Stormy Daniels Arrested Under Rarely Enforced Ohio Law [Updated]

1531390682941The arrest of Stormy Daniels at an Ohio strip club in Columbus raises a credible question of selective enforcement of a 2007 state law called the Community Defense Act. The law  prohibits dancers from touching customers and vice versa.  It is a law honored mainly in the breach in strip clubs.  However, the police appeared ready to pounce on any touch by Daniels and she was taken to the Franklin County Ohio Sheriff’s Office and charged with misdemeanor sex offenses. Update: Charges have now been dropped, though without an explanation of why the string operation and original charges.

According to news reports, a female policer undercover officer says that Daniels was topless when she “knowingly” touched the officer’s buttocks, placed her hands on the officer’s breast and then put her chest in the officer’s face while “on the premise of a sexually oriented business.”

Notably, the law does not even allow the touching of clothing.  Here is the pertinent section:

(1) No patron who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family shall knowingly touch any employee while that employee is nude or seminude or touch the clothing of any employee while that employee is nude or seminude.

(2) No employee who regularly appears nude or seminude on the premises of a sexually oriented business, while on the premises of that sexually oriented business and while nude or seminude, shall knowingly touch a patron who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family or another employee who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family or the clothing of a patron who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family or another employee who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family or allow a patron who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family or another employee who is not a member of the employee’s immediate family to touch the employee or the clothing of the employee.

(D) Whoever violates division (B) of this section is guilty of illegally operating a sexually oriented business, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Former Trump campaign adviser A.J. Delgado has suggested that the arrest could be a case of entrapment.  That is highly unlikely.  The Supreme Court has noted that “[t]o determine whether entrapment has been established, a distinction is made between a trap for the “unwary innocent” and a trap for the ‘unwary criminal.'” Sherman v United States, 356 US 369, 372; 78 S Ct 819; 2 L Ed 2d 848 (1958).  Entrapment requires a showing that the “conception and planning of an offense by an officer, and his procurement of its commission by one who would not have perpetrated it except for trickery, persuasion, or fraud of the officer.” Sorrells v United States, 287 US 435, 454 (1932). The courts are unlikely to see this as a case of entrapment unless the officers literally pulled Daniels into contact involuntarily.

Selective enforcement is another possibility but such claims are difficult to maintain in court. The first such Supreme Court case was Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886) where an otherwise facially neutral law was found to be a violation of the Equal Protection Clause when administered in a prejudicial manner. The case involved an ordinance enacted in the 1800s by San Francisco requiring all commercial laundries to be in brick or stone buildings absent approval from the Board of Supervisors.  The board approved waivers for white owners but denied every one of the nearly 200 Chinese petitions.

However, these claims are easier when used for racial or discriminatory purposes against groups.  In United States v. Armstrong (1996), Justice Rehnquist wrote that a selective-prosecution claim in the criminal context requires proof not only of a discriminatory purpose but a discriminatory effect.  The Court stressed:

“In order to dispel the presumption that a prosecutor has not violated equal protection, a criminal defendant must present “clear evidence to the contrary.” Chemical Foundation, supra, at 14-15. We explained in Wayte why courts are “properly hesitant to examine the decision whether to prosecute.” 470 U. S., at 608. Judicial deference to the decisions of these executive officers rests in part on an assessment of the relative competence of prosecutors and courts. “Such factors as the strength of the case, the prosecution’s general deterrence value, the Government’s enforcement priorities, and the case’s relationship to the Government’s overall enforcement plan are not readily susceptible to the kind of analysis the courts are competent to undertake.” Id., at 607. It also stems from a concern not to unnecessarily impair the performance of a core executive constitutional function.”

The Court then ruled that the evidence of the lower courts and the challengers fell well short of that standard.

This case involves the trickier element of the use of the law to limit free speech by a critic of the President.  However, the law itself is designed to limit conduct in the form of touching as opposed to the act of dancing.

That makes it an even more difficult challenge to bring on a constitutional level.  What is weird is that the law does not include a type of de minimus violation exception. Any touching is criminalized under the vague and sweeping provision.

The police account does not describe a de minimus violation and more than one officer may have been touched.  With multiple accounts from undercover officers, it is the type of offense that is treated as largely unassailable by courts unless they believe that multiple officers are making false statements.

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  1. On its face, it appears to be selective enforcement. We need to know more.

    How exactly did this come about? Did police officers in uniform enter the club, and hang out in the back, waiting for any violation on her part to pounce? That’s like trailing a vehicle for an entire journey, just waiting for that moment when they forget to use their turn signal.

    Or was an off duty police officer at the club for fun, and he was in some way harassed by Stormy? Did she grab him in such an egregious manner that he arrested her?

    We need to find out what happened. I believe she may have hustled a rich man. Pretended to like him, slept with him and pretended to enjoy it, signed a confidentiality agreement for money, tried to profit via her career, and then when he became a whale after the election, broke her confidentiality agreement to make even more money, after a long and tortuous time during which she went back on her statement many times. She’s a mess. But selective enforcement is still wrong.

    1. On its face, it appears to be selective enforcement.

      You’ve been checking the police blotter in the Columbus papers?

      1. Teaching: Several local Ohio news sources have reported that the local police have NEVER arrested anyone on that charge before.

