From The Red Hen To The Black Swan: Book Store Owner Under Fire For Calling Police To Protect Steve Bannon From Abusive Customer

download-1images.pngWe have been discussing the controversy at the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia where White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was forced out of a restaurant by the owner due to Trump’s policies.  Now we have the inverse controversy at the Black Swan book store in Richmond, Virginia.  Former Trump aide Steve Bannon went into the store to look at books when a woman began to berate him and call him “a piece of trash.”  The owner, Nick Cooke, called 911 after trying to get the woman to leave. After he called, the woman left, but in her wake came a torrent of criticism for Cooke.   Former longtime Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines on Saturday even posted the contact information of the bookstore.

Reines clearly felt that people should contact the book store despite the disruptive and rude behavior of the woman.

Philippe Reines

The owner told the Richmond Dispatch “Steve Bannon was simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business.”  The owner did the right thing. Unlike Stephanie Wilkinson at the Red Hen, Cooke was trying to guarantee that customers could enjoy the store regardless of their political associations. This woman believed that she had a right to harass Bannon and disrupt the store.  She doesn’t.

While denying that he was “encouraging any behavior” by sharing the information, he mocked the scene by saying  “I’d point out through it’s possible this woman stopped a book burning.”

What is curious is that Reines and this woman do not see the conflict between denouncing book burner but not people who obstruct access to books.  It is all part of the license that people seem to believe that they have in abusing others.

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  1. The time to end this nonsense has come. Since too many Americans continue, in spite of what is clearly the democrat law of the land, to exercise their Constitutional Rights, the only way to restore peace and civility is to issue an updated 2018 version of the Nuremberg Laws, issue a Fatwa against all non democrats and build gas chambers and ovens for those who disagree with nancy, maxine, hilary and chucks mission to install fearless leader obama as absolute ruler.

    1. OK, that’s nutz. As well as stupid and offensive….
      The Trifecta, Congrats!

  2. Watching the usual crew offer defenses for (or red herrings about) walking up to a stranger in a retail establishment and making a scene, I think I understand. In our time, ‘Democrat’ is another synonym for ‘a**hole’

  3. People, even those having celebrity, just want to be let alone once in a while and relax like everyone else. Why is it so hard to understand and respect?

  4. It is difficult to see this return to Fascism on the hard Left. Fascism is Socialism for the common good of an entity like a nation or movement, i.e. Global Progressivism. It’s Socialism on steroids. You give up your individual rights for the “common good” and the state gets to define what’s good. Opposing viewpoints are criminalized. You know, the whole Maxine Waters make-them-understand-they-are-not-welcome-anywhere mentality. There is no free speech, not if it opposes the Common Good of Global Progressivism. There is no tolerance of opposing viewpoints. People of different opinions are evil, insert ad hominem here of various “phobes”, “ists”, and “isms”. It doesn’t matter how absurd the accusation.

    You will recall that there were so many on social media and mainstream media that proclaimed that racists will shoot minorities on sight, and literal Death Vans will come for the Jews. Not metaphorical but literal violence was predicted. However, when Trump, the first sitting President with a Jewish first family, kept his close relationship with Netanyahu, finally fulfilled the US promise to move our embassy to Jerusalem, and sent Nikki Haley to dress down the human rights abusers also known as the UN Human Rights Council for its anti-Semitism and support of terrorism – there was no apology. No admission of completely fabricating Trump’s anti-semitism, or even merely being wrong about it. They just flounced on to the next accusation of grabbing ladies. Although, Trump merely bragged about groupies while Holier than Thou Hollywood had their stained casting couch dragged into the limelight. There is a long line of famous philanderers, including MLK, Jr and JFK, who cheated while doing their jobs. Trump is pilloried for affairs from years before he took office, while JFK was infamous for dallying with movie stars and strippers while in office. I wonder how Jackie felt when Marilyn Monroe sang, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” while wearing a dress that made her look nude. Or her comment about how she made JFK’s “back feel better.” Or there was the infamous “waitress sandwich” of another Kennedy, Ted, who actually assaulted a waitress in a private room in a restaurant. From hearing the skewed media coverage of Trump’s affairs, one would we had moral paragons in DC. When the sexual predator accusation blew up in their face with their own far worse wrongdoing (anyone recall how feminist Trudeau groped a reporter years ago?), now they’re back to Fascism, the same epithet they have hurled at every Republican for decades. Ironic, since Fascism is a form of Socialism. There was also the putting-kids-in-cages rhetoric except, oops, those photos of the chain link fences were actually taken under Obama. But, but, Trump did it more than Obama. Let’s ignore that this is because he is prosecuting illegal aliens with zero tolerance, and children were not allowed to be detained more than 20 days. No, it must be because he likes separating families. And, although Huffpo wrote articles deploring how sexual predators travel with unaccompanied minors, and then claim to be a family member to avoid deportation, let’s figure that the only reason to investigate the veracity of claims of familial relationships must be because they like separating families. It’s not madness. It’s deliberate.

