Huckabee: Wilkinson Led Group Out Of Red Hen To Protest Sanders Eating At Another Restaurant

SarahHuckabeeSandersThere is an interesting account of the recent controversy at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va. from the father of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that has gone largely unreported.  Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has claimed that Stephanie Wilkinson “organized” a group to follow Sanders and her family to a nearby restaurant to scream at them.  That is strikingly different from Wilkinson’s account and the account being offered in the media that Wilkinson politely asked Sanders to leave and nothing more.  The many stories lionizing Wilkinson have cited her “passive” protest as proof of her “leadership.” If true, the account magnifies the rude and uncivil conduct of Wilkinson and it is clearly material to the story. Yet, only a few conservative sites have carried Huckabee’s account.

Huckabee stated on Fox:

“In fact, a little known part of this story, is that after Sarah and her husband left and the family relocated to a restaurant across the street, the owner of the Red Hen then organized an effort to go and scream at them from the sidewalk at the other restaurant,

Finally, one of Sarah’s in-laws, who happens to be very liberal, it’s her brother-in-law, went out in the street and said, ‘Look, Sarah’s already left. She didn’t stay for obvious reasons. She’s had all she needs tonight. The rest of us are trying to have dinner. I’m a liberal. I’m not a Trump supporter. But you guys aren’t helping our cause,’” Huckabee went on to say. “So, it wasn’t just what happened in the Little Red Hen restaurant, it’s what happened ongoing by the owner of that restaurant.”

Wilkinson previously told The Washington Post that “I’m not a huge fan of confrontation. I have a business, and I want the business to thrive.” The disconnect between these accounts is rather glaring.  Following Sanders and her family to another restaurant (and prompting the intervention of a self-described liberal) would paint a very different picture from past coverage on Wilkinson’s judgment and conduct.

The failure to add this critical information to coverage does raise a question of bias. It is a materially different story on the actions of this restaurant owner if she first told Sanders and her family to leave and then led a group to harass the family at someone else’s restaurant.

This story has (and continues to) captivate the country with coverage on all of the networks and cable news programs.  If Huckabee’s account is true it is news. If it is untrue it is news. So why has it received so little coverage?

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  1. If there’s no video (despite everyone in the country carrying a cell phone) then it didn’t happen. There are no other first-hand witnesses to the heckling. The B&B owner who was interviewed on Fox never said he saw it happen — and his B&B is three miles away from the Red Hen, so he wouldn’t have seen it.

    All you have is Mike Huckabee’s word, a second-hand account that he says he heard from his daughter’s “liberal” in-laws. (How the heck did her right-wing, Kansas-born Republican husband come from liberal parents?)

      1. As I understand it, the B&B is where Sarah and her husband were staying. The heckling (that may or may not have taken place) was reportedly at a restaurant across the street from the Red Hen.

        1. Yes, it’s obvious to you and me that the B&B owner couldn’t have seen it. Yet Fox news claims their “confirmation” of the story is based on what the B&B owner said. And now it’s all over Twitter that the heckling happened at the B&B.

          A lie is already halfway around the world before the truth can put on its shoes.

          1. The B & B owner would have had a 2d hand account from his guests, so unless you fancy the Huckabee / Sanders crew made up the heckling and then lied to her father and lied to the B & B owner, it happened.

            1. In the video interview, the B&B owner never mentions anything about any heckling. He only said he was glad to offer her hospitality.

              So we’re back to only Mike Huckabee’s word. SHS never said a thing about it. No witnesses have emerged from the other restaurant. There’s no cell phone video. We don’t even know the name of the other restaurant. At least we could get that.

              1. “We don’t even know the name of the other restaurant. At least we could get that.”

                One would think.

                1. Two other restaurants around there advertise themselves (as does The Red Hen) as serving ‘New American Cuisine”. There is Haywood’s in eyeshot and The Southern Inn around the corner. One can be reached in 90 seconds on foot, the other takes a little longer.

                  1. Have the waitstaff in either of those restaurants said they saw the heckling? Fox News has been on the scene for several days and should have been able to track down eyewitnesses by now. Yet they haven’t.

                    1. “Fox News has been on the scene for several days and should have been able to track down eyewitnesses by now. Yet they haven’t.”


              2. SHS never said a thing about it.

                Her remarks were limited to a single tweet and the tweet could have been sent before her in laws told her what had happened.

                You’re really on the hamster wheel about this. Since Stephanie Wilkinson has already admitted to asinine conduct (made public initially by one of her wait staff), no clue why you think this contrived skepticism is worthwhile. Just your feelz, I guess.

          2. And non-affiliated “Red Hens” — here, there, and everywhere — are being targeted.

            “A lie is already halfway around the world before the truth can put on its shoes.”

            Bears repeating.

  2. Fascists and their fellow travelers are going to have to get used to the idea that freedom loving, non fascist Americans are no longer going to be polite to them as they shred our Constitution and destroy the rule of law. Tough for them. Good for America in the long run. Sanders and her ilk expect for people to pretend that what they do is acceptable and not worthy of the hatred they engender. Well that’s BS and now perhaps they’ll understand just how despised they are.

    1. Works both ways, see Elaine Chao confront the millennial’s who trespassed on her property. BACK OFF… Love her! Reminds me of Yosemite Sam’s “Back Off.” LOL

    2. Well if the fascists of today are anything like the Black Shirts of Italy then you know who will come out on top of that.

    3. Horuss, apparently you don’t know history. You are precisely the one fascists dupe by saying ‘we will get even with them’. If you read the Constitution and learn what it says you will do an about-face even if you hold onto the same side of many issues where there is considerable disagreement.

