Man Travels From West Virginia To Protest The Incivility Of The Red Hen . . . By Throwing Feces At The Restaurant

7d6a30b1-dd30-4501-ba86-208730803051-large16x9_SeeBoth Democrats and Republicans have denounced the decision of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia not to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.  Many of us have called for greater civility, but one West Virginia man took a curious approach to instilling civility . . . by tossing chicken feces at the restaurant.  Reginald Scott See, 51, is now charged with littering and disorderly conduct.

I honestly do not get these people on both sides who seem to long for an opportunity to degrade or shame others in public.  Once again, there is a sense of a license to act in the most despicable ways by demonizing those with whom you disagree.

In the meantime, the person responsible for the controversy, Stephanie Wilkinson, has resigned from the local business board.

I view this as a healthy debate over the loss of civility in our society but we need to leave the chicken feces out of it.

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  1. Darren, can’t you make a rule which limits Diane to just 3 sock-puppets?

  2. I see that folks forget that Joe Biden was kicked out of a restaurant back in 2016 I think it was. FAUX news thought that was just great as did ALL of the GOPbots. Liars and hypocrites all. That restaurant is still going by the way with NO condemnation from the President Obama or consequences for the owner of the place.

    1. I object to anyone being asked to leave. The left spews hate and disgusting behavior. I can’t remember any time in my life (and I’m definitely a senior) watching this orchestrated behavior. Maxine has been with us a while, but her current vitriol in various locations is just tiring.

      1. Sandi Hemming – if it makes you feel better Judicial Watch has filed an ethics violation against Maxine.

      2. If you really want to be sickened by ignorance, intolerance and bold-faced lying, watch the day glo bozo give a speech to the gullible rubes, dupes and klan-wannabes who make up his “base.”

        This is to “I bought a half-dozen MAGA hats as collectors items” sandie

  3. There is a certain irony in protesting incivility by throwing literal poop. But when you do so, your car and your person smells like chicken manure. Plus, the dried clods of manure have a tendency to powder into dust. Hurling it would probably get powdered manure on his face.

    Chicken poop makes much better compost than conversation.

      1. Did you ever see the movie Pure Country where George Straight got compared to it? Good line.

  4. Oky1, I’m a simple man. I think in simple terms. I just think some people are leaving the realm of civil discourse. This is not good.

  5. he was improving their menu.
    Kudos to him. They should have thanked him given they are closed indefinitely for now

    Where is the owner Wilkerson these days? Not too smug now eh?
    And her employees who supported the decision by voting prior to the nasty deed to protect their free space?

    hypocrites. now they are all unemployed. Enjoy

  6. It was only a matter of time before the ANTIFA type got the (if you excuse the pun) s*#* going from people who were sitting quietly by.

    1. Stephanie Wilkinson isn’t an Antifa type. She’s just an obtuse bourgeois lost in her own social and psychological bubbles.

      1. She’s a JackAss and I never called her ANTIFA, it was ANTIFA type like those with the backpacks getting in people’s face. Who exactly do you think they are?

  7. Regrets. Mrs. Wilkinson’s quondam business partner has been bombarded with vitriolic e-mails and texts, even though he sold his interest in the business in 2014. I don’t understand what motivates someone to send obnoxious and rude communications to a perfect stranger, unless, perhaps, that stranger operates with impunity. Which, of course, the proprietor of a small business does not. All this is going to bolster S. Wilkinson’s feeling that she was justified (which she wasn’t).

    1. “don’t understand what motivates someone to send obnoxious and rude communications to a perfect stranger”

      you do it 24/7 on these boards

      love it.

      mea culpa, mea culpa, mea heck no, its them, not me!!!


      1. you do it 24/7 on these boards

        You’re part of a dialogue, however much you’d like to monopolize the conversation. Mr. Blackburn didn’t ask for anyone’s attention.

        What I say to you on these boards isn’t complicated, but it does go over your head.

  8. JT states, “In the meantime”

    In the meantime, Mexico goes to the polls this weekend. 132 candidates have been killed. Here’s how Mexican candidates usually get it:

    One of the most shocking deaths occurred earlier this month when a congressional candidate was posing for a photo with someone. Fernando Puron had just left a debate in the northern state of Coahuila where he had vowed to tackle crime when a man walked up to him from behind and shot him the head.

    1. TJ – Gee, and we just make up fake dossiers and try to use them to impeach the President. Maybe we should try the Mexican style of politics.

  9. instead why not take actions at the polls instead of resorting to such immature tactics; what does this accomplish? RedHen should have taken the high road and not boot out Sanders. instead use the opportunities to start a conversation; lost opportunities…:(

    1. I agree with you, except for one thing. People don’t go to restaurants or other businesses to start a conversation with the owner, chef, or wait staff about politics.

      They go to eat and have a family night out.

      I suppose since Ms Wilkinson’s opinions about political differences are so strong that she would chase a family down the street, it’s good to know. Who knows what they do to people’s food if they don’t care for how they voted.