    Trump has plenty of flaws. The Left’s reaction to his every single move as being the ultimate evil, however, sends the clear message that they want a Single Party State. Everyone who is not a Liberal or Progressive gets the message that they will not welcome us anywhere, anytime. They have no tolerance for any beliefs other than ultra-extremist Left, and will use Fascist tactics to suppress our speech and our votes. One will recall that friends and family threatened those who didn’t vote as they wanted, and an admission of being a Trump voter will make you not welcome anywhere except the Black Swan, which will be punished for being an equal opportunity shop.

    I, personally, do not want to go the way of every single Socialism nation that has gone before. I don’t want 90% of us to be unable to make enough money to buy food, like in Socialist Utopia Venezuela. I don’t want to worry about my neighbors reporting me to the police for starting a capitalist small business like in Moldova. Or having to work in whatever industry I’m told. Or being thrown in jail for insulting the Supreme Leader of North Korea. We’ve done this experiment enough, thank you very much.

    An ultra powerful government at the expense of individual liberty always leads to human rights abuses, whether that government is in the form of a dictatorship, Communism, or Socialism. It’s all the same. The government has ultimate authority over the citizens it promptly abuses. Socialist countries don’t care about polluting the environment. Its citizens have no right to complain, and are usually too hard pressed scavenging for food to make an issue of it.

      1. Karen can be quite accommodating, all you need to do is ask her for clarity and then you may be clueless no longer. 🙂

        Good luck.

      2. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Karen is getting paid to post her ridiculous comments. (Not by JT, of course.)

      1. Jay S – how do you explain the high number of sexual assaults in Scandinavia?

    1. For example…

      In 2014, Obama made an exception to federal law that would allow unions to skim dues out of home health care workers’ Medicaid checks, without their knowledge. They deemed them “government employees”, although they never joined any union or knew any of their Medicaid money was getting siphoned off.

      In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that home health care workers could not be forced to pay union dues, as they were not, in fact, public sector employees. But the skimming continued, unabated, in Blue States. The ones that care so much about the poor that they allow unions to steal a portion of Medicaid payments, against the Supreme Court ruling.

      Trump has stated it will end this illegal activity, as per the Supreme Court.

      The response from the Service Employees International Union is as follows:

      “The proposed CMS rule, combined with the Janus ruling, are two more efforts by the Trump Administration and billionaire-funded special interest groups to silence a workforce comprised of 90 percent women, most of whom are women of color, and to reduce the power of working people by making it more difficult for them to join together in a union to fight to ensure that our loved ones can get the care they need to live at home with dignity,”

      Let’s see. Did we hit all the typical name calling against Republicans? There are the requisite key words and phrases: women, women of color, power of working people, more difficult, dignity…

      Right. Democratic states were caught allowing their big donors, unions, to steal from Medicaid payments that home health care workers desperately need, and they cry racism and misogyny against Trump? He is stopping the theft of money from those 90% females of color.

      People who are not ultra hard Left have grown very tired of this kind of weaponized, spurious rhetoric.

    2. Perhaps it is past time to put the shoe on the other foot and go after any public liberal that you can find.



    We currently have a president whose greatest ‘strength’ is insulting people and behaving like a boorish jerk. Those were the talents Donald Trump employed during his years on “The Apprentice”. They are known as ‘improv skills’ in the business of acting. Actors use these skills to keep scenes alive in unscripted productions.