  3. The Red Hen is doomed

    “Protesters gather outside Red Hen restaurant as owner steps down as director of Main Street Lexington”

    “The restaurant is expected to remain closed until the middle of next week, Wilkinson’s friends said.”

    roanoke dot com

    1. Well, it clearly does not serve the public. It only serves Liberals.

      Anyone not Liberal, it’s not safe to eat there. They will either run you from the restaurant, and scream at you in the street, or perhaps spit in your food. You are to recall that it was not just the owner who committed this aggressive act against paying customers who just went there to have a meal. It was the wait staff and cook staff, too.

      This is not a safe place for anyone not Liberal. The people who work there are not rational.

      1. They’re rational enough. They just have a completely disordered self-understanding and a completely disordered understanding of others. Not all that uncommon among people whose attention is engaged by public affairs. See Natacha, Jill, FishWings. Where you career into the ‘irrational’ is among people whose minds are in imaginary worlds (see Bill McWilliams, Ken Rogers, and Patriot).

    2. “The Ren Hen is doomed.”

      We’ll see, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      1. anonymous – I heard the Red Hen has temporarily closed for retraining for the staff and Wilkenson has stepped down.

        1. She owns the restaurant. She bought out her partner 4 years ago. (Poor chap is being hammered by unstable and rude people sending him crank texts and crank e-mail). She can’t ‘step down’. She can only sell it or close it. She was the chairman and staff director of a parastatal local business association. It was that position she relinquished, presumably told she could issue a pro forma letter of resignation or they’d issue a letter of dismissal.

  4. The owner of the Red Hen didn’t just continue to harass Sanders for her association with Trump, she was harassing Sander’s in-laws at another restaurant with Sanders herself not even there. Those people had no association to Trump at all, but she and her friends still felt they had a right to make their lives miserable.

    1. It wasn’t just the owner. It was also the wait staff and the cooks.

      Anyone non Liberal – protect your families and do not enter the Red Hen. The owner said she would do this again in a heartbeat. That is their business model, now.

      It is unsafe, and I certainly wouldn’t eat any food prepared by people who would do this. God knows what they would do to it. Best know they want you driven out so you can avoid them and any unpleasantness.

      There are businesses posting signs where Sarah Sanders is welcome. I would eat there, or anywhere that posted that anyone was welcome.

      1. Wow, with a restaurant full of diners to serve, the Red Hen owner, wait staff and cooks all abandoned their customers and instead marched across the street to harass a family at a different restaurant? Yeah, that sounds likely.

        1. Wow, with a restaurant full of diners to serve,

          Looks like a small place. How do you know they had any other customers?

          1. You think it sounds likely that THE restaurant’s wait staff and cooks would just drop what they’re doing and all march across the street to heckle SHS’s family and shout from the sidewalk? Really? You think a restaurant with excellent ratings on Yelp and Tripadvisor, high enough to attract SHS and her party, would be TOTALLY empty?

            Again, what’s the name of the other restaurant?

            1. Terry:

              Fair enough. I might have misunderstood who accompanied Wilkinson outside and who joined from outside. You make a good point. The restaurant is described as the size of an apartment. I do not know if the Sanders party of 8 were the only ones there.

              I do know the staff participated and agreed with what happened inside, based on Wilkinson herself.


              It was her chef who called her to say Sanders was there. Her staff wanted her sent away.

              Conservatives are not welcome there clearly.

              1. I would also like to point out that, yet again, bringing personal politics into the workplace affected the business. The staff who had a problem with Sanders and had the owner come in to throw her out are out of work until the restaurant opens. If they had kept their political activities to their personal time, that wouldn’t have happened. If any of the staff disagreed with this move they’re out the money too.

    1. Not clear that Huckabee actually said that.

      For shame, Jonathan Turley, for passing along a Faux Neuz rumor m

      1. David prefers unaccountable anonymous tips that turn out to be lies to statements by known people that can be held accountable.

      2. Yes he did actually say that, I saw the interview that he said it in. He said his daughter and son-in-law had gone home and the rest of the party (her in-laws) went to a restaurant across the street where they were further harassed by the Red Hen owner and a group she had gathered to join her.

        1. I also saw a short clip of an interview with the owner of the B&B where the Sanders family stayed and he made a comment about it as well (being followed across the street once they all left the Red Hen). I assume he had heard about this directly from the Sanders family during their stay at his inn.

    1. How poetic. The one who treated another like $hit now has $hit thrown at her. The saying “Those who stir the $hit pot usually get splashed” rings true!

      1. No, not “poetic” — it’s how children and crazy people behave. Local firefighters had to clean up the mess.

    2. Vote with your dollars, not manure. It’s not the Red Hen who has to clean it up.

    1. Rejecting a request to hold a campaign photo op in your establishment is a lot different than refusing to allow someone to eat there at all.

  5. And you believe the Huckster who wasn’t even there because? Once old Huck realized he could get rich by being a right wing shill there is nothing of him to believe.

  6. “What ‘Never Again’ Holocaust educators would say now about civility and fascism”


    “Rose was a tiny woman, but she was unrelenting. She was not violent, but she was also not willing to negotiate with a racist ideology. She knew that going along just to get along made things worse — not better.

    “Her fellow survivors were the same. They knew that calls for civility in the face of oppression had been used as a weapon against them. And they knew what we took for granted.

    “They knew that Nazis weren’t an aberration. They were regular people. Your friend. Your neighbor. Your uncle who forwards racist memes. They knew that Nazis are what happens when hate goes unchecked by polite people who fear confrontation.

    “They also taught us is that dictatorships and genocide don’t happen all at once. They don’t start with extermination camps. They start when vulnerable classes of people are blamed for society’s problems. They start with state propaganda.