        1. the article that says the charges have been dropped says this: “Police said Daniels’ arrest was part of a long-term human trafficking investigation of adult clubs. They said they have made numerous arrests under the no-touching law but did not immediately provide a number.”

          it’s a bs law and many if not most socalled Human trafficking investigations are BS too just vice cops justifying their budgets harassing sex workers

    2. Uh, Karen Honey, check your facts, which you won’t find on Trump News Network, which goes by the name of Fox News. Trump and Stormy were both in Las Vegas for some convention or something. She had a booth, which I’ve seen photos of, selling some sort of sex tapes. HE approached HER and invited her to dinner, under the pretext that he would put her on the celebrity apprentice. She thought they were going to dine at a restaurant and discuss her appearing on his program, so she agreed to meet him at his hotel room. She was wearing a cocktail dress, thinking they would be going to a fancy restaurant. He had already ordered room service, and after they ate, he propositioned her. She didn’t “hustle” him at all. You are willing to believe this because, like other Trump disciples, you believe the Fox drivel that Trump is a victim of unfair reporting. If that’s the case, then why are so many Brits taking to the streets of London to protest him?

      1. We fortunately have Natacha to accurately and objectively give us the “real story” of what happened.
        So there’s really no need to watch Fox…. or MSN, ABC, CBS, CNN, Bloomberg, NBC, etc.

      2. Natacha – bless your heart, aren’t you sweet. The demeaning pet names you consistently use to dismiss me as a woman are endearing. Why is misogyny and racism so common among the Left when addressing women and minorities off the plantation? Are you able to address me without fixating on Fox News? Your obsession with one conservative media sight is quite strong.

        In any case, the hustle was that she pretended to be sexually interested in a rich and powerful man because she admitted she thought it might help her career. She also admitted that she pretended to enjoy the sex, as well, for financial gain. She said she viewed it as an opportunity that might pan out. According to her, she feigned interest, he propositioned her, she accepted voluntarily, she benefited financially and in other ways.

        Then she accepted money for the transaction to be discreet. When her allegedly former patron became more valuable after the election she again profited from him financially by breaking the confidentiality agreement that she willingly engaged in, in exchange for significant money, in order to boost her career and get more money from tabloids. Then she parlayed that into a strip tour.

        If she had said that she was not attracted to him in any way, he would not have offered any further interaction. She pretended to be interested for financial gain. Hence, the hustle.

        Let’s use the pool hustle for example. A shark goes to a pool hall, “practices” pool by missing every shot, sinking his opponents’ balls and accidentally sinking the 8 ball. Someone offers to bet on the game and everyone jumps at the chance. Suddenly, the bad player is a shark making incredible shots. Makes a tidy sum. Sure, someone else offered to make a bet based on his feigned performance. That’s the hustle.

    3. Karen, that is the danger of creating so many meaningless laws. One has to become a police state to enforce them or not enforce them until they want to use a non-used law for political reasons.

      1. Bad laws must either be enforced to the detriment of society, or ignored – and in that case, people who break them for the reasons they were passed to begin and are prosecuted for doing so have a ready excuse – “everyone else got to do it!”

        1. “a ready excuse” still leaves the burdens on the individual and provides a weapon for his accusers.

      2. Allan – I think laws can be like regulations. They can go a little overboard or need to be tweaked.

    4. Damn near every vice arrest is an entrapment.
      She’s a sex worker so she got arrested

      the really stupid idiotic and unfair thing is that all the actors getting paid to have sex are considered protected by the first amendment, so the gutter slime porn industry can make billions, but the average poor lady trying to earn some money to pay her bills and put food on the table in this most ancient of trades, is prosecuted like a threat to society. Ridiculous!

      1. A poor lady needing to earn some money to pay bills would be working food service or on the janitorial staff. Prostitutes have assets they want to sell and drug habits to support.

        1. there are over 11,000 massage parlors in california alone. they are often staffed by women from china and other places in asia who are if not poor at home, poor by our standards. they have a low level of substance abuse and alcoholism compared to americans. they are regularly targeted in these bogus “human trafficking investigations” based on the presumption that a) every massage parlor staffed by asians is selling handjobs (false and racist) and b) every asian woman who sells a handjob is a sex slave (preposterous) c) if they have debts they must be equivalent to indentured servants (ridiculous) d) they are connected to organized crime (gross lack of proof) d) they are under aged (false from police blotters usually in their 40s) and it goes on and on and on like that. but, there is nobody who bothers to form a “social support” for them and other sex workers and they get the shaft a lot. pardon the pun. funny how you never see the leftists out there helping them.

      1. Mr. Kurtz: Got that right! Free Speech Coalition, the trade organization for the adult entertainment industry, released this statement regarding Stormy’s arrest: Also, folks might be interested to know that although the charges were dropped against Stormy, they continue to be pressed against the two other dancers who were arrested at the same time. Stormy’s response? She tweeted that she’s paying for their legal bills!

    5. I had a friend whose roommate began bikini dancing in college to pay the bills. She made so much money that she couldn’t seem to quit it. She was used to making a lot of money, and couldn’t bring herself to get an entry level job in her field after she graduated. She actually ran into a former professor at work once. He asked her why she was doing that instead of using her degree. It wasn’t work she could claim on a resume, and it wouldn’t get her anywhere. The longer she went without working a regular job after graduation, the harder it was going to be to get her foot in the door, and the farther behind she would get. The last I heard about her was 6 years after graduation, and she was still exotic dancing, more risqué than she was doing before. She got hooked on what she felt was admiration and money, in a job with a very short shelf life. Her coworkers all seemed to have a lot of problems. The amount of rage they would fly into over who took their nail polish or sequined costume bottoms, or stole their favorite customer was fascinating. It wasn’t high brow burlesque.

