I wanted to wish everyone as wonderful and safe Fourth of July. I love this holiday for how it brings together Americans of different political and cultural values.  We celebrate our common article of faith in not just our Declaration of Independence but our Constitution.  It is an important reminder of all that we have in common at a time when our divisions are all too apparent.

We spent our Fourth setting off fireworks and having a wonderful cookout with family from North Carolina and Florida visiting Virginia.  It is a great holiday and maybe even a moment of unity for our country as a respite from the unending bickering and condemnations.

So here is our best to you and your families for a wonderful Independence Day.

20 thoughts on “HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!”

  1. I was a guest at an exclusive country club this 4th of July. 300+ people. Delectable food was served under a large tent on the golf course. There was music and dancing. And the fireworks over the water was the best display I have ever seen. And that was it till midnight. That’s what was there. This is what was not there. There was not a single speech about our history as a nation or any reference at all to what we were celebrating. (Not even a toast to the principles on which we stand as a nation united.) No collective historical memories were shared from the platform. No schoolchildren reciting their essays on America, My Country. I left strangely unfulfilled. I perceived the whole event as an empty shell. A ritual that has become rote and devoid of pathos and fervor. And I fondly recalled the exciting 4th of July’s of my youth when our whole family went to the local chapter of the Carpenters Union for a great BarBCue, political speeches, potato sack races, etc. and where our parents retold in speeches and skits our shared history.

  2. Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! I like this holiday because something so profound (freedom and democracy) is celebrated in such simple ways (hotdogs, watermelon and fireworks).

  3. The professor has demonstrated a long history in his blog, and his blathering on it, of confusing “faith” or “belief” with principle(s).

    “Faith” ( belief ) as a word with any practical, effective meaning, I respectfully submit, is defined in word and action, which is to say: in the nature of human beings as “believing in” or “holding the conviction of” that for which there is no evidence; indeed that for which all the evidence contradicts and denies.

    Again, the professor has a long history even, on the rare occasion, he “blogs” or blathers on the Constitution or legal principles when discussing cases of invoking “faith” or “belief.”

    In a Synagog, Church, Mosque or movie theater, I am comfortable with and accepting of faith and belief.

    In the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution, I find such use, at best, slovenly, and, at worst, deceitful.

    I have no faith or belief in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

    I do, however, have an unyielding dedication and commitment to the principles “stated” in those documents.

    When the Constitution Of The United States is honored and celebrated, if not followed, particularly as to Article 1 Section 8 and Clause 11, then, and only then, will there be just cause for celebration.

    Until then, it is a self-satisfying, self-absorbed faith or belief in a silly, foolish folly.

    dennis hanna

    1. Article I, Section 8 The Congress shall have Power . . .

      11: To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

  4. Oh say can you see…
    By the dawn’s early light…
    What so produly we hail…
    By the Trumpster’s last gleaming..
    His bright lights and brights stars…
    Cause a periolus fright…
    Over the ramparts we walk
    Will so gallantly bleeding.
    And the rocket man’s red glare..
    His bombs bursting in air..
    Gave proof through the night
    that the Korean war still maintains.

  5. On this 4th of July let us remember the brave patriots – those who were killed and those survived – who were dissed by every president since LBJ. 51 long years later and still NO formal investigation of the Israelis who tried to destroy the USS Liberty!

    1. Unalienable. When you use their fictionary it gives them an edge. But if you use the real words it’s hard, especially today, to not be proud of what we have accomplished.

      Only keep Ben Franklin’s words in mind. Today we gave you a Republic – again. IF you can keep it. My thanks to the off duty active duty military who put together the counter revolution of twenty sixteen and to those who made up the greatest counter revolutionary force and this day is for all of you.

      We truly were and are the greatest danger that administration faced. We truly did live up to our Oath of Office and Our Oath of Citizenship.

      To our Mission Statement The Declaration!

      To our Republic and Our Constitution.

      and to all those who follow.

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