    “They start with the encouragement of violence at political rallies. They start when elected leaders call the press the “enemy of the people.” And they start when people don’t push back forcefully and publicly — early and often.

    “As with any cancer, the time to stop creeping fascism is not after the arrests and the killings begin. By then, it’s too late. The time to stop fascism is when the President calls some Nazis “very fine people.” That’s the time, before it metastasizes and spreads further.

    “President Trump has called for his followers to “knock the crap out of” political opponents. He threatened this week to suspend due process for immigrants. He said immigrants “infest” America — a literal use of Nazi terminology. Meanwhile, the government he runs is holding children hostage in cages until their Mexican and Central American parents agree to deportation.

    “I don’t think I fully understood the urgency of Rose Van Thyn’s warnings when I was younger. But now that I’m older, I understand power. I know that human nature doesn’t change. Most importantly, I know that when a leader flouts the rule of law and begins “othering” minorities, the time for civility is over.

    “What does that mean? In my view, political analyst Josh Berthume said it best yesterday: “Racists, misogynists, homophobes, bigots, fascists, and every single one of their enablers should feel the sting of shame and ridicule. When their behavior is not challenged, it is encouraged.”

    “That’s a sentiment every Nazi hunter would get behind, and I share it. We must shun these people back into the shadows. It’s the only way to ensure that what Rose experienced does, in fact, never happen again.”

    “Friedman has spent 17 years in politics and government, including time as an Army infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    1. Truly unspeakable things can be justified as fighting the good fight. The Nazis used that justification for their savagery against the Jews. Liberals use it to justify threatening, harassing, or harming conservatives.

      All you have to say is, I’m fighting Nazism, or I’m fighting Fascism, and then nothing you do could be labeled evil. Is it wrong to kill Hitler, after all?

      Only…what if the people you harm are not really Nazis or Fascists or Racists? What if you’ve become Hitler, yourself?

      1. That’s what they used to say about Jews. Let them feel the sting of humiliation and keep to the shadows, where they will be swept up like vermin.

        I see the same rhetoric rising again.

        This is a misuse of the Holocaust to paint conservatives as Nazis. And it will be used as a false justification for unjustifiable acts.

        Saul Alinsky taught the tactic of demonizing your opponents. Paint them as Hitler, and then everything horrible you do to them will be viewed as honorable. That is what Fascists did, painted their political opponents as evil. That’s how the Ukrainian genocide happened; painted those farmers who opposed collectivization as evil and starved every man, woman, and child of them to death.

        1. “Saul Alinsky taught the tactic of demonizing your opponents.”

          Saul Alinsky also taught his followers to steal and when I say steal I mean it in the criminal, not metaphorical sense.

  7. I would definitely like to know if the story is true, However it appears Sanders is following the lead of Ghandi in passive resistance. Not a point of agreeing or disagreeing with any certain policy but it exposes the opposition as the aggressors with no civility nor tolerance. Meanwhile she goes on with her business in a professional and business like manor.

  8. Peter, your comment was a reasonable viewpoint. The problem is, if you move these folks to the front of the line, you reward them for cheating. The rest of the lawful immigrants don’t like this. Nor do the other Americans who live by the law.

    How about an amnesty for misdemeanor convictions for marijuana pcs? A more worthy legislative endeavor and one that would actually benefit the taxpayers instead of expensing them.

    1. An amnesty for pot convictions would be appropriate as most states move towards legalization.

      1. Indeed but why instead is the mass media spending all its energy pushing this other immigration business that is more or less the status quo for years now. Maybe it is to distract from the IG report exposing bias and incompetence in the FBI and Mueller fishing expedition.

        Of course Roger Stone republican “dirty tricks operative” and Trump friend is in favor of pot legalization but he is a subject or target of the Meuller fishing expedition too. Funny how things operate.

  9. Is there a prosecutor in the house? Should not the perpetrators have been arrested and charged with stalking, harassment and assault with some aggravation for involving a federal officer?

    1. The wheels of the law grind slowly. You can bet the protestors have all been registerd by the surveillance state. It has pigeonholed us all but these fools have red flagged themselves for sure.

  10. “ …. raises the question of bias. …. Why had it relieved so little coverage?”
    Only someone with a bad case of Rip Vanwinkle Syndrome would have to ask that question. The MSM is the propaganda wing of the Left.

    1. Mespo, are you sure the democrat party is not the operations segment of the MSM?

      1. nobody knows to what extent the cia has involved itself in journalism but the lesson from both “operation paperclip” and the close association between time life publisher Henry Luce and the original group of OSS honchos like CD Jackson. I doubt the affinity has ever gone away

  11. The perspectives of locals in Lexington, VA on the cooked Red Hen Diner are completely the opposite of the WaPutz article that interviewed the owner. No surprise.


    “Owner: Sanders’ experience at bed & breakfast redeemed visit to Lexington”
    Ashley AnneMon 9:16 PM, Jun 25, 2018–breakfast-redeemed-visit-to-Lexington-486514191.html

    LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) — One Lexington business owner says Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ trip wasn’t all negative.

    Justin Peery, The owner of Good Place Farm says Sanders and her family stayed for four days at his Bed and Breakfast.

    The Press Secretary and her family booked the vacation about four months ago, Peery said. “When she was here, she wasn’t Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she was just a guest of Good Place Farms,” he explained.

    Peery says Sanders and her family got a good feel for the farm life. “The Press Secretary of the United States of America collected her own chicken eggs.”

    Peery says the family went out to the chicken coop in the mornings to collect their eggs for breakfast. He says the family even helped with the chores around the farm.

    Peery has owned the Bed and Breakfast for about eight years. “It’s our job to make everybody comfortable, no matter where they come from, no matter what you believe in, no matter any of that type of stuff, it literally is the core of your business to make them feel welcome and make them feel at home,” Peery explained.

