipate future growth in migration across the border.

        1. “The huge migrations began in earnest when good ol’ Ronnie Reagan gave amnesty to illegals back in 1984. That encouraged migration on a much larger scale than ever before.” So you agree that amnesty encourages more illegal immigration. Then on that subject, we are in accord.

          Then Obama enacted more amnesty programs and pro-illegal immigrant kids. According to the logic that we both agree upon, what would be the predicted result? Yes! The surge of unaccompanied minors? Recall that 80% of women and girls got raped along the way. So….whose fault would that be? Yes! Those who gave amnesty!

          Each and every President who enacts policies that reward illegal immigration creates more of it. They also put children at risk because they incentivize both unaccompanied child migration and family migration, all in the hands of the drug cartels who run the human smuggling industry.

          “Children of persons arrested or imprisoned are put into foster care in the US only when there are no relatives or trusted friends able or willing to care for them.” The Flores Settlement gives them no more than 20 days in detention before they go under the care of HHS. They must be given into the care of a relative or guardian, and if none are available, then they stay in an HHS center. That has not changed. However, falsely claiming asylum is going to take a lot longer than 20 days, and they are no longer willing to engage in the catch-and-release which encourages more parents to send their kids with vicious cartels across the border, raped along the way.

          “Trump is the one who unilaterally expanded the childrens’ prisons”. Yes and No. Latin American claims of asylum skyrocketed in 2013, as they were advised to claim asylum if they were caught by border patrol. The catch-and-release program has been an utter failure. The courts only find 7% of Latin American asylum seekers to be valid, and that was before the surge. So, basically this compassionate alternative has been taken advantage of. He did not expand actual prisons. That is against the Flores Settlement. If they were allowed to be in prison, they would be with their parents, for those who actually have parents with them on the rape train. He took a zero-tolerance approach to illegal immigration. Asylum seekers are to present themselves at a port of entry, not try to sneak across. They don’t even have to. Those who sneak across are now getting arrested for illegal immigration, and go through the legal justice system. We can’t have kids in jail, so they go into centers, where they have medical care, schooling, soccer fields, proms, and all sorts of activities to help them recover from the trauma their own parents put them through. Many of them have been raped because of their parents’ decisions. We agree that they are innocent victims being used as pawns. Trump expanded the prosecution of illegal immigrants. Kids were still separated under Obama if their parent was charged.

          So allow families the option of staying together throughout the process. But no more catch-and-release. The honor system doesn’t work among law breakers, clearly.

    3. Do you ever ask yourself how other countries police their borders? In many cases where there are frequent attempts at illegal crossings, they use walls and guns and border guards authorized to shoot. Why don’t you go wring your hands about all those other places for once? The US border is comparatively humane and decent treatment compared to the likes of the Chinese and North Korean border I would suspect.

    4. Natacha, child separations are now more frequent than before, but they still occurred. In fact, under “lateral resettlement”, the Obama Adminstration would separate repeat offender male Mexican illegal immigrants from their women and children, and dump them at the border over 1000 miles from where they crossed. They wouldn’t tell their family anything. They’d have to go to the Mexican consulate for information. Their children were detained as unaccompanied minors and they wouldn’t tell them where their Daddies were.

      Where was the Liberal outrage? From the media coverage, you would think this never happened before.

      The very reason why 90% of minors are unaccompanied teenagers, and 80% of the females are raped on the way over, is because our policies sent the clear message it was a back door in. Parents paid drug cartels to ship their precious babies, and packed One Step for the likelihood that they would be raped.

      Again, where was your outrage? Your call to action?

      Stop illegal immigration and improve legal immigration.

      1. This entire problem should have been solved years ago. Let’s fix it today. To start with, let’s add some spots for “I want to be an American” in the legal process, for those that don’t qualify for H1B, employer sponsored, agricultural guest worker, relative living here, or asylum. In addition, let’s expand guest workers beyond agricultural, but visa holders should be tracked, and overstaying has consequences.

        Keeping legitimate families together, rather than strangers pretending they are with unaccompanied victimized kids, during the process is the compassionate move. But no more catch and release either.

