RES IPSA HITS 35,000,000

Audience_Frontier_FiestaLast night, the blog hit another milestone today with over 35,000,000 views. We have also passed 50,000 followers on Twitter.  We relish these “little engine that could” moments to take stock in our expanding base of readers.  The blog shows that there is still an interest in a place for passionate but civil discourse on legal and policy issues  of our time (and perhaps a few wacky stories).  As always, I want to offer special thanks for our weekend contributors and particularly Darren Smith who continues help up with periodic technical problems etc).


I particularly want to thank our regular commentators and readers.  We try to keep this blog as an open forum with as little interference or monitoring of the comments as possible.  Given our free speech orientation, we try not to delete comments and, for that reason, we are deeply appreciative of how most people avoid personal or offensive comments in debating these issues.  Obviously, our open forum allows trolls and others to spew comments that are at times offensive and obnoxious but we continue to believe that civil and balanced comments will prevail.  Thank you for voluntarily assuming restraint over the tenor and content of your comments.

So here is our current profile:

In the last 90 days, our ten biggest international sources for readers (after the United States) have been:


United Kingdom




New Zealand






Welcome to all of our new readers from those countries and the almost 200 countries with readers on our blog. This includes a couple dozen on the Isle of Man.

The top ten posted in terms of readership in the last 90 days:

1. After the Inspector Genera Report, Questions Grow Over The Lack of A Criminal Referral For McCabe

2.  SUNY Student Reprimanded Under “Unwritten Policy” For Criticizing Liberal Intolerance

3.  “Confused and Distracted”: McCabe Uses Flynn Defense Against False Statement Allegation

4.  Justice Delayed Is Justice: Mueller Fights To Delay Russian Collusion Trial

5.  A Higher Priority: The Investigation of James Comey Raises Serious Questions Over His Leaking

6.  Why The IG Report Undermines Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation

7.  Liar, Liar, DOJ On Fire? Comey and McCabe Offer Sharply Conflicting Accounts

8.  Comey and McCabe Leap From The Moral High Ground Into The Trump Abyss

9.  With New Referral To The Inspector General: The FBI Finds Itself Caught In A Crossfire Hurricane

10. Beware The “Lawyer Acquaintance”: How Fifty-Six Words May Have Just Sunk Trump and Cohen in the Stormy Daniels Litigation

The most frequent commentators on this round were:


Nuchacha is Insufferable


Paul C. Schulte


Tom Nash

Thank you to all of our regular commentators. We remain an extraordinarily broad and diverse body of commenters from different parts of the world and different political and social backgrounds. Thanks again.

Thanks again to those who try to keep our discussions passionate but civil. We obviously have relapses into personal attacks, particularly during these heated political times. However, I am impressed how most people are able to transcend disagreements to avoid making our differences personal or offensive.  There remains a core of people in this country that want to speak objectively about the problems in our country — both legal and political. Some have found their way to this blog and I hope more will join them. We hope that this forum can remain a pluralistic and open forum for mature people to engage in mature discussions. Such discussions have never been more important.

Thanks again everyone and congratulations on the latest milestone. Now on to 36,000,000!

51 thoughts on “RES IPSA HITS 35,000,000”

  1. “Nuchacha is Insufferable,” second place is eminently respectable.


    And Professor Turley gets a ten-point grade reduction for spelling.

    One presumes the Professor would demonstrate an appropriate level of respect for the honors list.

    Perhaps Darren can install site-specific spellcheck on his keyboard.

  2. Not surprised. Love reading this blog. Even if I don’t agree with you this place is great!


    I was relieved to find I’m ‘not’ among the most frequent commenters. The DNC doesn’t want me overdoing it. ..Just kidding..!

    1. I didn’t think I posted all that frequently over the last 90? day period.
      Then again, I’ve lost track of all of the provocations and prevarications by LATE4DINNER😉that cry out for a response!

  4. there is plenty of deleting of comments for reasons having nothing to do with insults, offensive statements or disparaging of others. Darren Smith is disingenious in the worst way

    “if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

    “There remains a core of people in this country that want to speak objectively about the problems in our country”

    not on this blog. The spewing of hate is constant by the very top posters JT indicates, e.g.

    Nuchacha is Insufferable

    Paul C. Shulte is the prince of the lot. The comments by NII and L4D are a reflection of the broken culture


    June 15, 2018 at 10:26 PM
    Peter, when are you going to stop making things up. You are confused by your own lies. It’s your idea to hate these countries and your idea to love stupidity. I can’t help you with that

    June 16, 2018 at 11:09 PM
    Have you ever taken a logic course ?