    Peery says he helped the Sanders family plan places to visit. “I just circled several restaurants in our directory and said any of these will do,” he said.

    The Sanders chose the Red Hen for dinner Friday night.

    But, shortly after arriving, the owner asked Sanders to leave. “I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, if she came back and was bashing and she really wasn’t, not one negative word, not one negative comment and I just think that really shows her character,” said Peery.

    He says because of the experience during the rest of her visit, Sanders told Peery that her experience in Lexington was redeemed. “She really appreciated our southern hospitality and that we were really truly were a good place.”

    Maeve Magdalen
    Once again, Southern heritage is slammed. But it’s illustrative that Huckabee Sanders, born in Hope, Arkansas, is banned by a carpetbagging Yankee who has been on a roll in Lexington, Charlottesville and UVA for years against the South.

    Cliff Carter
    The poor red hen is plucked and in the stew pot.

    Eric R Hann
    What kind of idiot treats their own business this way. You have a responsibility to your employees and this is what you do? Doesn’t matter who voted to do what. You did it. You brought harm to your business and your employees. Idiot.
    Like · Reply · Mark as spam · 1 · 23h

    Rick Long
    No one knows how this will end. The Red Hen did not open Saturday as scheduled. The restaurant is not scheduled to reopen until Tuesday at 5 PM. That may are may not happen. It will give Main Street Lexington a little more time to decide if they are going to ask Stephanie Wilkinson to resign as Executive Director. One good sign for Wilkinson is she is still listed with the other three co-owners (Ellie Boylan, Susan Friski, and Julie Knudson) on the House Mountain Yarn Co. website “ABOUT US” page. The House Mountain Yarn scheduled to open Tuesday at 10 AM. That may give reporters their first chance to find out if The Red Hen is going to open Tuesday as scheduled.

    House Mountain Yarn Co.
    117 South Main Street Lexington, VA

    Francis Updike
    Not like this is a Five Star Restaurant. Sounds more like a political hangout versus being a great place to eat. Will never spend a dime in this establishment which masquerades as a legitimate Lexington business. Lexington deserves better.
    Francis Updike, Culpeper, VA.

    Rachel Guess
    It might be worthwhile to pick up one the huge milk shakes at a local Sonic then drive to the red hen and Oops! drop it on their carpet after entering. There are a million and one ways that a ‘get even’ campaign can be started there..:)
    I generally do not approve of juvenile behavior, however I feel like they have earned it. Maybe it’s time for them to have a taste of their own medicine. Let the snowflakes actually spend their time cleaning up the messes…LOL

    Wilfredo Rivera
    The Stalinist left never seizes to amaze me. They shoot themselves in the foot time and time again embarrassing well intentioned liberals.

    and others

  12. Let’s see, now, Jon, shall we? it is a “BIG IMPORTANT” story on Fox News that someone named Wilkinson organized a confrontation against SHS, and you can’t understand why there hasn’t been more press coverage from REAL news outlets. Maybe the other outlets were busy showing audio and video of innocent children ripped from their mothers’ arms, crying or even being in a catatonic-like state, plus the fact that the Trump Administration has taken to moving them under cover of darkness to prevent state and local inspections, protests and unfavorable news reports. Maybe the mainstream outlets were busy reporting that the Trump Administration has no means of tracking parents and children, much less any plan for trying to reunite them, and because some parents have already been deported, it’s likely they’ll never see their children again. So religious groups and various governors and mayors are trying to organize reunification. Therefore, the story about Wilkinson organizing a protest against the fat slob syncophant SHS (who could stand to miss a few meals) didn’t get reported. That must prove media bias–right? Now Jon is joining the “lugeprese”* chorus.

    And yet, proud father of four, Jon Turley, has NOTHING to say about the suffering of these kids, the illegality and immorality of using their suffering in an effort to coerce Congress to pay for a wall on the southern border (that Trump promised his racist followers Mexico would pay for), but plenty to say (2 pieces so far) about that fat, stupid, lying Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant. Heckling people in government who behave in an un-American way and who, like SHS, constantly lie, IS the AMERICAN WAY. If I knew of any of these jails for children nearby, that’s where I’d be, holding a sign, demanding that something be done. If Trump or the Hypocrite-in-Chief, Mikey Pence (who cares all about unborn babies, but not at all about those already born) came to my town, I’d stand there, flipping the bird as they passed by.

    Jon also tries to claim that the story about the fat, lying bitch “captivates” Americans. No, Jon, just the Fox News crowd. What does “captivate” Americans is the intentional emotional abuse of these innocent migrant children. Trump’s administration still won’t say where most of the girls and babies are.

    *”lugepresse” is a German word meaning “fake news”, coined by Hitler when German newspapers criticized him and reported on his abusive tactics, before they were totally shut down. Sound familiar?

    1. The children are suffering because a jumble of relatives and criminal entrepreneurs are trying to smuggle them into a foreign country and to use them as human shields for adults to gain entry to a foreign country. If they don’t want these youngsters to suffer the discomforts of detention, they can leave the children at home where they belong.

      1. They are suffering because they were taken from their parents. That’s on Trump.

        1. The woman from Honduras, Sandra Sanchez, with the famous little daughter, Yanela on the cover of Time magazine, abandoned her 3 other children and husband in Honduras. She should be arrested for child neglect and abuse by putting the youngest daughter at great risk…solo.

          What woman would abandon her kids while kidnapping another one without consent of the husband, and transact business with immigrant smugglers several countries away?

          Natacha, you are that same type of woman, shameful heartless soulless person that you are.