    But boorish behavior was never considered appropriate for a president. To the contrary, presidents were expected to conduct themselves with mature dignity. We wanted calm, soothing figures who spoke in measured tones; leaders capable of uniting the country at times of imminent peril.

    Yet those qualities we sought in presidents were dismissed as ‘irrelevant’ when The Tea Party sprang to life with Koch Bros money. Suddenly this notion arose that experience in government was actually a ‘negative’! Like what we really needed were abrasive bomb-throwers to ‘shake-up’ the establishment.

    This moronic mentality reflects the Libertarian cult. The term ‘cult’ applies because members engage in leaps of faith. It’s a leap of intellectual faith to believe that a modern superpower, of 315 million people, could somehow function with ‘limited government’. There are no models, of course, to support this idea.

    Like members of a brainless cult, Libertarians believe the best way to ‘save’ America is by destroying the machinery of government. To that end Donald Trump seems the perfect fool; an anti-intellectual with boorish improv skills. Trump is hard at work destroying not just our institutions, but the entire world order!

    Therefore it’s only natural that a wave of boorish behavior is sweeping the country. Sadly this boorishness could continue for years, leading to civil unrest. And we can thank Donald Trump for unleashing this plague.

    1. Let me explain to you what parents everywhere have told their toddlers. No one “makes” you be mean. You, and you alone, are responsible for what comes out of your mouth, or the action of your hands.

      The Left cannot excuse holding up a President’s severed head in effigy because he called Elizabeth Warren Fauxcahantas or a Nasty Woman. You should recall all the nasty names that all non-Liberals have been called for decades. Or all the racist or misogynist slurs the Left hurls at anyone who leaves the Democratic Plantation. Trump has been called orange, Orangutan, Fascist, Racist, etc.

      Mitt Romney was one of the nicest people to run for President in recent memory. His wife was pilloried because she used her vast personal fortune to pamper her personal dressage horse, and support an Olympic rider and horse. If a Liberal does that, it’s called being a wealthy animal lover and patron of sports. They castigated her for spending her own money on her expensive wardrobe, while designers rushed to dress Michelle Obama and Hillary. They claimed he didn’t care about the poor or working class Americans. They said he was mean to his dog when he put the carrier on the roof of their station wagon decades ago, back when it was still legal for kids to ride in the bed of pickup trucks. When he responded to criticism about the glass ceiling for women, he responded that he kept binders of female candidates to give them a chance at high level jobs. Instead of commending him for putting such effort into giving women a fair chance, he was known for “binders full of women” which put this faithful husband into an sleazy light. He was called homophobic. He was described as anti-woman because he opposed abortion.

      Then there were all the savage attacks on Ronald Reagan during his tenure. They called him a Fascist, too, which again didn’t make any sense as he was no Socialist.

      If “he started it” is going to be the excuse for bad behavior, then everyone will have an excuse for bad behavior in perpetuity.

      1. Good response, Karen. People like Shill don’t like to think about the fact that bullies are bullies by choice. Their own choice. Trump isn’t making anyone be a bully. It’s on them. Period.

      2. Karen: Your comments here only make sense to longtime viewers of Fox News. Seriously! 20 years of Fox will dumb-you-down to the point where idiotic false equivalencies are logical rebuttals.

        What you’re essentially saying here is, “Sure, Trump’s a jerk. But I can cite examples where liberals were jerks as well. So Trump has a right to be as obnoxious as he wants”.

        Again, this makes perfect sense after 20 years of Fox.

        1. Bwahahahahaha! That’s awesome! Good to know it makes sense to you so that you can provide your insight. Wow, change the channel.

        2. No. Please re-read what I said.

          What I said is that Liberals excuse inexcusable behavior by claiming he started it. That doesn’t work on a playground and won’t for adults, either.

          If you want to use the he started it route, then I can trace the Liberal playbook of calling Republicans evil going back decades.

          Everyone is responsible for what they say and do. If you don’t agree with that, then please explain. Because it is news to me that I can do whatever I want with impunity because I’m mad at someone. I am sure that the entire prison population of North America will be relieved to hear this reasoning is catching on.