      2. You really, really want to end the problem? Fine and penalize the hell out of those agri-businesses, restaurants, hotels, landscaping services, nonunion construction companies, janitorial companies, nanny employers, housekeeper employers and others who rely on below-minimum wage workers. That’s what attracts them. Make it very painful to get caught employing one of them, including heavy fines the first time and increasing jail time for each subsequent offense, and it’ll stop immediately. No, wait! They’re mostly Republicans and are getting filthy rich off the backs of these people, so it won’t stop anytime soon. Blaming illegals solely for the problem is like blaming the raccoons who knock over your garbage can to get food.

        1. Well, see, I’d love to make it harder for illegal immigrants to break the law, but there is this problem. The Left fights even asking the immigration status. They fight to give them benefits like Obamacare, here in CA. They vote for higher wages, but fight tooth and nail for their serf class, who benefit from none of that. When it comes time to get a nanny, a landscaper, painter, or home remodeler, they go by price. And illegal immigrants work mostly under the table, then they use stolen identities to claim poverty on tax returns, and get earned income credits from taxpayers. Their willingness to accept low wages under the table depresses wages.

          When I was a kid, all the landscapers in the neighborhood were either teenagers mowing lawns for neighbors to earn money, or real professionals. There were arborists who knew not to top trees. Who didn’t scalp bushes with power clippers and call it “pruning.” Now, no one can compete with the crews of illegal immigrants, who are also the culprits in most lawnmower thefts.

          However, if everyone was legal, and they were competitive, everyone would have to pay them minimum wage or they would get a complaint filed. Jobs like mowing lawns would go back to the teenagers, and employers would have to pay higher wages to attract workers. Maybe less farms would spray pesticides all over their pickers, who have such high rates of cancer, because people wouldn’t be willing to work in toxic fields. When I tour boutique organic establishments, it’s all hippies and environmentalists out there feeling it’s a privilege to have the farm to table connection.

          I absolutely agree that many business interests benefit from the serf labor pool of illegal immigrants. They can abuse and underpay them at a level that a legal worker or citizen would never tolerate. In fact, the H1B visa program is infamous for abuse, because the worker must stay with the sponsoring employer, or be deported. That is a terrible amount of power to give to an employer.

          I do not blame illegal aliens for the problem, or hold a shred of animosity for them. I ride horses, and so have known illegal immigrants most of my life. It’s not their fault if they took us up on our red carpet. That’s just the way it’s done. And there is currently no “I want to be an American” immigration path. There are limited guest worker programs, mostly in ag. There are so many obvious ways to improve the system, it boggles the mind that Congress is such a weanie it refuses to fix it. It is time to make everything legal from here on out. Illegal immigration went wild and had a good run for a few decades. Now it’s time is done. It’s abusive and has created a caste system in modern America.

          1. Here in CA, most cities suspend loitering laws to allow day workers to congregate. They are so aggressive that they drive all other business away from the shops they target, except for themselves.

            I stopped going to a shopping center when it got taken over by dayworkers. The last time I pulled up in the truck with my baby in the car seat, illegal immigrant day workers flung open my doors and jumped inside from all sides, pushing, shoving, and arguing with each other for position. Luckily, I speak Spanish, and verbally flayed their hides. They didn’t mean any harm. They thought I was a contractor, and those are good under the table jobs. Since they don’t pay taxes, they make far more than those who make wages. They apologized quite nicely, but I never returned. Who wants to struggle physically with aggressive people, clutching your baby, just to go pick up some sodas?

  3. Plenty of jobs for a healthy young black man like him, like roofing. But no. We have to import people from Mexico and Central America to do those jobs sooo people like Shamon can lay around stealing and being a bum! What a loser! Shame on us for allowing it. Hmmm. . . !!!

    Shamon You???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a loser named Shamon!
    Who dint know who to put the blame on.
    The waitressing chick,
    Was also the vic. . .
    Oh, I bet she was thinking, “It’s Game On!”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    PS: I know this Irish Poem sucks, but I just popped a Tramadol, and am getting unable to think clearly. Sooo, cut me some slack here! Crap, it’s 4:18 AM and I can’t find the durn comma on the keyboard.

    1. I bought an interesting vintage coffee maker. It’s a Corey Vaculator vacuum coffee maker.

      It just came in the mail yesterday and I haven’t tried it yet. It uses a glass rod as its filter. The maker’s certainly quirky. Here’s a video of how this works.