          “Her husband told the Post that she left without telling him she was taking Yanela with her and couldn’t contact her. But then he saw the picture on the news.
          “You can imagine how I felt when I saw that photo of my daughter. It broke my heart. It’s difficult as a father to see that, but I know now that they are not in danger. They are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border,” Denis Javier Varela Hernandez told The Daily Mail.

          He also said he did not support his wife’s decision to make the perilous trek to the U.S. and that they have three other children together.”

        2. People convicted of crimes and imprisoned are also separated from their children, much to some of their children’s distress. No, the judges who imprison them are not culpable. And neither is the president. You don’t want to be separated from your children, respect the law.

          1. These children were taken from their parents so that their distress could be used as leverage to coerce Congress to pay for Trump’s wall. The parents of these children haven’t been convicted of anything, and the only reason for the separation was leverage. That’s why Trump is a monster. That’s why people in his Administration are getting heckled. People who conscience intentionally inflicting emotional distress on innocent children for political leverage should be afraid to show their face in public in a country like America. They have no right to peacefully eat a meal in public when small babies can’t nurse from their mothers because they are being used as pawns in a political battle.

            1. Natacha, I guess you would rather the children go to jail with their criminal parent(s), assuming the adult is actually their parent. Except that would be illegal. Jeh Johnson stated on national tv this weekend that the same occurred under his watch as Obama’s Sec of Homeland Security. They didn’t like it but catch and release was unacceptable.

              Why don’t you put the blame where it belongs: on the parents who put their children at such risk. They come here with no money and expect everything to be given to them.

        3. 10,000 of the 12,000 came without their parents (not including those who came with a parent that may be a terrorist, rapist, smuggler etc.). You don’t give a damn about them because they don’t suit your argument. But you are willing to increase their numbers and permit the raping and servitude of these children before they reach the border just to satisfy your political aims.

          That says a lot about who and what you are.

        4. I am going to say what few people dare to say. Maybe their parents should have stayed at home with them instead of taking them on a long and dangerous trip to try and gain unlawful entry to the US.

      2. “…to use them as human shields for adults to gain entry to a foreign country. ” -TSTD

        “human shields”

        “The term…does not mean what you fancy it means.”

            1. The whole point of public interest lawfare in these matters is to allow them to do that and encourage them to do that.

              1. “The whole point of public interest lawfare in these matters is to allow them to do that and encourage them to do that.” -TSTD


                “human shields”

                “The term…does not mean what you fancy it means.”

                1. Anonymous, you don’t have the intellect to even understand the damage your attitude creates for tens of thousands of children. You are encouraging the smuggling of children across the border.

                    1. I know. Bothering to make any sense of anything you say has to lead to hilarious results. That is what happens when a mind like yours is put on display.

                    2. Anonymous, I think it is pretty clear that you run on empty and have nothing to say.

    2. The communists (i.e. democrats, liberals, socialists, progressives, etc.) use the children as the “tip of the spear.” The only thing in play here is the use and abuse of children by Obama to enhance the “fundamentally transforming” of America and Americans into extinction. Obama’s think tank created the new and improved “immigration” (i.e. invasion by Mexico et al.) tactic of deploying children as the “tip of the spear.” Obama learned from Martin Luther King how to manipulate the gullible, manipulable and foolish Americans who are consumed with guilt over winning the battle of history and achieving global dominion. Whatever will Americans do when they discover that guilt is synthetic, artificial and subjective – that guilt is a construct, a fraudulent contrivance used against them. I hope they don’t get mad like the Rwandans.

  13. Let the lady have dinner in peace with her family. Lefty loons try to argue that what is going down with all these public harrasments is justifiable. This is self-sabotage on their part. Trump does not even need to choose losing side of argument for them as they chose this one on their own and will now push even more moderate voters to the right.



    Huckabee sent the tweet Saturday morning. Photo showed a very menacing group of Latinos making hand signals at camera. And ‘yes’, many viewers saw a racial message. The idea seemed to be that anyone who criticizes Trump’s immigration policy is somehow sympathetic to MS-13; an asinine equivalency. And though the mainstream media covered Huckabee’s tweet, the story of his daughter’s restaurant ejection has gotten far more traction.

    With regards to the restaurant owner, I can’t imagine any businessperson rejecting the patronage of prominent customers. But these are ‘not’ normal times. We currently have a president who was ‘elected’ largely on his ability to insult people. Being an obnoxious clod is essentially Trump’s stock in trade. Not a day goes by where Trump doesn’t insult someone. He went to Canada and insulted our closest allies. No wonder America is being seized by uncivil behavior! It’s the worst trend a nation could possibly succumb to.


    1. Hi Peter:

      Here is a link to my previous posts where I listed many links on some of the negative impacts of illegal immigration. You did not respond to any of them. Perhaps if you took a look, you would stop implying that opposition of illegal immigration is racist.

      I also still do not understand how you can support illegal immigration but not open borders. Is the only limit supposed to be the difficulty of the journey? That’s a Hunger Games system.

      1. Karen: you are obviously a Fox News disciple, and therefore, per se not very bright, but where and when did Peter claim to “support illegal immigration”? Here’s how it is, Honey: being against emotionally abusing innocent children does not equate to being in favor of illegal immigration. That is, to intelligent people who don’t sit starry eyed watching Tucker and Hannity every night. Fox News tells you that it’s either-or, but that’s yet another lie.

        The American people do not have to stand idly by, watching our democratic ideals get flushed down the toilet, and say nothing. We don’t have to tolerate the endless lying by people like Sanders and Trump. We don’t have to stand for conduct, if done by another country, would be criticized. If more regular Germans had taken to the streets to protest Hitler, and if other countries stopped him when he invaded Poland, WWII and the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened. People with a conscience have a duty to speak for those who cannot, and since Republicans in Congress are tone-deaf, heckling members of the Trump Administration is the next best thing. It is the American thing to do. They have no right to comfort or peace in public places when they intentionally inflict emotional suffering on little kids.