      1. If you say so, Karen.

        Cannot help but note that the median wage for dancers is about equal to that for data entry clerks. Data entry clerks work for incorporated entities which commonly append medical insurance and other fringes to your pay.

        1. Are you talking about their wages, or their tips? Dancers are like food servers; they work for tips, not their base wage.

          1. She drove a yellow sports car, had fabulous shoes, and would get fistfuls of money she had to share with the bouncers and bartender every night. Can’t remember if she had to give some to the house as well. She had no other source of income that I was aware of.

            I don’t think she went on for that long at a time. I’m pretty sure that data entry clerks don’t make that much an hour. I can say with certainty that what they do make isn’t slipped into their bedazzled panties.

            We were all kind of scratching our heads why this wasn’t just a phase she went through for fun.

            1. I think when she was a bikini dancer she got paid a small wage and made most of her money on tips. I could be wrong, but I think she was some sort of independent contractor when she started stripping for real, and earned it all in tips. I can’t remember for sure, though. I do recall she had to divvy up with other employees like the bouncers. So…I guess if anyone finds themselves in that kind of club, be sure to tip your dancer well because she’s not going to keep all of it. Plus, time passes like dog years. Every year for a stripper is like 7 years for the rest of us, and her career is over in maybe 5-10 years. I think the only people with a shorter shelf life would be those cover models for romance novels.

              It just seems so sad. Dancing erotically for people whom you’re not attracted to, and then divvying up the money afterward. And then when you walk down the street, either every guy knows what you look like naked, or pretends they don’t know you at all. It was both fascinating to see her life and very strange.

        2. they get paid as independent contractors. their biggest fault is indeed about the same as waitresses because they forget their tips when reporting income and just kind of try to remember. probably they forget a lot and that goes into the luxury goods and stuff. LOL


    It would certainly appear that the $130,000 settlement allegedly paid to her by Trump is either gone or greatly spent-down.

    1. Well, you know, having to have two wardrobes, one slinky, one for travel to where you can wear the slinky stuff, probably gets expensive. I’m seeing Herve Villechaise waddling behind her, toting her bags.

    2. Well, for starters, I believe the “attorney” Cohen steered her to got roughly half that money.

      1. Hey Hollywood Henderson, You and lefties are stuck trying to defend a stripper/adult actress. Don’t you see how you are losing chess game?

        1. I think he has a crowd funding thing. Whether she violated anything or whether the agreement was valid is the subject on the ongoing case.

          1. The legal argument may be the validity of the NDA (although her argument must be with her original counsel, in that case, because she accepted payment on his advice) but the motive for the case is clearly political.

              1. avenatti is a bigger jackazz than his client and he should stfu about her cases and do his talking in court. obviously he is just chasing free advertising via publicity. that’s the kind of scummy lawyer that files BK because he owes too much. well I dont like stormy either but I think she degraded herself by associating with him

      That probably is not a typical fee for her appearances, but the fees that she now commands are much higher after all of the publicity.

    4. She was working, it’s called dancing, people like to watch it, it’s fun. She should stick to stripping and stay out of politics. And not get arrested for dancing either, a more wholesome activity than porn films by far

      1. Mr. Kurtz: Well, if the result of her remaining IN politics is the impeachment of Donald Trump for lying about paying her off, most notably on his tax returns, she’ll get my vote every day.

        1. I am a firm Trump supporter. I think she should stfu about her trick with him or whatever it was. I dislike her. My comments here are not in support of her whatsoever just highlighting the issue of bogus enforcement of nonsensical laws against sex workers.

  3. So it’s illegal for a stripper to allow a patron to touch her breasts, but it’s legal for a patron to grab her by the p****?

  4. In all the strip clubs in all of Ohio, Stormy is the only performer to have “touched” a customer?? Puh-leez !!!
    Either the local cops wanted to get some publicity, or someone in the Trump orbit arranged this little episode, probably to discredit Stormy in other areas.

    1. How, precisely, do you discredit a porn star? Do they have professional standards? And who enforces them? Serious question, because I don’t think anyone in that business hasn’t been brought up on some charge or other in their lives.

      1. Oddly, the charges the stippers are brought up on always seem to have the taint of a setup. To wit: Candy Barr.

      2. Oh, Jean, how incredibly ignorant you are! As someone who works in the adult industry, albeit as a trade magazine editor, I can assure you that most adult movie stars lead fairly quiet lives—many are married; a lesser number have children—and have never been arrested for anything. What they do is legal, and while their attitudes towards sex likely don’t mirror your own, yes, they have standards by which they live; they’re just different from your own.

        1. I think it’s incredibly unfair to sex workers that the same kind of thing they can get arrested for, suddenly is legal if they just have a third party filming it. I am not suggesting we ban porn (although I believe a lot of it is obscene these days) but I am suggesting we legalize sex work between consenting adults. It’s every bit as important as socalled first amendment protections for the billionaire distributors of porn which btw certainly includes companies such as amazon and google. you get the idea why porn is legal but sex work is not? because sex workers don’t have a lobby thats why. very unfair!

          1. Washington State legislated some truly inconsistent sex offense laws. Aside from incest and those having a significant authority over a minor, such as a teacher or counselor, or an impaired person and adult may have consenting sex with a sixteen year old. But, if they call the teenager on the telephone and offer to have sex with them it is Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes. They can have sex, but not take a photo of it, else it is considered Manufacturing Child Pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor.