      Essentially you place the water in the bottom pot, then place the upper atop this with the glass rod filter. Coffee grounds go into the top. When the temp rises in the bottom pot, it creates pressure which moves the water through the pipe and into the upper where it mixes with the grounds. Remove the coffee maker from heat and allow this to cool. Then, a reverse process begins when the temperature in the bottom then vacuums the coffee in the upper, through the glass rod and into the lower pot.

      I’ll let you know how it works, and I suspect I will have to experiment with the grind coarseness since it seems the booklet that came with the maker seems to use older terminology than what is used today.

      1. My parents had a vacuum pot. Chrome-plated aluminum, IIRC. I think they’d gotten bored with it by the time I could take notice of anything. It sat in a cupboard unused for a decade, and was eventually disposed of in a house sale coincident with a move. They’d have bought it 50-odd years ago.

        1. Strange Brew. Kill what’s inside of you… ??

          Sorry, couldn’t resist the double pun

          Anyway. Speaking of longevity, my wife and I still use the Farberware electric frypan my mother bought in the late 1960s and it still works great. The only repair it needed was to tighten the screws on the legs last year.

          There is something to be said about longevity. I often wonder if the demise of the vacuum pot might have been related to cleanup and the need for companies to steer people toward coffee filters to create new customers who regularly buy paper filters.

          My aunt and I are going to get together and try out the vacuum pot so we’ll see how it goes.

          1. I have a collection of cast iron cookware, some of it inherited from my great-grandmother. You can strip and re-season cast iron for generations. I think the only way to kill it would be put it from the freezer into a 500 degree oven, or maybe run over it with your tractor. And that’s a maybe. Piece of history.

            1. Some of those vintage cast iron cookwares command high prices for online sales. Surely some of this represents the nostalgic angle but if the items represents a potential for multi-generational usage it surely surpasses the “buy once” strategy I advocate for durable goods. There exists many YouTube videos depicting restorations of cast iron products such as vises. I find these to be quite informative and refreshing to see items built for longevity and strength still have relevance today.

              Oh, and one suggestion. You mentioned several time in the past of your internets low speeds prevents viewing of videos. One way you can mitigate this is to bring up the video and immediately hit the Pause button. That will suspend video playback and allow the player to stream data into a buffer without the start/stop you might be experiencing. Once the buffer, as displayed usually in the slider as a gray band, has nearly completed press the Play button to begin uninterrupted playback.

              See if this helps

              1. Thanks, I’ll try that. I was able to increase my bandwidth in a promotion, recently, but still find it frustrating.

          2. I think you are on to something. Companies today can not afford to make coffee brewers that last, because they need new sales for the revenue. I have to replace my Mr. Coffee, which I now only use to make hot water, about every 18 to 24 months. Meanwhile, the 80+ year old percolator is still percolating. Same with the 70+ year old ones.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

      2. Yeah, let’s talk about vintage coffee pots and how they work. That’s the topic du jour. Let’s avoid the subject of manipulating the suffering of innocent children so the fat slob stinking up the White House can look successful.

        1. Any conversation you or Jill participate in ends up revolving around your emotional issues. Coffee pots are a welcome diversion.

      3. Looks pretty cool. If it’s vintage, the borosilicate glass would be non toxic by today’s standards, but I don’t know if the plastic or rubber pieces would pass.

        1. I looked up the coffee pot and did not see anything related to hazards of the rubber gasket, and you are correct that having purely glass hardware makes for very low probability of toxins.

  4. It reminds me of a “Cops” episode….a guy, about 20 years old, was pulled over, got out of the car with a joint tucked behind one of his ears.
    The officer asked him he had anything illegal in his car or on his person, the guy said “no”.
    The cop had a hard time keeping a straight face….looked like he was about to bust out laughing.
    Then he explained to the doofus the reason he “suspected” that he wasn’t telling the truth, took the joint from the guy.
    It was hilarious.

    1. The whole point of COPS is the juxtaposition of pathos and humor. I suspect people who stay in the police trade have an ample appreciation of both.

  5. Opps!!! If he didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t any luck at all. 😉

    1. Thank you! Can you hear me laughing all the way from North Carolina? Steve Martin never missed!

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