        1. Natacha, you are one hateful vetch.
          Someone who lives near her should get a judicial order to have her hospitalized at a Crisis Stabilization Unit for 72 hours, and wean her off of the illegal drugs that is fueling her hate

          1. The arrogance of Trump, his abuse of children so he can try to claim “victory”, and the syncophants in his Administration are what fuel my comments. You call it “hate”. I call it compassion and patriotism. I do hate infants and children unnecessarily traumatized emotionally, probably for life, being used as political pawns for a fat, racist, misogynist realty show TV star who only cares about ratings, so he can brag about his “victory” to the racist simpletons who support him, that is, if he were to get away with using the suffering of little kids to fulfill his “promise’ of a border wall. You could only look away from the situation of suffering children if you are a racist, and see them as brown vermin, rather than just kids.

            1. “I call it compassion and patriotism”

              some would mistakenly say likewise for for gunning you down
              It is wrong but there you go.

            2. i hate people who call Trump racist. You hate hate, but you’re not a hater, just those you accuse.

              Hate hate hate. Why can’t we all just get along? So said one of your icons the infamous Rodney King

              1. I agree, Mr Kurtz. The vicious attacks and discrimination against conservatives is deeply disturbing. I feel we are watching history repeat itself, such as the Ukrainian Holodomor.

            3. What is racist in this policy? Natcha, you are quick to say people are stupid, but you apparently fit that description quite well. Do you know what racist refers to? I assume you think Hispanic is a race. Ha ha ha ha. You are stupid. Most Hispanics are Caucasian, just like President Trump. It is not racist to enforce our laws.
              But, I’ll amuse you. What should happen to foreign nationals who are caught coming into our country illegally?

        2. The American people do not have to stand idly by, watching our democratic ideals get flushed down the toilet, and say nothing.

          That isn’t happening, Natacha. It’s just that our democratically elected officials are not giving you what you want. Get over it. Public decisions always displease some interests, and not all interests are core interests.

        3. Program of the National Sociopath American Grifters Party

          Howard Bitterman

          Since there are still misguided Republicans that decline to genuflect before Donald J Trump it is suggested that a new party be formed in Donald Trump’s image.

          The new party shall be known as the National Sociopath American Grifters Party (NSAG). The party’s immutable twenty-five point ideology and program shall be as follows:

          1) A sucker is born every minute. As it is anticipated that suckers will form the party’s core constituency it opposes abortion and all forms of contraception.

          2)NSAG declares that Donald J Trump is the sole source of political and social truth. All views contrary to Donald J Trump are fake news.

          3)A lie in the service of a Donald J Trump truth shall be deemed to be true.

          4)NSAG declares that there is no common humanity. The so-called human race consists of separate and unequal classes of winners and losers.

          5)An individual’s status as winner or loser is determined by his or her ability and willingness to lie, cheat and steal

          6)The sole purpose of a member of the class of losers is to be exploited by a member of the class of winners.

          7)NSAG declares that its goal is to make the United States the preserve of white men.

          8)NSAG’s position on asylum seekers shall be defined by the following slogan, ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’

          9)NSAG’s position on assisting the poor shall be defined by the following slogan, ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’

          10)NSAG’s position on assisting the disabled shall be defined by the following slogan, ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’

          11)NSAG’s position on the environment and global warming shall be defined by the following slogan, ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’

          12)NSAG declares its intent to amend the U.S Constitution to add the clause, if the president does it, it is not illegal.

          13)NSAG declares its intent to amend the U.S. Constitution to stipulate that eligibility for the presidency is restricted to Donald J Trump and his decedents.

          14)NSAG declares its intent to amend the U.S. Constitution to clearly state that the president may pardon himself.

          15)NSAG declares its intent to amend the U.S. Constitution to stipulate that it is the president’s right to profit from his office and that no congressional or judicial interference with the president’s business activities is permissible.

          16) NSAG declares its intent to amend the U.S. Constitution to indicate that freedom of speech does not extend to fake news.

          17)NSAG declares that its official slogan shall be, America for White Men and the White House for the Trumps.

          18)NSAG declares its intent to replace the Statue of Liberty with Trump Tower in New York City as the symbol of the United States.

          19)NSAG declares its intent to eviscerate Social Security.

          20)NSAG declares its intent to eviscerate Medicare.

          21)NSAG declares its intent to destroy the U.S. economy with trade wars.

          22)NSAG declares that war is peace.

          23)NSAG declares that tyranny is democracy.

          24) NSAG declares that chaos is order.

          25)NSAG declares that you can fool enough of the people enough of the time. We hold this truth to be self evident.

            1. I’d trade you for a couple of million Central Americans any day of the week. The problem isn’t Muslims or Latinos. It’s white trash like you that needs to be thrown out!

        4. Gosh Hitler again. You stupids forget he won power in a legit parliamentary election. Sheesh. Get over Hitler already.

          Also: i think you have no right to comfort and peace in public either. IF you guys want it that way you may not like how it all ends up. Trust me rednecks are ready

          1. Wrong!! Prior to suppressing the Communists and Social Democrats and in addition suppressing the press, and most civil liberties the vote for Nazi representation in the Reichstag never exceeded 45%. In most respects Donald Trump is an inferior copy of Adolf Hitler, most notably in the areas of rhetoric and general and historical knowledge. The president trumps Hitler when it comes to ethical standards but obviously that’s not saying very much.