            It is a truly stupid dichotomy, but as we all know stupid is as stupid legislates. And no legislator has the political willpower to touch a sacred cow such as child sex laws. Better for them that the ordinary person suffer than their political careers.

          2. Mr. Kurtz: Can’t argue with that—except for the idea that most adult videos these days are obscene. As an attorney, you might want to look up Miller v. California, which sets the standard for what’s obscene.

            1. Mr. Kernes,

              I’ve wondered why L.A. (if that was the locale) clamped down on the pornography business with what seemed to be a resolve to run the industry out of town. I would think of most places they would at least tolerate such an enterprise.

              What happened down there?

              1. Hey, Darren: Not sure what you’re referring to, but yes, L.A. is still the heart of the porn industry, and while there’s been a bit of legal wrangling about whether performers need to use condoms while performing, the industry is still going pretty strong, though the emphasis is no longer on DVDs but rather online content. And yes, various governmental entities get the heebie-jeebies knowing that people are Having Sex In Front Of Cameras somewhere in the city, but their voices don’t dominate.

                1. Yes, it was the row over the condom issue. I remember now.

                  While I can understand the need to protect workers in general from harm we have to measure the effect of safety vs. operational necessity. Examples for the other readers.

                  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory for electrical workers throwing high voltage/amperage switches due to Arc Flash risk. In major switches, an arc flash can produce temperatures in excess of 30,000 degrees F along with explosive pressures from copper that almost sublimates to a gas. There is no compelling reason not to wear PPEs in this situation as the switch can be thrown just the same with the PPE donned. For the worker, yes highly protective PPEs are hot and stuffy but they only need to be worn for a few minutes.

                  On the other hand I remember you wrote some time ago that videos having wearing condoms does not sell. That is a significant detriment to the industry and on balance it shows a need to shift toward the industry away from the condoms. As long as the actors and actresses are made fully aware of the risk, reasonable safety measures are taken, and actuaries with the state workers’ compensation departments adjust for these conditions to measure premium costs to the industry while maintaining fiduciary responsibilities as is the case with any other class of worker not using condoms can be accommodated.

                  1. Here are two videos. The first depicting the terrible reality of not wearing PPEs when necessary, the last what proper technique and equipment looks like.

                    Start at 2:30

                  2. Darren: The adult industry has gone a long way toward protecting the health of its workers. It’s not commonly known, but adult performers are tested for all of the common STDs every two weeks, and there exists a registry called the Performer Availability Screening Service (PASS) which lists which performers are available for work—and a report of an STD by the testing clinics on any performer makes them not available. (No HIPAA violation required; performers can be “unavailable” for any number of reasons, including dance tours, broken bone or vacation; all it says is “unavailable”.) Moreover, there has not been a case of a performer contracting HIV on an adult movie set since 2004, so that’s a pretty good track record—and one we work hard to maintain.

                    1. I saw an interview with Sharon Mitchell about that I think. She is very eloquent and sincere. I wonder what became of her Mark?

                    2. MR K: As you may be aware, Sharon Mitchell gave up acting in the mid-’90s and co-founded the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Healthcare Clinic, which was the first to do comprehensive testing of adult performers on a regular basis. After AIM was forced out of business by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, “Mitch” married and retired to northern California, though I think she’s divorced now. I see her occasionally, but don’t really know what she’s doing these days; sorry.

                    3. “Moreover, there has not been a case of a performer contracting HIV on an adult movie set since 2004”

                      Mark, that is an interesting number. When one develops HIV have they tracked back to whom it came from based on the specifics of the virus or is the tracking based on the verbal reports of who the partners were.

                    4. Allan: When it is discovered, through the adult industry’s regular 14-day testing regimen, that a performer has contracted HIV (or any sexually transmitted infection), the infected person is not allowed to perform in any sexually explicit content, and an investigation is undertaken, using information supplied by the infected person, the production company for whom he/she most recently worked and the infected person’s agent, to determine with whom the infected person has had sexual contact within the past month, since that is the longest period of time that the person could have been infected and it not show up on the standard tests. A warning is sent to the entire industry, through talent agents and adult online media, that an infection has been discovered, and production is halted until each person with whom the infected person had sexual contact (the “primary contacts”), as well as anyone with whom those “primary contacts” may have had sex (“secondary contacts”) has been contacted and urged to come into one of the industry-approved testing facilities for a retest to make sure they have not been infected. The production shutdown remains in effect until all primary and secondary contacts have been tested and cleared. The infected person(s), who is,are not named due to medical privacy laws, is/are offered counseling and treatment, and if the infected person is unable to pay for such treatment due to lack of insurance or other reason, industry members attempt to secure funds for such treatment.

                    5. Markkernes, thank you for the further information. I was curious specifically about your statement: “Moreover, there has not been a case of a performer contracting HIV on an adult movie set since 2004” I wanted to know the mechanism you are basing that number on, interview or scientific testing tracing the virus backward.