  10. Ms. Wilkinson, the Lexington Red Hen’s proprietor, has already suffered enough local ignominy – she’s had to shut the restaurant down until 5 July, and stepped down from leadership of Lexington’s local business board. If the point is to condemn incivility, that’s been done. Escalating to worse incivility is stupid and immoral.

    1. Her stupidity also put the other employees out of work. And for what? Watching Sarah Sanders leave the restaurant. Did it feel good Ms. Wilkinson?

  11. The Red Hen in Lexington, VA advertises as a “farm to table restaurant.” So I think a little chicken poo on the floor would make them more authentic.

    1. I think this was Divine Retribution and this should be his plea. 😉

        1. Darren Smith – I guess if CA split into 3 states we could afford to have Oregon and Washington secede. AZ would get more Reps in Congress. 😉 I will support you in this. 🙂

          1. If CA splits into 3 states, divided horizontally, then the wealthy entitled coastal elite is STILL going to drown out all of the interior votes. You’ll have 2 or 3 more Liberal states, where they still govern all the rural areas with absolutely no idea how to do so.

            If they divide the state, then they need to do so in a way that the residents are finally represented, and the water rights are more fair.

            1. That’s the goal of the entire movement, largely financed by one wealthy individual. A better solution is to divide the state, if necessary, into a metropolis area from San Francisco down to at least L.A. Then the rest a North half then a South half.

              The more rural areas have no significant representation and from what I know are dominated by cities that do not necessarily have the same culture and needs. San Francisco is a world of its own, FWIW.

              1. In my state the county with the largest population–King County encompassing Seattle–has more legislative districts than the entirety of Eastern Washington. The only way this can be more fair would be to have two state senators from each of the 39 counties but the courts declared this to be unconstitutional. Culturally those two spheres are quite different from each other.

  12. The owner of the Red Hen was wrong and Reginald Scott See was wrong. This kind of behavior has got to stop.

    1. Indie Bob,

      Sam Houston was run out of Texas for not supporting Texas in the up coming Civil War.

      & here we all are Phkin again.

      Oils Wells, protect your family & lock n load. Sick Commie /Nazi Basstards.

    2. Just got a meme yesterday from one of the partisan Democrats in our circle of friends complaining Pelosi et al devoted more verbiage to calling out Maxine Waters than they have to Trump the last two-and-a-half years. That’s absurd, of course, but those are the lies they tell themselves. So, no it isn’t going to stop.

    3. I agree Bob. I suspect however that we’ll look back on this sort behavior and reflect on it’s relative civility compared to what lies ahead. This is going to be one long, hot summer…and beyond.

  13. An eye 4 an eye & the next thing we know were all living in the land of the 2nd amendment & blind? LOL,

    No worry as someone slips loose the dogs of war & the blind will know the direction to fire.. I think.. LOL.

    No doubt God will sort them out.

    1. Marky Mark Mark – you are just jealous that we have silver and gold ingots. 🙂

  14. Here is to hoping he gets off on the basis of his acts being political free speech

  15. I salute Mr. See! What an appropriate response to the chicken sh*t actions of the Red Hen!

    Unfortunately, it is going to take stuff like this to shut the Democrats down. They are Bad Wrestlers, who whack Good Wrestlers over the head with folding metal chairs when the referee isn’t looking, and frankly, the Good Wrestlers need to start clobbering them back!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky, missed you for a while it seems, but always look forward to the way you cut to the chase with good ole common sense.

    2. I’m afraid I don’t understand your reasoning.

      Is your reasoning that vandalism of private property is acceptable, but refusal to serve a person at a business is unacceptable?

      I thought conservatives believed in freedom of association.

      No wonder why Nancy Pelosi is on a track to become Speaker of the House.

      1. StormyDanielsLoveChild – Nancy is not on track to be Speaker of the House. Right now the numbers are D+3, which is down from D+13 in Jan. And there is a revolt to oust Nancy as Speaker if the Dems take the House. However, this has been a bad week for the Dems. Optics are bad. Mad Max Maxine went bonkers again. The Republicans have a great attack ad and lots of money to buy ad time with.

        1. Dems are on track to win the House because there are close to 50 Republicans retiring from office. Most of them wouldn’t quit if they knew they would hold their seats.

          It’s simple, darling.

          1. Rothenberg / Gonzales has an assessment of every contest in the House. They favor the Democratic candidate in contests for 5 Republican House seats. They give the Democratic candidate a 50-50 shot at each of 9 other Republican seats and the Republican candidate a 50-50 shot at each of 2 Democratic seats. Single digit gains not enough to put Botox Nancy in the Speaker’s chair.

            1. Today’s seven ratings changes are all toward the Democrats, and the overall ratings now show 208 seats at least leaning to the Republicans, 199 at least leaning to the Democrats, and 28 Toss-ups. To win the House under the current ratings, Democrats would have to win two-thirds of the Toss-ups. In the event of a good Democratic environment in the fall, that would not be unreasonable to expect.


          2. StormyDanielsLoveChild – +3 is within the margin of error. I would not get my hopes up at this point.

  16. If he is exercising his free speech rights I suppose we can derive from his actions the intrinsic value of his words: and for that matter his character.

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