    2. oh I relish the return to incivility. we have a big bottle of incivility corked up out here in the hinterlands, and we want to pop the cork and have a big party. let the big sort begin!

  6. It’s Steve Bannon! Has the writer been paying attention? When someone has the obvious disregard for the truth and hides behind his private estate, you confront him where you find him. The writers attempt to continue his Fox channel paid appearances has compromise his own objectivity.

    1. So, basically, she should have just shot him then and there, instead of peacefully calling him a piece of trash and letting him continue to live?

    2. David – Steve Bannon has just as much right to a peaceful read as you do.

    3. let’s quit playing patty-cake and fight this kind of thing out with fists instead of words, on the spot. I think we will win and the left will be sent packing. keep up the good work with the the mad maxine tactics, left! we welcome it. bring as much as you can, fast as you can. we are ready

  7. And then there’s the 91 year old grandfather that came up from Mexico, legally, just to visit his family, who live in California legally, and was beaten with a brick, near to death in an attack organized by a mad Republican woman, yelling go back home. Yeah, but all those Democrats. Turley, it can’t be that hard to pull your biased head out of where the sun don’t shine, stop rubbing off your legal member, and offer up one disgrace for another. Or, perhaps it is. You might not get many readers here if you equalized a little. Although it’s hard to see as equal a little tongue lashing and a 91 year old beaten near to death. But hey, Trump’s constant lying is like a cancer.

    1. issac – I do not like attacks of any type, however, you reap what you sow. And Maxine Waters sowed the whirlwind, so she will reap it.

    2. Nat:

      There is no proof she was a Republican or even that she was in the wrong. Likewise, the story doesn’t pass the smell test with a group of strangers joining in the violence and a woman engaging in unprovoked violence. My guess our Mexican neighbor said or did something to her little girl.

      Here’s what the article says:

      “At one point, he says, the woman ran up to a group of men nearby and told them Rodriguez was trying to take her daughter away from her — so the men joined her and started kicking him as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk, Rodriguez said.”

      Just as likely headline: “Old Creep Gets Street Justice.”

      Try reading and thinking before blurting out.

      1. Messypo

        There has yet to be a situation where a Democrat has attacked a Hispanic and told them to go back to Mexico. That’s a Republican routine.

        We have a crazy woman who berates Bannon, one of the most destructive people in America-bounced by Trump himself-that’s saying something-all about the freedom of speech. Bannon’s freedom of speech was in no way affected, nor was any other of his freedoms. The woman was rude and should have been bounced, she was, calling the police if she put up resistance is applicable. However, Turley is really scraping the bottom for these examples.

        And then we have “Go back to Mexico.” Beaten with a brick, again and again, by a ‘group’ of men. 91 years old, and the guy was legal, and 91 years old, and routinely visited the neighborhood, and the folks around there knew him, and 91 years old.

        Did the woman call the police? Did the gang of brick wielding vigilantes call the police?

        Your moniker should read ‘Yeah But’, Yeah but he probably was an Old Creep, 91 years old. You really are sick. Get some help.

        1. issac:

          My moniker should really be” Facts First, Condemnation Second.” You just like the world to fit into your warped narrative. Thankfully, it doesn’t . As for the witness hearing “Go back to your own country. Go back to Mexico!” and having a brick thrown at her car, I’ll need more scrutiny on Ms. Misbel Borjas’ motive to fabricate before concluding she is anything more than your run-of-the-mill lying liberal seeking to prove a point as the expense of the truth.

          1. messy

            Your moniker would never read Facts First remotely. Your record of bigotry and bias has been well established on this blog. Your inability to understand the point of a posting due to your bigotry and bias is illustrated here. You select the parts that serve your bigotry and bias. The point of my posting was that Turley’s obsession with free speech and the verbal onslaught of left wing fanatics, illustrated by breakfast joint owners refusing Republican hand puppets and book store customers tongue lashing freaks like Bannon takes precedence over items where innocent 91 year olds are beaten to within an inch of their lives and told to go back to their country. The Republican hand puppet, Bannon, and those singling out visitors from south of the border and telling them to go back to their own country is a uniquely right wing routine. Not too much of that gets criticized on this blog. That can be expected from you and some of the other dupes but one would think that Turley would illustrate both sides. Both sides with their extremes to exist but compare and contrast berating Bannon in a book store with beating the pulp out of a 91 year old man.