                    6. Allan: HIV infections in the adult industry, at least on the straight side (gay is another story), quickly become known throughout the industry, since such an event entails all the actions I wrote about earlier. So if there had been an HIV infection contracted on a (straight) adult movie set, I would know about it almost immediately, since I work for the industry’s main trade publication. I suppose it’s possible that someone could have contracted HIV on a set and quickly decided to leave the industry without informing anyone, but I doubt that’s happened. The 2004 infection, where the infected actor had worked in South America without a condom and brought the disease back with him, but tested negative for the disease upon his return because the infection was within the “window period” for the test where the infection was too new to show up, was major news throughout the industry, especially because he wound up infecting (if memory serves) five actresses before his infection was discovered. Once it was discovered, a combination of investigators traced the path of infection from him to the actresses he worked with, and everyone in the industry who was knowledgeable regarding who he worked for and what actresses he worked with, got on board to help. (He eventually became a spokesman for AIDS Healthcare Foundation in their attempts to force all adult producers to use condoms in sex scenes.) Not sure if that answers your question; if not, please re-pose it.

                      While I don’t have as much expertise regarding gay videos as I do straight, I do know that several gay actors are HIV-positive, and some companies allow them to work either with partners who are also HIV-positive, or with a condom. Some gay producers insist that all actors wear condoms, while others don’t, and the performers themselves know which companies are which, and some are willing to take their chances of infection with non-condom companies and others won’t.

                    7. Markkernes, I was just trying to assess the strength of the number you provided. My understanding is the testing times appear reasonable but the number zero since 2004 sounds like something that should be questioned.

                    8. Allan: I understand your skepticism, and it has been my experience that people who have little or no contact with adult entertainment often question the veracity of statements made by people within that industry. Understand, however, that an HIV infection uncontrolled in the adult content production industry would be devastating for several reasons. For one, many performers would quit the business lest they become infected themselves, and also, the state board of health would begin an immediate investigation that could suspend production for weeks or months. It is for those reasons, as well as the industry’s general concern for the health and welfare of its members, that systems have been created to quickly identify any infection that could compromise the “talent pool,” as much for the studios’ self-interest as for their concern for the talent. You may not believe that such a system exists and/or that it is effective; essentially you only have my word for it, but it is the case nonetheless. (Again, my statement apply strictly to the straight [heterosexual] side of the business; I have previously explained that the gay production side sees things differently.)

                    9. “Allan: I understand your skepticism”

                      Markkerns, I was dealing with a standard method of grading evidence. That is why I asked if the number obtained was through scientifically tracing the source of HIV or by verbal reporting. The latter is considered a lower standard of proof.

                      I understand the economic implications and enough about the industry. I believe that the studios try to protect themselves from loss due to HIV transmission during filming.

    2. In all the strip clubs in all of Ohio, Stormy is the only performer to have “touched” a customer??

      You’ve reviewed the records and determined no one else in that county’s been charged with this in the last 11 years?

      Remember Kelly Flinn? Trent Lott and various other bloviators offering the view that the military shouldn’t be enforcing archaic provisions against our plucky girl B-52 pilot. Then it turns out the services initiate hundreds of these prosecutions every year, that she’d poached the husband of an enlisted woman, and that she’d disobeyed orders to have no contact with him.

      1. Kelly Flinn committed offenses gravely undermining military discipline and order. I strongly approve of the provisions against adultery in the UCMJ.

        Seems like a really different issue than the rest of the conversation. But I will make this observation. Kelly Flinn was a poster-girl for the inclusion of women in hazardous military occupations, a pet project of feminists.

        Most feminists could care less about the average hooker who gets raped by a phony customer or entrapped by a bogus “investigation,” but for one of their groomed and selected causes, they will spare no amount of hassle. They are a whole lot of pious frauds as bad or worse as some preacher who gets caught with his pants down.

    3. Just typical vice squad cops trying to justify their budget. It’s always bogus, Stormy is just one of tens of thousands of meritless entrapments of sex workers around the country.

      Why for example should she be allowed to screw as many men as humanly possible for money in porn films, and that’s not a crime because of the first amendment, but motorboating a cop who is in the venue to watch erotic dance, is somehow not first amendment protected? the vice laws in this country are totally stupid and unfair and bogus

        1. perfectly clean record never arrested., nor prosecuted and damn sure never convicted. how about you?

  5. It’s funny that the Trump Administration would target Miss Daniels. Criminals enforcing a century and a half year old ordinance that happens in every strip club in every city in America. Oh boy those tricky Republicans are at it again. Maybe someday they will be so tricky that they will start to arrest each other. Now that would be a headline worth reading.

    1. The police departments around Columbus are not subsidiaries of the White House. That aside, the statute in question was enacted 11 years ago, not 150 years ago.

      1. TS to Dance,…
        – We may need another Special Counsel appointed to see if there was any collusion between the local PD that cited Ms. Daniels, and the Trump administration.
        And to look into any “related” information “arising from” the investigation into Trump/ Ohio police collusion.

        1. Actually, I wouldn’t mind that. I wonder what prompted this particular raid/bust? Just a random coincidence?

    2. It seems more likely that Mueller team members would “start to arrest each other” based on the record.
      Pretty soon they may run out of people associated with the Trump campaign to charge with matters unrelated to the campaign itself.

  6. Is that her mugshot? Because it is much better than any other pictures I’ve seen of her. Very pretty.

    1. I thought exactly the same thing. Wow. That has got to be the best mugshot ever!

      1. She doesn’t look too bad, to me. But I’m such an old geezer, if I ever met her I’d probably just have to settle for a cup of coffee with her.

        1. And she probably has a ton of interesting and/or humorous stories to tell.

        2. Don’t feel bad, Jay S. The caffeine, plus the stress of what she might say to the media about meeting with her, would do me in.

