Victorian Mugshot: Samuel Crowley

4D274B2B00000578-5834259-image-m-82_1528799581419Our Victorian mugshot of the day is Samuel Crowley, who was charged with “having skeleton keys” in October 1862.  We have been reviewing some of the earlier mugshots in England from West Midlands.  These Birmingham mugshots offer a unique insights into the period.


Crowley is most likely a burglar. Indeed, he looks about like what I would expect a Victorian burglar to look like.  He has that certain “crafty as a fox” look.

3 thoughts on “Victorian Mugshot: Samuel Crowley”

  1. Probably akin to “being in possession of break-in tools” which is an offence in many jurisdictions.

  2. Well, he certainly should be transported for looking crafty as a fox. This is a new one on me for criminal offenses, however, I am open to new knowledge. 🙂

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