    NII and L4D….too many to list

    1. Ortiz – you could have listed at least one of my “princely” comments. 😉

      1. Paul C. Schulte,…
        – Rumor has it that you are irked because Ortiz said “princely” when you feel it should have been ” kingly”.😄

    2. not on this blog. The spewing of hate is constant by the very top posters JT indicates, e.g.

      The term ‘hate’ does not mean what you fancy it means.

      1. DSS – soooooo, does hate mean something none of the rest of us thinks it means? 😉

        1. The Merriam-Webster entry for hate:


          1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

          2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.


          3. to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.


          4. intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

          5. the object of extreme aversion or hostility.

          1. L4D enables David Benson – I am sure we all appreciate your listing the abridged Merriam-Webster definitions for us, however, the question was specific for DSS.

    3. Thanks for noting, Ortiz. It’s hard to lie in an age when people can fact check with just a few finger clicks. Yet a so-called ‘business genius’ who changed careers doesn’t seem to know that.

    4. “if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

      -Abraham Lincoln

      To be sure, “Crazy Abe” Lincoln showed his evil character as a zealous tyrant, despot and murderous dictator during his wholly unconstitutional “Reign of Terror” which resulted in massive property damage and destruction, the ultimate loss of one million American lives and the compelled imposition of the improperly ratified and unconstitutional “Reconstruction Amendments” also forced into existence under the threat of further violence during a bitterly hostile, post-war military occupation.

      Lincoln showed his hatred for the Constitution and the freedom it provides as he wantonly and egregiously nullified and demolished it by denying the constitutional right to secession by disaffected States of the United States which properly voted to legally disunite, dissolve or divorce just as the American Colonies had divorced and seceded from Great Britain, conducting an illegal invasion of the CSA, a sovereign foreign nation, confiscating legal, deeded private property, illegally suspending Habeas Corpus and issuing an unconstitutional proclamation under condition of secession not insurrection, rebellion or legally declared war and failing to deport illegal aliens which freed slaves became on the date of issuance of the unconstitutional Emancipation Proclamation as the Naturalization Act of 1802 required citizens to be “…free white person(s),..,” etc., etc., etc.

      1. See, Ortiz, even Crazy George’s routinely nutty disparagement of Honest Abe doesn’t get deleted.
        That makes one wonder why your comments don’t make it over that exceedingly low bar…

  5. Well it’s one of the best blogs in America. But try not to get to full of yourself will you Turley? I mean you do live in the beltway area, and that’s a common malady there. I think it has something to do with the fumes rising from the Potomac.

        1. It appears that Sergio Leone is not an immigrant from Sierra Leone?

          It is dubious that Sergio Leone would fly the flag of Sierra Leone if he is a native of the Italiano Rome.

          As always, I remain confused.

  6. David Benson still owes me three citations after a month, one from the OED, and the source of a quotation You are just hurt you did not make the list. 😉

  7. Is it 34 or 35 megacomments? The headline and the text do not agree.

      1. I don’t owe a thing. Paul C Schulte is just Making Stuff Up.

        It’s called the Big Lie.

        1. David Benson owes me three citations after a month, one from the OED, and the source of a quotation – You think I am doing this to practice my typing skills? I am descended from the Greek and Roman gods and I am immortal. I have to take human form because if you saw me in my true godly form you would be turned to ashes. There is no reason for me to Make That Up.

          Note to self: Start looking for a new body.

          1. As I stated before, in need of some mental health counseling.

            1. David Benson owes me three citations after a month, one from the OED, and the source of a quotation – I am not the one who couldn’t see the color on the WSU football team. As a side note, you might want to remember what happens to those who anger the gods. If you have forgotten read The Odyssey.

            1. L4D enables David Benson – it is clear you have never worked on a farm or ranch. That is a cow.

              1. Where’s the udder?

                That looks like an ox tail to me.

                Do heifers have horns?

                1. L4D enables David Benson – You are semi-right. It is not a cow, whatever the breed, it is an it, a steer.

                2. yes, depending on the breed. Some are naturally polled, so neither sex has horns.

            1. L4D enables David Benson – only Zeus gets to use the bull form when hiding from his wife, Hera.

                1. L4D enables David Benson – if you had Hera for a wife you would cheat on her, too. 😉

                2. If I had Hera for a wife in her true godly form she would turn me to ashes.

            1. L4D enables David Benson – I am not a cannibal and no one likes old beef.

                1. L4D enables David Benson – speak for yourself, not the rest of the world.

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