  7. This seem like some vice cop’s clever idea. Is there a provision of the ordinance that permits/requires arrest of the club owner or management for allowing such heinous crimes to occur?

      1. If she want’s to pay her bills and put food on the table, there is legitimate employment. It’s legitimate employment she doesn’t want. And then there’s the drugs.

        1. Spastics: Sex work is WORK, jackass! Maybe you should try it sometime (not that I expect you’d be successful). I’ve known Stormy for more than ten years and she’s one of the hardest working women in the adult industry, plus she quite talented, having directed nearly 100 adult movies and acted in more than 200 of them. Perhaps you should consider doing a little research before making assumptions about sex workers?

          1. personally i find stormy odious for my part I am only defending sex workers in general.
            spastic is a good writer and worthy commentator to this blog. we obviously dont agree on this topic. I welcome your comments as well, nice to see some “diversity” here LOL

        2. I think that dancers who perform strip or burlesque are doing legitimate work. It is as legitimate as ballet or modern dance or belly dance, all of which can be erotic as well. That’s just my opinion.

          I find it telling that with all the liberating of homosexual this and that happening, the homosexual lobby never raises a finger to help sex workers. it’s abject hypocrisy on the left when it comes to sex workers being ignored.

  8. This clearly goes into the mess where an anti Trumper berates a type like Bannon in a book store and a hate fueled psycho gets on the ‘immigrants are all evil’ Trump routine and beats a 91 year old near to death, yelling go back to your country. That is pure Trump fueled hate, regardless of whether the psycho is a Democrat or a Republican, but probably is too stupid to know the difference. You don’t need to understand politics to hate. Hate crimes against Hispanics are up over 50% since Trump started his dance. Trump’s entire dance has been to focus blame, hate, and chaos on everything and offer himself up as the solution. Illegal immigration has been decreasing for the two previous administrations-in no way the problem Trump yells about, the US has a trade surplus of several billion dollars with Canada but Trump “just makes stuff up”. The US exports several billion dollars more dairy products into Canada than Canada exports into the US. The trade issues, regardless of trade agreements have been an ongoing thing forever and typically solved in the favor of the US in the World Court, 84% decisions in favor of the US. German doesn’t get 60% of its energy from Russia, just a little less than 20% of its natural gas. Yet all these lies fuel an unending hate filled puke from the ilk of Trump and other tyrants, who create chaos to create a need for an extreme leader. There is no real chaos. The world has never been better. The wars between the capital nations are done around conference tables using consumer products as weapons.

    The racist profiling sheriff gets a pardon, two red necks who stand for less to no government get a pardon; there is a pattern here that does not point to the Ohio police cracking down on dangerous doings. Regardless of the legal mumbo jumbo and other BS, this is something concocted by a pro Trumper.

    1. I read Isaac’s comment twice. It did not appear to have anything to do with the column, or any comment(s), or any particular theme.
      Canadian TDS-speak may be different than the language of native-born Americans with TDS, so I confess that it may just be a language barrier that caused my puzzlement😦😯 over his comment.
      If anyone with an understanding of that particular dialect of TDS-speak, please translate and summarize.

      1. Isaac isn’t deranged. He just posted in the wrong spot. True TDS is not an ailment afflicting Trump opponents. It’s a disease that has infected Trump supporters so that they are mesmerized by POTUS’ lies, distortions, contradictions causing them to assume the fetal position and think that he’s their daddy.

      2. “If anyone with an understanding of that particular dialect of TDS-speak, please translate and summarize.”

        Tom, I think it is simply leftist speak. Pick up whatever talking points you can find and inject them into the discussion. They don’t have to be true or even have anything to do with what is being said. Their idea is to repeat these statements over and over again without ever proving or discussing them. That type of discussion is directed towards the idiots but as we see it appears the number of idiots around the country are decreasing in number so now they occasionally turn on one another.

              1. I’m not sure what kind of site you think this is, Hollywood.
                If you have some bizarre fantasies about what this site is about, you’ll be disappointed.😧😫.
                Darren, however, may be able to assist you again; he previously directed another guy in search of “an alternative” site that might be more to that guy’s liking.
                You may be able to find it in the archives, or maybe Darren can help you out again, like when you felt that your First Amendment rights were being violated.😩
                You’ll find this to be a pretty tolerant site, and your username “Hollywood” is an indication that you have perhaps mistaken this site as a gay chat room.
                No one will condemn you for your alternative lifestyle, but you will likely be disappointed here in what you appear to be looking for.

              2. Why? Do you have a problem with reasonable communication? Do you want a room for yourself? Do you need privacy?

                  1. I was just tiring of your and Tom’s love fest and lefty bashing session..

                    1. “I was just tiring of your and Tom’s love fest and lefty bashing session..”

                      Hollywood, do you think you are so important anyone cares? If you are bored get your own room and make yourself happy.