            1. You’re the wordiest Canadian, I’ve ever seen. Eh? Suffice to say, you have no stake in our country and I consider your opinion on most topics on the level with Barney the Dinosaur’s. Keep talking and I’ll keep chuckling at strangers who thing they have standing to comment on “family business.”

              1. Messy

                That seems to be the way of the losing argument. When you have nothing, go with the ‘Canadian’ routine. There’s a lot of that on this blog, losing arguments. I’ll stick with the simple compare and contrast the two incidents.

                  1. Mespo – you don’t have to explain it, it is subsumed. 😉

                    1. Paul C. Schulte,…
                      -I never did hear back from Nick about his trip to Canada c. a year? ago.
                      I recommended that he tell the Candadians how screwed up their country was, as part of The Isaac Exchange Program.
                      So I never did find out if Nick participated in the Program.

                    2. Tom Nash – I think Nick has had some personal issues and has only been on the blog periodically. It seems really hit or miss right now.

                    3. mespo – yes, but are we are war with Canada again? I think we can take them this time. 🙂

        2. “There has yet to be a situation where a Democrat has attacked a Hispanic and told them to go back to Mexico.” you forgot the word “illegal” before the word “Hispanic.”

          1. For many right-wingers, a purge of every sort of Hispanic, legal or illegal, would be welcome. Make America White Again !

            1. Any proof for that slur, Jay? And remember, you said “many”.

              1. FF Sierra & Jay S. –It is actually liberals that are to be purged; since the purge is not ethnic or racial, conservative Hispanics are not to be targeted.
                When my 14 lb. dog barked at my liberal neighbor, I explained to her that his particular breed was bred to attack liberals.

        3. issac – two things: 1) I think there is more to this story and we should wait to get the rest of it. 2) your degree is in architecture, not psychology. I know you don’t know anything about the brain since you exposed your ignorance in a previous post. Please don’t psychoanalyze people from afar. It is against the law. Plus, you suck at it.

          1. Paul C, Schulte,…
            -(This reply might be a bit out of sequence)
            Re war with Canada, da Ali G asked Gen. Brent Scowcroft if he thought the U.S. “should nuke Canada”.
            I think the “interview” is online…..I lost track of how many prominent people Cohen conned into an appearance with him.
            Trump booted him pretty fast, but most completed those “interviews”.
            I know that Cohen got Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Boutros Boutos Gali (sp?), and many others.

            1. Tom Nash – when I was teaching US History I used to joke with my students that every time we went to war with England we would invade Canada. Actually, it was not a joke, we did.

        4. Pretty sure he was attacked by a group of blacks. There aren’t too many black Republicans.


            A GoFundMe has been set up by his grandson and if you’d like to donate you could do so here: GoFundMe For Rodolfo Rodriguez.

            From his GoFundMe:

            “On July 4th at around 7pm, my grandfather Rodolfo Rodriguez whose 92 years of age was going for his daily walk around the block when he was assaulted by and African American lady and five other guys. He is doing really bad, has a lot of bruises on his face and a broken cheekbone.”

            1. Well, there you go, isaac. A chance to virtue-signal with your money instead of just with your mouth.
              Go for it.

            2. It’s a despicable act. Period. Nothing about the perpetrator/s enters into this, except a propensity for violence.

            1. Repeating:

              It’s a despicable act. Period. Nothing about the perpetrator/s enters into this, except a propensity for violence.

            2. The neighborhood where this occurred voted 90% for Clinton and 5% for Trump:

              Recently my Twitter and Facebook timelines have been littered with references to this story: Man, 92, Allegedly Beaten With a Brick & Told ‘Go Back to Mexico’ by a Mom in Front of Her Child. Terrible. It was posted on Twitter, and Facebook, as evidence that Donald Trump’s America was horrible. Some of the Twitter reactions also talked about white privilege and that sort of thing.