          2. Mr. Kurtz,…
            – One of the things that I’ve learned from reading comments here is that the Forth Reich is now an American reality, and that some of the commentators either are fascists or Nazis, or support fascism.
            And that the current detention/ migrant mess deserves comparisons to the Holcaust.
            Unless some here are loosely and carelessly bringing in the “Hitler again”, “fascism”, “Nazi”, or Holocaust comparisons.
            They must be lousy commies if they’re doing that.😊😄😂

        5. Natacha:

          I addressed my question to Peter, whose position I am trying to understand, not yours.

          You denounced my intellect, and yet what you wrote about me showed a lack of even the most basic understanding of a line I’ve written. Perhaps you could put down the blunt ad hominem hammer and just have a simple conversation?

          If you actually read anything that I wrote, I support keeping families together unless there is a question of abuse or a crime like muling drugs. Please note that families were only separated if the adults were detained more than 20 days. Obama had to separate families, too, under this law. In fact, the ACLU released a report of severe child abuse that happened to separated kids under his watch. The difference is that more people with children are being detained now than under Obama, but it still happened under Obama.

      2. Karen: Turley won’t let me use my Facebook handle. So I can easily miss comments to my posts.

        With regards to illegal immigration, I’m all for secure borders. As a resident of California, I know that criminals from south of the border are a menace.

        There are, however, 10-12 million undocumenteds who have been in this country up to 30 years. A large ratio of them are married to U.S. citizens and are parents of U.S. citizens.

        It would be totally impractical to round up all these people for deportation. So impractical, that it’s hardly worth considering. Therefore we need to implement an amnesty of some kind to normalize these people. But first, every Trumper has to die off. Luckily, most Trumpers are old. So the wait won’t be too long.

        1. Peter Hill. It appears you look forward to all Trump supporters dying. You must be a very pleasant person.
          Undocumenteds = criminal invaders. For whatever reason they came, they are now criminals if they entered without authorization.
          I would support some form of amnesty, if we can seal the border first. Otherwise, more people will become criminals among us. And ignore any study that combines legal immigrants with illegal aliens; Caucasian illegal aliens, such as Hispanics, are much more likely to commit crimes than Caucasians who are born in the US.
          My form of amnesty, would require an application, proof of residency for more than 10 years, proof of literacy in English, an otherwise clean criminal record, payment of a significant fee, proof that they are not on any form of government assistance, and no path to citizenship.
          I’m sure that you think those are onerous. They are not. If you want to immigrate legally to this country, you must prove you have no communicable disease, pay fees, prove that you won’t be a burden to society, have a criminal free record, and have a job/sponsor. Why should those that came without authorization have less restrictions than those who come here legally?
          And no path to citizenship, well, that’s the price they have to pay for jumping the line. If they want a path to citizenship, they need to exit our country and apply.

          1. Just a clarification to all including Peter Hill and Natacha. Allyn is a completely different person than Allan. I am not stating any agreement or disagreement with Allyn just making it clear that Allyn is not Allan.

        2. Peter – if they are married to a US citizen then there is a path to citizenship. I am happy to hear that you are for secure borders. Does that include a physical, manned barrier, like a wall, or maybe in some places a virtual border, manned with drones? Because a real, guarded wall, rather than the short dilapidated fence we have in some places, would be more of a deterrent so that we wouldn’t have to go through such an onerous deportation process, stressful for the people involved.

          If you follow my link, you will find links to the negative impact of illegal immigration, both criminal and the good people who came here illegally, including the formation of a serf class in America.

          I actually believe that if we closed the border up tight, there would be a lot more positive public support for a path forward for those who have been in our country and not broken the law. Would that include identity theft, however, which is one of the most common crimes that illegal aliens commit? That is a question that would have to be answered. However, as long as our border is porous, and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from around the world keep pouring in, with no end in sight as building the wall is condemned as unkind and racist, then, no, the public will not support helping illegal immigrants get a path to citizenship at the same level. Because it would never, ever stop and would be a de facto approval of a porous border.

          Each side has to give a little to get a lot. Secure our border tightly, and you will get the support for a path forward for those who haven’t broken the law since they came here. I am especially concerned about helping the people who came here was small children, not 17 year olds. Those would have the most public support, and should be the first recipients of a permanent solution. But the flow must stop.

          Our country has the right to say who and how many.

          Please note that the most anti-semitic man I ever met was a Persian who defected from the Iranian army and illegal immigrated here via Turkey and across the Mexican border. He said that’s how people who want to leave Iran in a hurry do it. He described how he thought everyone was going to die crossing an arid mountain. He told me that he was later caught, but somehow fixed his immigration status because of his marriage to his American citizen Persian wife. How anti-semitic was he? I don’t think it is possible to be any worse, but I luckily never heard any plots to kill anyone or against America. But he was basically like a KKK guy about Jews sitting in someone’s living room, but a perfectly nice guy about most other topics. How many others like him came here through the back door?

          That is why I really wish that America would stop quarreling about the need to seal up the border. If you want amnesty for any group, including DACA, then stop the flood. Improve the legal system. Make the illegal flow virtually impossible. Make it incredibly hard to be here illegally, by removing benefits, and all other inducements for people to come here. When our economy was down during the recession, more Mexicans stayed home because there wasn’t as much point to making such a dangerous journey. If getting here, and remaining here, illegally, was so difficult that there wasn’t much point, either, then it would reduce the number of people willing to risk their children in the crossing.

          It’s been years now since I last went to Europe, but I seem to recall having to present my passport to each and every innkeeper and hotel owner that I stayed at. That wasn’t a “papers, please” moment, because Socialist countries restricted movement. I could go wherever I wanted, but I had to prove my identity as part of the process, just like presenting a drivers license here.

        3. Peter Hill:

          “But first, every Trumper has to die off. Luckily, most Trumpers are old. So the wait won’t be too long.” And that’s why there will not be any change. That’s the Alinsky tactic of dehumanizing your political opponent. You may not even be aware you do it.