                    2. Newt Hollywood,…
                      Again, you have misinterpreted and mischaracterized what see as “a love fest and “lefty bashing”.
                      The first part of your misunderstanding seems to stem from your apparent “orientation”, and search for something on this blog that does not exist.
                      Your “get a room” and “love fest” observations point to your confusion.
                      That’s what I tried to clarify in my last comment about you, in words that even you should be able to understand.
                      On what you call “the lefty bashing”, there is plenty of sharp disagreement on this blog about issues.
                      However, you are both incorrect and hypocritical in making that accusation as well.
                      I’ll keep this brief, so I won’t review the reasons I’ve already given as to why I despise troll activity and why I know specifically that you are a obnoxious, whining, lying sack of ****.
                      Given the civility rule, I’m oblidged to refrain from being too blunt or too direct; that’s why I’m toning my language down and being as polite and tactful with you as possible, under the circumstances.
                      So I’ll just shorten it to a LSOS.
                      I consider trolls like you to be the trash of the internet, and as objectionable as those who trash and/or vandalize a nice setting.
                      So the so-called “lefty bashing” that you are getting so pissy about is actually just another example of your passive aggressive whining.
                      You went out of your way to invite criticism and contempt, and now seek to bury that fact with an accusation of “lefty bashing”.
                      And if “bashing” of those with different political views were in fact an issue with you, you would call out the “fascist/Nazi” “Fox News” etc. tags lobbed by the “lefties” here.
                      But I still give you credit for “saving time”, so this comment isn’t entirely negative in its observations on your character.

        1. “as we see it appears the number of idiots around the country are decreasing in number so now they occasionally turn on one another.”
          No, Trump’s approval seems to be holding firm.

          1. The drop in idiots doesn’t just have to do with Trump’s approval numbers which have been gradually increasing. There are other factors such as a negative approval of the Mueller investigation and many other things.

            You really have to broaden your focus.

            1. Trump’s approval on 538 is at 41.9% and I believe it’s been within one standard deviation of that for a while. This is the Trump Idiot Factor (TIF).
              Approval or disapproval of the Mueller investigation seems to depend on whose asking the questions and how they are framed.

              1. You can keep believing what you wish Hollywood. I am looking at the total trend of public opinion and that includes how they look at a lot more than just the short-term polling of Presidential approval numbers. The idiots that deal with things like the “Trump Idiot Factor” also knew that Hillary couldn’t lose.

                Look at trends. You are an angry leftie so you can’t see some of the boredom that is being created. I’ll let you continue to believe how smart you are as the rest of Obama’s legacy is cancelled and the Supreme Court moves to the right. We will all see what happens come October.

              2. TIF must be part of the “left bashing” complaint so ostensibly offensive to whiner(s).

          2. I object to the slander of Trump supporters as idiots. They comprise a wide segment of the population at all levels of income and education. Lower income people may support Trump far more than the higher educated btw simply because he is serving their class interests by trying to limit mass migration which hits the low income unskilled workers first.

            I think a lot of people don’t see that and a simple Marxist analysis would tell it to you but most leftists today are just all about kooky stuff like trans whatever an issue that affects a micro percentage of our population as they look the other way from the American working class’ plight competing with globalization and mass migration.

            1. Mr. Kurtz,…
              I think you’re only supposed to object to “left bashing” under LSOS’ “standards”.

  9. What is her real name? Why does Turley blog call her by a fake name? Is this fake news?
    Did Trump touch her at a nightclub? Did she touch him while semi nude at a nightclub?
    Four dead in O Hi O. This summer I hear them coming. And when they come get out of the way and wear a rubber yourself.

      1. Yes and unfortunately because sex work is to a large degree illegal, perps who seek to harm women feel like they can commit assault battery extortion and rape and so forth with impunity. Which is why a lot of countries have legalized sex work and that was a good move for women especially. But in America the feminists are fakes and generally just playing for publicity not really trying to help women.

      1. No one is socially oppressed by being busted for prostitution. No one who goes into that trade is lacking for alternatives.

        Gross operating surplus for the entire motion picture and sound recording industry is about $82 bn in an economy where value added is $19,000 bn and gross output is $32,000. Employee compensation is $35 bn in an economy where the sum of employee compensation is $10,000 bn per year. It’s an obtrusive sector, but not one that actually employs that many people. And, of course, the pornographic segment is a modest faction of the whole.

        1. I dont agree with the first statement but I am interested in your second statement but I dont get it. Feel free to expand on that and make your point clear.

  10. Funny stuff, trumpnation. You can shag a porn star while your wife is breastfeeding your newborn and then payoff porn star to keep her quiet and porn star shagger is elected president by the fine, delusional people of Ohio. But if touch is between porn star and Ohio commoner then both are arrested by the dystopian Ohio police.

    trump, where America goes to die.

    1. Unfortunately for Stormy Daniels, the “Ohio commoner” was an undercover police woman.

    2. There is no reason to denounce Ohio cops they are doing the same thing they are ordered to do all over the US and which is mostly just justifying vice budgets by scaring up entrapment style arrests. Oh btw I would say something more which is the socalled feminists are actually huge on this sex trafficking nonsense,. Some of them have been busy pushing anti-prostitution laws all the time which come under new names like FOSTA and SESTA which are probably counterproductive at best but I guess that’s a subject that may be too technical here.

  11. What goes around comes around. I think Daniels will be in the storm for years to come.

  12. It’s a business risk. Stormy is a hooker. You have to tease & seduce the clients, then close a bedroom payment deal with the Johns…….Cash or credit!

    Ever wonder what Stormy’s income tax filings look like for the past 5 years?

    1. Interesting thought, but apart from Ohio, she likely hasn’t even bent any laws in her chosen profession that local law enforcement are inclined to enforce. We’re not talking Al Capone, who was busted for tax evasion because he didn’t file on his bootlegging income.

    2. Speculation but she probably gets 1099s for her porn work, 1099 for a big ticket show like the ones in the press, and forgets about her tips. that would be my guess. She probably pays more taxes than most people writing on this blog. I dislike her but that is what I would speculate nonetheless.