              When I saw that this occurred in the Los Angeles area though I grew skeptical. There are conservative parts of California. Much of the Central Valley, the far North, some of the trans-Sierra counties and even much of San Diego. But Los Angeles? Here’s Willowbrook, California‘s demographics (took me 30 seconds to find):

              The 2010 United States Census reported that Willowbrook had a population of 35,983. The population density was 9,544.1 people per square mile (3,685.0/km²). The racial makeup of Willowbrook was 8,245 (22.9%) White (0.9% Non-Hispanic White), 12,387 (34.4%) African American, 273 (0.8%) Native American, 119 (0.3%) Asian, 49 (0.1%) Pacific Islander, 13,858 (38.5%) from other races, and 1,052 (2.9%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 22,979 persons (63.9%).

              1% of Willowbrooks’ residents were non-Hispanic whites. 64% were Hispanic. Just based on nativity my assumption then was that the attacker was going to be a black American since Hispanic Americans are less likely to engage in nativist tinged attacks as so many are either immigrants, the children of immigrants, or are in communities where immigrants are common.

              And yes, the attacker was a black woman.

              Additionally, you can get precinct-level election results. 5% of the people in Willowbrook who voted in 2016 voted for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

              So what you have here is that a black woman who lives in one of the most cosmopolitan metropolitan areas of the United States, in a community that has almost no non-Hispanic whites, and where only 5% of people voted for Donald J. Trump, has engaged in nativist violence. This is evidence for what is happening in “Donald Trump’s America.” As someone who is a nonwhite immigrant I do have to say that I experienced plenty of racism and prejudice, and sometimes bullying, from native-born Americans over my whole life. From white people, and black people. Under Republican and Democratic administrations. In Red America and Blue America. I’m not saying it’s all the same. But it’s not new. And it’s not limited to one race or political faction.

      2. Oh yeah, all this from a Canadian. I guess that makes you and your sick perception, just. You remind me of the old sick joke about the Southern Sheriff explaining to the White drive who just two Blacks, that he’ll charge the one that went through the windscreen with breaking and entering and the one that was thrown fifty feet away with leaving the scene of an accident. Or, tell me you are being sarcastic and really do have two brain cells to rub together.

        1. issac – I guess in Canada they do not teach you that you need synapses to fire for the brain to work. Rubbing brain cells together gets you nothing. Did you even take biology?

          1. Isaac was confusing how a brain works with lyrics from the Starland Vocal Band song Afternoon Delight: “rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite”….

  8. Since they called 911, I hope they have a video for the police and they post her picture at the register and never serve her again.

      1. Why vote for democrats?

        To benefit from redistribution of wealth and social engineering – not to mention control of the means of production through unconstitutional “regulation” and central planning.

        All we want is your money, culture and nation.

        Is that really too much to ask?

  9. When the cops were called, our liberal harpy fled like the coward she so obviously is. Bannon posed for a picture. Cooke and the Black Swan will be fine. It’s still Richmond and the come here liberals don’t run things.

    1. Independent Bob — His venue; his rules. I suppose the owner, Nick Cooke, is a he, not a she, but this keyboard has a mind of its own. 🙂

  10. These pseudo Lefties are pathetic. Rather than standing for issues they do stupid stunts like that Congolese woman who ruined the 4th of July for many in NYC. B!tch actually set up a GoFundMe account for “legal” fees when she had a public defender. Disgusted.

    1. They aren’t pathetic they are smart and using the tactics they think that come move the ball fast and hard. Right wingers need to watch and learn and take notes from the freaks, and decide whether they want to be right in arguments or if they want to win. Because social pressure is not about reason and logic and all that garbage it is about scaring people into compliance. The scare tactics of the left, whether it’s “public confrontation” or riot or whatever, are often illegal and they never care. Well the left will reap what it now sows. Sow hard and fast left, the day comes when these seeds will grow and you will harvest strange fruit

  11. Agreed, Phillipe Reines is an ass in his behavior. I’m no Bannon fan, but harassment of those you disagree with is wrong.

      1. Benson, put the bottle down. It’s way too early in the day for that.

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