          You cannot have a rational, productive conversation with anyone when they end their statement with and furthermore you are evil and should die.

          What is a “Trumper”? Someone who voted for Trump? Someone who supports everything he does and refuses to criticize him, like the True Believers of Hillary who still think she did nothing wrong? What about those who criticize or praise Trump, as the facts warrant?

          Among those who voted for Trump in my family are my parents. If you actually cannot wait for my parents to die, then you are abhorrent and representative of what is wrong with political discourse. And, no, Trump did not make you say these things. You are responsible for what comes out of your mouth and flows onto the keyboard.

          I recall some in my family honestly terrified that the death vans were going to come for Jews and minorities once Trump was elected. No amount of reasoning would convince them otherwise. Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem, as was promised several administrations ago but delayed and delayed, lip service only. What was that, a promise they never intended to keep? He has directed Nicki Haley to repeatedly take a strong stance in support of Israel, condemning the anti-semitism in the UN, as well as human rights abusers being on the Human Rights Council. He has a strong relationship with Netanyahu. And yet, they will not admit that they were terribly wrong, and that such statements were a vicious slander meant to hurt his chances politically. He has plenty of character flaws for legitimate criticism. For instance, his infidelity. But the media and activists should be ashamed the way they attack the character of each and every Republican who runs. They even painted Romney as an evil dog abuser for traveling with his dog carrier on the roof of their station wagon, in a decade when kids were allowed to ride in the back of pickup trucks.

          I am so tired of listening to strangers and friends brag about how they cut off so-and-so because they were a Trumpkin. I don’t even bring up politics on Social Media or among friends, because I want a mixed acquaintance. However, I lose respect for someone who would throw away family or friend or even cordiality with a stranger because they believe that approach A would be better than approach Z.

          1. Karen S..,,
            -I’m not directly referring to Peter, since I don’t know that he is in the category I’ll mention here.
            That group is the collection of morons inaccurately and casually throwing out accusations of “fascism” or “Nazis” in an attempt to strengthen their opposition to others.
            It’s a variation of the careless accusations of “Communism” at the worst period and aspects,of the McCarthy era; same script, same hyperbole, same mindless targeting by some of their political opponents.
            Just different actors, different targets, but same type of “anything goes” mentality to discredit political opponents.
            The practise of drawing ridiculous paralells of the current political environment to Hitler’s 1930s Germany is equally stupid.
            It really does not “move the needle”, accomplish anything in the way of getting “converts” to believe this B.S.
            It’s more of a “therapeutic” part of the tantrums constantly on display by some those who are still pathalogically disturbed the results of the 2016 election.
            I sometimes respond to the fools who like to play this game, and my criticism of them might be viewed as blunt, inpolite or “uncivil”.
            IMO, there are certain practices that do not merit serious, tactful, polite, or civil criticism.
            Those who are playing this game have “earned” much of the contempt and the lack of civility that comes their way for playing this idiotic game.

              1. Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune article:

                “Americans cannot be complacent about democracy

                “Over the 20th century, democracy spread from a few isolated outposts to most corners of the world. Today its superiority seems self-evident to people who have been steeped in its moral virtues and material successes. But over the past century, mere moral appeal has rarely been sufficient for its survival. It would be a convenient mistake to accept the victory of democracy as a historical morality play, the predestined triumph of good over evil.

                “For much of the 20th century, democracy’s success depended on the existence of powerful countries such as the United States, examples to be imitated. More than any appeal to freedom, democracy spread because it promised economic prosperity and political stability. But when democracies failed to deliver, as during the Great Depression, the tide of popular and elite opinion shifted just as readily and just as quickly against democratic institutions. The key lesson of the 20th century is that democracy is more fragile than we might like.

                “Washington Post”

                “Seva Gunitsky is an associate professor of political science at the University of Toronto. His book “Aftershocks” was recently published by Princeton University Press.”

              2. We can rest easy knowing that vigilant defensers of democracy are looking over their shoulders and under their beds for Nazis.

              3. “Whatever guise in which they cloak themselves — actor, patron, restaurant owner, Member of Congress, Media Matters official, activist, student — in fact, behind the mask, these are America’s real fascists. The BBC noted of Mussolini’s “Black Shirts” that they were organized “into armed squads known as Black Shirts, who terrorized their political opponents” — which is, in one form or another, precisely what today’s American fascists are all about. Antifa is, in fact, as reported by the Washington Post, decidedly acting as hooded “armed squads” — in the fashion of another founded-by-Leftists made-in-America terror squad…the Ku Klux Klan.

                While we are not hell and gone from freedom, we are in fact on the road to a society in which fascists are on the loose amongst us. And I use the word “fascists” (as I have before) advisedly. These aren’t “bullies” — the standard “hey I’m bigger than you” tough guys encountered periodically in everyday life on schoolyards or in executive suites or labor halls. These are out-and-out Mussolini-style fascists, determined to terrorize and silence their political opponents and anyone else they see as getting in their way.

                This has been a long time coming. Decades worth of leftist violence have preceded this moment — whether at the Democratic National Convention in 1968 or the window smashing spree in Seattle when the World Trade Organization came to Seattle in 1999 or the car-burning, window smashing rage on the streets of Washington, D.C. during Trump’s 2017 inauguration — and, oh, so much more.”

                Rest at:

          2. Karen, my first encounters with Peter were pleasant until I realized what you seem to be realizing here.

            ” If you actually cannot wait for my parents to die, then you are abhorrent and representative of what is wrong with political discourse”

            Since that is the way he portrayed himself to me after a few conversations I no longer had any regard for him as someone to communicate with and decided to communicate in kind.

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