      1. Mr. K: Pretty sure you’re correct about the 1099s for porn work and club gigs, plus Stormy was under contract to a major studio for about a decade, so she may have actually gotten a W-2. As for tips, though, all of the big-name dancers are pretty careful about reporting them. One of the best of bygone years was Ginger Lynn, who spent a couple of years behind bars for not reporting them. Stories like that get circulated among the dancers, who don’t want to suffer the same fate. Whether they accurately report all their tips is another question, but I suspect they report most of them—and pretty sure the IRS has some spreadsheets they consult to determine if a dancer appears to be underreporting.

        1. interesting information thanks
          it must be a hell of a time counting the low denomination cash after a show when they probably just want to go to sleep, nonetheless, a problem most people would welcome

          1. Mr K: Not to mention figuring out how much to tip the DJ, the bouncer and others who protect her—for which she also has to keep records. But really, how long does it take to count (hopefully) a few hundred bucks in singles and 5s?

            1. I understand the regular dancers have to pay lease or rent but do the headliners pay the club a rental or gate fee too?

              1. Mr K: That varies from club to club. Big name acts (like porn stars and circuit regulars) often get paid either a straight fee or a percentage of the door in addition to their tips; lesser known dancers survive on tips alone, and many also have to rent the stage they dance on, which the big names don’t. There have been various lawsuits around the country with dancers arguing that they’re in effect employees and should get minimum wage, workers comp, etc., and some have succeeded and some have failed. If you want to find out more, there the Gentlemen’s Club Expo in Las Vegas in August.

  13. Like speeding, spitting on the sidewalk and jaywalking, many public health laws are “seldom enforced.”

  14. She’s not a ‘critic of the President’, she’s a blackmailing ho’.

    In making the rounds of the various clubs in and around Columbus, do vice cops pay any mind to the identity of who is booked on any given night? (And don’t most of these girls have stage names?).

    1. I seriously doubt she was prosecuted because she has badgered President Trump. I do not doubt she was prosecuted because the vice cops want to please a segment of the population which will have an indirect voice into their budgets when county sheriffs get elected. And the sheriffs direct enforcement priorities.

      and and more directly to your comment, vice cops usually know a LOT about the women they bust. I mean regular locals not big names like Stormy. They often “investigate” them with many tricks off the clock before they finally bother to go get a warrant and make a bust or sting.

  15. I’m at a loss to see how the officials in Ohio purposefully tried to silence Stormy in deference to the President. Also, I have no idea how many times this law is enforced versus the number of offenses and I bet there are no statewide statistics. All we know is Stormy allegedly touched an officer in a sexually suggestive way. Right now that’s probable cause a crime was committed in Ohio As for “pouncing” I see no evidence of that absent the undercover policewoman dressing up as Julie Newmar. Purr. All I can conclude like Chrissy Hines is “ Hey, (H)o, Way to go Ohio!”

    1. There might be an argument for selective prosecution – why Daniels and not any other dancer in that town? Now, that leaves the motive for selective prosecution open – was Daniels targeted for her presumed animus toward Trump, or because she was a celebrity flouting local law? It’s a potential problem for the prosecution either way.

    2. Mespo,…
      – The alleged affair between Trump and Stormy Daniels was in 2006.
      As you and “TS to Dance” note, she was cited under a law passed in 2007.
      it’s “highly probable” that Trump colluded with area legislatures, city councilmen, and local PDs all over the country, especially those where Ms. Daniels might “perform”.
      So the collusion to trap and discredit Ms. Daniels was “likely” Trump’s “Ace in the Hole”, planned years ago in case Ms. Daniels went public with allegations of the 2006 affair.
      ( i didn’t see any posts from L4D today, so I’m presenting an “L4D scenario” in her absence).😏

  16. It’s difficult to believe that such a sweet and whokesome girl would violate Ohio law in the manner alleged.
    I think another 100+ TV appearances by her lawyer might clear things up, if Avenatti can get over his camera shyness.

    1. Tom:
      “I think another 100+ TV appearances by her lawyer might clear things up, if Avenatti can get over his camera shyness.”
      He’s too busy running for the Bull-something Party nomination for President in 2020.

      1. Mespo,….
        – I haven’t seen much of Avenatti on TV recently.
        If he doesn’t get busy, Adam Schiff’s lead on him in popping up on TV appearances will be truly insurmountable.

    2. The cops wanted to be in the club presumably “investigating undercovers” or whatever…. and she did a totally predictable thing which was smack her boobs on some lady cop’s face. it’s not an offensive touching obviously which rules out battery but they have this other stupid law they thought they could ply against her and now the charges are already dropped. the cops look stupid as they often do when they arrest sex workers. which is why many decent cops dont want to be on the vice squad in the first place.

      all in all a nonevent but we have had a good time talking about it!

      1. I am reminded of a porno flick I saw in the 1970s, called “Deadly Weapons.” The busty heroine inflicted revenge on mobsters who had done her wrong. She lured them one by one into an assignation, and smothered them one after another in her cleavage. A tough way to go.

        1. I went to see the flick with a couple of other guys from work, on a dare. We were laughing nonstop because the plot was so ludicrous. But some of the oldsters in the back row were shushing us, from under their raincoats.

        2. internet says that was the amply endowed talents of chesty morgan in the lead role. screenplay by judy j kushner– any relations to jared i wonder? lol

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